Muse announced as first artists on upcoming 'Twilight: Eclipse' soundtrack; more to come

muse-eclipseImage Credit: Danny Clinch; Kimberley FrenchShocker, vamp fans: Stephanie Meyer’s most favorite mortals, anthemic U.K. pomp-rockers Muse, will lead the upcoming Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack, due June 8.

The band’s Twilight hat trick continues with the original song “Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever),” debuting at radio May 17; more soundtrack names are expected to be released early next week.

Will Eclipse move away from the predominantly Pitchfork-y New Moon lineup, which showcased indie all-stars Thom Yorke, Grizzly Bear, and Death Cab for Cutie and boosted baby bands like Band of Skulls, Sea Wolf, Anya Maria, and Hurricane Bells? Should alumni like Paramore and Death Cab return?

Will artists in the tears-of-blood Twilight wheelhouse—say, My Chemical Romance, Evanescence, or AFI—finally join the fray? Or should Robert Pattinson just bite his lip and moan longingly over a C-F-G chord progression?

Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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  • Chris

    They need to insist Rob does a song or two for the soundtrack. End of story. I think that was something missing from the New Moon soudtrack. I liked both Muse’s songs for the movies so I’m happy they’ve returned.

    • me

      ITA. I just got the Twilight soundtrack and couldn’t believe it was really Robert Pattinson. I thought they were being clever in finding a guy with the same name. If only it had the other song he had in the movie. Curse you iTunes!

    • @Chris

      You realize that both of the songs Muse contributed to the earlier soundtracks were NOT original to Twilight, right?
      And, true story, they have a ton of OTHER great songs that have NOT been on a Twilight album.

      • Heather2

        I don’t know if Chris knows, but most Twilight fans, well older ones, do realize this, yes.

      • Stella

        I’m a Twilight fan who was a Muse fan first. We do exist you know.

        That being said – any Muse contribution is welcome, especially something new.

      • Athenea

        wrong forum dude, this is a twihard fanbase, so they don’t know Starlight or hysteria or some of the Exogenesis heavenly symphony..I’m MUSEHARD!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Doesn’t Stephenie have a list of songs that she listened to while she was writing all these books? Why not take a look at that?

  • Jennifer

    Yay for a new Muse song!

  • UGH

    Great band, crappy movie.
    ’nuff said!

    • McCall

      dont hate! you can go die in a hole for all i care just dont hate on twilight!!grrrrr

      • Mel

        Get a life. The books were great, the movies suck. And I’m hear because I liked the first soundtrack, the second one is taking a little longer to grow on me. Hopefully this one is better

      • Becca

        This is what scares me… so called “twihards” making death threats to everyone because they don’t like the same frickin’ book! If you actually got a brain you’d realize that the books AND movies suck and you wouldn’t tell people to go die an a hole

    • me


    • Jenny

      agreed! I LOVE Muse and am so excited to hear this new song. The previous soundtracks have been pretty good and I’ll be excited to see the line-up for this one. The books and movies, however, SUCK! (and are incredibly anti-feminist)

      • mari

        yes .. thank you.

      • Athenea

        hehehehe..the books are crappy but totally addictive, being an adult i can totally separate fiction from reality,thanks God didn’t read these books in my teens, the female characters are wimpy powerless..That’s is why the Movies are better, KStew is such a Baddass!she never looks like wimpy Bella, she is kicking RPattz’s ass

  • hc

    let’s all hope they KEEP the Pitchfork-y lineup, that was the only shred of positive coming out of that franchise! I hope the Eclipse album tries to get another great line-up of artists.

  • Drugs

    I absolutely loved the New Moon soundtrack and I actually really liked Robert Pattinson’s songs….go easy on me, I’m that weird, indie kid in the corner.

    • McCall

      no your not i amjust the same! so dont worry waz up!!

  • Pat

    What a disappointment.
    I am surprised such a great band would attach themseleves to this POS.

    • Helena

      money calls. besides, the franchise is the only reason they’re now popular in the US.

      • S.O.

        As a MUSE fan well before this series even began, its unfortunate this was the only way for them to get notoriety. But hey good for them. Its well deserved.

      • jason.

        S.O., I feel your pain. Still, whatever gets a good band noticed.

        I’m almost embarrased as a 34 year old man to have those soundtracks on my iPod, but whoever is responsible for compiling them so far has done a very good job.

