Chris Brown finally gets his Michael Jackson tribute at BET Awards 2010. Amazing? Yes! Appropriate? Hmmm...

Chris-BrownImage Credit: Matt Sayles/AP ImagesAs far as I’m concerned, there’s only been one Michael Jackson tribute. Tonight (June 27) Chris Brown finally got his shot at paying homage to his fallen idol, Michael Jackson, at the BET Awards 2010. Jackson’s brother Jermaine introduced Brown, who popped up on stage in a blue shirt, black slacks, white socks, and Jackson’s trademark black loafers. It was a spot-on pull from Jackson’s look at 1988’s Grammy Awards.

He started of performing Jackson’s Bad smash “The Way You Make Me Feel” and then changed into a sequined black jacket and donned a glittered white glove for Thriller‘s “Billie Jean.”  Brown’s obviously the only singer capable of doing Jackson’s moves justice. He popped, spun, and moonwalked as the “King of Pop” did for decades.

The performance’s most touching moment came when Brown started to sing Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror.” Within a few lines he got too choked up to finish the track, bursting into tears. Because last year’s BET Awards happened just days after Jackson died, they were not able to put together a proper tribute to the legend. At this time last year Brown was also dealing with the repercussions of his assault charge for violence against his ex girlfriend Rihanna. Even though a Chris Brown tribute to Jackson seemed obligatory, I’m not too sure it would’ve been appropriate for the embattled talent to make the awards ceremony. A year later, people may still question BET’s rationale.

Did you see Brown’s tribute? You glad he got to perform for Michael? How did he do? Weigh in below.

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  • rob

    No, it didn’t bother me at all.

    • Shaun

      This was the best tribute to MJ (besides the one that janet did) and I have no problems with it at all. Great Job Chris!!

      • anthony

        best tribute of them all… Chris Brown was the best part of the whole show! Tonight may allow for another chance… a talent like that needs to be let out!

      • Trish

        I agree, No ONE could have done this justice except Chris Brown I am happy he finally got his chance to pay homage.

      • Beth Hart

        @Tish No ONE? Really? Come on! Both You and Brad have Obviously never seen Usher do his spot on MJ Moves. Usher is a better dancer, he seems almost weightless when glides across that floor just like MJ and unlike Chris!

        Still I thought it started out great then got ridiculously melodramatic. And People saying they cried? lol just as silly!

      • LOL

        He’s a punk a$$.

      • kissmy

        Did anybody noticed BET’s attempt at fixing the damage done by CB and Kanye mistakes? It may have worked for CB, but Kanye blew his chance. They both deserve to be forgotten, not forgiven!!!!

      • dave

        I agree. He was the best.

      • FORTY

        2 all yall bum ass haters really saying he a punk for crying yall really some lames, CB had da best performance hands down and no1 could have did it anyt betta, yea usher woulda did great but would not have been as emotional and perfect timing like CB due to da fact dat he was not able to giv a tribute for da situation he was in with rihanna. CB deserve a second chance hands down

      • Ciara

        @ Beth you have to be on some other stuff….Usher has done no justice to what CB did lastnight….

        @ Lol…yea im LMFAO at you right now cuz u lame for sayin that u must be a young person.

      • Joe

        Yeah… this guy probably doesn’t even care about MJ. After hearing his public comments etc, he comes off as a total a$$hole. He only did that in an attempt to change public opinion and from reading the comments here it looks like he’s fooled everyone.

      • bruno

        AH. MAZE. ING.

      • bruno

        USHER????!!!….uhhh…no. not. even. close.

      • bruno

        and joe…
        chris brown what? fooled everyone into thinking what an amazing performer he is? yeah, i was “tricked” by his awesome performance. as for his emotional derailment, doing a tribute to your longtime idol is one thing, doing it in the shadow of everything that’s gone on with brown the past year plus is quite another. that was a simply sensational, not to mention fitting, tribute.

      • Gloria

        yes indeed . He was fantastic

      • Kina

        It did not bother me. People quit hating. I think Chris Brown deserves another chance. It is crazy that he does not get another chance when Charlie Sheen and Tonny Lee were given another chance after they abused there spouses. I say at least give him a chance to redeem himself. I think Chris Brown did good last night. Why is it not appropriate to have him and Kanye West on the BET Awards. Because of what they did . Please. In that case we need to look at every artist and actors who have done things and say it is not appropriate for them to attend award shows.

      • Kina

        @ Natalie & Terri
        So you are saying it was okay for Rihanna to hit him and punch him. But he could not touch her. I am sick and tired of females out here starting fights with males and when they get hit back they want to cry abuse.I have seen it were females have started punching on males and when the males hit them back they want to cry abuse. I am telling you right now that neither one of them had the right to hit each other. If Rihanna did start the fight she should have own to her part in it.

      • Carol

        I think Chris is a great dancer, Usher is better, and MJ was the best. Chris probably did as good a job as anybody could, but it still did not compare to Michael. Michael could float, spin, and slide in such a way as to make you think he was weightless and superhuman. His spins were legendary and Chris did not come even close. Sorry, but I’ve never seen anyone do what MJ could do. RIP Michael, you’ll always be the best.

      • Mira

        I feel he wouldn’t have cried if he wasn’t already in the doghouse, yeah?

    • crystal


      • Dan

        BEST TRIBUTE EVERY! Chris Brown was AWESOME!!!

      • Lessley

        He made me cry just like i did when MJ died. his emotions were real. . he felt our pain and for that i support you chris. i hope you can get through this hard time and people won’t keep ridiculing you as they did MJ. Be strong! that was THE best tribute i’ve seen. thank you for that BET and thank you chris brown!!!! R.I.P. KING OF MUSIC♥

      • Lenny


      • A.Tom

        I wouldn’t call beating your girlfriend a mistake. Just sayin.

        Chris Brown may be talented and I don’t think it was wrong for him to perform to get to perform–it is just business. I just want to point out that beating a woman is not a “mistake.”

