Kris Allen on the controversy over his new single, 'The Truth,' and those added Pat Monahan vocals

Kris-Allen-The-TruthKris Allen fans have been waiting for months for an announcement about a followup single to his platinum-selling debut ditty, “Live Like We’re Dying.” But the recent decision by Jive/19 to serve radio with a recut rendition of “The Truth” — it’s now a duet with Train frontman Pat Monahan that’s slated to hit iTunes on May 11 — has met with its fair share of controversy. I caught up with the American Idol season 8 champ to find out who cooked up the idea for a reconfigured track, how the duet came about, and whether or not he’s upset that despite having cowritten nine of the 12 tracks on his self-titled disc, his label has now chosen two singles he didn’t have a hand in writing. (For the uninitiated, both versions of “The Truth,” with and without Monahan, are embedded after the jump.)

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s talk about your new single, “The Truth.” The album version of the song contains your vocals only. Now it’s been re-recorded as a duet of sorts with Train’s Pat Monahan (who co-wrote the song with Toby Gad). How did that come about?
KRIS ALLEN: It came about through an idea from the label. Their idea was that Pat wrote the song, so why not get him involved in it in some way. And obviously Train is doing really well right now, and I don’t think that can be ignored. Everyone thought it was a good idea.

The song wasn’t written as a duet. How did you decide which parts of the song Pat would be singing?
Right, it wasn’t written as a duet, and I think the plan was to make it not seem like a typical duet. It wasn’t like, “Hey, I can sing a verse, then he can sing a verse.” ‘Cause then maybe we’re breaking up with each other, and that’s not what we were trying to convey. So we thought it would be good idea to just put him on the bridge.

When it comes to the Idol universe, fans take a certain sense of ownership of your career, and they can get pretty worked up if they feel like you’re being done wrong. That was the case with this new version of “The Truth.” People were on the Internet asking, “What are Jive and 19 doing to Kris?” Conversely, though, it’s not like Beyoncé fans were upset when she recut “Video Phone” as a duet with Lady Gaga. Is there a worry that you might get painted with the victim brush? How would you respond to fans who are upset about the addition of Pat Monahan to this song?
The funny thing is I get this all the time. “So when can you get out of this contract?” And I’m like, “First of all, hopefully never.” The people I work with are really great. The people at 19 and the people at Jive have been great. I’m not gonna say there haven’t been things that have happened, some conflicts. Not bad stuff — I think it’s just general stuff that goes on between artists and labels or whatever. Questions that come up. I’m very new to this. But it’s really nice to have fans who care about you, who want you to be done right, and for the label and management to treat you right. I think they felt like I wasn’t being cared for and being respected. And I appreciate them worrying about that. But I feel like I am. I really do.

In an ideal world, would you have added the Pat Monahan vocals to the record?
It never even crossed my mind to do that. So it wouldn’t have happened in my mind. It wasn’t that type of song where you say, “We need someone else on this.” Now that it’s done, I hope it does really well, man. I really do.

Beyond how you visualize the song as an artist, I guess the reality is it’s hard out there to get radio play. Was that the mindset behind adding Pat? “Let’s do what we’ve got to do to get traction for this second single”?
Well the first single [“Live Like We’re Dying”] did so well. It took a while, but it’s done really incredible. It exceeded all my expectations anyway. But me, and everybody at the label, management, we all wanted this second single to do really well, and that was the idea that some people from the label came up with.

A minute ago, you alluded to the fact that the new version of “The Truth” could conceivably be construed as a breakup ballad between two men. Was there any concern you were going to radio, which is a fairly conservative space, with a  love story of Brokeback Mountain proportions?
[Laughs.] It was a worry when the idea first came about. But I think all those worries have kind of been shoved in the closet — no pun intended.

[Laughs.] Well, maybe that added layer of drama isn’t such a bad thing for some listeners.

Were you aware of the movement on Twitter where some of your fans changed their profile pics to elephants to pick up on the line in “The Truth” that goes “it’s the elephant in the room and we pretend that we don’t see it.” For some fans, it was their way of saying, “This song is not written by Kris. This is not the original version. And we are protesting.” And now that “The Truth” is officially the single, the elephant has maybe morphed into a show of support.
I think it’s such a huge testament to my fans. I love my fans because they’re smart, dude. They get it. They get behind anything that I do. And so thank you so much to those people. They’ve really gotten behind this. I hope it takes off, I really do. I hope the song takes off.

