U2 postpones tour to 2011 due to Bono's back injury

bonoImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.comU2 has indefinitely postponed the North American leg of its 360º tour until next year, the band announced today via press release. The rockers tabled 16 dates scheduled for this June and July after Bono suffered a major back injury. The press release cites “severe compression of the sciatic nerve” and “a serious tear in the ligament and a herniated disc.” The singer was discharged from a hospital in Munich after emergency surgery on May 21. Doctors expect his recovery to last “at least eight weeks.”

The press release encourages fans to keep their tickets, and promises that the gigs will be rescheduled soon. Were you planning on seeing any of those 360º tour dates? Share your get-well-soon wishes for Bono in the comments below.

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  • Ando

    All that money weighing heavily on Bono’s back. Or maybe its that massive stage they’ve been hauling around which is an environmental nightmare. Perhaps the guilt of making so much money with a voice that supports all sorts of good causes without actually donated a cent to any of them. Hmmm… don’t really feel sorry for this guy.

    • matthew

      dear god, shut up, ando.

      • crispy

        This has nothing to do with a back problem. It’s a poor ticket selling problem, I guess it finally got to Bozo…err.. Bono that if a 16 year old by the name of Justin Bieber can outsell you, your career is over.

      • beloch

        U2360 tour 2009-2010 Actual Gross $311,637,730..44 shows..Avg Gross in millions..7.1 million.. Avg attendance..69,802. I would Justin Bieber will probably never reach these heights. Nor, get 26 grammy awards, bring untold millions to Africa through charities like One.org and RED products.. saving countless lives.

      • S.O.

        Or last for 30+ years

      • J.B. Real

        Really? Seriously? Someone is going to stand Justin Bieber’s name next to U2/Bono’s? That’s pathetic. Grow up “Crispy”…

      • bambam

        or grow pubes.

      • xmarksthespot

        OR learn where Germany is. (It’s the place where Bono had surgery. And where they kill little gay boys who look and sing like 7 year old girls.

      • crispy

        Um.. I take it you people are 60+ because you like U2. That isn’t my problem, but it does allow me to understand why you think U2 is even half as good as Justin Bieber. You old people are so jealous you resort to calling him a girl? Haha.. well guess what he is doing very well he isn’t old and cripple like Bozo the clown.. I mean Bono.. oops I mean piece of crap lead singer from a forgotten about band. By the way making death threats about anyone is moronic and evil, but it is OK God (aka Bieber) will get you in the end. And btw if your gonna wish death on someone why don’t you remember to end your parentheses if your going to start them. Oh yeah your a fan of Bozo.. nevermind I shouldn’t have even posted this you’ll never learn.

      • Heather

        “And btw if your gonna wish death on someone why don’t you remember to end your parentheses if your going to start them.”

        Learn the differences between “your” and “you’re”, sweetie. One shows ownership, and the other is a contraction of “you are”. I counted TWENTY-NINE spelling and punctuation errors in your infantile, fact-free, and highly amusing rant. That is shameful. Also, it is HILARIOUS.

      • Mike

        Listen Crispy. Here’s someone 16 years old.

        Even if Bono’s not the BEST singer in the world (hes one of them) he sings about good things, such as anti-war(Bieber is Canadaian so he doesn’t know the first thing about war, or how to prevent it), about God(by the way don’t you ever compare Him to Justin Bieber!!), about REAL love(The love Bieber sings about is not real, he just sings about crushes. Bono sings about true love and lifelong devotion to eachother. [All I Want is You vs. Kiss and Tell]).

        So, in conclusion, Bieber’s music is a fad. In a couple years after he turns ten, people will forget about him. And they will move on, and some other teen singing sensation will come out of no-where and shock the world.

        But u2 will never be forgotten, I still hear they’re songs on the radio 20 years after being released.

        I think I’ve made my point.

    • Rob

      How do you know he hasn’t donated a cent?

      • ripperpeg

        I am still in the hospital for a laminectomy and lumbar fusion of a herniated disc. Until you have experienced this kind od pain and long rehab required, you have no right to make jokes about anyone’s injury! The problem with your generation is you have no decent music (or real musicians), not to mention respect for the accomplishments of real artists. It must be a heavy load carrying around that ‘SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT” you seem to have. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Bono.

    • Michael

      Will all the haters please just shut the hell up?! U2 is a great band, and Bono is a great person. We’re all flawed, it’s just that celebrities’ flaws are broadcast for us all to see, so criticizing them is just a stupid, cheap shot. If you’ve never been to one of their concerts, you obviously have no idea what you’re missing out on, because I can tell you, they are AMAZING!

