Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute at the BET Awards: How did it make you feel?

chris-brown-jackson-tributeImage Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic.comIt was without a doubt the most divisive performance at the 2010 BET Awards last night. To cap off the scheduled Michael Jackson tribute, tarnished R&B star Chris Brown came out and did a flawless moonwalk, only to break down in tears as he tried to sing “Man in the Mirror.”

Brown’s overwhelming display of emotion spoke to many people watching the awards. For these viewers, Brown was turning the page on the tumultuous phase of his career that began when he infamously beat then-girlfriend Rihanna last February. Others, like me, felt the precise opposite way. Brown pleaded guilty just a year ago to a very serious felony. Intimate partner violence is not something you can make up for with a few well-executed dance moves or on-stage sobs. In this view, there was something unseemly about Brown using a tribute to a late legend as an opportunity to turn the spotlight on himself and score some career-rehab points.

Which side do you come down on? Did you find Chris Brown’s Michael Jackson tribute moving or uncomfortable? Was it appropriate or not? Vote in the poll below.

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How will you mark the anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death?

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  • Kel

    I think it was plenty appropriate. just don’t know how a feel about Chris the person. He needs a better PR camp, for sure. The man has amazing talent – great voice, one of the best R&B singers of our time. He should have laid low (no albums, no TV appearances – just community service and the like) and made this is big music comeback. It might have been better this way.

    • deedee

      you dont have to like chris as a person. but let me ask you this. have you had the chance to get to know him?? or are you judging him based on what the media has plastered about him?? a lot of people didn’t like jesus as a person until they got the chance to really know him….Im so glad that God is the only judge!!

      • dumdd

        Are seriously comparing Chris Brown to Jesus? As Jesus would say: Oh my dad, no you didn’t.

      • shobeez

        well i think that is true…media is just something else..they do too much

      • James

        If you want to defend a woman beater then that is on you.

      • G

        ummmmmmmmm yeah………… reading that comment honestly made me uncomfortable. Comparing Chris Brown to Jesus? I vote NO!

        I get what you are saying that Chris may be a nice person when you get to know him, but he is certainly not Jesus. I am not trying to look down on him, because i am certainly not perfect, but that comparision to Jesus honestly offends me

      • getit

        With all thy getting get understanding!!! its not a comparison to Jesus…but how people rediculed Jesus b4 knowing him. And we all should want to be like Jesus

      • Jaya

        What the media said about CB was TRUE…he beat up a woman within inches of her life! For him to even be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jackson is an insult to MJ, who was a kind and gentle person and MUCH MORE like Jesus than CB will EVER be.

      • Robin

        I’m so glad God isn’t real

      • BC

        Robin – We’re all glad you were here at the beginning of creation to report back to us that insightful factoid! While you’re at it could you help us with the whole sun/moon/stars issue as well?

      • wooster182

        Last time I checked…Jesus didn’t have a girlfriend and he didn’t beat the hell out of her.

      • Dab

        The media and other mockers need not reply for his performance was totally approprate. He has served the time and is healing himself in ways which requires Talking to ABBA Father who knows him better than anyone. His Tribute to Michael Jackson was a touch felt moment. The media needs to stop lashing out at him in a negative way, beating him mentally. This too is abusive and how appauling. fenches because of his actions.

      • Juuust a little outside

        Dab, he has not served ANY time. He is a piece of digestive remains and will burn in hell. Did Rihanna cry like that when he was beating her?

      • Michael

        I don’t think deedee was stating Chris is Jesus, so chill with that. Funny though, I DO remember Jesus stating he who is without sin, cast the first stone. I cannot stand men who beat women, but I am far from standing on a soapbox and telling him he is dirt.

        It’s also funny how no one knows what is truly in his heart except Chris Brown. We seem to give others a second chance, but not him. Why is it ok to give Ben Rothlesburger a second & THIRD chance, but not Chris. Ben did something just as bad, but you will see people cheering him on.

        People – get a grip. Give him at least a second chance.

      • zrii

        wow!…in this world ive heard of everything… guys have no idea how stupid u guys sound when u say chris brown is jesus. pathetic

      • jared4ever

        It isn’t the media who made him plead guilty to felony assault. He did that.

      • AliFran

        True! Which is more than you can say for Michael Jackson, considering he denied, ran from, and paid off all his assault charges.

      • rugstarr

        All I know is, if Chris Brown was a normal person and Rihanna was too, and I heard about that, I would never be able to look at Brown the same again. People are way too forgiving. Who’s to say he’s changed?

      • M

        I’m with you Sister. GOD knows our time we don’t. Everything that happens in our lives are out of our control. It is to believed that only GOD can intervene and set things straight. I now believe in my heart GOD has a definitely plan for young Chris Brown. Amen

      • Krissy

        It has nothing to do with what “the media plasters about him”. “The Media” did NOT create Chris Brown’s trouble. He created it himself when he beat a woman until she was unconcious! He did it himself when he went rabid on radio stations for not playing his song. He did it himself when he accused records stores of not stocking his cd. What he did to Rhianna was soooooo awful, it really is beyond forgiveness. I refuse to be an audience for this beast.

        He is a jerk, and he got there by his own. He didn’t need help with that.