      • Pierre

        @A.Tom umm last i check everyone is human and every human makes mistakes whether you no what your doing is wrong the first time it is a mistake the 2nd time its a habit. we learn and grow from our mistakes.

      • Leelee

        ABSOLUTELY BREATH-TAKING PERFORMANCE. And to all the haters, keep it comin cuz he culdn’t have done it with out yall lol.Peace. Keep ya head up Chris. HANDS DOWN BEST TRIBUTE YET.

      • Blaaaake!

        are you suggesting Chris Brown should give head to Jesus?

      • Ciara

        @ Tom we all make mistakes remember what you say when the time is here and its your turn to answer to god. It doesnt how big or how small the mistake is…God forgives and forgets and we should be like him. There is no mistake bigger than another….as is no sin is greater than another.

      • kymm

        Although I do not condone domestic violence has anybody stopped to think about what she may have done to provoke the incident. It is possible she started the whole thing. People do react out of shock or surprise. However, as for his performance tribute to MJ it was a wonderful tribute to the KING OF POP!!! RIP MJ :-(

      • ShannonW

        @kymm: Thank you so much, I have been saying the same thing this entire time. Seeing Rihanna, she seemed like a real hot head, and it was hard to believe that Chris started attacking her for no reason. It was horrible what happened, but it seemed like Rihanna used it to help her career while Chris had to suffer. Glad he’s getting a chance.

      • Natalie

        @kymm…ok, I meant to comment on Chris’s incredibly thoughtful and talented performance, but now I am compelled to respond to you. As a counselor who has worked with abused women, it NEVER matters what the woman says, does or wears, abuse is never, ever called for! Even if she did say or do things to upset him, he could have chosen other ways to deal with his anger…he could have just walked away or left for instance…instead, he chose to beat her. Ignorant comments and attitudes like yours are partly why abused women are often afraid to seek help.

      • Terri

        What ignorance. What she may have done to provoke him? It’s absolutely inexcuseable to beat someone, I don’t care the reason. You have no proof that she did anything to “provoke” him and even if she did it doesn’t matter. Stop making excuses, what her did was wrong. Of course he suffered for what he did and he should have.

        I didn’t see the tribute, but I bet Chris was awesome. Someone mentioned Usher and said that he would have done a better job. I disagree, I think Chris has more of a MJ style and movement than Usher, though Usher is very good in his own right. I have no problem with Chris performing, I think he was the best choice for the honor.

      • Juanita

        For all the judgemental nasty remarks, from your comments one would assume you don’t ever want him to work again….please how many mistakes have you made and wish you could take the decision back…..this young man made a mistake as young people do all the time….show him some support. I was a fan before and I continue to be.

    • Jane

      I agree–nothing bothersome at all. In fact, probably even respectful on BET’s part considering the one-year anniversary of MJ’s passing was two days ago. I’d rather the tribute be now, with all this time to prepare for something spectacular and perfect like this, than for something quickly thrown together in a matter of hours because MJ was known to be a perfectionist.

      • KrazyT11

        well said

      • Annoyed

        Nothing bothersome about a woman beater paying tribute to a multi-time ‘alleged’ child molester. Only on BET.

      • Faye

        Charlie Sheen have been beating women all his life .. but to each his own

      • JTJ

        I AGREE

    • missy4250

      Chris Brown did an excellent job with his tribute to Michael Jackson. It was great to see him back on stage. Sure he has gone through his trials and tribulations but…we all have. The only difference between Chris and most of us, is his celebrity status. While I am not a fan of a man putting his hands on a woman or abusive relationships, I am sure he has learned so much from this ordeal to last him a lifetime. Let us pray this is the case. However, the backlash for his actions with the situation with Rhianna has gone on long enough. There are bigger matters to contend with rather than wondering about the personal life of Chris Brown. He deserves a second chance just like everyone else. One a professional note, he belongs on the stage, with the support of his fans. Welcome back Chris. You have been missed and good luck.

      • kcollins63

        well said missy! i agree with your sentiments completely,especially that the backlash has gone on long enough. what he did was wrong. but many of the same people who are judging and blackballing him have done wrong as well.

      • SharB

        Missy you comment is spot on. Chris did a wonderful job and I was in tears also. Why can’t people forgive him? He’s paid his due and he’s sorry for what happened. Let it go!!! He’s a kid (by all accounts) and he has to grow and I think the time away from the public eye has done that. Like you said, there are others who have done ever worse and nothing has been said because it wasn’t made public. So. None of us are perfect and all of us have done things we regret later.

      • jennrae

        I don’t know, I don’t think we all have pummeled someone much smaller than us. I’m not saying he should have to answer for it his whole life, really I don’t know what’s appropriate in this situation, but he did beat the hell out of a girl. It is his own fault, nobody else’s, and just because he can sing and dance and cry doesn’t make it right. This was his first performance back and ten will get you twenty that his people worked out an emotional response from him so the audience would find him endearing.

      • The Best

        I couldnt agree with you more. People said they he and Rihanna both abused each other so why wasnt she punished like he was? It’s not right at all. She was allowed to go on like the victim and Chris gets all the hate just b/c shes a woman and he’s a man. Abuse is never ok on either end.

      • Twin

        I can’t believe the comments about his past. If she would have NEVER hit him in the 1st place none of this would have never happen. PERIOD POINT BLANK. Everyone is always saying he could have walk away, well she could have kept her hands to herself. I bet she won’t do it again!!

      • lilbits

        I totally agree with Missy 4250. What happened with Rhianna was disturbing however at the end of the day I believe he has paid the price for his mistake. His performance last night was AWESOME hand down. All of you out there that keep reaping his past I wonder what we would uncover about you if you were in the spotlight!!! He who is without sin cast the first stone!!!

      • Jesus Christ

        All right, then…

        *casts a stone*

      • @lilbits

        True. But after the crowd (of stoners) left, Jesus told the woman to “go and sin no more.” He didn’t say, “Go on national television, pay tribute to a known pedifile, and wind it all up with some phony tears about your pathetic situation.” Forgivness is one thing – good taste is another.

