50 Cent drops 50 pounds for movie role: See the shocking pictures here

50-centImage Credit: thisis50.comWhoa! 50 Cent (real name: Curtis Jackson) made a hell of a sacrifice for his upcoming movie. Usually the MC looks like an NFL linebacker. But for his starring role in the Mario Van Peebles-directed Things Fall Apart, a movie he wrote, 50 dropped 54 pounds to play a college football player battling cancer. On a liquid diet and three-hour-a-day treadmill stints, he went from 214 pounds to a sickly 160 pounds, reports US Weekly.

It’s not unusual for actors to lose extreme weight for movie parts. Matt Damon got bony for Courage Under Fire. Will Smith shrunk for Seven Pounds, and Christian Bale got frail for The Machinist. But those were all for major releases. There’s no word yet on if this movie will hit theaters or not.

Maybe this will be 50’s breakout role. But there’s a good chance it won’t. As an actor, 50 Cent has only starred in a handful of major releases and straight-to-DVD castoffs. His film debut came in 2005 with the semi-autobiographical Get Rich or Die Tryin’, and in 2008 he acted alongside Robert De Niro and Al Pacino in the commercial flop Righteous Kill. All of his showings suggest that he should stick to his day job, though it seems he’s bent on Hollywood stardom.

50’s currently out on his national Invitation tour and back in fighting shape. On his website, a recent picture shows a healthier 50 rapping with his G-Unit mates Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo. Check out another picture of the slim 50 after the jump.

50-cent-2Image Credit: thisis50.com

Does 50’s effort make you want to see Things Fall Apart? Do you think he’ll ever become the major actor he aspires to be? Let us know.

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  • PDT

    That’s pure terrifying.

    • Judy Dinch


      • BrownButtahfly

        I hope the movie is an excellent movie considering the hard work he has put into it. I work at a cancer hospital and it upsets me that someone would actually write that he looks “UGLY”… he is portraying a cancer patient… wth do u expect??? What an insult to yourself… ignorance, ignorance, smh

      • Ashley Janine

        Judy dinch….u are a b****. Just because he doesnt look good your going to call this a “stinker” of a movie and your not going to see it because he looks “ugly”? Thats really rude and I really prey that you dont get cancer like he is supposed to have in the movie and get ugly like that! I think it is great that he is doing so much to portray a character in a movie that shows how hard it is for so many people these days that suffer from cancer.

      • SXiPPY

        Yeah Judy Dinch, U.R.A.C.U.N.T.!

      • Kay

        I wish him Luck…and I do believe all things are possible..without the negative vibes..

      • Taz

        U should watch it , it’s a very good movie

      • Ttco

        Wow….people are so mean. My husband is stuffing from cancer and was 205 and now weigh 144. On another note the movie was great.

      • texas83sxm



    • Holly

      He looks like Chad Ochocinco now.

    • jay

      Yo, tyrone jenkins has lost alot of weight, just not in his nose, LOL.

      • Cindy

        Grow Up

      • jasmine

        wow hee look badd i wouldd nott do datt haha wow

      • DAVICE

        wow he lost much weight on movie right guyz ….

    • Fartbutt

      I have learned alot about 50cent by reading his Bio and watching it on Tv. I am very impressed with him. I would watch this film. He puts everything he has into any project he does, rather it be singing or this movie. He has lead a very difficult childhood but he has grown beyond that. He is a very interesting and intelligent man. Read about him and then decide.

      • Rell

        I agree he is very intelligent and and talented although Hollywood doesn’t recognize his actign skills, he is a great actor to me.

      • Trina

        5o i love u and i think ur doing a great job my mom died from cancer so im waiting to c this movie #1 fan trina

    • Ani

      This really makes me want to watch the movie. Just the fact that he gave up alot and worked really hard to make it seem real, it makes me want to watch it! Like alot

    • mason666

      50 went all out for this film… I can respect that man for the passion he has towards acting…I believe in his own mind, he has an Oscar already… But to be Black and get a Gay Ass Oscar you first have to degrade your people and then only will you grt rewarded…real talk!

    • mason666

      50 went all out for this film… I can respect that man for the passion he has towards acting…I believe in his own mind, he has an Oscar already… But to be Black and get a Gay Ass Oscar you first have to degrade your people and then only will you get rewarded…real talk!

    • Carol E

      I just watched the movie. It was EXCELLENT. !!!

  • dave

    Why are you hating on 50 cent for putting he all into his craft. If he was white you wouldn’t be doing this.

    • Brian

      That’s a baseless accusation, dave.

    • C’Mon, Son

      Why does EVERYTHING have to be about race? Damn. That drives me nuts. Are they hating on him? Yes. But it’s not because of the man’s skin color, it’s because his work as an actor has been mediocre at best. This is about skill, not skin. But kudos to him for the effort with this role. Hopefully it works out for him.

      • wakeforce

        why does everything have to do with race-Cause apparently to white folks nothing EVER has anything to do with it. I suppose you are a Holocaust denier as well. With that being said, Ice T, Will Smith, Queen Latifah, all respected actors, all former rappers.

