Britney Spears' 'Telephone' demo: Producer confirms it's her

Britney-TelephoneImage Credit: Lauren Dukoff; Kevin Mazur/“Telephone” producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins has confirmed that a widely circulated leak is, indeed, Britney Spears’ rough demo of what would later become Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s hit single. “I really don’t know who leaked the version,” Jerkins said in a live online video chat noted by MTV News. “It was an early demo stage of the version. It wasn’t even a mixed version. I would never leak something without Britney’s approval, without [her manager] Larry Rudolph, without Jive Records. That’s just not how I get down.”

The alleged “Telephone” demo hit the Web this weekend, occasioning much hubbub and speculation about its authenticity. Was that really Britney’s voice singing the words we associate with Gaga and Beyoncé? The producer’s comments answer that question pretty definitively. Jerkins also included a teasing mention of Spears’ future plans, promising to “put 200 percent of my focus into writing a new smash for Britney’s new album.” Spears’ label, Jive Records, has not responded to EW’s repeated requests for comment on this story.

What do you think of this revelation? Are you looking forward to Britney Spears’ next album?

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  • Who cares

    Britney is irrelevant

    • Jeff

      hm didn’t her last single just debut at #1 on the Hot 100. That doesn’t sound irrelevant to me

      • Leave Britney ALONE!!!!

        When you Britney Spears, who will Ron Paul? I knew this was real. Sam Lufti and Adnan are GENIUSES!!! These are special times for special yopelles.


        Gaga’s version was much, much better anyway

    • Lola

      Yeah… She just had 2 #1’s in one year, I think she is very relevant.

    • stephanie

      your comment is irrelevant. she has been around for 10 years and still making hit records. she is very much so still part of the pop culture. she is the pop princess, so you have to get over yourself.

      • solida

        yeah, you absolutely right! i agree with you. britney is the Pop Princess and the Queen of the World .
        i luv you BRitney!

    • shopie

      ahahah good job

  • darclyte

    I heard it and it isn’t too different. Too much auto-tune, but then it isn’t the finished version.

  • Jase

    I liked Brit’s version. The auto tune/vocoder was out of control which is strange considering it was just a demo. And it was much slower tempo-ed than GaGas. And yes im crazy excited for a new Britney album. Love her!

    • Sara

      I like it too, and the parts I liked the most were when you could HEAR Britney’s voice!! in my opinion she doesn’t need the auto tune so much!

  • Hope

    Britney is over and done.. that woman can’t sing, isn’t a good dancer and only appeals to old hags now.. she should just disapear

    • nellie

      It seems the only way you can revive your career (listening Christina A.) is to ride on the coattails of Lady Gaga. Britney’s career is ebbing so they had to release this story.

      • wino

        since when did Lady Gaga invent “hoochie”? LOL sorry, but all of these ladies are ripping off Madonna’s dominatrix look. not to say they arent doing a good job, but they arent originals by any means. (yeah, im looking at you gaga.)

      • drew

        Britney recorded Telephone first. GaGa wrote it FOR BRITNEY. She isnt riding on her coattails, and her label didnt leak it themselves. And im pretty sure Britney doesnt need to “Revive” her career considering she had one of the biggest tours of last year and her last single was #1. She’s here to stay. Accept it. Move on.

      • Noelbelle

        I’m with Milo on this one. Every time I see Gaga, I think Madonna. That’s what I thought when I saw Christina’s video too…it may have had Gaga influence, but it also had a lot of Madonna in there too, and even a nod to George Michael’s Freedom 90 video.

      • Classy!

        If Britney’s career is ebbing, I’d like to know who’s doing well.

      • nellie

        I like Britney but she does not write one song on any of her albums. At least Gaga can write songs.

      • drew

        Nellie u clearly dont know much about Britney’s albums then. She’s had writing credits on every one of her albums since the first one. She co-wrote 8/12 tracks on In The Zone. And if every singer wrote all their own music there would be no need for songwriters.