      • J Adams

        I totally agree with you. People stay into others people business so much they don’t like to tell their on problems but they are quick to judge somebodys else. I give a big ups to Cris too, because after he did his dirt he still was man enough to stand up for his I know alot of people that are not even that man or women enough to not even do that.

      • hillary


    • Monica

      I thought it was a good tribute to MJ, but Usher would’ve been a WAY better choice to do his songs justice. CB did his thing, but he messed up the song when he started to cry. I still think the MJ tribute at the Grammy’s was a much better one tho.

      • Dee

        Usher, was one of the first and best of this generation to do it but his time has passed. Let’s be honest, he doesn’t have it like he used to! We can’t forget that a year ago Usher broke down crying as well as he paid tribute to MJ!

      • disturbed

        I liked Chris Brown, but don’t discredit Usher. Chris Brown is a great dancer, but Usher is a far superior vocalist. He is one of the only entertainers who does not sing with a backing track & can also do extensive dance routines and sing at the same time while still sounding nearly perfect. His material as of late has sucked tremendously, but the talent is still there.

        On a greater note, why must we always ‘disthrone’ our entertainers in order to uphold others?? This is what people did to MJ. You guys wait until the artist dies to appreciate them, and never seem to appreciate their efforts while they are alive and living. It is very grotesque and sickening.

      • Ciara

        @ Disturbed…U have really disturbed me….If you have talent your material should never suck tremendously no matter what. Usher is an amazing artist but like Dee said his time has come and gone and now CB has taken the spotlight. Just as with Michael Jordan he was the best and I still feel the same and even though I hate Kobe Bryant I must give credit where credit is due.

      • The Best

        Usher??? Please!! He cannot dance like Chris can anymore. Maybe back in the day, but not now. They picked the right person for the job. Him breakind down shows how he felt at that time and he couldnt control it. It made the performance more special to me!!

      • Blu Angel

        Ok, lets be real, we are going to scrutinize any performance, tribute or otherwise, in which someone is singing a MJ song. Why? Because as we all know, and it has been stated here several times, MJ was a perfectionist. His performances, emotion-filled or not, were perfect; and we have come to expect that from those performing his songs. Does this mean that we’re going to get it? Of course not. Nevertheless, when you are given the great responsibility of performing as a “legend” or the songs of a “legend”— much is required! Many of the performers now do not have natural singing ability, professionalism, or a stage presence that allows them to connect with the audience, and they have had great examples because MJ (and Prince) had this. For those who keep knocking Usher, stop “downing” him to uplift Chris. There is room for both of them. Usher and his music are more mature, and there is an audience for him. Chris is moving in that direction, in addition to acting career. They both have the ability to get to MJ (and Prince) status if they stick with making real music and stop trying to “make hits”. Was I overwhelmed with emotion the way some of the bloggers were? No. Do I think that this was a “history making” performance? Not really. However, that does not mean that CB and the other viewers were not genuine in their emotion. I think he has great things ahead of him and I wish him well.

      • D’s Advocate

        @Ciara Your comment, “if you have talent your material should never suck tremendously no matter what” is laughable.

        Exhibit A: Sandra Bullock’s one two punch of the Oscar-winning “The Blind Side” and the Razzie-winning “All About Steve”.

        and not to open up a can of worms here, but the gulf between “Thriller” and “Invincible” is massive. I’m not a huge MJ fan, but I’m reasonable enough to recognize that “Thriller” (and “Off The Wall”, and many other albums and songs that Jackson gave us) is brilliant, and some of his other work…sucks.

      • prince

        shut up …

      • hillary


    • Jalen

      I respect him soo much. it was an excellent and amazing performance and tribute to mj. im glad he was able to pay his tribute. that was very special and touching. idc about all the drama chris brown has had in the past but he’s back and you cant take that tribute away. great performance cb i respect you. r.i.p. mj. you are missed.

      • kevin

        we didnt really see usher cry but CB did …

      • mercy

        Talking to that man in the mirror is a hard thing to do. Making that change is a hard thing to do. And so is moving on and changing when people refuse to believe you’ve changed, insist on tainting your future with your past. I’d have cried too, and so would you. What’s the point of changing and being better if everyone else is just going to see you as the guy who beat up Rihanna for the rest of your life? You talk semantics (a mistake is a poor choice that often has negative consequences and therefore beating up your girlfriend is a mistake…not an accident, but a mistake), but the only thing that matters is whether or not you believe people can change. If you do, then you judge him based on his present not on his past. If you don’t, start defining yourself by the worst thing you’ve ever done, because you’re still the same person as well.

      • J robi

        There is no one Person right or wrong Opinions are like ears every one has them, to each his own, may God bless us all,I like Usher but they didn’t ask Usher, and they didn’t ask us, so Chris you did awesome, God bless.

    • dani

      I thought Chris was great. I think he was crying because of Michael and he hasn’t been seen on stage for 2 years. He is sorry and learned his lesson – let’s move on, Rihanna has.

      • stacinova singh

        I thoroughly enjoyed all that CB did and I personally thought his tears were genuine. Everybody deserves a second chance. LOL

    • Bob

      Did he beat any women this time?

      • hillary


    • candice

      A Job well done! Chris Brown did a great job on last night! Chris Brown is the only one who can come close to mimicking Micheal Jackson.

      • hillary

        DAMN RIGHT

    • yolie

      It is the anniversary of M J’s death! No one in 09′ seemed to accept anything Chris B had to offer in grievence to the King of Pop,his mentor.He did him right and proved he has feelings too. To the haters You can’t take away his talent.Chris Brown is here,Forgive and move on!!

      • jackie

        we all need togive christ brown a chance every make mistakes”rihanna is not perfeck.i bet she hit him first.all these stores need to put is c.d back on the shelf he need to eat all so unlike rihanna;jz needs to fine out from rihanna what happen before he started to judge,him we are human christ will be back i bet you that who cares about rihanna i dont;

      • brittany

        well i like chris brown tribute i cryed>

    • DruggyBear

      the women here who defend Chris Brown are the same ones who write killers like Joran van Der Sloot love letters in prison

      • rae

        Now that was just about the dumbest thing that will every come out of Druggy mouth. One would think that Chris beat your ass in the head making dumb comments like that!

