Justin Bieber, Rihanna perform at Kids' Choice Awards 2010

justin-rihannaImage Credit: Bieber: Kevin Winter/Nickelodeon, Rihanna: Kevin Mazur/KCA2010/WireImageLast night’s Kids’ Choice Awards featured two big music performances from Justin Bieber and Rihanna. First up was Ri Ri — an interesting choice, given that her last album was very pointedly not kid stuff. How could she adapt Rated R for the Nickelodeon set?

Rihanna opened her medley with a few verses of militaristic jam “Hard,” sung while perched on a hot pink tank. “I’m so hard!” she cried. The camera cut to confused-looking children in the audience. This led into “Rude Boy,” whose aggressively flirtatious lyrics might have seemed more problematic here if they weren’t addressed to a pair of huge, friendly, asexual robots. After these two tunes, it wasn’t as if Rihanna could go back to Rated R‘s violent lead single “Russian Roulette.” Instead she and the automatons transitioned into 2007’s “Don’t Stop the Music,” always a good choice. Rihanna wasn’t a particularly impressive live vocalist in 2007, nor is she one now, but she is very good at dancing with robots. At a show like this, that’s six of one, half-dozen of the other. (Watch Rihanna’s performance after the jump; h/t Rap Radar for the clip.)

A while later, it was time for OMG JUSTIN BIEBER!!!! EW’s Lynette Rice, who was there on the scene, reports that “the mere mention of Justin Bieber’s name” drew scientifically remarkable levels of audience shriek volume, so I can only imagine how many eardrums were permanently damaged when the Canadian singer actually showed up on stage to sing his current hit “Baby.” In general I try not to judge Bieber too harshly, since he’s obviously doing something that a lot of fans appreciate. That said, the kid hit more than a few flat notes last night. He also attempted to rap a verse performed on record by Ludacris, which is an act that very few teenaged non-rappers would be wise to attempt in public. But, hey, the Kids’ Choice audience certainly seemed to love his act, so who am I to complain? I’ll stop snarking now and direct you to a YouTube clip of Bieber’s performance below so you can form your own opinion.

Did you watch the Kids’ Choice Awards last night? What did you think of Rihanna and Justin Bieber’s performances? Comment away!

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  • Erin

    “In general I try not to judge Bieber too harshly, since he’s obviously doing something that a lot of fans appreciate.” Aah, I see, the SuBo treatment. He’s in the big leagues. Treat him like a big leaguer.


      Renee Olstead has more talent than any of these people combined

      • Vanity


      • jordan

        is that tyra banks singing along in the bieber vid at 2:53? lol

      • Narp Nathers

        Rihanna is the BEST PERFORMER out there. Now that she has some hits under her belt and awesome stage shows, she is the Queen. Beyonce is no fun to watch and tired.

    • Emma

      Justin Bieber has zero stage presence and his voice is basically nonexistent. I understand that I’m not his target audience but still…

      • Suzanne

        I don’t understand why he’s so popular. He’s just not very talented.

      • Maureen

        @suzanne: It’s because he’s a cute teenager and sings cute love songs. That formula has been driving girls crazy since The Monkees, The Jackson 5 up to New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys.

      • AlexLambert_Fan

        @ Maureen: Huh?????? Justin Bieber in the same league as the Jackson 5? Their names do not belong in the same sentence. Justin Bieber and the Osmonds however… I can see a comparison :)

      • no one


      • tracy

        I LOVE HER!!! Justin Beiber is so talented. She can sing better than anyone around. What? Justin is not a girl? Oops…

    • Austin

      I agree. He is 16, just like Aaron Kelly from American Idol. Aaron gets panned when he hits bum notes, so why shouldn’t this kid?

      • Gazza

        WHAT!!!!!!!!! 16?! are you kidding me? I thought he was, like, 12 or something and that was the reason he was famous, ‘cos he was so young. pfft.

      • unknown

        Im with ya girl i f****ing hate justin

    • rosie

      i love justin i’d say he’s a great guy and everything but why do you all say things about him he awsome

    • Celia

      I thought Bieber did a great job considering he was singing live and I think he’s kind of cute now.
      He will be even cuter once he finally hits puberty.

    • Narp Nathers

      Rihanna 4EVA!!!

      • Bona

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    • MIAH

      you need to shut up u dont even konw him to be jugeing him. To me he is a nice guy and u want to do something come and do it but life bieber alone ugly thing…………….And again shup up ugly face….hahahahahaha……Ican sing good too……..

      • MIAH

        2 2 girl

  • duranmom

    Watching/listening to Justin Bieber makes me long for the days of the Jonas Brothers mania. And I’m 40.

    Riri had no business being at the KCA – really – was no other female singer available?


      Renee Olstead is the best female singer today:

    • Vanity

      Oh, my. What does that say for my age group? We were the Beatles, Doors and Rolling Stones followers. Time flies!

  • psychoanalyzer

    haha I don’t think any current female singer is appropriate for the Kid’s Choice awards. Unless your name is Miley, Demi or Selena of course. Booooring.

  • mick

    Since Bieber looks about ten I would say this is his crowd. That said he sounded horrible. Better enjoy his success now. Rihanna like you said not really a great choice for the KCA. Her songs are geared towards older people.

