'Glee' Exclusive: Susan Boyle to play the McKinley High lunch lady?

Glee has already had some phenomenal guest-stars so far, including Josh Groban, Kristin Chenoweth, and, last night, Neil Patrick Harris. Now, EW has learned a certain music (and YouTube) sensation may be appearing on the hit Fox series in a season two Christmas episode: Susan Boyle. The Britain’s Got Talent runner-up is conveniently on the same record label, Columbia, as the Glee cast. And who would Boyle play? “I have two words for you: Lunch. Lady,” says Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy. “I think Kurt would just die to give her a Christmas makeover. I don’t even know if she’s interested but it’s been pitched.” Besides the potential Boyle guest spot, Murphy also tells EW that there are plans for the cast to release a Christmas album as well (Rob Stringer, Columbia/Epic’s chairman, wouldn’t confirm the Boyle or Christmas album details but did say, “All very interesting ideas. I’ll bring them up at the next development meeting.”).

What do you think about Boyle possibly appearing on Glee, Music Mix-ers? Is that a dream collaboration? Or a disaster pairing?

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  • Dinana

    I love the random people who show up…last night the gal singing “Hey Big Spender” before the boys did “Dream On” in the background was great. There are little surprises everywhere on this show and that’s what makes it fun!

    • Karen

      I liked her too! Her facial expressions were so funny!

      • KatyPerrysHugeKnockers

        Sorry, I tried to watch Glee but found it “meh”.

      • OMGq

        I can’t believe it isn’t another “LOST” cover. Hasn’t it been like a week without one?

    • RCB

      I hope Lea Salonga (Tony Awardee for Miss Saigon) gets to appear on the show too. She could be related to either Tina or Mike.

      • Micah

        @RCB: I had that exact thought about Lea Salonga playing a character in Glee. She could totally pass for Tina’s mom. Since Tina hasn’t had much of a storyline yet, I think this could happen.

      • LisaGleek

        She couldn’t play Tina’s mom — Tina is adopted (by Jewish parents, just like in real life! hence real life last name “Ushkowitz” character’s last name “Cohen”)

      • Xtina

        Except Jenna (Tina one the show) is Korean and Lea is Filipino. So I don’t think Lea should play her mom. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Laura

        But she’s Tina Cohen-CHANG… so it’s feasible that one of the adopted parents would be Asian…

    • kellybelly

      Hate to say it, but Morrison is a much better singer than NPH. I know, the horror of my comment!
      Or rather, Morrison’s tone is better, richer.

      • alek

        Agreed. LOVES me some NPH but Morrison’s voice blew him out of the water on the power ballad. Like the two much better in quiet harmony in the bar duet.

      • Judy

        Well, of course he is. NPH is WONDERFUL in so many ways, but he doesn’t have the vocal chops.

      • anonymous

        I agree, but that’s actually why the plot line worked. It was entirely feasible that Will got the part instead of Bryan.

      • Gator

        I agree. I was shocked by the difference between their voices. I love NPH, but the ep really made me appreciate Morrison even more!

      • Miss Talk

        I must admit … that Matthew Morrison completely turned me on during “dream on”. He shouldn’t be allowed to do that. Never again. At least not throught TV. Don’t make me send you my undies, Mr Schue. I’m too old for that ish.

      • Nick

        Or…OR!…NPH is such a good singer that he intentionally made his voice sound a tiny bit worse to demonstrate that Bryan was out of practice from not having performed for so long.

        I’m gonna go with that one :)

      • STL Gleek

        You’re not alone. I thought Morrison sang better than NPH. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but I assumed NPH would be better. Still love him though.

      • queue55

        Miss Talk, get out of my head!!!lol!

      • StrawberryFields737

        I don’t know, I think I still like NPH’s voice more than I like Matt Morrison’s…

      • sculliosis

        NPH destroyed on the power ballad. you guys are crazy. he hit notes that were unbelievable. morrisons amazing. but nph was better.

      • Christine

        They were both good.
        Matthew has a smoother voice but NPH has a higher range.
        And considering they were trying out for Jean Valjean, NPH should have got it.
        Its evident Sue tampered in the casting.