Your own mother had an elephant as her Twitter icon.
That’s my mom.

Did she want a Kris Allen co-write as the next single? Can we infer that from her elephant?
Yeah, probably. She probably wants every song to be a song written by me. But she does like “The Truth,” though.

A lot of people were saying David Cook’s album — the label did not go with the David Cook-penned singles to launch the album. And now we’re seeing that happening with you. You wrote or co-wrote the bulk of the album, but the first two singles were not ones you had a hand in writing. Are you going to stamp your feet if the third single doesn’t turn out to be a Kris Allen co-write? Or is it a case of “whatever works at radio”?
It’s a little of both, I guess. That said, the only other option on the album [where that scenario could play out] is “Written All Over My Face,” and I really don’t think [that’s likely]. I was part of the writing process on every other song on the album [except “Live Like We’re Dying,” “The Truth,” and “Written All Over My Face”]. So yeah, I think it’s a really, really, really good chance the next single will be something I had a hand in writing. [Laughs.]

They’re running out of options!
Pretty much!

Speaking of “Live Like We’re Dying,” you and I spoke shortly after its release, and at the time, it was a little bit of a slow build. But it really took off after — and eventually went platinum.
To be honest, I was a little worried when it first came out and it wasn’t doing great. [Laughs.] But I think it’s just about working hard and getting people to hear the song, and then everyone started believing in it a little bit more. I remember getting a text from Keith Urban saying “I’m not gonna lie: The first time I heard that song I wasn’t crazy about it. But after a couple listens, I really, really like it.” And I mean, I think that’s how everybody felt about the song. And I think that’s a testament to a good song. You don’t have to love ‘em the first time you hear ‘em. It grew on people.

Well, I liked it from the get go. So there! Anyway, you’ve lined up a summer tour with Barenaked Ladies.
We’re excited to be on tour with them. They have a huge live following, so that’ll be fun. We get to play in places like Red Rock because of them. We’ll be playing shows every night.

Any additions to the set list from when you toured with Keith Urban?
We’re gonna add some songs from the album. We haven’t played some of them yet, but once we get to rehearse them, we’ll pretty much play everything off the album. Maybe not at every show — we’ll switch it up. But we will play most of the stuff from the album. We’ve thought about adding some new cover songs. And maybe, maybe — just maybe — you might hear a new song. Maybe a couple. We’ll see what happens.

You’ve become well-known for your brilliant mashups like “Falling Slowly”/”With or Without You” and “Heartless”/”Gangster’s Paradise.” Any new ones in the works for your summer dates?
We love ‘em. The only reason I ever do them is when you play a song on American Idol and it becomes one of your best, you have to play it so many times, you think “Why not change it up a bit?” So yeah, for me, I don’t want to play just “Heartless.” You might as well mix it with something fun like “Gangster’s Paradise.”

Given your penchant for quality mashups, any thoughts of trying to get yourself on Glee?
I’ve never watched the show, so I don’t even know what it’s like. Probably not?

That’s absolutely blasphemous. But then again, Madonna had reportedly never watched and they built an entire episode around her music.
That’s true. Maybe it’s time for a Kris Allen-themed episode. Yeah, y’know, there should be a Kris Allen-themed episode!

Yes! Okay, so I have to ask you about last week, where you did a duet with Allison Iraheta at a California high school as part of Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone rally. You guys covered “The Scientist,” and it was all kinds of amazing.
That was Allison’s idea. We heard about doing a song together only two days before we had to do it. And I was going out of town [on the second day] so I was like “Frick! What are we gonna do?” So she comes over to my house, I was staying in an apartment, and we go into the stairwell. I had the idea of doing “Desperado,” she had the idea to do “The Scientist,” and that worked way better, so we ran with it. We worked on it maybe 15-20 minutes, and it was really cool. That was the first time we really did a duet together, and obviously you know, she’s incredible, and it’s so much fun to work with her.

Did that really happen at 7 a.m.?
Yeah, it was really early. I got up at like five o’clock that morning. That was too early to be singing, but…

When Oprah puts in a request…
You just have to do it, right?

Any other scoop you want to share?
Um, maybe for August. Just be on the lookout. We’ll keep people updated on tour dates.

Your scoop for me is “Maybe for August”? Could you be any more cryptic? What does that mean?
Maybe for August! That can be the name of the interview.

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  • Jim

    Kris Allen can only dream of being 1/2 as good as Pat some day.

