Eminem performs at the BET Awards: Like it?

EminemImage Credit: Matt Sayles/AP ImagesEminem was announced as one of the top performers at the 2010 BET Awards tonight. Instead, he came out as an unannounced guest halfway through Atlanta upstart B.o.B’s performance of his hit single “Airplanes.” Surprise!

“Airplanes” had already seen one line-up change for the awards broadcast, as Keyshia Cole crooned its hook instead of Paramore’s Hayley Williams. Williams does a nice job on the record, but Cole definitely added some welcome grit to the song tonight. The performance got even more compelling when Em showed up to kick his verse from bonus track “Airplanes, Part II.” As on B.o.B’s album, Eminem’s presence was a very good thing. He’s always a passionate live performer. If B.o.B got slightly upstaged during his own spotlight moment, that’s nothing to be too ashamed of.

Of course, Eminem couldn’t leave the stage without giving us a little something of his own. So after “Airplanes” landed, he transitioned seamlessly into his own smash “Not Afraid,” one of the better tunes on his mixed-bag Recovery. It was a typically focused performance, assisted by a gospel choir for that extra bit of awards-show oomph. Watching Em call out those 12-step mantras, it was clear how much he believes what he’s selling.

What did you think of Eminem’s surprise entrance and performance? Make yourselves known in the comments.

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  • May

    One of the better tunes on his album? Have you not listened to the CD?

    • david

      I agree with this sentiment… I think its one of the worst on the album, not saying its terrible, just that there is a lot better stuff on the album

      • anthony

        great performer… whoever wrote this article is an idiot for calling this “one of the best on a mixed-bag cd” apparently has not even listened to it

        however, chris brown’s performance stole the night

    • Beth Hart

      U stole my comment! I was thinking the exact same thing! Dude, either Simon didn’t fully understand the different things this album is about, or he didn’t really listen to it! Not Afraid is definitely one of the weaker tracks. But I’ve found that most people who think Recovery is a mixed bag is cuz they don’t know what’s going on, or missed things that happened, in Eminem’s life, and thats always key to understanding his Albums.
      Once I someone explains it their like ooohh! Oh yeah thats clever!

      Anyway I thought Eminems performance was powerful. Sobriety has definitely elevated the man skillz and passion! And U can tell he’s serious about what he came to do! Demand the respect hip hop has denied him! He killed it! In fact most of the performers now kinda seem like amateurs in comparison!

      • drox

        for the first time ever I read 5-6 comments and I completely agree with them. Whoever hasn’t listened to the album, esp the one that wrote this article, please do yourself and everyone a favor and actually listen to Recovery because anyone reading your comment towards “not afraid” definitely shows you have not heard the album.

    • JC

      It was ok. He was comfortable and the crowd gave him love so it was pretty good. Nothing mind blowing but solid.

  • kyle

    4get Eminem…shots out to Chris Brown! Way to represent

    • Beth Hart

      Browns performance was so melodramatic it’s was ridiculous! My friends and I couldn’t help feel embarrassed for him! We bust out laughing!

  • minus the mic issues, he was pretty good

  • LOL

    Shady is still around?

    • j

      …had second highest selling ablum last year, won a grammy and has the highest selling album this year. so ya…i guess he is “Stlll around” So a better question would be…what rock are you living under?

  • Sarah

    The version of Airplanes with Eminem’s verse is the only one they play in the Detroit area…I didn’t even realize he wasn’t in the original version until recently.

  • ash

    Keisha Cole EFFED up Airplanes, are you kidding me??????

    • Margaret

      My feelings exactly! It was horrible. I know Hayley is overseas, but damn. Totally ruined the performance.

    • Sia

      I agree Hayley does a way better job with Airplanes. I love Keyshia but I wish Haley would of sung it.

    • Val

      I’m replying to someone who wrote “Keisha Cole EFFED up airplanes”… and I wanted to say that I couldn’t agree more! I love Hayley’s rendition, it’s the kind of verse that everyone can sing to. Not every song has to involve shouting out to heaven to the top of your lungs. The song is asking for a wish right now, not a revelation.

  • Bernice

    Love Em. Performance was good. Sound guy needs to be fired.

