Christina Aguilera's 'Not Myself Tonight' video: Gone totally (Lady) Gaga, Madonna, or just desperate for relevance?

christina-aguileraImage Credit: RCAThe video for Christina Aguilera’s new single, “Not Myself Tonight,” hit the internets in the wee hours of the morning and immediately had the blogosphere—well, that’d be mostly one Mr. Perez Hilton—buzzing that it was a Lady Gaga rip-off. To be fair, it seems that Hilton thinks everything begins and ends with Gaga. But in this case, if you watch the clip after the jump, you’ll see that such a claim is by no means crazy talk.

In the video, Aguilera mostly prances around in various dominatrix-esque and lingerie-inspired outfits, sans any sort of storyline. You’ll see plenty of slick materials, exposed bras, and a whip. And, yes, there a few moments that are uncannily Gaga-ish. Two stick out in my mind: namely, those shots of Christina in white with a harem of dancers, and the moments where you see the diva, wet, in red lingerie. Just take a look here:

Truly, though, there’s another pop-diva influence clearly going on in this video, and her name starts with M. Could it be…Madonna? Yes, of course. Aguilera’s dominatrix outfit seems to be a clear nod to Madge in “Human Nature.” And those times where we see Aguilera amid mist at the top of those stairs, dressed as a German schoolmaster are reminiscent of Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” no? Are you seeing other Material Girl-inspired moments in the video?

The retort to this whole line of criticism, however, includes two arguments: 1) When it comes to Madonna, nearly every pop star has taken pieces of her performances/styling/etc. So there’s that. And then 2) With the Gaga argument, can we really fault Christina for taking from Gaga, when Gaga herself has so ripped from a variety of other artists? Then again, Gaga seems to rip from her musical influences and then blast it in a totally different direction. Right?

The worst part about Xtina’s video, beyond the rather unabashed unoriginality of it, is the sad stink of I’ve-been-gone-forever-had-a-baby-and-now-want-to-be-relevant-again desperation. Cue: the girl-on-girl makeout sessions! Text messaging! Fire balls! When watching, there’s wasn’t a moment where I didn’t feel like Aguilera was clawing for relevancy, in a crazy, far beyond, post-Aguilera world. True story: Aguilera has been gone for a long time. There’s a desperate need, sort of like when she blipped back for two seconds with “Keeps Gettin’ Better” a couple years ago, for her to resuscitate her look and build it in the image of what’s relevant now. But maybe she should have gone in a totally different direction to avoid comparisons? Given us something totally different? The thing about Aguilera is that she’s used to zig when everyone else was zagging. And now, it seems like she decided to zag along with everyone else.

What do you think? Did Aguilera go totally (Lady) Gaga? Or is Madonna the inspiration? Or are you seeing this as a wholly original music video? Sound off in the comments!

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  • L

    Floptina Aguilera is so desperate. LOL @ her new single being so low on ITunes

    • IYAD


      • crispy

        Give me any Justin Bieber song.. it’s better than any song Christina has ever put out. ;)

      • What??

        Bieberbaby is utter crap.

      • paige

        yes yes fake crispy- bieber is so totally awesome in your world– we can see your desperate need to post everywhere about your Bieber obsession. we get it. its boring. youre boring.

      • Celia

        I LOVE Christina, but she can do much better than this. I wish she would release a slow ballad that shows off her vocal skills similar to “Beautiful,” I don’t know why she keeps doing the techno thing.

      • Zach

        Agree with Celia. The thing about Christina is that you can have the best vocals in the world (and at her peak she’s definitely more vocally talented than Gaga), but all that can’t improve a forgettable song. Why doesn’t she go the Bette Midler route that she has the voice for? She always came off as too good for the Britney Spears route when she was going for it, and not creative enough for the Lady Gaga performance-art route. She doesn’t seem to know herself.

      • Hello

        And GaGa just passed that song up with her third single from the Fame Monster. You can chart but still perform horribly.

      • Emma

        I still like the song though.

      • Jose Arribas

        That was about three weeks ago. It was the biggest debut and then it flopped. Now it’s out of the Top 50 on itunes. Not good.

      • Alonso

        @crispy: To say that any Justin Bieber song is better than any Christina Aguilera song is one of THE MOST IGNORANT THINGS EVER SAID, it’s SAD, PATHETIC & COMPLETELY RETARDED.