      • Kelsey

        “besides, the franchise is the only reason they’re now popular in the US.”
        Um, bullsh*t.
        I’ve been listening to them, in the U.S., for a several years before Twilight became popular. I also went to several sold-out shows. Apparently SOMEONE in the U.S. knew who they were.
        Typical Twihards, think they’re responsible for everything. You’re just lucky whoever compiles the soundtracks has taste. You could be following the bandwagon and slobbering over something awful.

      • Ambient Lite

        Pat, you do realize they CHOSE to be involved in this…don’t you?

      • Jen

        I’m an American who studied abroad in the UK and saw their big Wembley show back in 2007. It was sold out — the big national football stadium. Yeah, it was in the UK, but if I was an American there, I’m sure there were others. And I’d been listening to them for a LONG time before that. I don’t think they needed Twilight to become popular…

      • 4rocket

        Muse had a fanbase in the US way before Twilight. 2004, to be exact. It was the year they broke out internationally. I know that Muse became MORE popular as a result of being on the Twilight soundtrack, but they certainly weren’t nobodies prior to it. And if having their songs featured in a crap movie gives them the exposure they deserve, then so be it. I’m not gonna be one of those die-hard, snobby fans who fails to see the benefit in this, and thinks that a band is only cool so long as no one has ever heard of them.

      • Athenea

        Sometimes talent is not enough to achieve an international recognition (M.Cyrus,JustinB)..Muse is using Twilight, good publicity, being attached to such a powerful franchise, twihards are a force, demographically and economically.
        Muse 1st USA BIG Tour was consequence of Twilight, so just for that THANKS TWILIGHT

    • Heather2

      You know, Pat. You seem like a fan of Muse. It would not behove you to criticize them for being fans of a franchise and wanting to be apart of it because of that fandom. Just my opinion, mind you. I guess not all of us can be stuck up snobs that only do Oscar worthy films. I guess Linkin Park sucks too now? *rolling eyes*

      • Diana

        @Heather2… just wanted you to know that I always love reading your comments on Twilight articles. I wish everyone were like you and could just let everyone else like what they want without judging them. :)

    • turtle

      Hey Pat where did you come from??? Well yes Muse is a fantastic band they were very indie and not very well known over here till Stephenie Meyer kept talking about them and they were on the Twilight soundtrack think what you want about the movie and books at least people are listening to them now!

  • McCall

    TWILIGHT IS NOT CRAPPY!!! i loveeeeeeeee robert pattinson and he has to write another song or two! and i agree that why not just look at her list!

    • me

      Shouldn’t you be in school right now?

      • Heather2

        She is obviously excited. Leave her alone and quit raining on her parade. At least she is being positive, unlike most of the negative comments that inevitable invade EVERY Twilight post.

      • Heather2

        Meant “inevitably.” Uh oh. Now the spelling and grammar snobs are gonna be after my a$$. I am so SCARED.

    • Fizbo the Clown

      Heather2, she wished that UGH would die in a hole. That isn’t positive.

      • @Fizbo

        No, no, you misunderstand! It’s OK when Twilight fans say nasty things like “go die in a hole” to people who don’t like the series. That’s fine! You never see Twilight fans call out another fan for something like that.
        It’s NOT OK for non-fans to express their dislike for the series.
        That, my friends, is called hypocrisy.

      • Ambient Lite

        “McCall” is probably *actually* a tweenage girl. Uncalled for, sure, but consider the source.

    • Melania

      McCall!!! do i know you? i know a girl names mccall! haha ok too excited
      my two cents–love Muse to death, liked the twilight books a lot, movies a bit less, but still will watch because i want to see how the producers made it

  • Kristina

    Yay for Muse! Can’t wait to hear it.
    I hope Adam is on the soundtrack too.

    • Ewee

      Yes Yes to ADAM’s songs – love Can’t Let You Go, Broken Open – would Fever go w/ this movie?

  • Melissa

    I’m so glad they are contributing again and it’s an actual new, unreleased song! I’m hoping they keep the same indie type lineup of groups for this forthcoming cd. I don’t want to see any repeat bands except for Muse.

  • LC

    It’s Anya Marina!

  • RR3

    Great Band!!!…
    Top selling film, perfect combination…

  • Jack

    I horrible band for a horrible movie. How fitting.

    • Athenea

      dude, go to other forums, if you are unable to read, this is a MUSE article so, get lost


    I don’t care for the overly simplistic movies. However, I do like the soundtracks and am listening to Twilight right now. Got it yesterday. Here’s hoping that the next movie has some gravitas to it.

  • S.O.

    I’m not into Twilight at all, but if this the only way for MUSE to get notoriety in a pop, hip-hop, rap, Country rock, American Idol music culture we unfortunately live in, than so be it.

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