      • Bobby Fields

        I wonder if they’d be as forgiving if they or their sisters were the ones getting beaten up by Chris…

      • rastamanvibe

        druggy bear you must be one of them girls that are always bitter thats if you are a girland if you are a dude u are very lame a lame bear lol , and why would you compare chris brown to a serial killer you must be one of those ignorant hicks with low IQ, they are not the same and didnt even come close to commiting the same crime. and for the ones that say you should not hit a woman no matter what …must be slow too, even the counsellor,i dont support violence towards women and children but i have seen where these girls throw haymakers and dudes still get locked up after been beaten by the girl…. it is pathetic that all a woman has to do is cry rape, or abuse and everyone is on her wagon. Just because chris didn’t go running to the media did you see his pictures when he turned himself in? And please i always say don’t hit if you don’t wanna get hit end of story CHRIS WE ARE BEHIND YOU …. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO BEST

      • DefenderofChrisBrown

        First and formost, if i want to defend him, it’s because I want to. It doesn’t make me like anyone. My OPINION is, if you can raise a hand to a man, then he can raise and hand to me, and I’m not gunna cry victim. You should be taught when you are younger to never hit someone unless you want to be hit back. That teaches equality more so than the garbage, woman=victim, so scream abuse if you’re hit. If i stabbed chris in the knee with a knife people will be like, “oh well he must have hit, cheated, or lied to her.” WTF? Get out of here with that stupid mentality. He could have just breathed wrong. -_- so I don’t care for, his life, I care for his music, and I and whoever else can support whoever they want.

    • blow j simpson

      why do ni*gers love child molesters and woman-beaters as much as they love fried chicken?

      • rae

        Why do scary @ss bigots hide behind blogs and talk sh*t? Why are child molesters and women beaters scary @ss bigots that hide and do damage? Sorta like YOU maybe?

      • Heath

        to blow j simpson why do people like you even breathe. keep your stupid remarks in your tiny brain.

      • RAY

        Because they’re sick twisted bastards. not the chicken just those jerks

      • hillary


    • JC

      Chris, you are a talented young man with an incredible voice. Let MJ continue to inspire you because you can channel him very well. I only have your first album and to me it was your best so far. Take what you have learned from your mistake, life, and growth and use that as fuel to make a great album, and I have your back brotha. Excellent! :)

    • Lanny

      This was really staged. I was laughing and covering my ears during his “crying jag” during the performance. Unprofessional to say the least and tear drop induced to say the most.

      • hillary


    • mercy

      It’s really funny that people think it’s inappropriate for anyone to pay tribute to Michael Jackson based on their background. Yes, he was one of the greatest musicians and entertainers to ever walk the earth but he was far from perfect, just like all the people posting on this thread. You are talking about a man who was accused multiple times of criminal sexual acts, that these charges were not proven in court (OJ Simpson) has little to do with the truth of whether or not he did those things. Honestly, I don’t care if he did or didn’t…Michael Jackson was not my friend or associate, nor was he any of yours. Yes it’s sad that he died already; no, no one will ever compare to his musical talent and pervasiveness. But when you get right down to it, a man half as great as any of you seem to believe MJ was would be honored and grateful that anyone thought to pay him tribute, he would be gracious about the young man’s mistakes, he would withhold judgement about the sincerity of the man’s sentiments and most especially he would refrain from petty arguments, name-calling, mudslinging and general verbal debauchery that follows in these comments pages. Some tribute you all have paid him!

    • Daisy

      He sucks!! He beats up women! I was a fan but no longer!! He can win 100 Grammy and I will never ever buy anything he puts out EVER!

      • J Adams

        The person that dont sin shall cast the first stone unless you are perfect and dont do anything wrong you shouldnt have anything to say about anybody because the same way you are talking about somebody, somebody is talking about you.

      • bj

        to daisy and blow j simpson get a life and stop waisting time on your computer and get god in your life. He is the only judge you bigots.

      • hillary


    • Carole

      Chris Brown did an outstanding tribute to Michael. If God could forgive us for our sins, who are we not to forgive one another? I’m proud of you, Chris!

      • RAY

        YEAH so he’s a great performer not to mention SEXY AS HELL.So what he screwed up in the past, who hasn’t. hands down he’s the best performer at the bet awards with tribute to MJ.RIP. Good job CB

    • anubis strata

      wow i see almost everybody is overlooking the whole pic here. What happen between chris and rihanna is truely their business i mean where ANY of you there when all of it went down no. everyone make mistakes get over it many others have done worse like KILLING their spose. I commend dude for doing what he did regardless of what we as people on the outside say and think. Question what would you have done for a tribute i bet nothing without mike there was no cb, usher,justin, or anyother artist…. so let it go hats off to him for it regardless of the tears if they were fake
      RIP MJ

  • Ray

    RIP MJ

  • dionne

    I’m not a fan of any man who hits a woman but I am also not a fan of any PERSON who can demean a person who doesn’t deserve it. Chris Brown was given a raw deal by the media. There are not too many people who can cast stones but I can guarantee that most of the stone throwers are not innocent themselves. Chris Brown I saw your pain tonight on the BET awards. I felt it through your performance. I wish you as well as Rhianna the best that life has to offer. The defamation has gone on long enough.

    • Francine

      I agree with Dionne 100%

      • Kendra

        Amen to that.

    • Valley Girl

      Right on. Let’s forgive & go on.

      • chaunte

        100%.. i believed hes learnd 4rm his mistake an 2nite he got 2 show the world his love 4 michael..

      • @valley girl

        Sure, honey. After all, didn’t we forgive Michael Jackson, ummm…how many times? How many little boys? Yeah, let’s not only forgive everyone, let’s pay tribute to them too.

      • Tom

        @valleygirl Michael Jackson doesn’t need you to forgive him. He was judged in the court of law and found not guilty 14 times. The jury didn’t even give the DA a small misdemeanor conviction which they could have done had they had any doubt and there is nothing haters can do to change that. Chris Brown also had his day in court. If you don’t agree with what the judge did call him up and complain.