    • jesse

      why dont you just go die in a hole listening to lady gaga and you are the only old hag on this entire website…

    • Ofentse Morukuru

      Britney is ballin out of control,she brings some of us enthusiasm as far as her songs and voice are concerned.We need her more than you can imagine.

    • yfuy

      u wish britney is still the greatest and lady gaga or anyone elsae cant RUIN THE QUEEN OF POP

  • Ryan

    I hope Britney has a really great record written for her. She is such a great talent that deserves her music be crafted, her voice auto-tuned and manipulated, her image be reinvented, her interviews scripted, etc, etc..

  • Kristen

    This isn’t current news. Wasn’t this Brit version reported awhile ago? I think it was on one of the entertainment shows.

    • baj24

      It’s current news. Rodney Jerkins had posted on twitter a while back that there was “telephone” demo by BS, but it was never leaked until the last couple of days.

    • Britney Fan

      actually it was reported a very long time ago. but its current news cuz britneys version just leaked 2 days ago

  • Britney Spears Is a joke


    • phantom

      Gaga is a freak and a weirdo that needs to drop off the face of the earth.

      • Tarc

        The trouble is, the world is filled with freaks and weirdos that love her and buy her music. I totally love that, as does Gaga – and which is the entire point of her art.

      • And..?

        Britney’s last album debuted at #1 with over a half million copies sold in its first week…so there’s obviously some freaks and weirdos that love hers, too. One of those people is Gaga, by the way – she used to worship her and have her posters plastered all over her walls.

    • Jeremy

      Your excessive use of the caps lock key leads me to believe that one of two things are true. A) You have no idea how to use a computer, or B) You are 13 years old and used to no one paying any attention to your incessant whining, and therefore must use all caps to get any amount of attention. Either way, this is not the place for you.

  • J

    It would have been awesome to hear Britney singing the final version of Telephone. People are reacting to the demo, so obviously it’s not that great.

  • Will

    By Britney’s voice, do they mean the African American woman they pay to sing for her? #Henry Rollins said so

    • PDT

      If they were paying a black woman to sing for Britney, don’t you think her voice would actually be better than average?

    • Jase

      Where they paying that woman back during the Mickey Mouse Club days too!? Get a life.

  • PDT

    Gaga’s version is miles better, though I recognize that this is just a very early, rough demo. I found myself really missing the part that annoyed me the most when I first heard the legit “Telephone” – Beyonce’s verse. It’s so stupid and Beyonce’s pronunciation is so exaggerated that it’s actually pretty brilliant. Hopefully, Gaga will write another decent song for the next Britney record; she really knows how to construct a melody, and I think that “Telephone” would’ve worked just as well as a Britney track.

    • Brooke

      I wish the Gaga-penned Quicksand had been on Britney’s last album. I think it was relegated to an obscure bonus track, but it’s very pretty and suited Britney well.

  • Dee

    I read that Gaga had originally written “Telephone” for Britney Spears when she was still working as a song writer behind the scenes. For one reason or another, Britney and co. decided not to use it. Doesn’t surprise me at all that Britney’s version popped up! Although I like Gaga’s version so much more

    • Miss Talk

      Yeah, Telephone was originally submitted to Britney by Gaga. That fact has never been hidden.
      Therefore WHAT IS THE POINT of leaking that demo now? First Xtina, now Britney. What’s wrong with those thirty year OLD mousekeeters??? You both had your time, gir…I mean, mommas, just pass the torch to the younger generation!
      Instead of leaking bad quality ish, Britney should fire that management or at least use her own ears!!! Does she have at least an opinion?

      • PDT

        I doubt Britney leaked it. She’s probably not even allowed within ten feet of a computer with Internet access. I’m really not sure what you’re getting at with this argument.

      • Sue


  • Agustin

    Britney’s feeling the pressure. Now she will have to start singing live… THE HORROR!

  • angeljake

    Looking forward to new Britney…love Gaga too…

  • Chappel

    I’ll just wait until I can hear her lip-sync it on TV.

  • Joelle

    Britney’s version is good but Gaga’s voice is WAY better.

    But THIS is the Gaga song I love the most:

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