Katy Perry denies that she is feuding with Lady Gaga: "People love cat fights. It's a turn on."

perry-gagaImage Credit: Bob Charlotte/PR Photos; RD/Kirkland/Retna ltdKaty Perry has told EW that she is not feuding with Lady Gaga. “I’m a massive fan,” the singer claimed over the weekend.

Rumors of a Perry-Gaga feud began last Tuesday when Perry tweeted that “Using blasphemy as entertainment is as cheap as a comedian telling a fart joke.” The comment was widely assumed to be an attack on Gaga’s “Alejandro” video which uses religious iconography. In fact, according to Perry, the tweet was “more of a non-specific, general thing. But everybody made it out to be a cat fight. I think people love cat fights. It’s a turn on for people.”

Perry, who was raised as a Christian, also said that she has a problem with what she regards as blasphemous behavior regardless of whether the perpetrator happens to be Gaga, or her own boyfriend, Russell Brand. “The other day he was yelling out the window,” recalled the singer, who is currently riding high with her “California Gurls” track.  “He said something a bit off color, kind of blasphemous about the Lord Jesus Christ, and I smacked him for it. It’s just kind of deeply rooted inside of me, and hard to get away from. But everybody knows I am a massive Lady Gaga fan. If you look through my tweets, there will be about ten of them that say that I am obsessed with her.”

Are you happy that Ms. Perry has cleared that up? Disappointed that she and Lady G are not cat fighting? And what do you think of the “Alejandro” video?

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  • crispy

    HATE Katy Perry, don’t care if they were fighting in the first place, dislike Lady GooGoo, her new music video seemed like another lame attempt to gather attention for what’s becoming a very tired act (if your always over the top eventually it’s annoying and dull), California Gurls doesn’t deserve to be in the top 10 much less the top song of them moment (and why bother spelling it “gurls”? Your not 10 and that’s just moronic). Justin Bieber is the only new artist with talent out there at the moment and he doesn’t have to use crazy hair and costumes to get it. Katy your blue hair is just annoying, GooGoo you keep repeating the same tired things, both of you go away. PS> I could care less what any of you think about my grammer, if those are the only points you can make obviously you have no opinion on the topic so why are you posting here? D<

    • Danielle

      You are joking, right? Go ahead and diss Katy and GaGa if you like, but, to then say that Justin Bieber is the only artist with talent at the moment?? Seriously? LOL. Just LMAO.

      • crispy

        Laugh if you want but 1,000,000s of fans and counting can’t be wrong. If you know someone more talented let me know.. I’ve yet to see them.

      • Brett

        Vanilla Ice had millions of fans, too, at one point. So did a lot of flash-in-the-pan acts.

      • @crispy

        once again you’re confusing quantity with quality, crap is crap even if 1,000,000 people bought into it!

      • crispy

        Brett you have 9 fans what does that mean about you? Oh yeah right you don’t even exist.

      • Marianne

        once again you’re confusing quantity with quality, crap is crap even if 1,000,000 people bought into it!

        Well there you go…you just proved Brett’s point. You are one of those millions of people…that buy into his crap.

      • Amy

        @Crispy, don’t you hate ADAM LAMBERT too? You dissed him months ago and he’s becoming a huge superstar these days!!! ha ha ha! Crispy you are a BIG JERK!!

      • Rachel

        I think Katy Perry and Lady GaGa are overrated. But I like Katy more.

    • Simon

      Crispy, you’re a moron. You can’t even spell “grammar” right. Please go back to whatever meth lab or trailer park you waddled out of. And take those talentless cows Perry and Gaga with you.

      • crispy

        Most people would have agreed with you until they realized you can’t even put a space between a comma and the next word. Idiot.

      • Matt

        Um, there is a space after his comma, idiot.

      • rerun

        Yeah, that’s called a period. Also, that’s something you’ll have when you hit puberty.

    • who cares

      @crispy – you post this same crap on every story involving any pop singer. get over it. no one agrees with you. you are retarded. go away.

      • crispy

        If your responding to my comment you care. Thanks for caring.

      • grammar police

        Actually, crispy … it’s “you’re.” Not “your.” Mmmkay?

      • crispy

        This for caring old nasty teacher why are you talking to me you sicko.. your creeping me out. Stop! Justin Bieber help me!!

      • Amy


    • Melly B

      I also get annoyed when words are spelled incorrectly in song titles, but Katy Perry has gone on the record as saying that “California Gurls” is spelled that way because it is a nod to the band Big Star’s song “September Gurls.” So there you go.