      • Nelly

        I absolutely agree with you. I already have tickets for the Miami concert on July 9. I don’t what I am going to do. I was really looking forward to seeing them. I hope he recovers soon.

    • William 5

      Bono doesn’t just show up at a Charity event with his band, he lobbies world leaders. The man is rather brilliant that way. They may not be (in my humble opinion) quite what they were, but their first 5-7 albums were brilliant. And they seem to be four genuinely good guys – this while being arguably the biggest band in the world for that past 15 years. The haters should head over to the Reality TV section and see how no-talent no-accomplishment ‘celebrities’ act.

    • jaime

      Your an idiot..if don’t know who Bono is u need to keep your mouth shut..go back and read theyr history.

    • bambam

      what a horrible thing to say.

    • T.Walt

      @Ando, that may be one of the dumbest things I’ve ever read. Top 20 anyway.

    • Meli

      Okay Ando you got your 5 minutes of internet attention. Now go run home to Mommy and let us adults have Cyberspace back.

    • Judy Blue Eyes

      what are your sources? So U2’s tour should engender guilt for whom? they employ how many stage crew members, bring an economic boost to the cities visited, inspire millions, and we get to have a damn good time – what’s the problem?

    • tbone

      @ando: and so shall you reap the vile hate you spew.
      ignorant fool. your penance is getting up every day inside the ugly prison that is your so-called soul.
      healing wishes to you, bono. what you are going through is excruciatingly painful- the only positive is you must now take the rest you don’t usually allow yourself. get well soon!

    • Mike

      Ando, you were HORRIBLE on Heroes and you’re still HORRIBLE here.

    • Dylan

      What you don’t understand is that Bono is much more than a donater to charity. He actually takes a signifigant amount of time out of his career to start his OWN charities and bring a tremendous of awareness to the issues that concern him. You have to do your homework next time you go on the internet posting libelous, ignorant crap.

  • john

    Ignorant comment above… Bono has done more with his fame to better the world than any modern musician.

    Get well Bono!

    • Ron

      Yeah!I say later to the hater!

      “it’s a beautiful day!don’t let it get away!”

      • Michael

        If this were Facebook, I would “like” this. Haha! As I do indeed like it.

  • GraftonRon

    Stuck in a Moment… Heal up Bono, this time will pass! I still have my ticket for Chicago and I know that you guys will bring tons of energy to that show! I fully support all the political and international philanthropy work you do, it’s something that we should all be doing more of on a daily basis. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    • Laura

      Well said Grafton Ron! I have tix to Chicago as well, and will patiently wait for Bono and the rest of the boys to be in top shape. Heal and rest, Bono.

  • kathy

    U2 is an extremely earth-friendly and socially conscious band. Do your homework Ando before you condemn. All celebrities are not mindless talking heads who take no action to make their world a better place. U2’s 360 tour is gargantuan, but the band spent its own money to make sure the tour’s carbon footprint is minimal. Can’t even begin to list the charities in addition to RED that U2 – particularly Bono and Edge right behind him – give their own time and money to. Judge not that you be not judged.

    • SayWhat?

      Minimal carbon footprint? That’s kinda hard to do when you have 200 trucks transporting equipment. Just sayin…

  • jack

    Since when should someone feel guilty for being successful (not to mention philanthropic) by playing by the rules? Is this really where we’re headed?

    • tommymommy

      Totally agree with you Jack. Nothing wrong with success. I have a ticket to the Denver show and will be waiting for U2 to come back better than ever.

  • Drew

    yeah that’s a real douchey comment from Ando.

  • Mavis

    I had tickets to the Philly show, so I’m sad about the postponement. But I would rather have Bono be fully healthy for the show than sitting in a chair on stage just singing the songs. I hope you get well soon Bono and I will just have to wait another year to see you guys!

    • Person Who Talks

      Me and my girlfriend had tickets to see them in Denver…d—, oh well Bono, get better soon and reschedule the concert on a day when I’m available!

      • Sheri Johnson

        I saw U2 in Las Vegas last October and it was awesome. I have tickets for the Denver concert. Prayers for a quick recovery. Love to hear the band live again!

    • Laura

      I had tickets to Philly too, but their site now says that they will be back on tour in 2011. Can’t wait till then!

  • Jeff Hollett

    I have Seattle tickets for June. Don’t mind waiting until 2011. Fortunately, I was able to see U2 in Vancouver B.C. back in October. Hope Bono gets well. Maybe he’ll have time to write some cool songs. As for the ignorant comment above, time is more valuable than money. Bono works for justice, not charity.

    • S.O.

      Same here. Had tickets to the Seattle show as well & it was my 1st time ever seeing U2. Guess we’ll wait another 365 days (or so).