      • @valley girl

        Well, you’re right, Tom, Michael Jackson certainly doesn’t need my forgivness. Why do you suppose he was brought up on charges FOURTEEN times? Amazing what money and fame will get you out of. He is just as innocent as OJ Simpson, but it sure isn’t me he has to answer to.

      • RAY

        “FO SHO” not like he killed her move peeps, he has.

    • cinzia

      coming form a woman who was abused by my ex who is a pro basketball player..i have to admit i am so against abuse..but in the same retrospect i also completely totally disagree with brow beating someone just to promote your up coming album..which is exactly what Rihanna did…if i had to choose on spending my money to see one of them in concert i would by far choose “CHRIS BROWN” what he did was wrong..but how she delt with it was much worse..great tribute Chris..and continue to show the world that with the Grace of GOD people “CAN” change…

      • Cherry

        I totally agree with cinzia and I’m so glad that someone finally had the courage to state the obvious. Yes, Chris B. was wrong for what he did, no one disputes that, but there’s always gonna be a mistake to be made so that we can be able to forgive. I hate to say it but it was almost like the “incident” helped Rihanna’s career!

      • @cinzia

        Are you insane? First of all, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the way Rihanna handled the situation. Second of all, I specifically remember Chris Brown going on Larry King and 20/20 shortly before the release of his album Graffiti (in the case of 20/20, just a few days before the release of Graffiti) to tell “his side of the story,” i.e. to promote his new album. You are so hypocritical, it’s disgusting. Either criticize both of them for doing it, or criticize neither of them.

      • shawny

        @cinzia, you gave your opinion now let everyone else have theirs. I’m not a fan of a man or woman putting their hands on each other. I’ve never been beaten, and have a daughter and pray that never happens to her. We as people keep forgetting that business and personal matters are too separate issues. Were not Jesus, and shall not judge. I feel sorry for both of them, and we don’t have to forget but we do have to forgive. CB don’t owe us anything, he owes all forgiveness to Jesus and Rhianna. Like someone said earlier, she’s forgiven so that’s all that matters. His support group is awesome and has steered him in the right way. I wish Rhianna the best, but on a business side Jay Z is trying to put her on Beyonce status and she will never be up to that par. This incident helped her career, and put CB on hold. He was our golden boy, so alot of people are still in shock, as with Whitney Houston. People forgave RIP-James Brown who beat more than one wife, and countless others. There are women who get beat everyday, but FOX and CNN don’t put there stories on the air, and make a mockery out of it, but, since he’s famous and rhianna it was the talk of the town. It boots their ratings, made her career cause admit it or not she was not an international superstar until now. If this happened with a unknown woman, everyone would’ve forgiven CB a long time ago. He did a wonderful job, he’s a great performer, and he’s back. Usher is a great performer, but the right person was up there last night. Usher does sing to back up tracks, and on his high notes he wears a belt a pushes a button to help his range. Good luck to Rhianna and CB in the future, and I hope their careers excel, and CB will continue to be a great entertainer. Graffiti did very well, and he has singles in the top 10 on the Billboard charts. You have a right to your opinion, but if you have the balls to judge him, please have the ball to answer for your wrong doings when your time comes. People will agree and disagree, but this is my opinion, and I’m still and always will be a fan. Great job!

      • Gata

        Ditto – I too was an abused woman, and I fought back, but the last incident was one I couldn’t accept, and I left…I feel like it takes 2 to tango, and that the “victim” was also the agressor in this case…

        Chris did an awesome job last night, and I was happy to see him get the chance to do what he loves to do…

        I am going to support him even further by going to see the move “Takers” that he will have a role in coming out on August 27, 2010.

        I would never, ever, never, ever buy a darn thing that Rhiana puts out, that includes make-up – I never liked her (she is vocally challenged in my opinion) and that says alot about how I receive an artist.

      • @Gata

        Actually your comments say a lot more about you receive YOURSELF than how you receive an artist. You say you were abused, but you actually think if the “victim was the agressor” she would deserve to beaten to a pulp? You may have left your abusor, but honey, you still need professional help.

    • Monica

      I agree with you 100%. God forgave ALL of us for something we’ve done wrong in our lives. No sin is greater than the other. No one and I repeat NO ONE not even Usher could top that performance.

      • D’s Advocate

        What about MJ himself?

    • Moni

      Well put Dionne! Time to move on and let this very young man fulfill his destiny.

    • SharB

      count me in agreeing also.

    • elanorroosevelt

      I agree with you as well. It is time for Chris to do what Chris does best… I cant wait for his next album.

    • the girl

      That is a very wonderful perspective to have. Yes he did a terrible thing but what does it say about those of us who keep throwing it back in his face? If we never say another word about it he will still have guilt to live with.

      • hillary


    • Bob

      Rihanna got a raw deal from his fist!

      • hillary


    • Dinjab

      You are addressng CB and Rihanna on ths blog? You thinm they’re reading it and saying, Oh, snap, that’s sweet!

    • Daisy

      Once a woman beater ALWAYS a woman beater! Chris you suck BIG TIME!

      • bj

        you suck!! give this young man a chance. I bet you wish you had a man to beat you.

      • hillary


  • Laila

    HELL NO. He has talent and that was the BEST performance of the night. I LOVED it.

  • nkechi64

    Chris is human just as Michael was human. We all make mistakes. It was not about Chris it was about Michael. We all need to look at that man in the mirror

    • Yadullah B. Tucker

      I agree that everyon needs to look at the ma in the mirror, and tonight I believe that is what Chris brown has been doing. No matter what he been said I still love him and tonight he showed everyone not only how talented he is, but also how human he is and I am glad that he was able to give homeage to the KING. Nobody else could’ve ever done the justice that Chris Brown has done in this performance. I love you Chris! I’m a true fan for life baby!!!!!

      • Dinjab

        Hed smac you silly if he could

  • RayJorr

    I hated it. It was awful. I was expecting much more.