    • Marcus

      Exactly, Jim.

      • James

        Kris will be as good. That said, I think the changes made to the single for “The Truth” have indeed made the song better. Good work.

        I heard “Red Guitar” while in the Las Vegas airport a couple weeks ago. That would make a good third single, or “But It’s Alright” or “Before We Come Undone” or even “I Need to Know”

      • jj

        I thought Monahan’s chorus was the low point of the song… thats just me, though.

      • Erin

        I also thought Pat’s part was the low point of the song…

      • mark

        pat monahan sounds terrible live. he is always out of breath and trying so hard to hit the notes. plus he dresses like an 18 year old dbag.

      • amber

        mark – are you kidding? I think Pat Monahan is one of the best live singers I’ve seen! He sounds fantastic! I can’t deny that he dresses like an 18 year old club kid, but he sounds great.

      • mark

        Amber, have you heard him sing hey soul sister live? it is painful.

    • Sara

      Kris will also never have a song as annoying as Hey, Soul Sister.

      • JRm

        Hey, Soul Sister is better than any song on Kris’ album. And I like Kris.

      • MultiPass

        You can thank Jason Mraz for that. It’s basically just a ripoff of his song, albeit sped up. Drops of Jupiter was wayyyy more annoying.

      • musica1

        LOL! Every song on Kris’ album is great! It’s one of the few albums out there that has no throw away songs. But “Hey Soul Sister” is one of the most annoying songs on the radio right now. No offense to train or their fans. It’s the Makarena of 2010

      • Kisha

        I agree about Hey Soul Sister .It didn’t take very long for me to hate that song.

      • graeme

        It’s ridiculous that they didn’t release “Alright With Me” as the 2nd single. It’s the perfect summer song and had the potential to be huge.

      • Leo

        I am not a fan of Train,esp “Hey Soul Sister” but I do think this is a good song and Pat co-wrote it so I’ll give him credit there. As for which version of Truth I like better, I’m split. I like both but for Kris’ sake I wish he could present his music according to his choice.

      • anonymous

        “Hey, Soul Sister” is fine. “Meet Virginia” was just plain annoying and I find it weird that I actually remember when it came out, but that’s another story…

      • Will

        Soul Sister is alright, but when I watched them perform it live…it was horrific…

      • Cagey

        Drops of Jupiter was best when covered by Mishavonna Henson. Biggest outrage of Season 8 was not putting her into the top 13.

      • sumwhut

        so i am not alone in my distaste for Hey, Soul Sister. Why the F is it played on the radio so much if so many people hate it?

      • Jai

        Totally agree with you graeme,”Allright with me” is the perfect summer song. I request it regularly on my local station to try and get it out there. Especially Memorial Day weekend is right around the corner and that song just says’Beer and the Beach and Friends’!

      • cheri

        I thought that Soul Sister WAS Jason Mraz until I was reading these comments, so there you go.

    • Kim

      I guess that’s why I change the station when train comes on it lol.

    • Dave

      I’m with Sara. “Hey Soul Sister” is one of the most annoying songs currently on the radio. Train sucks.

    • ktct

      I recently saw Kris live at Atlantis. Not only was the live show awesome, there were no antics, just great singing. That said, he performed, “The Truth” with his band and it was far and away better than what 19 has made him do with this train wreck (pun intended). There must be a reason why the Train song is still so high on the charts, I’m just not sure what it is. I remain a huge Kris fan (don’t mind Adam) and am finding this season DULL!! MIss Kradam!

      • Dreama

        I’m imrpsseed. You’ve really raised the bar with that.

    • Tina

      Kris is dreaming and he is almost there if not already. He will be as big or bigger than Pat and Train. Mark my words. No flash in the pan like Adam.

      • kelly

        Are you kidding me? Pat completely shows him up. His vocals are far superior to Kris’

      • melinda


        Pat’s vocals on The Truth are not good at all. Kris sings this song so much better himself. I actually enjoy some of Train’s stuff…but Jive should have left this song alone.

      • madeleine

        Kelly, Kris sings the bridge far better than Pat… just saying

      • happymonkey

        You need to get your ears cleaned, It can build up and become an infection soon.

