Justin Bieber goes to heaven in 'Never Let You Go' video: Watch it here

What does paradise look like for Justin Bieber? A gray, rocky beach, perhaps, as we learn from the scene change that occurs in the video for his new single “Never Let You Go” right after the teen star sings the words “It’s like an angel came by and took me to heaven.”

The tune is a slow pop love song — not a Third Eye Blind cover, sadly — and the video has a suitably muted tone. Justin walks through some sort of dark underground cavern/temple space with a young woman wearing not one but two colorful wristwatches. They dance in an age-appropriate fashion. A big sting ray swims by. (Apparently their hang-out spot is also an aquarium?) Awww! So romantic.

Watch Justin Bieber’s “Never Let You Go” above. Then let us know how you think it compares to Bieber’s other recent videos.

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  • so…

    Aren’t all of Justin Bieber’s songs basically the same? There is always a word or phrase that is repeaded like a million times throught the course of the song…that’s music?

    • Jbluver

      Will actually they aren’t and if u don’t like him da much why do u even listen to his music and waste ur time talking bout him on da Internet…PATHECIC!!!!!!!!! Get a life and a good one:)

      • Jbluver

        so… actually has a life your the one who likes justin bieber. He has no talent at all. And so.. does have a piont I watched the KCA and he preformed. 1 it stunk and 2 he repeated the same word a million times

  • UGH

    Is he wearing UGGS again?

  • Feiss

    Prediction – Justin Beiber will grow up to be Barry Manilow.

    • Tejas

      ich glaub alle hier werden mir zmstiumen wenn das niveau von jedem einzelnen von uns 10000fach grf6dfer ist als von dir gerade weil du die videos anklickst und dann so scheidf kommis schreibst ist dein niveau echt aller unterste schublade wenn du justin bieber nicht magst dann lass doch dein maul zu und ignorier ihn einfach XD wir sagen ja auch nichts zu deinem musikgeschmak etc aber du musst natfcrlich dein maul aufreidfen du bist lustig XD

  • crispy

    I finally heard a Justin Beiber song on the radio. Wow, was it bad. Anyone who likes this stuff should be killed.

    • real or troll?

      That can’t be the real crispy saying that, can it?
      Maybe, anyone who likes this stuff should be waterboarded. That way, they can feel our pain when we listen to him.

      • coolwhip

        you all suck

    • Bieber-fever

      u should be killed!

    • Jbluver

      Hey hater!!! Ur really this pathecic and bored to waste a good time complaining bout other ppl… Get a hobbie or maybe.. Well idk maybe..uhh life…bye and rememeber o hate u haterz!!!!! :) :) :) love love love jb and cb :):) hahahahehehe

    • Celia

      WHAT?! I actually like a couple of his songs. He has a great voice. I refuse to believe he’s over the age of 10, but the kid can carry a tune. Would I buy a whole CD’s worth? Probably not, but I do have two of his songs on my ipod and they’re both good pop songs.
      I think he’s more like a young, pre-pubescent Justin Timberlake than a Jonas Brother so I like him.

  • Bladimie

    Stop dissing he is good dont like his songs heres a tip dont listen to them :)

    • me

      Sentences: 3-4
      Punctuation: 0
      Horrible grammar with an emoticon: priceless.

      • sahar

        hey guy… where are u?

  • Victoria

    I love this song.
    The video, however, is different from what I thought it would be like. :)

  • sam-sam

    every one stop dissing justin is the most wonderful singer in the world you are just feeling jealious
    and i love him so much and all his song are the best