    • Mikie

      you got that wright about Rhianna but for Justin Bieber you got that wrong.

    • rosie

      buddy i like justin and don’t judge someone by there age and how old r u 2 cause someone without no talent needs HELP!!!! and that means you so get over your self

  • MrsJustinBieber

    Honestly? Rihanna is not good AT ALL live. I like her. But she really should not go live. Plus, it’s the KCA’s. You don’t perform songs that have to do with being all tough and getting it on. I’m 12, and although I like Hard and Rude Boy, I highly disagree that they be performed at the KCA’s. I love Justin Bieber. I was overwhelmed with happiness the second he came out on stage. I love him. I have to admit, he did go flat like 2 or 3 times, but overall it was brilliant, as always from him. Plus, I admire him because he was dancing and singing at the same time, which I can NOT do. I can sing. Not sing and dance. They should’ve had like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez perform at the KCA’s. NOT Rihanna.

    • SammieLynnBieber

      I agree. Rihanna is awsome i love her music.. but she really should’nt be performing at the kca’s. Her music is to innappropriate for a show like that. They should have had selena gomez sing she has great songs that kids love. But Justin Bieber… I loved it. I shrieked so high and jumped on my bed! (im 14) He sounded so great. It was uh-mazing! He did sound a little off for like 2 seconds in the middle but he kept going and got back on track. It was overall incredible. He is such an amazing dancer and singer. I love him!

    • Mikie

      you got that wright.

    • Whatever

      You write good for a 12 year-old, that’s cool. However, as Justin Bieber’s job is to perform on stage, it’s expected from him to be able to dance AND sing at the same time, don’t get too overwhelmed about it. :)

      • rosie

        he can sing and dance at the same time beleive me i’ve meet him

    • Rihanna Fan

      wat r u talkin’ about justin SUK’D

      • rosie

        yea and so do you

  • AQK

    At least the kids enjoyed the show.

    • Maureen

      Exactly! That’s all that really matters. ;)

  • Shay

    PARENTAL ADVISORY: Rihanna Rated R songs were not appropriate for Kids, on top of that she sounded so monotone and off key a few times, but I do appreciate she tried to clean it up, I know a lot parents were confused why she was up there….Justin Beiber, he is so young, and his voice is still maturing, I dont want to be harsh but he really can’t sing and he had a lot of flat notes…I would thought the Kid’s Choice Awards would have better performers, it’s 2010

    • Mikie

      you are so weird

  • Preston Lewis

    In JB’s defense, his new album came out this week and his handlers have him flying all over the place and singing “Baby” in front of any camera they can find.

    • Cris

      Well, when your 15 minutes are ticking, you gotta get out there while you can …

    • Suzanne

      You’re kidding, right? He sang his current hit badly because he’s so busy singing his current hit? If he’s constantly singing it, he should should great by now.

  • Rachel

    Well this is just the Kid’s Choice Awards so I don’t really care… it doesn’t mean they are going to have really good singers on there, it’s just going to be who kids like. I thought Rihanna looked cute and cleaned it up… but yeah, I have no idea why she was there and “Hard” and “Rude Boy” aren’t appropriate for kids. Justin Bieber – I like, but I don’t get the obsession over him… I like him but that’s all. I thought his was way more entertaining because he was dancing too, but yeah I didn’t think either of them sounded that great. But Justin’s voice is getting a little deeper I noticed

    • Mikie

      i am obsess over him

    • Drew

      I don’t really understand how that’s considered dancing. That was Britney ’07 VMA kind of pose, walk, pose, wiggle arms type dancing. I don’t get his appeal.

  • Mel

    I think it’s funny they use the word “sing” when referring to those two.

  • Lexie

    Justin Bieber is awesome! He is hot! I love him!

    • Mikie

      you got that wright i do to .

      • Maureen

        Don’t you get that s/he is doing that on purpose? ;)

  • Mikie

    I think Justin Bieber was the best because i am a huge fan of his. Sorry Rhianna. Justin Bieber is the best singer in the whole universe. But my favorite is all of Justin Bieber song. I don’t like any other famous people becase Justin Bieber wrights and sing the best songs ever=]

    • right

      dude, you have some serious ‘wrighting’ problems.

      • Rebecca

        LMAO! Justin is okay, it’s nice to see the kids happy. My daughter loves him and she is 9yrs old.

  • katie

    I just do NOT get this Justin B thing. So odd.

    • Mikie

      your lame because Justin Bieber is the best singer in the whole wide world.

      • Cris

        Don’t be so hard on her. In three months she’ll be onto the next “best singer in the world” and will have completely forgotten this kid

      • Muhammadfarooq

        GaGa attended the MAC Viva Glam lacunh @ London she encouraged her fans to use a condom or else they die that guy in The Deer Hunter – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M -

  • Mikie

    sorry about this but i spelled because wrong.

  • HumorMe

    I am absolutely disgusted and disappointed that they let Rihanna perform for the kids. Her songs are geared towards an adult audience, not kids. What the he!! were they thinking? There are many young female artists they could’ve selected, for example Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez.

    • Nellie

      Just because you hate her doesnt mean you have to like her so dont be so hard on her what if you were in her shoes what would you do then answer me that I THINK SHE IS AWSOME!

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