      • alli

        Well yeah, Kris is dreaming. And so are you. Adam will be a flash in the pan. And Kris is going to be as big as Train? Wow That’s exciting lol. BTW Adam Lambert is charting internationally, gold and platinum in other countries, sold double the and albums as Kris,and headlining his own tour. Oh and there’s that pesky problem that not a single song on Kris’s album was suitable to be released. Sadly you Kris Allen fans just can’t mention his name without disparaging Adam Lambert. Pathetic.

      • Leigh

        Always defensive about Adam – never dies, does it?

      • alli

        @Leigh you should be addressing the posteer who disparaged Adam to begin with. Tina. Or perhaps you dopes think we’re going to sit back while you all spew hate. It’ been a year and we haven’t started ignoring your nonsense yet.

      • sumwhut

        just leave adam out of it for once. geez. This is about Kris! I actually kind of like this song with the train dude singing it with him. progressive. won’t get airplay in my redneck town tho. if the song isn’t about shawtys forget it. although they will occasionally let a girl sing if the song is slutty enough.

      • Pete

        Poor Kris, the guy is so pathetic they had to turn his next single into a duet in order to generate sales. I can totally understand why they did this to him, his album sales are tragic and no one seems to be interested in him or his music. I always thought Hicks would wind up being the biggest loser but it looks like Kris Allen will be the worst!

      • Mel

        I like Kris and hope he does well but his fans are very angry, bitter people. They always have to put down Adam when trying to prop up their guy. Just focus on Kris…he’ll do fine. When you bring up Adam for no reason but to put him down, it makes you sound defensive and pathetic. You aren’t doing Kris any favors.

      • jamest

        I have notice that kris fans tend to bring up lambert, you guys hurt your own selves by doing that. stop it.
        it is not necessary.
        let this post be about your idol and not a chance to get a dig in.

      • cherlyn

        Adam is a true friend to Kris. Why slam Adam? Anyway, I like the song as pure Kris Allen. It was a mistake to put Pat in. But, it still works just not as fluently. Its the management trying to make a sure thing. Too bad they couldn’t trust Kris.

    • Leila

      I don’t think Pat brought anything new to the original version (with Kris only). Why bother?

      • rosamaria

        If you people don’t care for kris why are you on this site?

      • Kathy

        I was scrolling through the comments while listening to the new version and just as I read your comment (Leigh) I thought the exact same thing. He gets a couple of bars and thats it? What was the point of adding his vocals to the track? Kris’ version was MUCH better solo.

      • Qodex

        Kathy, the point was so they could add his name on the cover.

    • Sarah

      Cool story, bro. We care.

    • Songtress

      Kris is so cute on that cover. Yummy.

      • Yessiree

        My dog is cute too…

      • Yapppppp

        My dog is cuter than your dog!!!!

    • Kathy

      So Wrong Dude. Kris Allen has lots of talent and has potential to have longevity. I can’t complain about Pat Monahan or Train because I enjoy some of their music, but I can defend Kris Allen’s talent. I know his CD has been in my car CD player almost constantly since it was released a few months back. When the radio has commercials or plays no songs I want to listen to, I find myself always going back to Kris Allen because his tunes are catchy and easy to listen to. No matter what, I only want success for him! Good luck with the new single!

      • JustTheFacts

        He does nnot has the potential for longevity when he’s not selling cd’s. The guys done selling cd’s. Not more than a few hundred, you call longevity?

    • mary q contrary

      So it’s cool for the guy to hijack Kris’ song? I mean, I know he co-wrote it, but it’s still a slap in the face, and everyone knows it. The guy deserves so much more respect than his label is giving him, and I can’t wait until he ditches their ass for someone better. He’s too talented not to make a bigger name for himself, and I doubt he’ll forget the way he’s been treated. Gosh, it just pisses me off so much that they would do this to him, and I don’t even watch Idol. He’s a humble, incredibly creative old soul, and he deserves all of our respect.

    • Will

      He’s not saying he wants to be better than anyone. :\

    • kim

      Kris Allen sold over a million copies of his first single. How many did Pat sell? “Better” is measured in sales. That’s just the way it is.

      • pegs

        Over 3,000,000 if you want to know!

    • Sallysays

      I lost all respect for Allen with his last tweet, making fun of people is not cool..he needs to STFU

    • Bruce

      Pat should totally disown that single. He should never have aligned his good name with a no talent loser like Allen. Kid can’t sing. Pat has sold millions of albums this kid couldn’t sell water to a man dying in the desert.