      • Maria

        NILEY PER SEMPRE! Miley,Jonas,Demi,Taylor♥Robsten Jemi..Kiara Jonas e milly4ever VI ADORO.♥”Nothing Is Forever”,Niley Si♥!I♫Coldplay in my ♥!!!OdioGliAustraliani.Fan Di Manuღ.Zayn♥La Saga Di Twilight♥ scrive:Comprendo alla prnzefioee il tuo mal di pancia Sapevo che eri una sua fan accanita come me sai hai ragione nei momenti pif9 dificili mi rendo davvero conto che io dipendo dai miei idoli,solo sentire che stanno bene e8 ossigeno per lei io sn molto simile a Miley,sono una ragazza(piccola descrizione di Alessia)che ama portare 50000 bracciali su un braccio che ama portare Jeans tt i giorni strappati e stretti alla caviglia una ragazza che ama portare gli occhiali da sole proprio come fa lei(hai presente gli occhiali alla Joe dei Jonas???Io ho quelli *.*)in pratica mi rispecchio molto in lei!!!Non ho mai pensato di abbandonare uno dei miei idoli e come ho letto neanche tu!!!I JONAS,MILEY,DEMI E TAYLOR(Swift)sono le persone che amo!!!Loro sono quelli che mi danno la forza di credere che domani sia migliore,che anche se cado in basso avrf2 la forza di rialzarmi,che devo irradiare amore,che devo crederci!!!Loro sn quello che ho di pif9 pprezioso al mondo e se me li portassero via io morirei!!!P.S.TVUKDB TESORO MIO <3!!

    • Celia

      Hold up. What just happened…grammatically…in this sentence?

  • sally-field

    wow i love all the people on here 30 years + trying to bash on a 16 year old kid thats already made more than them at 16 than all these bozos will combined. get off ur tush and make some money if ur this jealous but geez.. um seriously hes pretty talented, at least more than the talent it takes to try and bash a kid online that could care less what u think about him. yeah.. where are your 1,000,000’s of fans? didnt think so.

    • Jbluver

      Whoa!!!! U go!!! And I totally argee:) :)

  • crispy

    Justin Bieber your the hottest and most amazing guy on the planet. I am going to buy the 17th copy of your new album today.

    • crispy

      Oh, honey, if you actually knew how to use your and you’re properly, you might have a chance at fooling people.

      • sahar


    • Maureen

      Wait! Which one is the real crispy? ;)

  • Trey


  • jg

    anyone else notice it’s the same song as “forever” by chris brown, with the choruses starting the same and him even saying “watch my feet” at one point? how is he fooling everyone?

    • sahar

      hey guys sup??im board !!!

    • Donald

      i think the only reasons why nnyoae has bieber fever or like him so much are because he is young,he is cute ,and nothing else!i mean at least half the answers i see to justin questions are: OMG JUSTIN IS SO HOT! or something to that effect(sorry for yelling,but i was trying to make a point),it’s like that’s all they see or care about and they could care less if he had talent or not!think about it would his fans(or given his demographic their parents)be buying millions of dollars worth of his merchandise,concert tickets,and records if he were old and butt ugly?think about it?oh and to all you justin fans:those of us who don’t like him don’t actually hate him as a person(you have to know someone to do that),we dislike his music and image!also wrap your little minds around this:there are other reasons to dislike someone other than jealousy!the only reason why a lot of you bieber fans say we’re jealous is because you’ve got nothing else!face it you guys have played the jealousy card way too many times and it’s getting real old,real fast!sorry for the rant!the only thing i have now is a bad cold,which i will gladly share with nnyoae that wants to give me their bieber fever !

    • Janu

      claudia scrive:wow la cosa che mi srdpoenre e che dice di essere con i piedi per terra . forse non ha capito cosa vuol dire quell’espressione .-. comprarsi tutte queste macchine alla sua ete0, pur essendo ricco e famoso, e8 una cosa stupida. va bene comprarsi una macchina costosa se vuole, ma tutte ste macchine, dai. non voglio offendere nessuno ma mi sa che questo ragazzo stia diventando un pf2 montato .-. macchine, dentiere d’oro .. bha. comunque il fatto di fare beneficenza non c’entra un bel niente, tutte le celebrite0 fanno beneficenza, eppure alcune sono rimaste con i piedi per terra, a differenza sua.

  • crystalc


    • crystalc

      lovejustinbieber you do that conster

  • michelle

    kay everyone hating on him, just stop?
    you really have NO life if you have the time to post comments about a 16 year old guy and say how much he sucks. clearly he doesnt care and neither do his fans, so just stop wasting your time and go do something with your life. he clearly has talent if hes come this far? so LEAVE.

  • jaim

    i lov this vid.. its romantic :P i think he’s romantic XD

  • Jbluver

    Da girl in that video is so ugly… And Justin Bieber is so good looking!! I don’t care what anyone says he is so get used to da ,haterz!!!!! :)

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