        Justin Bieber is an idiot with bran washed people follow him mainly becaus of his looks & not because his talents.

        Your comment IS SO DISGUSTING! UGH!

      • jenny

        “not creative enough for the Lady Gaga performance-art route.”

        Yes, because ripping off the major pop artists of the last 30 years is SO creative. Not to mention that indie artists like Roisin Murphy have been doing it for YEARS. Although I’m not excusing Christina’s pathetic excuse of a song and video, but give me a break with the “Lady Gaga is the goddess of music and art” crap. It’s only because today’s music landscape is so lame that Lady Gaga can look like a creative genius in comparison. But 20 years ago she would’ve considered nothing special. Anyway, I’m disappointed in Christina. She’s way too good for this type of trash.

      • Christophe

        Bieber is a joke, and will be gone in 2 years at the most, just like Aaron Carter, Hanson, Lil Romeo and all the rest of the one year prepubescent wonder

      • LOL

        Xtina is too late to this party. Madonna and Gaga were here and left already.

      • Felipe

        HELLO!! I’m pretty sure the song is called NOT MYSELF TONIGHT. This isn’t “the new Christina.”

      • MarySueBob

        I get the Madonna reference but Gaga? Not so much. Sorry, when Gaga does stuff like this it’s more artistic where as on Christina it comes across as more of a beauty thing – she looks GORGEOUS whereas Gaga just looks trippy or weird.

      • Zach

        Jenny, say what you will about today’s bland music landscape, but Gaga’s achievements are commendable nonetheless. And to be creative you don’t have to be original. But there’s a difference between modeling one’s career and styles after someone else and downright copying them. And even when you do copy someone in this biz it’s “homage” and flattery. Maybe that isn’t fair, but it gets your British girl Roisin Murphy more publicity than she ever would have without it, because Gaga has the chops, American popularity, and most of all STAR POWER that this girl lacks. So what that she wore them first? It’s not like she didn’t copy them from somewhere else. Does that mean no one else should be allowed to use them as inspiration and try to be more original than anyone else out there in Hollywood now? And at least Gaga is personally involved with her own designs and songwriting too. Anyone who says she’s a copycat is just jealous of her deservedly successful career.

        And to the MarySueBob, have to agree with you, Christina is just beautiful and should play up that angle, not ever try to look weird.

      • jenny

        If her music were good, then yes, I would be jealous…

      • Crispier

        Paige, quick picking on crispy. He’s just an older man who really enjoys young boys. What’s wrong with that???

      • Dung

        the current top selling hit on iTunes is “OMG” by Usher. Xtina’s song is #39. I’m looking at the top song list right now.

      • Don

        About time you people went and got Kris Allen’s CD!! It’s boring enough for all you haters here!!!! Christina is fiery and exciting!

      • Meso soup

        I’d personally listen to Bieber over Christina any day of the week!! So F#%K u all.

      • jackie smazz

        well, if we’re criticising the video for ‘ripping off’ other media moments, you forgot two prominent ones: 1, the baseball-cap bangs and long fake ponytail are a literal copy of beyonce’s hairdo in the gaga video; and 2, the cane-stroking and melted chocolate at the end of the video are clearly a “ripoff” of every shot in every porno where every “starlet” gets loaded all over. my point: if you’re looking to people like this for originality of ANY kind, the problem is with you – not the people who pander to your bad taste for money.

        don’t get me wrong, she’s still hotter than hell and she has (ahem, *could* have) one of the strongest voices in pop. but what an utter pile of crap this song and video are. a complete waste of time, money and effort – this article and all of our comments included.

    • Sista

      I think the return of Xtina . . . snore, zzzzzz . .uuuh sorry so boring I fell asleep thinking about it

      • Miss Talk

        Lady Gaga and Madonna copycat…Xtina should know better. I’m really disappointed of her. What is the point of copying someone who was unknown three years ago??? Ten years in the business and still copying Madonna? Epic Fail.

      • jenny

        Three years ago she said she would be doing this… so she didn’t copy Gaga. And doesn’t Gaga copy Madonna as well? So it’s natural that they would be very similar.