  • Ellie

    That’s funny that Kris says that they didn’t want to do a traditional duet, because then it would come off as if they are breaking up, because that’s still how many people interpret the new version. It’s like Pat is answering Kris in the bridge. The bridge knocks home the point that Kris has been building up throughout the rest of the song.

    Maybe it won’t matter, while Kris is the better singer, Pat’s voice isn’t distinct enough for most people to tell that the bridge is being performed by someone else. I hope this song does well, but Kris sang the bridge better, and some of the emotion and impact is lost in the new version. So, I’m not sure what the label hopes to gain by this. It should have been a traditional duet, even though most people have no clue who Pat is, but at least the song would have made more sense.

    End of too long of a rant.

  • ledonatella

    Pat’s amazing, Kris is amazing, it’s all good.

    • Sandy

      I concur!

  • JC

    I wish Kris Good Luck because he is a good musician, but not promoted properly
    And why dont other idols collaborate with each other (Off Topic.. I Know)

    • Hanna

      Adam and Allison will be touring together this summer so maybe they’ll come up with something. I think they’ve been too busy up to this point.

      • JC

        ehh… I was hoping like a Kelly Clarkson & David Cook/chris Daughtry or Jordin Sparks & David Archuleta… I knew about Fantasia & Jennifer Hudson

      • mary q contrary

        maybe Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta will tour together! I can see it now: American Idol Has Been Tour 2011, coming to a mall/church ice cream social near you!

    • Chris L.

      i would love to see Kradison do a cover of “Total Eclipse of the Heart” with David Cook.

      • B

        EPIC. That would be fabulous.

      • Yessiree

        Cook, you aren’t serious. He is washed up. He had his 15 minutes. here and gone.

    • Shirley

      @JC Kris has collaborated with Chris Daughtry on co-writing a song called “Send Me All Your Angels”, which is only available on the Walmart version. However, I’m looking forward to more collaboration in the form of singing duets, preferably with a female of course.

  • Shane

    Kris Allen is just as good actually, Jim. You need to go back to Negative City where you belong…

    • Vada

      If you follow Jim, I’ll bet he leaves a glitter dust trail right back to Planet Fierce.

      • Tina

        LOL VADA…….for those of us who get it, that was hilarious!

      • GavinStrick

        Ditto Vada!

      • madeleine

        hahaha.. good point!!!

      • Pat

        ah, Vada. Still spreading your hate across the internet. I guess since you were banned from MJ’s you had to find a new home. So sad that instead of celebrating the accomplishments of Kris, you need to tear down Adam and his fans. You seem more obsessed with hating Adam than liking Kris…not a very pleasant way to spend your time but whatever…

        I hope Kris has another hit with The Truth.

      • Pete

        Vada leaves a trail of gloom and doom back to Negative City, she’s a very bitter internet troll so she’s obviously miserable in real life!

    • Millie

      …address Planet Fierce…lol

  • share

    I truly feel that an explanation is not necessary as to why Pat was added. Unfortunately the vocals and the song were not strong enough to stand alone with Kris. They needed some star power. To bad they didnt’ pick Before You Come Undone

    • Ellie

      Isn’t this an odd thing to say, considering that Pat’s inclusion really only amounts to a couple of lines at the end of the song? I doubt too many people will say that Pat’s vocals on the song are better than Kris’. Besides, I’m not sure if Pat Monahan and star power belong in the same sentence. Train, maybe, even though they’ve only had two big hits, but most people don’t have a clue who Pat is.

    • Lori


    • James

      I had no idea who Pat Monahan was before I read this article. So I’m not sure that he’s really going to bring a new audience to Kris Allen. Kris Allen was on tv for 16+ weeks to audiences of well over 20 million. He’s got way more name and face recognition than Pat Monahan who’s band is just starting to take off but is still relatively unknown. Just my opinion…

      • MD

        I love Kris – I don’t mind the added vocals.
        BTW – TRAIN has been around for a long time

      • Carly

        What!? Are you serious? TRAIN is known outside of the American Idol bubble. “Hey Soul Sister” (annoying as it is) is selling all over the world top 10. This move is totally done for the radio stations to take more then a look at the song. Slap a few vocals of Pat in there and then they can call it a duet. Very embarrassing for Kris, no way around that fact.

    • Jen

      The only explanation ever is money. It’s no more than that!

    • graeme

      They SHOULD have picked “Alright With Me”. That song could have been huge.

      • Ugly Jenny

        “Alright With Me” is my favorite song on his album, whenever I want to get in a good mood while in driving I play that song and it instantaneously puts a smile on my face!