      • paul

        Then they are both stupid.

    • eliott256

      He may have millions of fans, it’s just a shame they don’t buy his records isn’t it?

      • crispy

        Shame you have no fans in general. Try selling out a club that holds 200 people. You couldn’t even if they offered dollar martinis that night. Your a moron.

      • grammar police

        Tsk tsk tsk … you’re the moron, crispy. It’s ‘you’re” not “your.” Hell, even Justin Bieber knows that.

      • J

        They don’t buy his record because they’re not old enough to have jobs and earn money.

      • Cris

        Come on, guys, if you don’t feed the trolls, they’ll eventually go away…

      • crispy

        Grammar police you have a typo. Tsk tsk tsk it’s tsk task gosh begarsh. Moron, Justin Bieber owns you!

    • scorpo

      by the way saying that you “could care less” indicates that you indeed, do care. The correct phrase is “couldn’t care less”

    • paul

      Crispy, I have decided you are awesome. At first you annoyed me but you are so committed to Bieber, in all of your posts, and it just pisses everyone off, every single time. HAHAHAHAHAHA All this grammar correcting stuff is hilarious too. Get a life grammar losers.

      • crispy

        It’s OK Paul, they don’t bother me I know I make these typos because of the Bieber Fever. Blame Justin for this like you blame all the other world’s problems on. You horrible people! Grammar policy I hope you try making love to a smurt and it turns out to be Katy Perry’s nasty wig and you can’t something.

    • Ferrari

      you are absolutely tone deaf if you think Justin Bieber has a good voice. The only reason people like him is because of his looks. He has no talent and he’s also a manwhore. You have no right to diss Gaga if you are a Bieber fan, that’s ridiculous.

      • SXiPPY

        I agree, when I hear Justin Bieber on the radio I think to myself, “Is this the new Natasha Bedingfield?” Once I realize who it is and the redundency of his choruses annoys me to the point of shunning radio all together; I wonder what all the hype is surrounding this kid. I guess every generation is entitled to their retard moment in music (see Hanson’s “Mmmbop”).

      • Rachel

        You are deaf if you think he doesn’t have a good voice. He has a nice voice… maybe it’s not Lady Gaga, but he does have a nice voice.

    • Hair Stylist

      Crazy Hair? Have you seen Justin’s hair? The kid has talent, I’ll give you that much, but his methods are not that much different that Katy or Lady Gaga’s methods especially when you hang out with the Kardashians

    • Kel

      LOL. I’m a Gaga fan, and I was almost offended until I read this: “Justin Bieber is the only new artist with talent out there at the moment…” and now I’m just laughing. Uncontrollably. Thanks for that!

    • RS

      “(and why bother spelling it “gurls”? Your not 10 and that’s just moronic)”

      i don’t have anything against purposely misspelling words or against justin beiber. but if you’re gonna call it moronic, shouldn’t you do the same when justin has a song called, “u smile”? or are your posts sarcastic and i missed it?

    • sLLY

      there is a “web//site” named “black//white/Cupid” for dating or relationship, black or white singles can go there to find something sexy or beauty online !!!! :D

    • Stev e Blamford

      Katy and L Gaga are decent singers. I’m not a huge fan of either but they are way superior to Justin B. He is a talentless idiot!!!

    • laura

      stop hating !!!!!!!!!! they both rock….. and who is justin bieber ?

    • Jabril

      Um. Lady Gaga has WAAAY more fans than that douche bag Justin Bieber. Get your facts straight. Lady Gaga all they way!

  • ashley

    i find it so odd she’s such a strong Christian when her new video has frosting coming out of her breasts. Is it just me?

    • alex

      its not just you.

    • Lady Gaga

      and that’s bad because…

      • thin

        Winner: Post of the Day!

    • who cares

      jesus loves frosty nips!

      • lil

        YES!! His little known miracle is turning breast milk into frosting.

    • Miss Talk

      Strong Christian? No, no. Her father is a pastor or something like that, that’s all.
      Did she forget she found fame by singing about kissing a girl and liking it? And now look at her rambling about Christianity and stuff.
      I don’t like everything Gaga does but truth is Gaga is the real baddass in the game right now. If you can go where she goes, you better be a real songstress and rely on your pipes, which is not the case of Katy Perry and a big bunch of others.
      Oh well, at least she still has her b00bies she’s flashing all over the place on every single occasion. Girl better pull a Jessica Alba and cash on those while she can.

