Justin Bieber goes bowling in 'Baby' video: Watch it here

Here are some things that might happen if you find yourself at a bowling alley with teen sensation Justin Bieber, according to his new video for the song “Baby.” Justin Bieber will tell you all about his first break-up. A guy will start break-dancing in the middle of one of the lanes. Ludacris will rap about his first love. Bieber will sing some more. There probably won’t be a ton of actual bowling going on, but if you are a Bieber fan chances are you won’t mind.

Watch Justin Bieber’s “Baby” video below, then decide: Would you like to go bowling with Bieber? Is this video a strike, a spare, or a gutter-ball? Do you think Justin Bieber has ever seen The Big Lebowski, or was that way before his time?

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    I think this dude is so overrated , he sound like a little kid when he tries to sing,he is no Archuleta

    • teetee

      woot woot for the archuleta!!! he is good tho :]]

      • cmdw2000

        u are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy i want to kiss u i love u so much please write back

      • cmdw2000

        hes mine

      • treyisenhower

        wow your so cool!!! bunch of awesome singers around the world today dont know who to pick!!!

      • Valarie

        he’s mine i luv u justin bieber

      • ronniqual

        guh get wit ur stuff david is bad this is justin beiber website



      • naysha


      • maegen

        justin you are so sexy and 1 question will you marry me

      • daundra bynum

        i like ur songs!

      • asia

        thats what i said

      • jasgurl =)

        well ok this me jasmin ibarra A.K.A jasgurl well i just got to tell you justin you are mine nd only mine i love more then you think and i wanna meet you some time i love you justin bieber and gurls back off he’s mine and only mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV YOU JUSTIN BIEBER

      • jivonne

        u are so cool u can sing really well right back please

      • yana

        idiot …………… he has already kiss some1 that is selena

    • Josh

      lol do ya think MJ(Michael Jackson) sounds like a kid cuz MJ has a way higher voice then this guy will ever have

      • Rachel


      • BieberBabe34

        i agree with you Josh.

      • Jennifer

        Sorry I lost want is the hell you talking about

      • mamas

        josh your just a big hater

      • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

        LOL HA! ha! ha! ha!

      • ronniqual

        mann dis is justin beiber website so y u puttin micheal jackson in dis but dnt get me rong i do luv him and i miss him but dnt do dat

      • kiesha

        jst kidding wit u .please dont get mad

      • Jb

        hope you al know that im already his girl friend.no lie here i let him write something.yo its JB how you fans doing.i guess serious im jb if you were a true fan u would belive me im out

      • ronniqual

        mann i totally agree 100% wit u gurl he is morer than cute he is sexxy than any other person that i kno

      • ronniqual

        mann lol that was funny

      • jazmine

        y do u put michael jackson in justin bieber comments ur so stupid diz dont concern michael jackson even if he’s a great singer nd hoo cares wat u think about justin bieber millions of ppl love him

      • ANGEL


      • Amber Hewes

        I dont care if he has a high voice or not through my eyes hes a nice person He is cute And I do like him but I already have My mind set on some one else.And besides his high skweaky voice sounds better when he is sining.

      • summone

        justin bieber i cry when i dont see u i love sooooooo!!!!!! much ur face looks so smooth i wish i can date u i wish that u can come to milwuakee my address is 2429 sth 9th street i love the song up

      • cory

        yea right

    • amanda

      he is soooooo hot i love is singing and his music video for baby!!!!!!:)

      • samantha

        i love justin bieber i could just have sex with u

      • makayla aka miss bieber

        u are so out of your mind!!!!!!!! i wish justin would come to alabama. n u are really sik. how old r u, miss thang?

      • sydney

        you are right

      • ronniqual

        mannn u aint neva lyin

      • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

        you gurlz r 2 in luv with Justin Bieber he is cute & he sings okay but he will never be yourssss so gurls jux STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!

      • ronniqual

        guh precious u so funny i forgat to laugh

      • ronniqual

        listen up jennifer u need to quit cussin yeaa i said that

      • Precious a.k.a. Dha S@$$Y BoO

        samantha ur head ova heels!!!!

      • andrew

        So much of yall r all rong justin bieber is so gay he makes micheal jackson look hot.

      • leticia

        hey just wated to let you now that you hella sexy.

      • justin beiber

        OMG JUSTIN bieber is sooooooooo hot all i hear is baby all day long

      • Tariro

        His not available he already has a girl(But its not me)

      • jasmine

        dont think youda only 1 dat think he hott!

      • Amber Hewes

        What is it with girls and justin bieber ,I mean I agree hes hot and all but Jeezom crow Kid.