      • B

        Agreed. That song is used in his Ford commercials, so I was expecting that to be the next single.

      • Shirley

        Exactly! Alright With Me would have been a great summer hit and is even featured in Ford commercials. People are asking and buying the single just from that few seconds’ exposure. However, considering that the record label has already struck deals with the song-writers, so they will never let Kris release his own composition. I believe this happened with last year’s winner, David Cook, as well. Somehow, IF there’s a third single, I think it might be Written All Over Face (another song not written by Kris). I hope that Kris could end his contract soon and sign with other labels that know how to manage singer-songwriters like Kris. To be honest, Sony Music does not have experience managing such type of artists and they often force their artists to do things against their wishes. Artistic integrity is often compromised for commericalism. There should be a balance of both imo. This is why the first Idol winner, Kelly Clarkson, has always said she wants to get out of the contract soon.

  • Vada

    Great interview as usual Slezak. You gave the information that I wanted. The single is at itunes on May 11. Woohoo!

  • Mary

    Whoa! The Kris and Allison duet was awesome too!!!

  • darclyte

    Kris is a good dude.

  • damitman

    LOL Shut up Jim ;)

  • Kyle

    I’m not massive fan of Kris, and to be honest I probably never will be, but it really frustrates me to see his label messing with him like this. He seems like such a nice guy, but you do get the sense that they really arent interested in his career in the slightest. He deserves better than this – and so do his fans.

    • sagitariusmoon6-temple builder

      Jive records should be more clear with the song writers contract,I agree with Kyle!!!I listen to his live performances,he is so talented!!(The duet with Allison was beautiful)He has a tons of fans who would be delighted if Kris promoted properly.

    • alex

      Kris said he’s happy with his label, and he should be, they’ve done a great job so far. Why not just listen to what Kris is saying and stop assuming the worst?

      • Kyle

        What do you expect him to say? “I hate my label, I want out, rescue me?”

        Of course not. He’s obviously grateful for any label at all. I dont think he would have labels throwing themselves at him if he left them.

    • Grannie

      Why does he “deserve” better than this? Tell me! He sucks, LLWD sucks, the only reason it “sold” was because of his freaky fans buying that song multiple times. Just like the voting, the numbers do lie.

      • GavinStrick

        Put down the crack pipe “Grannie” your horse lost get over it, BTW anyone else think that Lambert looks like the 80’s one hit wonder Taco on that new single sleeve?

      • Millie

        Spoken like a true “grannie”…a sparkling glittery grannie.



      • Sally

        Don’t bring up Adam Lambert PLEASE!!!!!!!! This story IS NOT ABOUT ADAM!! Leave the poor guy alone!!!

      • Shirley

        Because he’s the AMERICAN IDOL WINNER! Grannie Kerry Krolsch LOL!!!1111!!!

      • Yessiree

        Have to agree with you the way ALL that call Allen THE WINNER you all know that phrase means nothing look at Daughtry..Allen isn’t even close to being a so-called winner.

      • Kyle

        He deserves it because he won the contract fair and square. People voted for him to win for whatever reason, HE was the Idol, and should get their full backing because the whole point of the programme is to launch a new star. It just doesnt sit well with me if they cant be bothered with someone who wins because they had a different preference. (And before im jumped, I like AL 1000 times more than KA)

    • kelly

      I agree with that comment.

    • psychoanalyzer

      Kyle, I completely agree. What Kris is afraid to say is that his label has absolutely no faith in him. That’s what it is. Kris is a talented but chill guy. He doesn’t have a big personality. He’s not in the headlines. He’s not about to don a sparkled onesy and go onstage with some glitter, leather and lace. He likes to chill with his guitar — either people like it or they don’t. But his label doesn’t seem to believe that his following is strong enough to carry him through. That’s why they made his first single a B-side track from another successful band. That’s why they added Pat’s vocals to ride off Train’s current success. It’s totally unfair to Kris. Do I think Kris’ debut was amazing? No. Did I think it was awful? Absolutely not. But it was very honest, with no gimmicks and no tricks. His label clearly doesn’t want to settle for that. I know it’s a money issue, but Instead of trying to put him up there to compete with the likes of Train and the Script and Adam Lambert, they should just let him be himself. His fans will pay the bills.