      • Jason

        No one said anything about Ice T, Queen Latifah, or Will Smith (the latter two being tremendous actors) 50 is, like someone else said, a mediocre actor. It has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. Personally, I’m tired of the whole “race card.” I know racism still exists, but not everywhere people choose to see it.

      • Ajay C.

        @ Brian and C’mon, Son(such an asinine screen name by the way)

        Based on your comments, I’m willing to bet you two are Caucasian (children/grandchildren/great grandchildren of European immigrants (i.e. Italians, Irish, Scottish..etc) that came to the U.S. by boat). Caucasians rarely have to deal with the ugly realty of racism. Blacks, Muslim Americans, Hispanics, Chinese and Indian Americans, among other minority groups, know well too much of discrimination and racism. My point is, it is very difficult for a non-minority to detect or identify racial discrimination/bigotry, even when it is blatant. How could they when they rarely deal with it in the first place.

      • Ajay C.

        Realty = reality *** spelling error

      • Ajay C.

        My first comment was in response to the other posters’ comments regarding the trite usage of the “race card”.

        For this article, my goodness this weight loss is formidable. It cannot be good for his overall health.

      • C’Mon, Son

        @Ajay C

        My comment was not an indictment on race relations in America. I, as a young African American male, (thanks for playing the “Guess My Race Game”. Sorry you didn’t win but we have some lovely parting gifts for you) encounter my fair share of racism. However, I don’t point a finger and call RACISM every time a person of my skin color – or any other color, we tend to forget that laws of the natural world do not prevent black folk from being racist too – is criticized. That’s tired. This article has about as much to do with race as the KFC Double Down does with weight loss. Oops, I made a comment about fried chicken. I hope no one thinks I’m racist. If I were White…

      • Beaner

        I agree with Son

    • Dan

      Disagree. When Christian Bale lost a lot of weight for a role, they did the same thing. And it was just as shocking.

    • deklyn419

      get off the white thing homeboy..its over done, ur just a jack a*s blaming others for your short comings..

    • slippy

      Yeah, 50 puts a lot in what he does. But wow Dave, everything isn’t a race issue. You aren’t helping you’re hurting. Christian Bale looked funny too. Doesnt mean that I hate crakas.

    • DR. BEERBQ


      • john cole

        this is not a pictures of yours at all

    • Nathan

      This guy dropped all that weight for a movie that will likely go straight to video? Fiddy really is one of the dumbest people on earth.

      • jojo

        Maybe he is just one of those people who give their all even when they know it wou’nt win them Oscars. Still don’t like his music but now am curious about the movie, I think I will see it.

    • Bobbie

      Excuse me Dave but in the story they speak of white men that dropped weight for roles…. seems its you who has an issuse w/ color

    • Whatever

      Commenters should be aware that “dave” is not necessarily African American…nor does he necessarily have good intentions. I’ve seen plenty of Tea Baggers invade political blogs in order to wreak havoc. So now you all have your panties in a bunch because you perceive an anonymous poster to be making a serious comment. Let’s be smarter than that.

      • Sam

        And by posting this, you’re saying that Tea Party members are out to wreak havoc – a statement with no legitimate basis. Perhaps they’re not all good, but the majority as a whole is an excellent group imo.

    • Joe

      You know, every any black person is criticize, why is it people always have to throw in the race card? He’s butt ugly…white or black or purple. Get over it. lol

  • Pete Rock

    Tom Hanks did it for Cast Away, why should this be any different? I think Mario Van Peebles is a terrible actor, and even worst director, so no I won’t be seeing this. 50 Cent is a studio thug, he’s corny, but losing weight for a role is very commonplace in Hollywood.

    • niki

      Uhh.. it’s different bc Tom Hanks is a major movie ‘star.’ Duh.

      • Pete Rock

        Uhh.. 50 Cent is a major MUSIC ‘star.’ Duh.

        I repeat, he’s corny though!

    • Nathan

      That was a major motion picture directed by Robert Zemeckis with Oscar nomination written all over it. This one will go straight to DVD and be forgotten about the very next week.

    • Vince from NYC

      Yea, ALright Pete Rock.. 50 is a Studio Thug? The guy got shot 9 times and used to sell whatever he got his hands on. I grew up in Jamaica Queens when he was blowing up and his rep was real. 50 has work ethic like nobody I have ever heard of. All the man does is work and work out. He has no tolerance for BS. He doesn’t even drink. Anybody who puts that much work into anything deserves success.

      • Vince from NYC

        I tried to respond to Pete Rock, Not Nathan, see above..

      • Pete Rock

        Yeah, no…..

    • TGH

      Didn’t Van Pebbles direct ‘Baaaadass’? That movie was awesome and so creative.

      • Pete Rock

        Yes, he did!

      • rayh1956

        that was his dad, mario van peebles

      • rayh1956

        I’m sorry but that was MELVIN van Peebles, the film was made in 1971!!

      • @TGH

        You’re right, Mario made the movie ‘Baadassss!’ about his dad Melvin trying to get ‘Sweet Sweetback’s Baadassss Song’ made. It’s sooo good!… Let’s give Mario and 50 a chance.