      • mary q contrary

        I just heard the song for the first time on the radio this afternoon. It’s completely overproduced. It’s actually hard to focus on the lyrics because of way too much random vibrato on her part, and a spastic, uncoordinated sound. Also, there is literally no hook to speak of. I’m not really a fan of Aguilera, per se, but I’ve liked her songs in the past, and I’m really disappointed in this one. It’s obvious that she’s trying desperately for some relevancy, but this is not the way to go about it. I wish her the best, and hope she finds herself sometime before she becomes a senior citizen.

      • HM


      • petedogg1979

        Jenny – are you Christina’s publicity agent or something? Pop music is pop music – to say these artists are “copying” each other is just silly. Madonna has reinvented herself about a hundred times… contrary to what you wrote, Gaga would have been very popular 20 years ago. There are plenty of people you can compare her to (as with EVERY musician out there), but to this day no one has managed to combine her brand of eccentric with actual popular music. Personally, I’m not much of a fan of Gaga’s music… but one can’t deny that she’s made it in the industry. Why does it bother you so that people like her and her style? Are you a social outcast? Get over it.

      • nat

        Beyong this video feeling dated and unoriginal, its also just a bad song. Almost unlistenable actually. Which is sad, because she has a beautiful vooice.

    • Jerry

      The return of “I’m slutty, therefore edgy”, it feels like 2002 all over again.

      • Maya

        I was thinking the exact same thing… I couldn’t agree more!

      • AK

        That’s right. She’s not only copying Lady Gaga and Madonna (and actually a little bit of Britney Spears’ “3” as well), but she’s even ripping herself off now.

      • Angela L

        So true! I liked the retro-glamour girl Xtina much better.

      • ML

        I was thinkgin the same thing as well. And didn’t Christina push that envelope but having the image back in ’02 when Gaga wasnt even around. I can see the Madonna thing ’cause Christina has always done that, but people really need to get off the Gaga high horse….

      • Kel

        ML, I agree with you. It’s funny how people are so quick to bash Xtina. Very hilarious. Christina has been talking about going in this direction when Gaga was just getting signed to Akon’s label. Had she moved in this direction instead of releasing her greatest hits album, she would’ve been a head of the trend and stand out as usual. If nothing else, when you think Christina Aguilera, you think: “That girl can sing!” When you think Gaga, you think “She’s weird!” It’s hilarious how when Christina does something she rips off everyone, but Gaga is “paying tribute” not a damn person in this industry is original. Gaga just has less obvious influences. Ones less known to the general public.
        You people seem to think that Britney and Gaga are the holy salient and originals of music next to Madonna. Lady Gaga can sing, but Christina rips her. Ignore this fact all you want, but Christina can sing better and higher than Britney and the hallowed Madonna. People keep following these screens perpetuated by the media and fail to see the truth. I love Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera. I’m a fan of both, but this Gaga is God and a pioneer crap needs to stop. “Not Myself Tonight” won’t defy her new album. “Bionic” will have so many layers to it that will have actual meaning – not convoluted Warhol-rip-off ideals that Gaga uses to make her music. People need to get real and stop being Christina bashers and mindless Gaga groupies.

      • andrea

        Way too true

      • andrea

        right on jerry

    • Grannie

      Are you kidding me with that? She is trying to tell us:
      1. I’m a lesbian
      2. I wanna really do porn
      3. I’m the real Lady Gaga

      • Anggggg

        grannie i love u for this comment. LMFAO.

      • Ann

        LMAO, Grannie!! I didn’t even have to watch the video. Based on her recent promo, x-tina seems desperate to out duel Gaga. Maybe x-tina should take a different approach and make it more about singing. X-tina is too talented to go down this road. Because, clearly, Gaga has already paved the new-generation Madonna road.

      • JA

        Exactly…she’s the real Gaga…here let me stand in the same pose, with the same hair, makeup and wardrobe, and substitute a closet for a bed. Poof…Xtina does Bad Romance.

      • carolyne

        thank you granny my thots exactly

      • LB

        I would love for her to do porn.

    • jay

      LOL, Express yourself Xtina by paying tribute to madonnas express yourself video.

      • Jesse

        Really sort of a combination of Madonna’s Human Nature, Express Yourself, with a dash of Like A Prayer.