    • tommymommy

      I agree. I also liked how they had older adults dancing in the Safety Dance routine at the mall.

    • Marilyn

      Actually, I think the lady that sang that was the lunch lady on an episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. It was the episode where Buffy can hear people’s thoughts and she heard someone (eventually the lunch lady) saying they wanted to kill everyone in the school. I can’t remember the name of the episode. But since Joss (creator of Buffy)directed the episode, I think he used that same actress (not that he’s the casting director, but still). And yes, I know that is totally geeky for me to know. And she was great singing that!

      • Belle

        You are right! And Xander is the one who caught the lunch lady putting rat poison in the jell-o.

      • fireflyfan

        Marilyn the name of the episode was “Hush”
        amazing episode!

      • Kyle

        “Earshot”. Now I feel geeky for knowing that :P

    • Sher

      That lady singing ‘Hey Big Spender’ is a friend of my friend. Her name is Wendy Worthington.

  • Bug

    Eh. I wonder sometimes if Glee–which I love, don’t misunderstand–should focus more on storylines and song incorporations with heart and continuity rather than fantastic “gets”.

    • Samantha

      I 100% agree. I feel like it’s stunt casting every episode- which it doesn’t need to.

      • Belle

        They took it a tad little too far with Olivia Newton-John but I would not mind seeing more of Kristin Chenoweth. To me, her appearance does not seem like stunt casting. It just seems very natural to be on Glee. She would have been perfect for the part of Emma Pillsbury.

      • Daniel

        Indeed, except sometimes “stunt casting” really works. Idina Menzel as Rachel’s mother? Epic awesome casting. I’m going to trust them more often than not on their casting decisions.

      • brody

        When it’s totally natural and integrated, like Idina and Kristin and Jon’s roles are, then I don’t necessarily think of it as stunt casting. But Olivia Newton John? Susan Boyle? A possibly Britney Spears episode? Things like that just seem desperate, and Glee doesn’t need that.

      • Breckster82

        i feel like the only stunt casting was olivia newton-john because all other guest stars have contributed to one or more character’s development. agree though that they should focus more on character development though – lots of these episodes seem to rush through character arcs that i sometimes wish would be fleshed out more.

      • Marilyn

        I think they wasted the ONJ Cameo. They should’ve brought her in within the context of “Grease” or “Xanadu” (the Glee cast on roller skates!), not “Physical” which was ho hum.

      • Bea

        I also agree that current character development needs to be the focus… heck, the Mike Chang and Matt (?) characters have gotten less lines than the mean jocks – and supposedly they’re adding 3 new characters with the “open call auditions”.. let’s develop the talent that are toiling on the show, imho.

      • Alison

        Yeah and what’s with Molly Shannon having four lines, tops, in the two episodes she’s been in? I’m waiting for her part to either get cut or get significantly more important…

      • STL Gleek

        I think the “stunt” casting has worked so far except Newton-John and possibly Molly Shannon. Jury still out on Idina Menzel. Disappointed she didn’t sing her first episode and I’m not a fan of I dreamed a dream – reminds me too much of Susan Boyle and Britian’s Got Talent. The rest I’ve enjoyed so far. As long as the guest stars characters flow with the show and make sense I’m okay. But if it’s star of the week like Will and Grace became at the end, I’m over it.

    • brody

      Agree. Give us three or four fantastic guests a season and leave it at that. Too many guest stars and you end up neglecting your regular cast.

      • revcat

        I wouldn’t want to see Susan Boyle on the show, especially cast as the lunch lady. That sounds a little demeaning due to the fact that Susan is often described as “frumpy” – not that real cafeteria employees fit that description but they are often typecast as overweight frumpy women. I would like to see more of the regular stars, there are so many to choose from. And apparently they are adding 3 more? I really don’t care for Kristen Chenoweth. I’m sure she’s great on the stage, but on television she comes off as a little too “campy” for me, it’s her cartoon voice I guess that turns me off. And I didn’t like this week’s episode with NPH. The story lines were kind of a mish mash for me, just my opinion but usually they do a better job of blending them together. Trying to hard to incorporate a guest star into the story line makes for some strange bedfellows so to speak.