      • Judy Blue Eyes

        S.O.: it is worth the wait – believe me, hang in there. Saw them for the first time last year in Chicago. 25 years too late (my bad), but better late than never.

    • Sarikonda

      it perfect! But then again Jasmine and [p]pecker (hilarious) have made it their bnseuiss to take money from wanna be photographers.I’m still trying to find my voice. And the only way to do that is shut all the other photographers out and shoot for me. Thank you for the reminder to not follow the crowd. To be me. You’re amazing photographer that doesn’t care what the rest of the world is doing. And I applaud that.

  • Drew

    …and lets get over this whole ‘environmental’ thing & carbon footprint nonsense. Us small humans cannot affect the world and universe as much as we all like to think we can. There are much more powerful things beyond are scope of understanding happening in the world and universe that affect our world and atmosphere.

    • Churruta

      Like what, Drew – a brewing, epic battle between the Heavenly Host and Satan’s Minions? Or are you distracted from taking responsibility for our planet’s well being by some other smoke-and-mirrors game?

    • ed

      No snowflake believes it is responsible for the blizzard

      • Yuiko

        - Still finding my voice, still lnrnaieg, but trying to keep it all true to who I am and how I see the world. One thing is for sure when I see a Jonas Peterson photograph on some wedding blog as a feature, I know it’s yours before I see your name. Because it’s all over your images. So you definitely have found your voice All the best as you stay true to who you are and what you see!

    • Terry

      I’ve read a lot of stupid and ignorant comments on the Internet but this one has to take the cake. LOL

  • Jazzy

    Had tickets for the Seattle show….Less than a month away darnit!

  • Pedro

    Get well soon, Bono! We’ll catch you in 2011. My wife is overly concerned for your well being but it’s okay, you seem like a good dude.

  • doct28

    Ando and Crispy you both are ignorant arses….

  • Sparky

    Here’s a little more info regarding the injury from his manager and neurosurgeon;

    Bono has left hospital in Germany today and is expected to return to Ireland to recuperate after his shock emergency back surgery but the injury has forced the band to postpone concerts.

    The band have postponed the entire North American leg of their 360 tour and it has also been confirmed that their Glastonbury appearance has been cancelled.

    According to the Irish Times, band manager Paul McGuinness, speaking outside the Munich hospital where Bono has been recuperating since his treatment on Friday, said the 50-year-old singer “feels awful” about the tour changes, which will affect over a million fans.

    Advertisement”Clearly this is a serious injury and the recuperation time necessary to rehabilitate Bono is a big problem for the U2 tour and has unfortunately necessitated the postponement of 16 shows in North America,” he said.

    Watch an interview with U2 manager Paul McGuinness and Professor Joerg Tonn, the neurosurgeon who treated Bono.

    “Those shows were to occur between June 3rd in Salt Lake City and July 19th in Meadowlands Stadium.”

    The earliest possible date for Bono’s return, according to the band’s website, would be August 6th in Turin, Italy.

    U2 were to have been the headline act on the main stage at Glastonbury on June 25th.

    Speaking this morning Bono has said he is “heartbroken” by the turn of events.

    Professor Joerg Tonn, the neurosurgeon who treated Bono, described his condition as a “sudden onset disease” which caused temporary partial paralysis. The injury happened while the singer was training in preparation for the tour.

    “He was already in severe pain with partial paralysis of the lower leg. The ligaments surrounding the disc had an eight millimetre tear and during surgery we discovered fragments of the disc had travelled into the spine canal.

    “The surgery was the only cause of treatment for full recovery and to avoid further paralysis. Bono is now much better with complete recovery of his motor-deficit.

    “His prognosis is excellent but to obtain a sustainable result he must now enter a period of rehabilitation.”

  • nllls

    I was looking forward to spending my birthday with U2 in Minneapolis but oh well! See you in 2011, Bono!

  • Alan

    Here is something interesting from Wikipedia –
    “In the Jewish religion, consumption of the sciatic nerve is forbidden, even from otherwise kosher and properly slaughtered animals. This is based on the prohibition mentioned in the Biblical account (Genesis chapter 32) of Jacob being WOUNDED while wrestling with an angel.”

    Anyone recognize the lyric “Jacob wrestled with the angel and the angel was overcome.” Bullet the Blue Sky – U2

    • beth

      Based on your comment I would think you are a LOST fan? :)

      • Alan

        I’ve never seen the LOST TV show. It’s just very interesting that, on the eve of leg two of the biggest rock tour ever, Bono injures the very same nerve that is injured by a Biblical figure in an incident that is referenced in a U2 song from 20 years ago. Strange, very strange indeed …

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