  • Al

    He looks thin but I wouldn’t call him “sickly”. 160 lbs is probably still a healthy weight for him.

    • KimmyKim

      160 lbs is small for a man.I wouldnt date a man that tiny!

      • Sylar

        Who cares, nobody wants to date your big self

      • shiny

        Ookay this is funny….

  • PWalker

    My instincts tell he is going to do well with this role and I hope he does.

    • K.J.

      50 cent does look really sickly at 160 lbs but sometimes that is the sacrifice you have to make in order to play in a movie. I wish nothing but the best for you 50 cent.

      • April

        And you can only hope he did it for the right reasons – because he believes that this will be a great film.

        I hope it is.

  • josh

    50 cent must have stopped with the HGH and started on the rich man’s asprin…atleast that is what it looks like. btw, heat is one of my favorite songs, hope you don’t end up cracked out.

  • Asha’la

    I Guess but thats to much 50th pounds really 50th he need an oscar fa real hes doing a little to much around here okay but most repect to you dough better you then me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • deklyn419

      yo go back to school and learn how to spell and write and don’t embarrass yourself by posting idiotic ramblings…

      • GiGGin42

        LOL! Seriously. People that aren’t even from this country speak AND write better than that gibberish. I mean yeah, go ahead and be yourself but at least make it sound like you are somewhat educated.

      • jojo

        @GiGGin42. It may come as a shock to you but people not from “this” country do speak english for example people from England. Wonder why you would think only Americans speak english.

      • 33

        Judging by the name, I don’t think English is this person’s first language… so kudos to you for at least trying to write another language. I don’t look down on people like that because, I only know English as opposed to them who know 2+ different languages. And if English is your 1st language then you need some help but hey, we all are not perfect.

        Pertaining to the article, 50c is trying to make it just like all of us and if this is the sacrifice he is willing to make then so be it. I hope and pray that you will be successful!

  • nathan

    Christian Bale did the same thing for “The Machinist” in 2004.

  • al

    I need to know that diet… as long as it’s healthy I need 50 cent to share his secret.. good for him , he might just surprise you all and win an oscar like MoNique … BYW Mo’Nitque needs to give 50 cent a call and ask him for his secret as well.

    • brett

      Umm, it really wasn’t a secret. Perhaps you should try reading the article. The fourth sentence says he went on a liquid diet and did 3 hours a day on a treadmill.

  • Kyle Jurassic

    I admire his commitment. I’m sure he wasn’t pleased with how ghastly he looked, but this is what cancer patients really go through in reference to dramatic weight loss.

  • Angel

    First of all, I agree that there is nothing racial about any of this and anyone trying to make it so is reaching, this guy is simply not a particularly gifted actor. That having been said, given how ridiculously difficult losing over 50 pounds is (and I know, I’m currently working hard to lose weight), I say give the guy a chance. He is obviously putting a lot into the role and this may turn out to be one great movie…or at least one great performance. Either way, effort like that commands respect.


    Is tired, very freaking tired of over sensitive black people. im not white. Im black…and to me its getting old. how do you think whites feel about it?

    • SaneN85

      Yes. As an African American (not that it really matters), I am sick to death of the race card being pulled inappropriately. Besides it being obnoxious, it also lessens the impact when there is really discrimation going on.

    • stewart

      i can certainly overstand the race card issue here and that some so-called black ppl are a bit sensitive at times but at the same time i do get sick of reading an article and some caucasian says something stupid just becaues the person was so-called black. not saying that its happening here but it does happen alot. as soon as someone says something about it its “oh he’s pulling the race card”. i mean how would a caucasian feel if so-called black ppl went around on every article saying things like “look at that leaprous he’s pale!” or “look at that pale lady with the flat but” or “he has a long nose” or “they get lice” or “they smell like dogs when theyer wet”. i mean what if comments like this were posted on most of the articles that caucasians read? how would they feel? wouldnt they feel that the ppl who were saying these things were racist?

  • jj

    The only problem I have with this article is that you insinuate that because the movie is “…for the big screen; not the one in your living room…” that it was unnecessary. I give him major credit for approaching it as an artist. If he played the role looking as muscular as he usually does, you would crucify him for expecting us to believe that he is in the grip of cancer whilst he looks like a linebacker. He just gained respect in my book. It doesn’t matter where the movie will be screened. His work is his work. He’s earning his credibility as an actor the right way. Studios need proof on someone else’s dollar sometimes before they’ll believe you can do more than look muscular and tough.

    • chris


  • jj


    You’re an idiot. It’s always the racist who ends up bringing that into the equation when no one was even talking about that. Just because you perceive everything through race glasses, doesn’t mean everyone else does. I don’t give a rat’s behind what his color is. There’s always some idiot who has to bring that up when it’s not even relevant. I would hate to be living my life as you.

  • Jerry

    Wow…that’s dangerous…hope he has some good doctors monitoring his health now, and when he puts the weight back on…there’s losing and gaining to play a part, and then there’s this! I hope he doesn’t suffer health issues because of it.

    • Kelly

      I’ll be watching this movie and hope the best for him. I’ll give him another chance. And my opinion on this race card…all I can say is I agree this isn’t about race. And no I’m not white.

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