    • Sally

      U are kidding right? I mean u r entitled 2 your opinion but this guy was amazing. He was Michael posthumously!

      • norah

        I am not discrediting CB but if u go on u tube there are hundreds if not thousands of ppl who dance in the style of MJ all over the world, they want to honor him and keep his music and dance alive forever and deservedly so. Chris Brown is just one.. as he is a celeb he is highlighted, but there are many who can do the same, if not better.

    • jay

      U are crazy…Chris Brown was the best performance of the night…he was amazing and they put the right persone to do it..

      • VICKY

        The best tribute to MJ by far!

    • Carolyn

      He was great. You should expect more performances from him in the future…..

      He did Michael proud…

    • Trish

      IF you expected more then you must be waiting for JESUS to walk on water!!!!

      • Jesus Christ

        Shows at 2:15, 3:45, 5:15, 8:00 and midnight.

    • sheikwil

      rayjorr, your jealousy is showing. Don’t hate the player hate the game. Haters are simply jealous people.

    • Renee

      U hated it???? R U serious??? What were u watching??? I give credit where credit is due even if its for my worst enemy. Come on now….there is no way u can say Chris wasn’t good no matter how much you dislike him!!!

    • LLOYVE1

      GOD bless you Chris Brown, because the world is a hateful place. I pray that you forgive yourself and give praise to the almighty for forgiviness and allow our father to lift you.And no matter who hates on you, with GOD–all things are possible because MAN will hold blame upon you no matter what you do. Seek GOD first and try to see your worth through my father’s eyes. Great performance on the tribute to Micheal Jackson. Be Blessed.

      • lucinda Dishmey

        you were great Chris and i never stop loving you hold your head up and please dont look back at that girl what ever her name is. keep going you remind me of my son. get back what the devil tryed to steal from you God is with YOU . Lucinda

      • DruggyBear

        if you are dumb enough to believe there is a god u are dumb enough to believe chris brown has changed

    • HOLYP

      rayjorr is an idiot. stop being a hater

    • Lisa

      Wow rayjorr what more were you expecting? It was a tribute driven from pure emotion and love. Ummm maybe they should’ve called you since you obviously wanted more blood, sweat and tears. HOLYP is right stop being a hater. Be happy for someone else for a change. God loves you too.

    • Just leave him alone

      Leave CB alone. Chris did a great job no one else could represent MJ. This is the reason MJ is not with us now people being to hard on folks. We don’t know all the details about Chris Brown Just like we didn’t know about MJ to later find out it was lies. Get your life right before you judge. Leave Chris alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tami


    • KrazyT11

      hating for no reason isn’t good for the soul

    • Ann

      If we all take a step back and remember, the media made us hate MJ and think vile thoughts about him. Now I guess it’s Chris Brown’s turn. The tribute performance was heart-wrenching, electrifying and appropriate. So glad to see him back in his element for he has way too much talent to be shelved due to one error in judgement. So glad I’m not held accountable for everything I did as a teen and young adult! Time to move along and hate the actions; not the person. Your hatred of MJ, Chris Brown, etc. won’t do a bit of good for you – only jeopardize your entry into heaven (since you’re so perfect yourselves). Where is the love? If not love, respect for something that you cannot do: give props where they are earned and try not to make another’s mistakes if you can.

      • yeah, whatever

        The media didn’t make anyone hate MJ or CB. Molesting young boys and beating women made people turn on them. But maybe you think the criminal acts of public figures shouldn’t be exposed simply because you worship them?

      • Holler24

        Criminal acts should be exposed. CB has and still is paying for his.

        And public figures should pay for their actions. But not when when they are falsely accused and found to be innocent (even while people like you refuse to believe it).

      • Jaya

        MJ never hurt anyone. he was innocent, a gentle and sweet soul. Brown, however, punched and beat a woman causing blood, black eyes, and knocked her out. Why such a violent person was allowed to do an MJ tribute is beyond me.
        CB ‘s career should be OVER. He doesn’t deserve to use Michael Jackson to try to get his career back. Usher would have been a much better choice, he is a good person and not violent.

      • Stephanie

        Chris Brown made a mistake and is forever being reminded of it because of people who weren’t there and have no idea what provoked his actions. I don’t condone violence in any kind of way but sometimes, without thinking, we get reactions out of our very own actions. He’s human and we all make mistakes, judge not lest ye be judged yourself and that’s totally up to God. Chris Brown is very talented and he did a phenominal performance. I loved it, I appreciate him and I wish him the best of the best with everything in his career and his life…

      • shawny

        @yeah, whatever, it’s not about worship, it’s about forgiveness. So obviously you have alot of anger. We don’t know these people personally, just what the media puts out about them, so yes, I agree the media swayed our opinions about the situation. Again, if it was an unknown woman, we would not be having this discussion a year later. I know I’m not perfect, but I know Jesus has my back always. have your opinion, but let it go, keep your bad unforgiving ways to yourself.

      • Kina

        @ Jaya & Holler24
        Omg Are you serious? Chris Brown did excellent. So quit hating.

      • norah

        no one but MJ has seen the real raw hatred of the media…the whole ordeal that MJ went through was like a media lynching and he saw it for many many many years…to date no one has recanted their lies and innuendos against him. That is the way of the world we live in-only the good die young, but the evil seems to live forever.

    • Ciara

      You need help..are you serious is the question???? That was the best BET has ever did!!!!!

      • leon

        Rhianna was no innocent in this situation. She started fighting him FIRST and bcus she got the worst of it all hell broke loose but if she would have got the best of him he would have been in the media as a punk ass who let his woman beat him. Where was her punishment for putting her hands on him. Double standards. Get over it. Usher please lol.cb did the only tribute

    • Dee

      Let’s see you do it!

    • Dinjab

      thank you

  • Lorraine

    That was the best Michael Jackson tribute I have ever seen. Chris Brown was phenominal. I cried the entire time. Way to go Chris. We love and miss you Michael. God Bless Michael Jackson, and thank you Chris Brown…it was very moving.