      • ronniqual

        YEA I DO TO

    • mandy

      i wish i was the girl in that video noooooo fare!!!!!!

      • Rachel

        I know right I do too

      • mamas

        i wish that to

      • susy

        me tooo!!!!

      • ally

        omg i justin bieber lol i love his songs one less lonely girl and baby

      • ronniqual

        guh im jux lyke u i luv him and yall betta stay off my mann u 2 precious

      • ronniqual

        ha precious he jux dont sing ok he sing goood and he will always look betta than u

      • ronniqual

        guh he dnt want u in his video if u got anything to say come to me at 1611mornin street

      • ronniqual

        ha i think u should stop ur stuff

      • Ashlie

        justin beiber cant sing if you want to see a person that can sing look for me

      • Hope

        Keep dreaming his going to be mine once I meet him…Hope

      • justina.

        i luv u justin your the bestyour sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT

      • ronniqual

        mann get wit that stuff

      • jasgurl =)


    • joanna

      archuleta is lame aint no hating allowed if you dont anothing nice to say than back off. any who this vid is bomb love it love justin too( like is more the word cuz i dont know him)

      • cookies

        i love you and would love to go out with you just if i new you…….lol

      • ronniqual

        guh i agree wit u2 joanna

      • nyhoni

        have you ever talked to justin bieber before

    • chantel

      what are you tlkin about he sings hot

      • zalika

        Justin Bieber is so hot i will love to his number one and my favorite i like he sing is ‘baby’!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jennifer

        sorry but i am his number one fan

      • justine

        his music is good…but he looks like a gay!
        sorry(for his fans)…look closely!

      • ronniqual

        mann im agreein wit precious yall is to in luv wit him and that dnt make no since but dnt get me rong i lyke him butt not that much

      • justin beiber luva#2

        justin is so cute i love his sigin an his voice if only he new me,we`d be great frnds…..

      • I_LUV-JB-4-3VA

        ok just to start with justin i luv u more than anything or anyone in the world u r sooooooo sexy and people who dont like justin bieber i dont get y u comeon his sites anyways if u dont like him y come on and comment figure that 1 out :D

    • ally

      i completely agree. he is the definition of overrated and he cant even compare to david archuleta. at least David’s singing voice sounds like its already hit puberty. the second Justin beiber’s balls drop, he wont be able to sing any of these songs in the same key again.

      • Jennifer

        No way justin bieber is so much

      • mamas

        not really justin bieber is the hottest guy around also he sings beautiful and wat r u a girl or a boy? !!!!!!!!

      • Justin’s girl

        Lol ally your right….but the only thing is there both rich and your not!!!!! But you pritty funny!!!!

      • ronniqual

        ghu totally agree

      • I_LUV-JB-4-3VA

        wen his balls drop hell will pay girls hearts will split in millions of pieces :(

    • Rachel

      You think david is better than justin? are you crazy ally

      • nickiebaby

        r u serious justin bieber will be a joke if he tries to sing when he hits puberty

      • christina

        hi justin i think ur cute

      • Hope

        I’m not and I bet U lyk him too..

      • bobies


    • julianna

      look if u aint got nuttin nice 2 say then shuttupp u meesed up 4real lik he opnly a kid calm ur nerves

      • mamas

        and how old r u young man

      • justin beiber luva#2

        i agree wit julianna,i mean who nos if he reedn this stuf riht now.

      • ashley

        who justin bieber well he just turned 16 i dnt know when but i kno this month in march. and i love justin bieber….

      • laderricamcfolley

        I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!you is so cute and sexy back of other white chicks hes mine and i love your songs will you marry me write back love, laderrica.

    • kathyy

      Wat a haterrr! he iss taa best

      • justin bieber lova

        i think every1 is 2 obsessed w/ jb cuz he dnt kno yall and yall r going 2 get in a fite b/c of yall ITS STUPID trust yall dnt kno hw ridiculous yall sound!!!!!!!!!!!!


      THIS IS A FLIP COVER of “Baby”- called “BABIES”, by the band MENYA!! funny entertaining VIDEO!

      • alysa

        hey justin bieber you got a girlfriend? if not take me i dont have a boyfriend

    • hailie

      hey i like you but i am not like other girls i like you for who you are love hailie ps i love your song baby thanks write back am 16 happy late birthday love you xoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxo

    • joanne

      wtf he is great
      you just dont have any taste thats your problem

      • ally

        I onestly think he is very very hot

    • catherine

      just coz u r joelous u cant sing like that

    • Rylee

      wtf justin bieber is an ahmazing singer. at least he could make money and has a car

    • ;)

      yup yup ure so rite!!!!

