New Miley Cyrus, 'Can't Be Tamed': Death to Hannah Montana

miley-cyrusImage Credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic.comShe’s done with Disney. She’s open to nude scenes (“If it’s something that’s classy”). And you know why? Because Miley Cyrus Cannot Be Tamed.

The millionaire Mouseketeer, soon to be free of her Hannah Montana chains, will release the video for new single “Can’t Be Tamed,” from the upcoming album of the same name, on Tuesday, May 4 via E!, though the track is already up at her Myspace right now: Stream it here.

Snap judgment? I went to the mat for “Party in the U.S.A.” last year, and made lots of new hate-mail friends. Still love it.

But this one doesn’t really give me major sensations either way. It’s thumpy, synthy, a little bit AutoTune-y—in other words, it kind of sounds like it came from the same late-’90s spin class as Christina Augilera’s new one, “Not Myself Tonight.”Not bad business for stationary cardio, but not the stuff year-end top tens are made of, either. And then she rhymes “tell ya” and “sell ya” with “go to hell…beep beep.” Sigh(rus).

Am I wrong?

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  • crispy

    Guess were gonna have to leave it to the Bieb to keep making good music. She needs to just hang it up.

    • furiousk

      Agreed. She doesn’t even sing, she just yells melodically.

      • furiousk

        I only agree with Cyrus hanging it up, not so much about the Bieb making good music.

      • Kenny

        Semi-melodically, maybe.
        She is often not on key.

      • Maureen

        “Yells melodically.” That was hilarious!! :D

    • seana

      Ewwwwww Bieb SUCKS, what is wrong with you people, that kid can’t sing!

      • Jay

        Bieber is a disgrace for all teens out there

    • The Daw

      You’re joking.

    • sandra

      Bieber sucks almost as bad as this song sucks.

    • Adi bieber

      i think that is so true becuz justin bieber stoled her place so he will take care of good music now (#1 bieber fan)

    • sallly

      freak my kid can,t learn

  • whatevs

    What a tool. On a separate note, I can assure her that no one wants to see her naked.

    • The Daw

      You’re just an idiot. Even if you don’t think she’s attractive (and *PLENTY* of men and women would disagree with you), it isn’t even about what she looks like – it’s the idea of Miley Cyrus nude. Would do more business than Britney Spears would have done in 2001.

      • whatevs

        Sorry you think I’m an idiot, I wasn’t aware that you were the spokesman for pedophiles everywhere.

      • Steph

        Wow…creepiest post of the year.

        And the song is terrible.

      • delicia


      • persimmon

        “as long as its classy” hahahahahhahahahahahahaha so funny

    • tyler18c

      oh christ people! whatevs you are retard. steph, your just another miley hater. I swear, it is like they cut you guys out with cookie cutters!

  • maiv

    Yeah, not a Miley fan, but even I admit that “Party in the USA” was catchy as heck. This new song is ok. I do agree that I have the same feelings about this as I do about CA’s new single.

  • Miss Talk

    Didn’t she say she doesn’y like pop music?
    And -unfortnate coincidence-, it just sounds like another single from the Madonna-GeorgesMichael-Beyoncé-Gaga (album) ripoff Xtina has just released.

    • Preston

      But she must like it now after several listens and might have been very much into the rhythms. She actually sounds good with the pop music sounds in Can’t be Tamed. Her other songs had a rock flavor, but this pop direction is what she needs to have on her new album! Very Lady Gaga-ish, but she really pulls it off on this one!

  • fred f

    I think it’s funny when everyone is like, OMG! Miley is trying to sever ties with Disney through her racy singles and music videos. Do your homework folks. Her label is Hollywood Records which is actually owned by Disney. Disney is actually producing, promoting and distributing her “edgy” and so-called “more mature” music. To quote High School Musical “We’re All In This Together”.

  • @Javii_Houston

    I Love Miley! :D

  • Disappointed EX-Fan

    Sad to say …..Miley is done. And I REALLY used to be a huge fan ….defended the Vanity Fair photo. Defended the You Tube slam on Selena/Demi. Defended the tattoo. But since she has been on her head (under the guidance of her cougar mother and clueless father) to prove she is grown, I cannot defend her anymore. Guess what Miley? What people liked about you was HOW YOU WERE? Nothing was wrong with the old Miley. She was great. This Miley, whose new “edgy” attitude is most likely linked to that tool of an Aussie monkey boyfriend she is dating, sux. Miley use to set the bar. Now, she has just regurgitated Britney Spears 1998. And NO Miley, that is not a compliment …as you proudly proclaimed before you quit Twitter. She has lost a good fan in me. 3 years and now DONE.

    PS….. I don’t even wanna see this video. Am expecting the WORST. Slave 4 U – part deux.

    • AnotherdisappontedEXfan

      I SO AGREE WITH YOU. If she wants to break away from Disney, fine. But to turn in to THIS… She used to be a cool great role model…now, I don´t look up to her anymore, I look down at her.

    • tanktops

      slave 4 u was ledgendary
      so is this.

      • Kenny

        First of all, it is spelled legendary (no ‘d’).
        Second, no – neither is legendary, especially not this piece of crap.