    • tara

      I agree with this too. I love the guest stars but I’d like for TPTB to ensure the show is CONSISTENTLY as good as it can be, on its own terms. Which it’s not at the moment, despite being a huge success and very fun.

      • Miss Talk

        You’re right. But a great show can only still great in the hands of a great showrunner and I think Ryan Murphy knows what he’s doing. I keep the faith in Glee because of Mr Murphy. I really don’t want to see Glee going downhill like Heroes.
        Susan Boyle may come on the show, maybe she won’t even sing- like Josh Groban last year- who knows? I’m also expecting “Eric Van Der Woodsen” and “Wolverine” to come over next year. Both did Broadway right?

    • matterlyb

      You are 100 percent correct. This year’s storyline or “main theme.” Hmm, where is it? Last yar it was all about finding a place where the misfits could belong and competing in sectionals. This year, we have hardly even seen a group performance and not a single competition. I’m very disappointed in the writing.

      • Luddite

        I won’t comment on the theme, because I don’t know that a TV show needs a seasonal “theme.” But as for group performances – most of the episodes have ended with a group performance. (Hello Goodbye, Like a Prayer, Home, One, and Dream a Little Dream). Not enough for you? And we only saw one competition in the first part of the season. I expect this run will end with whatever comes after sectionals. Regionals?

    • Jerry

      A mix of “gets” and storyline are ideal. But overall, I agree … and bad writing is one of my biggest beefs for tv, movies, and music.

      A good example is the last couple of seasons of Will & Grace. The storylines were terrible but the guest actors made it mildly entertaining. However, if the quality of the storylines were there, they would have made tv history!

    • tinkthespike

      I agree. I’m all for great guest stars, but I think they should be more like they were in the first part of the season, just a part of the episode, not the episode centered around them or hyped around them so much. Josh Groban’s cameo was perfect, as was KC’s first guest appearance. I thought her second one the last part of the season was waay too much about her — the kids were hardly featured at all. “Glee,” my fave show on television once “LOST” comes to an end Sunday, is so wonderful — please don’t make it all about the “who’s who.” That’s the whole point of this show and the kids: the core group is not the “who’s who” of school, but who they are makes them infinitely better. By all means, have awesome guest stars, but keep them as part of an episode, not become the episode.

      • Puck

        I’d agree w/TinkTheSpike on some of the over the top guest stars – ONJ was fun, but it was weird after they said “oh no, having Madonna at a school in OH would be so unreal” to then turn around and have Olivia.

        But I think Kristin Chenoweth, aside from being a NATIONAL TREASURE, is wonderful on Glee. The two episodes she’s been in have been two of my favorites so far. Her performances of “Maybe This Time” and “Home” were pretty much two of the finest performances all season – not only in their cinematic quality, but in just telling the story through music. (And when Cheno hits those high notes at the end, forget it, I am a mess.)
        I don’t care whether it’s a nine-time Tony winner or a newcomer, but they have to use music that tells the story (and not wedge in songs just because) – then it will all work.

    • NAT

      Very true…sometimes having very well known people on is just distracting. Plus, can Susan Boyle even act? NPH could have been an example of stunt casting as he’s very well known, but he had a real, non one dimensional character to inhabit…..so I forgot about it being NPH and could just appreciate the performance.

  • endorphin74

    I have really enjoyed Glee thus far. That being said, I really anticipate it having a life similar to Heroes: a great first season and then completely jumping the shark/losing the plot. News items such as this just make my belief in this all the stronger.

    • AAC

      I was thinking the exact same thing. I really enjoyed the first half of this season, but since it came back from hiatus it has been kind of a mess.

  • austinrob

    Love Glee…Susan Boyle, not so much…huuuuge cat-like yawn!

  • Don

    The “Hey Big Spender” singer played a lunchlady in the Buffy Season 3 episode Earshot. Love the Joss crossovers!

    • wg

      That’s why she looked familiar! But I think SuBo as the Lunch Lady would be fun so long as the storyline is focused on the Glee characters (i.e. Kurt) rather than the guest character.

    • Marilyn

      Earshot! Right! I’m glad I’m not the only one who recognized her.