      • Liz

        I would agree with Jesse! All I saw in this was Madonna . . . I don’t really get the whole Gaga facination, I only really like 2 of her songs and find the others a bit annoying. She’s just another Madonna wanna be which is fine if you like that sort of thing . . . but maybe that’s just because I’m over 25! And who the hell is Beiber?!

      • Anne

        I agree, really it seemed like a tribute to Madonna’s videos. But was so blatant, perhaps that was the purpose? I kind of liked it. But then again, I’m old (well over 25, Liz).

      • DC

        There was definitely a lot of Madonna influence. It doesn’t seem to have occured to anyone that the name of the song is “Not Myself Tonight.” Originality is probably not what she was going for. She tends to just do whatever she feels like. I will say this though, what Christina Aguilera does, she does do well!

      • Moni

        I said the same thing when I saw this…it was all of Madonna’s videos wrapped up in one!

        Express Yourself
        Human Nature
        Like A Prayer
        and…..Justify My Love

        We’ve been here, done that. This is twenty plus year old concept. I’m disappointed Xtina!

    • Rashad

      I LOVE THIS VIDEO!!!!! Christina looks SEXY AS HELL and she is not trying to be like Lady Gaga….Christina is a much better singer

      • cucumber

        Lmao this has NOTHING to do with singing

      • Lucy

        Christina is one of the greatest singers that’s come into pop music, and trust me I’ve been an avid listener since her start, but the fact that this song doesn’t showcase her voice AT ALL really bothers me.

      • Allison Skurat

        I prefer Gaga’s voice. She does great acoustic stuff. Christina can definitely sing I just don’t enjoy her voice and I think she goes a little overboard.

      • Nick T

        Allison Skurat, When you said she goes overboard, I thought about the Family Guy bit where Christina was recording in the studio. lol.

    • Get Real

      Hello. Anyone ever see DIRTY!!!!! Just xtina changing hats again.

      • LOL

        She’s wearing a hat that Madonna and Lady Gaga already wore and discarded.

    • andrea

      yes this is lindsey lohan needy
      sad sad

      • Ashley G.

        Linds Lohan sad….lmao, best comment on this board. All I kept thinking was her husband must be embarassed.

  • HD

    This is all Christina which given her influences would also include Madonna and a little Gaga. That’s inevitable, really. Like the video, not so much with the song. Can’t wait for her album though!

    • confidential

      Let’s not forget that Madonna has used influences of lesser known style/artists/cultures for her entire career. She is like a USB port for underground artists and cultures to the rest of the world.

      • JA

        Madonna is a USB port? You’re treading dangerous ground with that one…

      • petedogg1979

        Madonna really hasn’t done anything except follow the popular trends… “Ray of Light” came out when techno was at its most popular (for example). Madonna is great but to say she is influential is just ignorant. She just knows how to follow the trends…

      • RyRyNYC

        In correct Pete, Madonna takes sub cultures at their peaks and brings them into POP CULTURE. The only album I’d say she followed a trend was with Hard Candy.

  • JKH

    IMO, she’s definitely trying to hop on the Gaga train. I’m a little sad to see it, because I always thought Christina Aguilera had a great voice — it was what set her apart from all the other female pop stars. I wish she would focus more on vocals and less on dirty dancing in a unitard.

    • Stacie

      I agree. I think her voice is what is keeping her relevant. She’s been trying to sell us that she’s kinky for years – and we get it.

      • Kel

        Given that people are determined to compare her to Gaga and Madonna, her voice doens’t keep her relevant. That’s a nice illusion to keep up though. She’s not trying to sell the “I’m kinky” thing. Funny, if a male artist did something like this people would hardly say he’s trying to sell that he’s kinky. They’d just accept it.

      • Art

        Kel, I don’t think gender has anything to do with it. It’s not being sexy that I have a problem with, it’s recycling images from other artists.

        My biggest issue is that when confronted with this stuff, Xtina always gets pissy and plays naive. When her greatest hits came out and her new look was blunt bangs and a long blonde wig, she was asked if she knew she looked a lot like Gaga, and her response was “I don’t know what a Lady Gaga is.”

    • Jeremy

      And by Gaga train, you surely mean the caboose of the Madonna train. Everything Gaga does has been done before. Just because you take Madonna to the extreme doesn’t mean you’re better than her or original.

      • Nick T

        Has anyone ever bled on the VMA stage before?