  • MzCaliAttorney

    I loved it!!!…we have no choice because he’s the ONLY person that can pull it off!!!

    • aliana

      what about usher??? at least he didnt beat anyone!

      • uhmmm


      • Miss Talk

        Talking about talent ans performance, no offense to Usher (who I adore) but him, Omarion, Ciara and all those who “tried” to pull a MJ tribute need to SIT down and contemplate like the rest of us; CHRIS BROWN SLAYED THAT ISH! Give me an Amen, he NAILED it! Fire, Baby, fire!

      • Renee

        Who said Ms. Aliana…just because u haven’t heard it doesnt mean it hasnt happened!! Move on everyone else has!!

      • LiLi

        Usher is awesome hands down however, this was not about Usher is what about the best person for the job. And you have to remember Chris Brown is younger, and obviously BET agreed with everyone else heck Usher may have been asked and may have turned it down. Doing MJ is a lot of work. Regarding the “beating” someone again move on he made a mistake. Rihanna and God forgave him be a Christian and you know the rest.

      • tami


      • Patience

        Crist tribute to MJ was touching,good job.

        Christ tribute to MJ was very touching.Keep ur heads up and keep doing ur thing,i share tears too,but it was nice for the king of pop

      • Jaya

        Thank you Alana I completely agree… I wouldn’t watch anything Brown is on if you paid me… He deserves his Pariah status….. he almost killed a woman!

      • Jaya

        Sorry I spelled you name wrong…

      • cookie07

        2 all of you that think u are not a sinner and that you want be judged for your wrongs read your bibles there are no sins greater than another. so by u judgng cb u committed a sin right there the only true judge is GOD and if he can forgive why can’t u move on with your on lives and pray everyday that u can b the best person u can b GOD loves us all

      • mike

        usher is gay. he is getting beaten from behind

      • kim

        u is gay

      • Jesus Christ

        @Patience : Actually, I wasn’t able to attend the BET awards this year, and was therefore unable to do a tribute. I’ve got it pencilled in for next year, though. I’m thinking “Ben”, followed by “They Don’t Care About Us”. Whaddayathink?

      • Mandala

        I honestly think peploe should MOVE ON, AND LET IT GO. It happened 2 YEARS AGO. Both of them are very successful. I’m not saying what he did was right, but damn, everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are made, so peploe can learn from them. And I truly think that Chris Brown has learned from them. I just wish peploe will leave him the hell alone! If he’s trying to promote his album, or movie or something, let the interview just be about THAT. Don’t bring up Rihanna. The only reason why peploe are picking on him is because he’s Chris Brown. SO EFFIN WHAT?! He’s a person! He’s a human! He’s normal just like you and me, he just happend to be a very successdul superstar that can dance and sing his ass off. Why is it so hard for you to forgive him? Why can’t you just let 2009, STAY in 2009, and let the past be the past? I still love Chris Brown, and I always will, because unlike some hateful ass peploe who keep revisiting the past, I know how to forgive. I understand that even peploe on TV make mistakes. It would nice if peploe would start recognizing Chris for his talent, and not a mistake. I WILL FOREVER LOVE CHRIS BROWN (:

    • Valley Girl

      You are right MzCaliAttorney. Chris is the one who can pull off the MJ moves. He did him justice tonight. Way to go Chris.

  • Dominique

    LOVED IT…i cried with him

  • knicola06

    i always think that he should have given a second chance … Well done Chris Brown

  • Kay M.

    I just saw Chris Brown’s Tribute to MJ on the BET Awards and it was excellent. The best I have seen. He should have been allowed to pay tribute on last years’s show, because the tribute performances on that show were horrible.

    • Gale Satchell


    • whatever

      Thank you!!! The tribute show last year sucked. Chris had the best performance of the night and the best tribute.

  • dani

    the crying was SO STAGED.

    • Andrew

      crying to the point where you cant sing even if you try your hardest and snot comes out of your nose is staged? wow you must associate yourself with some really emotional people then.

      • kiink

        pp; are so stupid,that wasnt staged at all! gey over your self! i loved it yu go brezzy!

    • Miss Talk

      I swear to God, leave this boy alone! He has been MIA for one and a half year but nobody has been able to pull a “decent” tribute to MJ. Chris Brown is not a saint, but I can’t stand any more media bashing on this guy while Mickey Rourke, Sean Penn and Bobby Brown have done the same stuff and can walk off as kings. Anyone is The man in mirror: anyone has flaws and can make a change.
      Welcome back in the game, CHRIS.

      • LG

        Chris Brown was so much like MJ it was amazing. I don’t condone what he did. But he was the only person who cld do those moves.

      • Tana Baybee Doll

        THAT IS NOTHIN LESS THEN THE TRUTH!!! They been riding him like hell when other dudes have done the same thing plenty of times but still get money! He did it once and they didn’t even wanna play his songs on the radio! CHRIS BROWN is too talented for the media to try and keep him out! HE DID IT;; HE KILLED IT;; END OF STORY!!! No one will EVA touch his MJ tribute!!! He’s coming back and thats it! ppl need to stop hating on that man (my future husband)AND try to get they money like he is! #THAT IS ALL!!!

      • Athena

        Amen Rhianna forgave him who are we not to. Chris nailed it and I do believe he has looked at that man in the mirror. Best tribute to MJ to-date. Welcome back Chris.

      • msgee1

        I agree with you on that point, because we are still hearing about Charlie Sheen beating on his wife. While he is labeled a bad boy, gets the highest paid contract on TV and walks away with probation, Chris Brown gets demonized for the rest of his life for one mistake only. Black men are labeled criminals, while whites are called bad boys. Talk about managing perception, the media has done a job on us.

      • Kina

        Thank you. You took the words right out of mouth. Charlie Sheen has not done this once but twice with his frist wife Denise Richards as well. The one with Denise Richards was before he became the highest paid actor on cbs. But people still was a fan of his. Chris Brown gets bashed daily over what happen. That is unfair.

    • sheila

      YOu have LOST Your mind if you think that was staged…that was PURE emotions !!!!!!!!!!