    • Jonathan

      This is in response to Bernice. I totally agree that the sound guy should be fired, you could barely hear em. Em’s new album is sick, love it. Listen to Em’s verse in “No Love” off the Recovery album, it’s crazy how good he is.

  • Dave

    One of the better songs from the album? Ugh. “Not Afraid” is easily one of the weakest songs. I really don’t like it at all.

  • Black Rush Limbaugh

    I have never liked Eminem and he started out with corny lyrics like “hello, my name is?” but young white kids jumped on him and catapulted him higher. he lyrics have improved over the years but he is very overrated. white people just jump behind any fellow white who is half way talented and can barely sing(Britney Spears).

    • Beth Hart

      Guess we do the same thing with Pac too? Seeing he has more White fans than Black? Same for Jay-z, & Kanye? They overrated too? Or are you just missing a brain and basic math!

      • terrij

        LOL..well said!

    • chris wernham

      His lyrics have improved just like every other rap artist. This criticism could be said of any artist. To say that white people will follow any white artist and overrate them is to be short sighted. the same could be said of any ethnicity from the viewpoint of a racist. To sum up, that sounds like a “hater” statement.

    • DCarter

      Man, you a hater! Its almost racist how the industry hates on EM. If you actually listened to his lyrics/ read some books to up your vocabulary, and appreciated something besides big booty hoes, rims and getting high, then you would love EM. White or black oh and I am black.

    • j

      You are an idiot. This has to be one of the most talented artists of the century. Race has nothing to do with it.

      • Omar

        I agree. I’m black and dont care what color you are. He could be green for all I care. The man is nasty..metaphorically, one of the best. He flows ON the beat better than most..If you love hip hop you’ll know what the means. Em is nasty because he rides the beats, and has great metaphors, punchlines, and slick/smart rhymes.

    • asdfas

      This is so racist how people talk about him like this, he is no doubt a top 5 rapper at the very least, and has one of the best flows of all-time at his best on songs like “Lose Yourself” and “Renegade”.

    • scottie D

      Look one thing i will agree with lush i mean rush is that his first track dropped was corney but to say anything bout white people falling him and he is over rated is the dumbest thing i have ever heard it makes u look racist and pissed off that white person can do it better then any black guy but thats not it if he was purple he is one of the best at it his skin color dosent matter man the way he puts words together the way they flow just blows ur mind so quit hating and enjoy the music he makes cause like it or not he is one of the best

    • Educated

      Do you really believe what you type? Before you post, make sure you proof read also. Eminem, is without a doubt the best rapper alive now….oh and thats coming from a black man!

    • me

      wow, okay im not white and i still think Em is better then most of the trash called hip hop today. By the way lot’s of “BLACK” rappers have been begging this “half way talented white boy” to collab with them, so quit acting like a racist fool!

  • divinem

    Nice, sweeping generalization there, Black Rush. Puh-lease. I’m a white suburban thug who loves Pac AND Em. Bite my lily white ass.

  • Gabrielle Rosenberg

    Eminem was totally killed it, always a strong and passionate performer, that is why he is so highly regarded and respected as a rapper regardless of color by everybody of every color

  • Neickha

    Best rapper alive period and he kilt it at the awards cmon duh are u serious? RECOVERY!

  • Black Rush Limbaugh

    divinem, you gets no love from Pac either, youtube his song “white mans world” lol

    • Pac 4eva

      Yeah, and so what? “White man’z world” is one of my fav Pac songs. I think Tupac is the greatest, but we all know Pac contridicted himself in so many songs. Question, if Pac was still alive don’t you think he and Eminem would’ve collaborated?

      • xxSIMxx

        I think they would have. Dr. Dre had done a song with Tupac so I’m pretty sure Em would have too.

  • Mark

    lol..”mixed bag album”…it hasnt been getting mixed reviews, its been getting great reviews almost across the board…do u even know what ur talking about or have u been reading th reviews..lazy journalism at its finest..idiot!

  • Gravity

    Airplanes Pt. II isn’t a bonus track, and it’s the song B.o.B. was performing from the very beginning. Sloppy.

    • lmfao:)


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