      • petedogg1979

        What has Madonna done in her career so groundbreaking that you feel Gaga is ripping her off? Madonna has built a career on changing her style to fit whatever trend is popular at the moment. Why do people seem to care so much about what Lady Gaga does? It’s pop music!!!

  • Joshtinpowers

    More like…Christina Have-No-Hair-A!

  • Seanti

    Madonna, Paula Abdul, Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, Janet, George Michael… Gaga is the least of it, IMHO.

    • sarah d

      I totally didn’t mind the Express Yourself moments but the whole clip did seem very dirivitive (sp?). I wonder if it’s her or just an un-original director? Since the song isn’t very good, who cares?

  • Terri

    What I still don’t get is this: Why do most female pop singers go the “sexy/half-naked/risque/sexually voracious/sex object” route in order to claim a stake in the musical landscape? Why is that STILL considered the accepted norm for female singers? Seriously, when Madonna did it back in the 80s, early 90s, it was compelling because: A- very few women had done it until then,and B-There was tought and a message behind Madonna’s sexual iconography. Madonna had something to say with all the in-your-face sexuality…look it up, there’s books and even college courses on how Madonna’s aesthetic had a deeper subtext. But all these girls doing the sexbomb thing now are empty vessels. They are doing it just for the sake of being sexy and selling records. The sad ting is that in Aguilera’ case, she doesn’t need that. Her phenomenal voice should be her only selling point.

    • Sarah

      Totally agree.

    • paige

      clap-clap-clap! very true

    • mari

      I “third” that.

      • Julie

        They do it because it’s expected of them in this post-Britney era. The media pays the most attention to stuff like this and ignores things like, you know, actual musical talent. So anyone who wants media attention s*xes themselves up. It certainly worked for Britney, who has no discernible talent but was always willing to take off her clothes for attention. It worked! Now everyone is following her lead.
        Sure, you can get by on your talent. But that’s not going to land you magazine covers, on EW or elsewhere, particularly if you’re a woman.

      • Kel

        @Terri: Christina always talks aboutg why she expresses herself sexually. Her use of that too has a deeper subtext. Seeing as Madonna is such a powerful influence for her, it makes sense.
        @Julie: It has nothing to do with Britney as far as Christina’s concerned. Everyone’s not folowing Britney’s lead, sorry. THIS however is the only statement you made that I agree with it being 100% true: “The media pays the most attention to stuff like this and ignores things like, you know, actual musical talent. “That’s why Gaga’s such a big deal right now. Because she gets people’s attention by being what people so passionately hail as an “artist,” when she’s not more original than anyone else. Everyone’s ideas come from somewhere else, and when everyone cites Madonna as a major influence, everyone is bound to be the same.
        Talent only gets you so far. It’s IMAGE that gets you attention.

    • Miss Talk

      Hope she reads your comment Terri. Totally spot on.

    • Katy

      It’s the labels. Think about it……seriously this is getting into a big topic…Do you know the meaning behind the Bad Romance video?

    • Jesse

      Thank you for this comment.

    • Ninjalilly

      Kelly Clarkson is an exception, but the only one I can think of. Great voice, never went the slutty route, but still very popular.

      • Cristy

        That’s right!!She is way better than all this “sexy ladies”,very classy,nice,kind,true to her self,underated because she is a little chubby and society is so frikkin’ lame and shalow this days,but she has a golden voice!!!kudos to Adele and Alica Keys too,very classy ladies,but unfortunately not so popular.

    • Tracy

      Ditto … she has the voice the rest of them wish they had. So tired of these raunchy videos though but I guess it serves its purpose … get people talking (remember bad publicity is better than none).

    • jenny

      Sad but true.

    • the floacist

      To sell records? Really? Considering female pop star’s fanbase mainly consist of women and gay men, how is a sexy image appealing to consumers?

      And the very overrated Madonna has college courses? That figures.

    • nanJ

      very casual christina fan, don’t follow perez so i had no idea about his opinion and who would care what he thinks anyway. but to to put it in perspective, If anybody challenges his gaga’s throne, he tries to dethrone them.
      BUt I have to be honest, my jaw was on the floor, I was like WTF is this? I was one of the original “dirty” fans, I loved that reinvention of herself, it was unique, different,hella hot and raw! I loved it. So I have no problem with overt sexuality.. No body was doing it like that at the time.