    • chelsea

      you fail. your moms overrated

    • shay

      he do not like a kid wen he sing his songgs so mind yo own bisness do u get that

    • alexis

      hey he’s mine i know everything about him and he’s in my room the whole room filled with him

    • emily

      he is not overrated n he is an awesome singer and really hot sooo…leave him alone if u think u can do better than do it

      • Amber Walters

        Hey Rachel I so bet that my bff is a bigger Justin Bieber fan than u r her name is Samantha Boggs! beat that Rachel.

      • Jonathan

        To EVERYONE that has nothing but nasty cmtnemos and thoughts to share with the nation shame on you! Amy Winehouse wasn’t a monster, she was given the gift of a truly unique voice and unfortunately the fame and fortune along with a parasite of an ex-husband is what eventually killed her. She wasn’t a murdered, rapist or child abuser and the only person she ever hurt was herself, which she has now paid the ultimate price for! You should all learn to keep malicious cmtnemos yourself! just remember you only knew her as a celebrity, she was once a daughter, sister and girlfriend to someone! God forbid you ever have to deal with a soul as troubled as hers in your lifetime, I’m sure your judgements would be a lot different in that case!!

    • hi

      suck ballz

      • asia

        alexas thats dead girl please

    • Tariro

      U r so Jelous if u dont like him dont send anything

    • maritza g


    • i agree

      just imagine when he goes through puberty

    • samantha

      justin biebier is cute

      • jemma rose lynch

        ‘Hey justin’ it’s jemma your number one fan you are the best siger in the whole wide world. I love you so much. send me a post card. this is wear i live. 157 jacobs well road stapylon QLD 4207. please love jemma

    • jasgurl =)

      Justin Bieber lyrics BABy
      (Ohh wooaahhh) x3

      You know you love me
      I know you care
      Just shout whenever,
      And I’ll be there
      You want my love
      You want my heart
      And we would never, ever, ever be apart

      Are we an item?
      Girl quit playin’
      We’re just friends,
      What are you sayin’?
      Said there’s another as you look right in my eyes
      My first love, broke my heart for the first time

      And I was like
      Baby, baby, baby ooh
      Baby, baby, baby noo
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      I thought you’d always be mine (mine)
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      Baby, baby, baby noo
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      I thought you’d always be mine (mine)

      Oh oh For you, I would have done whatever
      And I just can’t believe we ain’t together
      And I wanna play it cool
      But I’m losin’ you
      I’ll buy you anything
      I’ll buy you any ring
      Cause I’m in pieces
      Baby fix me
      And just shake me till you wake me from this bad dream
      I’m goin down, down, down, down
      And I just can’t believe my first love won’t be around

      And I’m like
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      Baby, baby, baby noo
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      I thought you’d always be mine (mine)
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      Baby, baby, baby noo
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      I thought you’d always be mine (mine)

      When I was 13, I had my first love
      There was nobody compared to my baby
      And nobody came between us, no one could ever come above
      She had me going crazy, oh I was star-struck,
      She woke me up daily, don’t need no Starbucks(Woo! )
      She made my heart pound, I skip a beat when I see her in the street
      And at school on the playground but I really wanna see her on the weekend
      She knows she got me dazing cuz she was so amazing
      And now my heart is breaking but I just keep on saying…

      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      Baby, baby, baby noo
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      I thought you’d always be mine (mine)

      Baby, baby, baby ohhh
      Baby, baby, baby, noo
      Baby, baby, baby ohh
      I though you’d always be mine (mine)

      I’m gone
      Yeahh, yeah, yeah
      Yeahh, yeahhh
      Now I’m all gone
      Yeahh, yeah, yeah
      Yeahh, yeahhh
      Now I’m all gone
      Yeahh, yeah, yeah
      Yeahh, yeahhh
      Now I’m all gone, gone, gone, gone
      I’m gone


    • jenny

      justin bieber is so not overrated he sings very well

    • gabby

      Hey shut up people he is great and don’t be haten

    • haley

      great singing dud!! haha

    • selena gomez

      i love him hes so cute and he sings like a man

  • Rock Golf

    I can’t see the video, so can someone indicate if Justin is bowling 5-pin (where the ball is about the size of a grapefruit) or 10-pin? Because in Justin’s native Ontario, about 99% of all bowling alleys are 5-pin.

    • Girl.

      its 10-pin. i paused the vid and counted them.

      • DEZ


    • demetria


      • mamas

        to bad cuz he’s all mine

      • I_LUV-JB-4-3VA

        hey girl he is fine so fine i could u no neva mind lol!!!!!!! if ur a sick mined person u would have got that :D

  • Maureen

    The kid can sing. I can’t even be a hater.