      • Veda

        Like the way they rushed out and bought his CD? Sorry, if his fans actually got off the message boards and went outside and purchased his CD maybe his label would have a little faith. Just sayin…

      • jt

        veda, IA, I like kris, but his fans focus on the wrong things as you can tell by some of these postings, if they showed as much passion toward him rather than “other stuff” he would come out better.

  • kimberly

    Kris never said anything derogatory about Pat. I appreciate both Kris and Pat as artists. I hope for both Kris and Pat, the song is a success. Does the crap never end? Half the time I can’t believe people on these blogs are actually adults.

  • lala

    I’m so glad that Kris won season 8. Adam Lambert is an enormous douche.

    • michelle

      you are a bigger douche!!!!!!!

    • MultiPass

      You should probably go douche. Your hates your stinky butt

    • Tina

      Lala come on don’t bring that gay guy on here. This is about Kris, leave it at that.

      • laura

        thats right its all about kris- its all about the music and a voice. i prepare adams music. like it very much.

    • KrisFan

      This isn’t about Adam…and saying that was rude. Both Kris and Adam are great in their own way. Adam isn’t a douche, he’s one of Kris’ close friends so you need to STFU and stop making us Kris fans look bad.

      We don’t need Glamberts coming in here to say rude stuff about Kris…your comment triggers this.

    • alli

      Typical Kris Allen fans haters and homophobes. You got the right idol that’s for sure. Bunch of pig callin hicks. No offense to pigs.

    • Sally

      @Lala, go away!!! Is this board becoming too boring for you? Do you have to bring in Adam’s name just to start a stupid fan war again? Every single story on the frigging internet about either Kris or Adam ends up bitter just because of the stupidity of people like you!

    • Sue

      Once again, here come the Kris fans bringing up Adam when this has nothing to do with him. You guys are really an embarrassment to Kris, you realize that don’t you?

    • jess

      I follow Kris, Adam and Allison because I think they’re all incredibly talented. I also genuinely believe they’re caring, nice people. But…I will say that while Allie’s fans are just worried that she won’t be properly promoted and glambert fans just squeal over everything Adam (LOL), Kris fans spend a LOT of time bashing Adam and making fun of him and his fans. I see it time and time again of all different forums. I’ve stopped going to his fan site because honestly there is more Adam hate, than Kris love. Too bad. He deserves better.

      • jt

        yeah jess, me too, I am a “gay” guy that thinks Kris is talented and nice and funny. I no longer go to his fansites any more either, they spew so much hate, look at that comment above about bringing that “gay” guy here, I can ignore a lot, but they drive away fans who like him. He does deserve better.
        lol, yeah the glamberts pretty much focus on lambert, unless you poke at them with a stick.

        I’m going to go show Allison some more love.lambert too. He always say good things about his fellow idols.

        kris, wish you the best man!

    • priscela

      yeah kris is a season winner;; kris allen got the trophy adam lambert got the deeds. platinum-double platinum and gold hahahah

    • Blondiegrrl

      What did he win exactly? No offense to Kris — I think he is a nice guy and a decent musician — but Adam is the one who has been more successful. The AI title is worthless. Just ask Daughtry.

  • jeremy

    Glad you pressed him on this Michael. I don’t see how this can be interpreted any other way than a lack of faith on the labels part in Kris being able to sell a song himself. Not to mention write one. Still wonder if he is going to perform it by himself on Idol.

    • Jake

      It’s kind of ridiculous that they think that, considering Live Like We’re Dying’s trajectory.

      • ginny

        LLWD has gone Top 10 in three different formats and sold nearly 1.5 million copies, so IDK why Jive wouldn’t think Kris can’t sell a song on his own.

        And Pat Monahan won’t be on the Idol finale to sing this with Kris — Train has a concert in NJ the night of the AI finale…

      • jemma

        Well I’ll wait and see if Kris sings his single by himself on the finale. Wouldn’t take any bets on it at this point.

    • madeleine

      it’s common for new artist to be paired with a better known one. LLWD was catchy as hell but the Truth is darker and it’s not a bad idea that Jive had even though I think Kris sings this bridge better. anyway we’ll see if this turns out ok

  • Ellie

    Thanks for the great interview Michael. I love Kris’ sense of humor, and that he doesn’t sugar coat things. The Truth is a good song, and Kris sounds amazing, while I don’t fully support the way that Pat was utilized in the song, I really do hope the song does well, and that Kris gets to release a few of the songs that he had a hand in writing.

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