      But this, I have seen this way too much now!! I’m in no way saying she is coping GAGA, but everybody is doing this now. I want something new! Yes Xtina is vocally superior to GAGA. But this video was all over the place, I’m like is that pasties!!? nooo, christina nooooooooo. sorry but I was kinda not feelin it. I think this might have worked better is she stayed with one “fetish” . Or went with her album, namesake and did something bionic, like surreal or futuristic would have been cool and new!, with that cover it was what I was expecting!

      not hating! just was not feelin’ it.

  • Scott

    Desperate is right. I get that same sad feeling as when Madonna tries to be “young and hip” — but Madonna has an excuse… she is 50 years old with 187 babies. Christina is too young to be this sad and irrelevant. The world has passed her by indeed.

    • Joery

      4 kids = 187?

  • IYAD


    • L

      typing in all caps makes you ridiculous

      • Iyad

        Wow good 1…. I guess u think ur cool now!!

      • Blaaake!

        who knows what L think but I think you’re in desperate need of some serious grammar lessons.

        Please learn to spell… it doesn’t matter how much you think using “u” instead of actually spelling the word “you” makes you “cool”. In the eyes of everyone else in the world, it doesn’t make you ‘cool’, it makes you ignorant and pathetic.

      • chico0125


    • brody

      Please stop yelling, L. No one’s going to read an ALL CAPS comment.

      • brody

        Apologies; I was speaking to IYAD.

      • Iyad

        That’s funny Brody! U had to read it to write something about it! Get a life!!!!! Or go back to jr high and act like that!

      • Iyad

        Maybe u need to know how to spell ur own name Blaaake! AKA it’s BLAKE! Go Christina & GLEE! Talent always wins in the end people!!! So keep hating Losers!!!

      • Jake

        lyad, you’re making Glee look bad. Christina Aguilera isn’t relevant to pop culture anymore; she used to be, but now? Not at all. Lady Gaga has taken over because she’s original. When she does something somebody else has done, she cites them. She does do her own outfits and songs, and I actually LIKE her voice and her music.

  • Jizzames

    Xtina needs to realize that she cannot dance and her moves are so 1991. Completely terrible. She should do an album of Ace of Base covers. Whatever happened to this album supposedly being ‘new and fresh’ material? The music sounds like Danja and the video is referencing Madonna and even George Michael. Boring boring boring and not well executed. I would maybe like it if she didn’t act like such a snob pretending to be relevant all the time.

    • ErinB

      Is it wrong that I would totally love an album of Ace of Base covers?

      • GGG

        No! I would SO buy that…

      • Maureen

        Me too! :D

  • Hunter

    Yes, I see that Christina is obviously trying to stay relevant, I see that as well.

    However, she has always had elements of this style in her personal style, so it’s hard to fault her, because, even with the current trends, this seems like where she would have ended up at this point, anyway

  • bellecat

    The video is definitely a hybrid of Madonna’s most controversial videos: Let’s name them shall we?

    Express Yourself: bowl licking and half-naked male dancers in the rain

    Justify My Love: Looks almost exactly like Madonna, kissing boys and girls

    Human Nature: leather catsuit, whip, white background

    Erotica: slicked-back hair and menacing eye mask.

    Yawn: The only thing missing is the burning crosses. And it is me, or does the song sound like a Britney derivative, albeit with better vocals, i.e., “tonight I’m not the same girl..” ? It sounds like something I’ve heard a million times before. Love Christina’s voice, but in terms of cutting-edge artistry, she’s not in the same league as Madonna or Gaga.

    • Ford

      Actually although not burning crosses she was in a cathedral like room in one shot that was clearly an homage to Like a Prayer!

    • Ethan

      The close-ups seemed more Vogue to me too, and a little Bedtime Story. Actually I agree that I don’t see any Gaga videos in there. I thought the video was kinda hot though, give her some credit, Christina’s got a great body. That song’s kinda boring though.

    • jenny

      Gaga is a Madonna ripoff herself, so why are people giving her so much credit regarding originality.

      • Andy

        Because even if Gaga copies anyone , which is usually just a case of paying homage or inspiration.

        She cites them, she doesn’t make like Xtina and say crap like “my work speaks for itself”.