    • BieberBabe.

      hey,are you the same Maureen I was arguing with about Harry Potter vs Twilight back in November? I was the Wolf Girl.

      • stacy

        hi Justin Bieber i like your song baby you sing so geat in it love your biggest fan ever and i love you so much i have a question for u is your fav color purple?

  • Stephanie

    I liked this kid better when his name was Aaron Carter

    • bababirl

      suck your balols !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO


  • Louisa

    the way you make me feel???

  • nalleli

    well i think justin is great i love all his music videos…..

    • Rachel

      Me toooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jennifer

        UIi am in love with justin and he follow me on twitter

    • gabriella

      i think he is hot

      • justin beiber


    • justin beiber


      • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

        If ur goin 2 act like ur Justin Bieber u could at least spell his last name riight i dnt thnk he would spell it wrong & i dnt thnk he woulld say the words like ur saying them!!!! caprenda

      • Tariro

        Oh my my gosh is this really justin Bieber..Ive got a Question I like this guy at school and he does nt lyk me what should I do Tariro in Africa…

      • Tariro

        All the girls around the word r obsessed with u.. which girl anywae hmm

      • Tariro

        All the girls around the world r obsessed with u.. which girl anywae hmm

      • stacy

        is it me Justin Bieber?
        love Stacy

  • mick

    I’m not sure what even the tweens see in this guy. He has such a thin voice and looks about 10.

    • joanna

      fudge man thats harsh got one word HATER

    • ronniqual

      baby u a damn lye ha is sexxy and he is not 10

    • ANGEL


  • ivy

    i love justin andd he does not sound like a little kid.

    • stacy

      i know he sounds awesome

  • jasmine

    he does sound like a little kid when he sings but he’s really HOTT!and i think he might be nice in person!!!!!!!!but i love his music.

    • joanna

      i agree totally 100% he sings in a high voice cuz the studio makes him but in real life he ha a pretty deep vioce

      • psychoanalyzer

        I’m sorry, I don’t think he has a deep speaking voice at all… not yet anyway

      • Jennifer

        Yea i agree with you because he do not have a deep voice (ha ha)

      • Asia

        Omg. ok if the boy is really a problem 4most of u guys then u should just leave alone. I hate the fact that most of the guys assume he’s gay when he not. I mean if you dont have anythng nice2 say bou the boy just leave it the hell alone. And oh by the way Justin is so hoooooooot and has the sweetest voice I have ever heard in my life. And unlike most girls I would know how to act when I meet him…….appropiate.

      • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

        no he does not he sings low like a girlz voice!!!!!!!!!! but he sings kute!!!!

    • stacy

      he does not sound like a little girl Jasmine you are not his type weirdo ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • bellaa

    i think he’s pretty good and he’s good looking too!

    • Rachel

      I agree do you jennifer

    • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

      ASIA i agreeee with u 60%%%%%

      • ronniqual

        guh u crazy

    • ronniqual

      asia i agree 100%

  • rachelle

    every time i listen to one of his songs they make me cry cause he actually cares about somebody other than himself i love u justin

  • delois

    i love justin in he do not sound like a lil kid so you haters need to fall back bitches.

    • Rachel

      No causing aloud delois

    • Rachel

      what ever quit causing

    • Rachel

      How old are you??????????????????/

  • ms. wright

    i love him to

    • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

      u gurlz with a person yall don’T EVEN KNO HE COULD B THE MOST STUBBORN PERSON YOUV’e met so gurls i think you need 2 LIKE REALLY STOP HE NOT ALL THAT11 but he’s okayyyyyyyy & sounds funnn

      • ronniqual

        guh they gne end up jumpin u

  • Nichole

    I Waited So Long For This Video To Come Out OMG I Love This Song LOL

    • Rachel

      So did I nichole

      • ronniqual

        ha guh if u want to kno what school he go to he go to a private school and i got his numba and someone actually picked up!!!! omg!!! it is 318-348-4336

  • katie

    i love thas song

    • Rachel

      Me too what school do you go too

      • Precious a.k.a Dha S@$$Y BoO

        he goes 2 a private skool duuuuuhhh or home skool duuuhhhh yall r so n luv wit him so yall r suppose 2 kno

      • madelin

        you rock and please send back

    • S-dog

      You spelled this wrong. YOU SHOULD TRY SPELLING IT AGAIN DUDE.

      • ronniqual

        precious i agree100%^

      • justin beiber luva#2

        justins hotnes go up 2 100%

      • brittney

        spelled wat wrong?

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