Britney Spears (or at least her manager) wants an all-Brit episode of 'Glee.' Do you?

Glee-Britney-SpearsImage Credit: Patrick Ecclesine/Fox; Kevin Mazur/WireImageBritney Spears’s manager, Adam Leber, was tweetering away last night, trying to rustle up enthusiasm for an all-Britney episode of Glee. “Do you guys want to see a Britney Spears episode of GLEE? Thoughts?” he wrote. Then he went straight for Twitter’s big money, the trending topic: “#BritneySpearsGLEE” Then he moved on to discussing her kids eating mashed potatoes, which is neither here nor there.

After this week’s Madonna-centric episode of everyone’s favorite weekly songfest, are you ready to see more stars get their own hour-long jukebox musical? What Spears songs should the cast tackle? (Sue Sylvester singing “Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman,” anyone?) And what other artists deserve a spotlight episode?

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  • Brian

    No way. Madonna is a cultural icon and has been for almost longer than Britney has been alive! Maybe one or two songs – but not an entire episode.

    • Momo

      No! This will just set up a precedent of any celebrity thinking they can drum up more media hype by way of Glee. I want Glee to do music that fits in with their storyline, not vice versa!

      • jbird

        I agree completely!!

      • Bob

        I agree, there is no way this should happen. Spears is not a cultural icon, she is a pop artist who is really hit or miss and does not have the world-wide acclaim that someone like Madonna has. If Glee goes all one artist, it should be someone who is truly a legend in music

      • Ambee

        I agree. I don’t think there should be an all Glee-hour for every famous musician. That would make it so less special.

      • tara

        Agreed! Not because it’s Britney but because pop is not the be all, end all of music. I’d rather Glee diversify and explore music outside mainstream/radio-friendly hits.

    • dawn

      HELL NO!

      • Miss Talk


        HELL TO THE NAH !!!

        NO WAY.


      • Glee-tastic!

        Make that Oh hell to the NO!

      • tigger851

        hell to the no! she’s not that good! it’s horrible and i can’t stand her….

    • Mary Q. Contrary

      I agree. Making it a habit to theme episodes around a single artist or act will significantly diminish the quality of the show. VETO.

    • besimon

      I’d rather see Madonna Part 2. There are so many songs they didn’t cover, that I’d love to see what they would do.

      • No

        I hope they choose to discard both of these terrible ideas!

    • Wendy

      This cracks me up, when then talk about no talent hacks, Madonna’s name is usually followed by Brit’s. I say do it. Ryan Murphy is on top of his game and would do a great ep for her.

      • Blaaake!

        you’re lame… you might think Madonna has no talent but she has far more talent than you ever will so go on hating, loser.

      • Michael

        Madonna doesn’t have far more talent than anyone. Madonna is a brilliant business woman. She has a very thin voice. No one would deny that. She’s just figured out how to work with what she has. As much as I dislike Britney, she’s done the same. I don’t want an entire Britney episode but some of her songs are quite fun.

      • Samantha

        Michael- I agree with you about Madonna being a brilliant business woman. I’d say that’s part of her success, along with her music and Yes, her voice. She has a voice that may not be fantastic but she uses it well and always sings live on her tours. There’s a huge difference between her and Britney, who’s voice is controlled by a machine.

      • John B

        Talent has a lot more to do with vocals. Madonna co-writes her songs, many of them which have become cultural staples. She’s also a fantastic dancer.

    • Mr Ryan Murphy, please read this.

      GLEE ain’t no AMERICAN IDOL. GLEE are for gleeks exclusively. We don’t need famewhores. Period.

    • Strepsi

      Sweet Jebus, NOOOO!

      Not her music. Maybe her life — they could have Santana hook up with white trash gold-digger, Rachel get addicted to meth, Quinn pop out her kids and not know how to hold them but feed them cheetos, and Sue Sylvester flash her shaved vajazzler whenever she gets out of a car!!!

      • Eugene

        HAHAHA now that’s an idea. But seriously this idea of a whole Britney episode is a bad idea. I think Ryan Murphy needs to stick with what’s working and not do whole hour tributes to artists. Especially bad ones.

    • mari

      another icon that they can “channel” is Cher :P but i’m not sure if you can do an entire show with cher songs. oh or barry manilow… simon and garfunkel… or a cheesy one like air supply. air supply & glee a marriage made in cheesetastic heaven :D

      • Jamie B.


      • mccliza

        Abba. Then you’d have “Glee-ba Mia!”

      • cranky


    • SMM

      No no no no no no NOOOOOO!!! But they need to get Justin Timberlake on there STAT!!!

      • emma

        omg yes!! lets have justin on the show, he is great!!

      • shay

        Yes bring in justin pleasssse!

      • Chelle Belle

        You could have a whole show dedicated to him alone with his catalogue for music from NSYNC and his solo projects! GLEE JT EP!

    • lee

      I would say yes for one reason and one reason only
      to watch a renactment of the hit me baby one more time music video in the halls of glee them singing it about the slushies as in hit me baby one more time :p
      also imagine the possibilities
      emma singing i am not that innocent
      and sue singing toxic :P
      and rachel singing womanizer to finn

      • jordan

        WOW! I wasn’t feeling it but you SERIOUSLY just sold me. I didn’t realize how great a Britney episode could be til you brought up a Baby One More Time reenactment. And Rachel’s clothing can double for a catholic school girl outfit, I’m sure lol.

    • charlotte

      Totally agree with Brian. You should only reserve a whole hour for the truly iconic.

    • shay

      i agree not a whole episode that would ruin the integrity of the best show on tv right now. but a song here and there wouldn’t make me upset as long as it fits the story.