    • hey haters

      I’m a true fan so i will stay loyal no mater what so whatever to yall haters if u dont like her u shouldnt listen just to hat…ps we dnt care ur not a fan

      • Alli

        agreed. Im a big fan myself. I loved her in the last song and though this song, wardrobe, choreography, set, hair and make-up sucks, you never know what is going on in her head. when Brittany had that fall out she was having an emotional breakdown. Dont get me wrong this kind of behavior is disturbing and inappropriate. But teens are teens. They dont like to stay in the shallow water, they like to venture out to the great unknown. And when Miley finishes her journey, I can garuantee she’ll come swimming right back. Or she might not. If she believes this is her calling then good for her.
        But I will stay loyal to her because after a few quirks we just bail? no not in my perspective anyways.

    • Amy Soldier

      Hey, Disappointed, chin up. Miley is being groomed to take on a mission from the Creator, God. I’m as serious as cancer. I am mergatroidal on You Tube. Find my channel and spend some time there. Ten years from now and our Miley has Rocked the foundations of the earth. BELIEVE IT. Want to say more to you though …, maybe later?

      Chin up, young lady. ~,~

      • Puja

        thank you : ) i find it ridiculous how the marjioty of the comments are saying that people shouldnt criticize her just because the drug shes doing is legal. its still a drug and its still a bad look for her image no matter WHAT it is. she should be smarter about things. if you’re gonna be on the DISNEY CHANNEL which is a network for KIDS then dont do stupid stuff cause its gonna ruin you.

    • MileyFan

      I agree with you, the way she is going at this is totally wrong (the whole mature thing). I’ve been her fan for several years as well, and still am, but I’ve been listening to the lyrics and they are really split. She trying to sound mature, but she’s ruining the goods parts with the bad. I really am afraid to hear her album if the songs are gonna be like this one.

    • Preston

      I’m sorry that you don’t like her new song, but artists have to grow and move forward. She can’t do teeny pop songs for Hannah Montana forever. And I didn’t like that music from her, but I like her more mature fare so she can be competitive with artists like Jason DeRulo or Lady Gaga. Party in the USA shocked me with its funky beats and basslines but it was good! I like this electro dance pop direction in her new Can’t Be Tamed. Lots of artists do this when they approach 17, 20 or 25. The themes mature and change in the songs and that’s what Miley is going through with the edgy clothes and images.

    • Kevin

      People change dude, accept it.

  • j1044


  • tanktops

    i love the new song, always have loved miley, loved her from the start and i love her even more!

  • sherika

    love it, i’m not a mistake i’m not fake

  • Buddy

    If you want amazing teen pop, you should just buy Allison Iraheta’s awesome “Just Like You.” It has a classic pop rock sound and youthful edge. Plus, I’d rather 13 year old girls look up to Allison than to this little Lindsay Lohan in the making.

    • psychoanalyzer

      seriously, why is Iraheta not huge? She has a better voice than Britney, Gaga, Miley, Rihanna combined… more raw talent than all these women who are taking their clothes off and “entertaining.” Is it because she’s not controversial? Doesn’t have a TV show? Isn’t attractive??! Her voice is one of those hand-made by God, not by an auto-tuner. I’m so sad that she is not up there, making mainstream music and getting recognized. I hope her time comes and she doesn’t get passed by by the next 17-year-old with “come-hither” eyes and no clothes on…

    • Stephanie

      Brownie points to Buddy for the Allison Iraheta recommendation. Normally I steer clear of any female singer under the age of 18 but Allison is the real deal. That’s a hellava lot more than I can say about Miley Ray.

      • Myra

        I love that shot! What a rocker! We love rock and roll auonrd here (and any other kind of music too.) And Harrison has a thing for Hannah Montana. This may not be my ultimate best shot, but it’s my best shot at preparing for

  • llaaaaa

    wtf trashy as everyone expected

  • raquel

    yawn. if she wants to stand out, and try to show how grown up she is, she would be smart to tone the whore act waaay down. why do these girls (and the music industry) think being a grown up= crazy wild sex party girl? there is so much more to life.

    • Preston

      It’s a little radical with her new party girl driven look, but maybe she got tired of the other look and wanted to move on. That Hannah look was for a TV show and she wants to move on with being a singer. A little edgy with the slicker look, but I think it’s good on her.

  • TONY

    I like it OK but its nowhere near as good as Party in the USA

    • amj

      completely agree

    • Preston

      This is second best to Party in the USA to me with her new and mature music direction, but I like it. It does sound like Lady Gaga’s music with the synths and bleepy sounds and she sounds more tougher and defensive singing wise.

      • Loquebuscas

        pole dnoiingdrinkingsmnkcag…not pot….acts/dresses/looks like a whoreproves that people with no talent can make something in this world.

  • nick

    When Hannah Montana is done i dont know if i will love miley cyrus again.

    • Katy

      Me to I agree with you she needs to stice to sing she thinks she is so cool for doing that but she is so NOT!! Mily should not put things like that on the inter net

    • Kevin

      So you actually loved he character? hmm weird.

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