      • Kel

        THat’s just how people want to put things. Why is Gaga original but when she DOES rip off people she’s “paying tribute.”? When Christina “rips off” people she’s unoriginal and her response is crap? You people are amazing, you really are.

    • the floacist

      How is Gaga cutting edge?

      It amazes me that Madonna gets all this credit when Janet was so much better.

  • Nessab

    She should have stuck with the whole “Back to Basics” classic thing she was doing a few years ago. That made her stand out.

    • MsSuniDaze

      I agree. I really liked this look and sound. She has an amazing voice, I just wish she didn’t have to keep going down this sex kitten route.

    • Nelly

      I totally agree. Her back to basics look made her stand out and have a lot of success.
      Being just a look alike of another famous singer never works.

  • Wes

    Honestly, I didn’t see a single Gaga moment. The entire thing reminds me of a mix of Express Yourself and Human Nature, with a little Freedom 90 thrown in near the end.

    Oh, and the next time there’s a link on this site to Perez Hilton’s is the last time I visit this site.

    • Terri

      Absolutely. This is more nineties Madonna and George Michael than Gaga. Gaga herself has acknowledged how much Madonna influenced her.

    • J

      I agree regarding the Perez link, don’t promote that moron, this site should be all about EW and its opinions.

    • Sue

      Totally agree. If anything, Gaga is influenced by Christina

      • Iyad

        Thank u! You r so smart!!! Christina has been around for 12 years, not lady gaga.

      • Dennis

        She is?
        I don’t see it.

      • Remagine

        you dont see it? damn dude where you been living? she is one of the best artist around there, the only vocalist under 30 considered the best vocalist out there and won a lot of grammy’s and other awards plus number 1 singles ….

      • brody

        I think they’re probably both influenced by Madonna, and that’s why people see similarities. The difference is, Gaga took Madonna’s style and pushed it to the next level in terms of image, whereas Xtina took Madonna’s style and did it with a better voice.

      • Sue1

        Exactly what I going to say, Sue. When the world went gaga over Gaga (sorry), I saw someone greatly influenced by Madonna and Christina, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    • CB158

      I’ve always been a Chritsina fan, but this did come across as a combo of several “borrowed” ideas. The pointy black things around her eye, and looking through her hand and the monocle all make me think of GaGa and her “all seeing eye” fascination. I see Madonna in here as well as some Jazmine and other videos, but come on, there aren’t too many things you can do that haven’t been done before. Everything can make someone think of someone else that’s done it. Bottom line….she looks great…she still has her voice, so I’d like to hear her album.

    • Allison Skurat

      If you don’t see how this is Gaga influenced then you’ve never watched Bad Romance.

      • Sally

        Bad Romance video sucks!!!! I prefer Christina’s and I am a Gaga fan. Just my 2 cents!!

  • J

    I think the video is good. It is like an updated version of the “Dirrty” video, not a take on Gaga. I think Gaga is over-rated as she has ripped off every female popstar before her including Christina.

  • Henry

    Gimme a break, haters. Exactly who is original in the pop scene? Gaga is a mash-up of greater artists before her and so is Madonna. At least she’s picking good company to PAY HOMMAGE to. In this day and age of the “reboot” and “reimaginings”, I thought the fray would love another carbon copy. Hate away….

    • Jerry

      I’ll be glad when using the catch-all term “haters” as a comeback to any and all criticism, no matter how balanced, goes out of style.

      • Crystal

        Yes….because if you have a different opinions of some…you are a hater! So dumb

    • wino

      thank you henry. frankly, im a bit tired of the gaga comparisons once a female artist decides to do somethiing weird, trashy or fun. sorry, Gaga is just recycled pop formula. I love her music, but she’s not the creator of this particular style. Give it a rest EW.

      • juliejulie

        Sure she’s not the Creator, but she sure made it her own. So yes when another fem tries to do something weird or odd, heads are gonna turn to gaga.

      • Alonso

        She didn’t do it her one, it’s not like she bought it & has the rights. People act like if she did it her own.

      • Kel

        Tanks you Henry! Thank you wino! And for those getting hurt by the term “hater,” most people are on your side, praising Gaga as the creator and frontrunner of modern pop music, so stop finding little things to pick on.

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