    • Sue

      Bring on ADAM LAMBERT!!!!!!!!! Now I know people will hate me but HE has the vocals for it!!

  • Bobby’s Robot

    PLEASE NO!!!

    • Miss Talk


  • Fenix1414

    It sounds good to me!

    • Mark

      They might be able to do a teen bubblegum episode and include her but not by herself. The cast doing Mmmbop. That might be kinda funny

      • Sarah

        I would watch THAT! Hilarious!

    • Emma

      I like the idea too. It’s high time that we heard all those infectious songs sung by someone with Lea Michele’s pipes. Most of them were WRITTEN about high school. “Hit Me Baby One More Time” was hs themed.

  • E

    eew. I looove Glee, but that might be an episode I’d have to skip. They can do better than Britney

    • Jackie


      • andy

        leave britney off glee!!!

  • mike

    Quinn or Teri doing “I’m a Slave For You”
    Mercedes/Kurt “Stronger”
    Rachel “Lucky”
    Rachel “Baby One More Time”
    Cast “Crazy”

    • Jane

      Don’t forget “Oops…I Did It Again” or “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet a Woman” (I can see Quinn doing that one about baby duties and being torn between being a mother and a teen).

      • Rocky

        That’s a good idea. I like it.

      • matt

        i love the Quinn idea.

    • Britney picks

      First off, haters are annoying. I’m sick of posters b*tching about the plot integrity being tarnished by one-tributes. The show’s plot is episodic, campy and over-the-top. The Madonna episode was as pointless and cartoonish as Showmance (Will’s one-week boyband) or the yearbook ep and Wheels. Face it: the show rocks for its fun songs and characters, this isn’t freaking Lost, Damages or True Blood.

      Now onto the Brit picks:
      1. Baby One More Time: Cast
      2. Oops I did it Again: Puck
      3. Womanizer: Rachel to whoever the current male love interest is
      4. Overprotected: Kurt to his father?
      5. Boys (Boys and girls remix): Battle of the Sexes cast
      6. 3: Rachel, Finn and Puck/other male lead

      • Gleek_SEA

        A good selection of songs. Hope Ryan Murphy read your post :-)

      • Amy

        I love the battle of the sexes idea for ‘Boys’…I loved the whole contest thing in in Mash-up with the guys vs. girls…

  • Catherine

    I have never watched an episode of Glee and still I wouln’t want her on that show. She has totally burned her name.

    • What???

      If you’ve never watched an episode of Glee, why are you even commenting????

  • Brooke

    Oh. Oh god no.



    Britney’s songs are not…



    • Trish

      I can not agree more. No. No. No. And then no.

  • aa

    No, the Glee kids are real singers, not warblers like Britney, she’s a great dancer and performer, nobody can deny that, but singing has never been her strongsuit. Imagine Mercedes restraining herself to a near aneurism to be able to tacke baby,baby…well maybe britney, quinn and santana, but that couldn’t fill up an hour of tv. If anything, let Britney guest star

    • GTC

      that might be the point though… imagine some of songs Britney has messed up. loser her would be britney when people realize how great a song could be performed by people who could actually sing!

      • John C

        YES I like this. Maybe not a whole ep, but I think it would be interesting to hear some big voices on Britney songs.

      • Allison M

        I like it. Actually, this was brought up awhile ago on the American Idol page, as a theme-week suggestion. Doesn’t matter how good Britney is – better singers could do great things mixing up her catchy songs.

    • Muffy

      Britney was never a great dancer, ever! Brit is my GP, but anyone who who understands and respects dance will tell you, Britney was never the best dancer, period.

  • Aprilcot26

    No. Just no. I wouldn’t be mad if they threw in a Britney song, but a whole episode? She has nowhere NEAR the cultural significance of someone like Madonna!

    • Tim

      If we’re doing cultural significance than shouldn’t The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Evlis, The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Led Zepplin, Dylan, and Motown artists be in line for an entire ep before Madonna?… Glee should just chose songs that fit the show, although I’d love to see them do an enitre ‘grunge’ themed episode (STP, soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, etc.).

    • stuart


      • k

        Stuart, you are a very tacky, disgusting person.

      • springs

        Can you say “crazy”?

  • heelfan2301

    Oh good god no! The kids on this show are WAY to good to be doing mediocre Britney material. Please don’t let this happen!

  • Dave

    Puck. “Womanizer.” Done.

    • JBomb

      Haha, yes! Puck singing “Womanizer” would be worth it. Then again, I would be so excited to see the mash ups and what they do to Britney’s songs, that this episode would be a “no lose” situation for me. PLEASE MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

    • KT

      Absolutely yes! Don’t think an entire episode of Britney songs is a good idea, but THAT one is a MUST! Dear Ryan Murphy, please make this happen! :D

  • bambam

    Puck is onto something. How about a Pantera episode. Or a Slayer episode?

  • Kay

    I shudder to think what “iconic” images of Britney they’d have walking in the background of a hallway shot. Bald heads, bad weaves, banana pythons?

    • stuart


  • Drew


    • Strepsi

      Not her music. Maybe her life — they could have Santana hook up with white trash gold-digger, Rachel get addicted to meth, Quinn pop out her kids and not know how to hold them but feed them cheetos, and Sue Sylvester flash her shaved vajazzler whenever she gets out of a car!!!

      • sauts

        THAT would be pretty funny!

  • Generation Gossip

    Yes please. Sign me up for this, I would love Lea Michell to tackle “Everytime” and the girl who plays Mercedes to sing “Boys”

    Check Out

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