      • Ciara

        I agree….

      • mike

        I agree too

    • Carolyn

      You may not know much about emotions. That was not staged…

    • Laila

      What show were you watching? His IDOL passed away, and NO ONE let him pay tribute.

      • Jesus Christ

        On TV, anyway.

    • Gale Satchell


    • sheikwil

      dani. you have the mentality of that loser sarah palin, your ignorance is showing. you are jealous because y0ou have no talent.

    • Renee

      If it was staged he deserves an Oscar because he is one hell of a actor. Great job Chris!!!

      • prince

        renee,,,stop hating,im sure that you have done a many of wrongs in your life..and tomorrow,,,you will make some more mistakes..we all make mistakes.

    • LiLi

      Dani I just saw what you saw. You can’t stage that? I had to sing at my deceased brother’s funeral and believe me you are not even aware of what is going on. If you notice he wasn’t even aware he was holding a microphone he was just singing into the air. He forgot he had an audience. You don’t have to love him to respect his work. He did an awesome job and his final words to the world was He won’t let you down again. That was real you can’t fake those emotions. That was truly his idol and he was filled with true emotion.

    • mulambo

      lol….. they all bought it. let don’t be surprised if he joins the twilight cast…

      • chaunte

        all these ppl actin like they neva made mistakes.. 2 many man hav all participatd n domestic violence but all men dont learn 4rm it.. i n many others believe he did n he has been 4given of his mistake jus like u hav been. he bared his soul 4 the world 2 see n i think he should b commended not criticized..

    • mulambo

      Cry baby………..

      • whatever


      • tami


      • T

        @mulambo please get a lyfe. your such a hater

      • Gulley

        you stupid, you never cried…… please do tell me you have a heart. Grow up!

      • william brown

        It’s not fair,people say Chris Brown has to get his career tarnished all because of one incident he’s got so much talent and now it’s thrown away. Also they say he’s a phony, he has a right to cry about michael and his own career I know if I was up there I’d start crying

      • RAY

        You’re such a hypo. MJ is the king of pop and the fact that he’s black, sold millions and made it no matter what reports or people said, didn’t stop him from being superb. stop HATING AND GROW UP CHILD

    • KrazyT11


    • norah

      u are so right.. again MJ s name and rep being used..for someone to get ahead

      • prince

        c/b,was already established,,,stop hating norah…

    • RAY

      Trick plz

  • kadijah


  • Yvonne

    Nobody can deny that Chris Brown did his idol justice tonight. Chris is an extremely talented young man. He made a mistake because he’s human. Now it’s time to move on.

    • Lorraine

      I agree with you Yvonne. Chris did great justice to Michael. Chris is human.

  • kiki

    This was by far the best performance of the night at BET 2010 and he is the only one who can do MJ! Gooo Chris!

    • Michele

      it was great up to the end..I thought the man in the mirror part was inappropriate and not neccessary..seemed more about Chris trying to salvage his reputation than doing a tribute to Michael

      • Argogirl

        Exactly!!! And everyone is falling for it, hook, line and sinker!!! Homeboy straight up walked out of a radio interview not a few weeks ago because they weren’t ‘promoting his album’ or some nonsense…no accountability at all!!!!

      • uhmmm

        He walked out out of the interview because he was being blackballed. When he cried during Man in the Mirror, it was cause of the sadness he had over the fact that his idol died and not one of these award shows allowed Chris to pay tribute. But you are entitled to your own opinion.

      • Valley Girl

        Seems like you need to look at the woman in the mirror. Have you no heart? The man lost his idol and was finally able to pay tribute to him. He was awesome.

      • Yashika

        chris brown had the best performance@ the bet awardshe,s a young man who made a bad decision that he will live with for the rest of his life,no 1 could have done a better job then that sorry usher i love u and j t but u two don,t have the dancing skills like chris. the media and websites need to back off this child, they didn,t do to charlie sheen what they did to chris,chris god will have your back in the end just watch baby i forgave u!

      • Trish

        IT was very appropriate, especially for people like you that seems to think he must pay for his mistake forever, he deserves a second chance and looking at the man in the mirror was the first step. SO BACK OFF—DO everyone live in a glass house?????

      • michele l.

        we may share the same name but please grow up, you be young and still wet behind the ears to say the most ignorant crap out ur mouth. you need to look yourself in the mirror because you are not perfect either

      • Brad

        You stupid

      • Nicole

        Man you don’t know how dumb you sound… Don’t act like you are perfect and like you don’t make mistakes. Get over yourself.

      • LiLi

        Michele I totally disagree how can letting someone know how you feel about them by paying them homage be inappropriate. We have all did something wrong let it go and move on. We have all sinned. It’s over let that man live his life.
        God Bless you because you must be perfect unlike the rest of us.

      • Athena

        It was absolutely appropriate. He looked at that man in the mirror and MJ did that song just for that reason.

        I’m Starting With The Man In
        The Mirror
        I’m Asking Him To Change
        His Ways
        And No Message Could Have
        Been Any Clearer
        If You Wanna Make The World
        A Better Place
        (If You Wanna Make The
        World A Better Place)
        Take A Look At Yourself, And
        Then Make A Change
        (Take A Look At Yourself, And
        Then Make A Change)

      • Jaya

        Yeah CB using beautiful, sweet, gentle Michael Jackson to try to bring back his career after almost killing a woman. I am tired of hearing that what CB did was a mistake and now all should be forgiven. That sends out a terrible and disturbing message. He had his chance at a great career, and blew it. Let him do something else now, like serving burgers in McDonalds. He should be in JAIL for what he did to Rhianna.

    • Sally in Chicago

      I just saw the vid on Youtube and I think Chris is crying as much for himself and the way he’s been treated and locked out of the business as he is for Michael.

      • Jill

        I wonder if Rihanna cried the night she almost died?

      • Nikea Jackson

        look rihainna didnt almost die the facts are we dont know what happened and im 25 it isent right young couples fight and abuse goes both ways we should figure out our own lives b4 we go tryna fix someone els

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