      • Miss Talk

        oopsie “if you CAN’T go”

      • Clay

        “I don’t like everything Gaga does but truth is Gaga is the real baddass in the game right now. If you can go where she goes, you better be a real songstress and rely on your pipes, which is not the case of Katy Perry and a big bunch of others.”

        Katy Perry is not a great vocalist and she does rely on her physical appearance to garner fame, but how is that any different from GaGa. I’m sorry but I must have missed the part where GaGa is a ‘songstress” with “pipes.” You obviously haven’t heard a singer with actual “pipes.”

      • LL

        Who said Christians can’t kiss girls and like it?

      • Melon

        Have you heard Lady Gaga on her acoustic performances? She does have pipes. She also plays her own instruments (piano) and writes her lyrics. That says songstress to me. Would I list her best in the world? Not yet, she’s still very young and getting her ground. But certainly she is “note-worthy” of being a performer.

      • CraigJ

        Crispy, I was with you the whole way until you dropped your knowledge about Bieber’s level of talent and then I stopped reading everything else you had to say.

    • D2

      youre completely misunderstanding her comment, Ashley

    • Duh!

      You couldn’t tell? Even with that big cross mark on her crotch

    • whatevs

      She’s just like most people in America who think they’re Christians but they aren’t.

    • Jessica

      Mission accomplished.
      Darn I got sucked in to watching the Gaga vid and as I’m sure that’s the point of this article then they won. Gaga vid is boring, too long and too reminiscent of Madonna. Gaga in underwear is also boring now. I’m over the side show. NEXT!!

  • lefty

    I’d almost have more respect if someone did put Gags in her place.

    • who cares

      her place? are you sure ‘she’ is a ‘she’? she looks like amy winehouse’s younger brother.

  • Moe

    Go Katey!! For a second there I was going to turn on her because she talked smack about Lady Gaga, but not that she said she likes her…well I liked you again. Besides, you are WAY hotter than Gaga but Gaga is still sexy though!

    • PDT

      Actually, no. It’s okay to say that Lady Gaga isn’t sexy because…well…she’s not.

    • Duh!

      What are you 9?

  • Kristine

    Glad she cleared things up.

  • Catlin

    Katy’s blue wig is pretty awesome.

    • Brett

      More awesome than Katy herself could ever hope to be.

      • who cares

        katy is hot, her music is catchy, perhaps like a virus, but catchy nonetheless.

  • Zoe

    katy has an ugly personality and plays up her sexuality to get attention from men. i don’t know how any females could like this b*tch

    • Duh!

      Well when you get a little older sweetie, you’ll start doing the same thing. They all do! and you’ll hear no complaints from me

  • Chels725

    I like them both. I think people are trying to make feuds between people cause they’re bored.

  • Sarah

    Is it really a “feud” when the other person doesn’t even respond?

    • Sarah2


  • Jon

    Religion is BS.

  • Susie

    It was more of a non specific, general thing? Yeah, right Katy. Suuure. Back peddle much?

  • JT Mark

    It’s nice that Katy stepped up to defend both her comments and her admiration for Lady Gaga. I enjoy her honesty and humor about the whole thing. :)

    The great thing about Gaga is that she refuses to get pulled into these pointless “catfights” that the media tries to start. Not once has she said anything negative about anyone, whether it be Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, M.I.A., or Grace Jones. For that as well as her courage to go against the grain and her devotion to her fans, I think she’s amazing!

    As far as these ridiculous insults about looks, no one is justified in making ignorant remarks like that. If you want to look like an a-hole by talking trash about someone you’ve never met, be my guest–an ugly personality belongs to the kind of person who purposefully finds the nastiest thing they can say just to make him/herself feel better or more important. If you don’t have the vocals, looks, or business sense to put yourself out there and compete with these girls, then your criticisms don’t equate to jacksh*t.


    hahaha katy is scared of lady gaga
    and plus katy perry is not even in lady gaga’s league

  • Nathan

    I’d suggest a mud wrestling match to sort this out, but I’m afraid Gaga’s dong would accidentally pop out.

  • Mike

    Why take the comment back? Who cares? I was glad Katy Perry stood up for her own beliefs. I’m sick of ‘artists’ dissing God, the Bible, and religion in general and calling it ‘art’ or ‘expression’.

    • S

      ditto! She backed down. If you haven’t already noticed, Gaga fans are CRAZY. Mentally challenged crazy! She was getting attacked by them so she backed down

      • so you’re upset about religious “dissing” and yet you think gaga fans are “mentally challenged crazy”? irony…

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