  • Maria

    Didn’t Jennifer Lopez say that she might be playing a lunch lady that gets a makeover from Kurt???

    • Gator

      I think Jennifer Lopez said she wanted to be on the show. And Ryan Murphy responded with “maybe as a lunch lady”. Which I thought was hysterical and a dig at JLo. It may not have been meant like that, but I don’t think they are looking for her to really be on. She was the one who mentioned it.

  • steve

    What about Boyle as a ‘sub teacher’…like for PE or something?

    • Strepsi

      No, no, the substitute P.E. Teacher should be kd lang. Singing “Hallelujah”. Now that’s hot.

  • Strepsi

    I was hoping Rachel’s real mom would be Cher.

    • brody

      Cher’s in her 60s, so that seems unlikely. She could be Sue’s mom, though!

      • Sal

        THAT would be great!

      • Woot

        It would be great, but remember Sue’s parents are famous Nazi hunters.

  • Steve

    I knew I saw the “Hey Big Spender” singer somewhere before… thanks for that tidbit!

    Anyways, wasn’t J.Lo supposed to be the lunch lady getting the makeover?

    • StrawberryFields737

      I think J. Lo said she wanted to be on the show, and Ryan Murphy said “Maybe as a lunch lady”, but I really don’t think they looked into it much more than that.

  • Liana C

    Susan Boyle has a great voice, but absolutely NO acting talent. What a mistake it would be to have her on the show “just because” she’s famous. I agree that too many guest celebrities will start to wear out the welcome that we’ve given the show. Stick to the players you’ve got – they’re great!

    • Debbie

      And how do you know whether Susan has acting talent or not? Actually when she was in her 30s she went to acting school and in an interview she mentioned that by the time she left she was at the level where she could teach drama if she wanted to. When her mother got sick it got in the way of her pursuing acting because her mother had no one else to take care of her.

  • CH

    Why would there be a random English lunch lady in rural Ohio?? I love Glee a lot, but as a previous commenter noted, let the story ride shotgun for a while before funneling in more stunt guest stars. (Neil Patrick Harris, however, is welcome whenever he wants to come back to the show, IMO.)

    • Penny Lane

      First, I believe Susan Boyle is Scottish, not English. Secondly, her character can be the wife of a military man.

      • CH

        Oops! I forgot–she is Scottish. My mistake. Still, I feel like it’d be hard to make her fit in on the show. There are, of course, immigrants across the country, but while guest stars like NPH and Idina Menzel have gelled nicely with the series, I have a feeling Boyle’s performance would feel more like, “Hey! It’s singing sensation Susan Boyle!” I just want them to stick with the original cast–at least in these first two seasons.

      • D

        Stick with the original cast? Don’t you think it is a little late for that?

    • ella

      we have a British lunch lady here and I live in Utah!

    • Marsaili

      I live in rural Ohio and I know a few Scottish people that live out here—so it’s not impossible!

  • HoneyB

    Aw, hell no.

  • Nikki

    Oh no. NO NO NO. Please no. The calibre of the guest stars on Glee has been great so far (NPH, Kristen Chenoweth, Idina Menzel) and we’ve just seen what real, trained singers can do with ‘I Dreamed a Dream’… why do we need a gimmick like SuBo??

    • Debbie

      Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel may be technically perfect but where’s the emotion? I prefer Susan’s version of IDAD much more because the way she sings it touches my heart and her voice is beautiful.

    • joe blow

      Susan Boyle a gimmick? Please explain. Susan is the most trained singer out there. I listened to the Glee ‘I Dreamed a Dream”, and it pales in comparison to Susan’s version. Even the producer of Les Miserables has said this song belongs to Susan Boyle now.

  • kse

    I think Susan Boyle is incredibly talented, but I have to give this idea a big YUK!

  • Ju

    More Molly Shannon please!!

    • PixxieTrixxie

      I was really glad to see more of the Christopher Guest movie regulars appearing – even in small parts like John Michael Higgins had last night.

      Susan Boyle is not a good idea.

      • StrawberryFields737

        I LOVE the Christopher Guest regulars!

    • cusegirl

      Ju, I could not agree more, she is hilarious.

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