      • hayford

        Have u ever wondered why they make someone a star? common it’s because people always benefit from them. when popular and even when their image is tanished we all benefit. Don’t judge the guy because he had a fight with rihana when she was his girl. We humans are bound to always disagree and in some cases fight. that’s how life is. Something pushed him to beat up rihana like that. chris is no fool. I think his coming out know is a great idea. Let’s not give in to the press this time. they are trying to kill his career finally. they are just looking for news and that’s all they get paid for. So let’s not give in. As for rihana she should try to get over him because i recall her saying “f**k love” and that it does’n exist. pls if u see this think of ur mom, she brought u into this world because of love. from love comes hate, betrayal… but also know it’s only love that can take that away. peace you all.

      • @hayford.

        Son, you didn’t make any sense at all. Please take an english grammer class and maybe a course in logic before you try to impress us again.

      • Mendez

        sorry, but Jesus did not beat Mary Magdalene to a bloody pulp.

      • Y’all make MJ look worse

        It’s really funny that people think it’s inappropriate for anyone to pay tribute to Michael Jackson based on their background. Yes, he was one of the greatest musicians and entertainers to ever walk the earth but he was far from perfect, just like all the people posting on this thread. You are talking about a man who was accused multiple times of criminal sexual acts, that these charges were not proven in court (OJ Simpson) has little to do with the truth of whether or not he did those things. Honestly, I don’t care if he did or didn’t…I appreciate his musical gift, but Michael Jackson was not my friend or associate, nor was he any of yours. The same is true of Chris Brown. You weren’t in the car, the courtroom or in his head. You don’t know if he’s changed, you don’t know anything about him except what you’ve seen in the news/media which makes you unqualified to judge him outside of deciding whether or not to buy his next album or a ticket to his next movie. Short of that, you all need to chill with the deciding to send him to hell (so glad you all don’t get to decide who gets eternal life and who doesn’t) especially since in the eyes of God all sins are equal and the wages of any sin is death, and all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God so without salvation yes we’d all be damned (Read Romans). Perfect example of why we ought not judge others, this fellow just suggested another take a “grammer” class, but he doesn’t even know how to spell grammar. It’s just that simple. Pluck the log out of your own eye, before you go talking about someone else’s faults and flaws.
        And when you get right down to it, a man half as great as any of you seem to believe MJ was would be honored and grateful that anyone thought to pay him tribute, he would be gracious about the young man’s mistakes, he would withhold judgement about the sincerity of the man’s sentiments and most especially he would refrain from petty arguments, bigotry, hypocrisy, name-calling, mudslinging and general verbal debauchery that follows in these comments pages. Some tribute you all have paid him!

      • LUVURSELF-25

        @ deedee.Who are you telling? If it was up to these haters out here, poor little Chris Brown would be stoned. I am glad that God is our only judge also. I know God has forgiven him and everybody else should do the same.

      • AliFran

        Gotta say to “Y’all make MJ look worse”…amen. And well said!

    • TheObserver

      I think people need to look at this from another angle. People need to stop thinking about what this means for his career and for PR and whatever else, and need to start thinking in terms of “why continue to vilify him”? clearly his career and image were of little consequence after he assualted Rihanna and he has been paying for it. I am often amazed at the ‘holier than thou’ attitude people have, like Simon levinson who wrote this post.
      He assualted Rihanna.
      Whatever the events leading up to the assault, he was irrefutably wrong.
      It was his first offense.
      He pleaded guilty to a felony which will forever taint his record.
      He has and will continue to pay for it.
      It’s strange to me how people ‘rank’ wrongdoing.
      “Well I may have lied but I never hit a woman”…or “I may have cheated on my girlfriend/boyfriend but he’s a woman beater”. “I may have neglected my debt but I’d never raise my hands on a woman.”

      The point is we have all done some Sh*t we’d like to be forgiven for. I’m not saying you have to love Chris Brown and embrace him.
      I’m not saying you have to support him or buy his records.
      All I’m saying is it helps no one and serves no purpose to hate him to bash him. the hate-mongering has become redundant; to an extent, his life is already ruined.
      He’s life will forever be tainted by the incident. Rihanna has moved on, he is desperately trying to do the same and I personally as a fan of both of them have done the same and in my humble opinion he is deserving of forgiveness because I have done and may in the future, do some things that will have me asking for forgiveness and I would like it to be granted to me. There is a culture of judgment and hate that seems so unfounded, a vitriol that people carry (like Mr. Levinson) that I fail to understand.
      And this judgment seems to be only for certain things. I’m sure some of the people posting here have friends or know someone (or may themselves) who has been unfaithful to their significant others but they never say anything, or they know friends ( or may themselves) who have avoided paying off debts and bills but never say anything or they have friends (or may themselves) lie but think so long as its convienent then its okay.
      why is wrong doing excusable is some settings and inexcusable in others? I really am asking. Someone please explain it to me.

      P.S As a woman who was assualted once by someone in a drunken rage, I understand the desire to harbor rage and resentment, but it eventually becomes a very heavy burden to carry if you want to move on with your life. I wanted to move on, so I let it go, I think others should do the same.

      • Moe

        Shut up!

      • Moipone

        I totally agree with you The Observer…no one could have said it better.

      • Nerdista

        How do you know it was his first offense? Violent beaters don’t change. He might have spells of not being a terrible human, but he’ll beat the next girl…and the next.

      • Robin

        How you handle things is not necessarily how others can or should. Your experience is yours alone.

      • Natasha

        Yeah, I agree, shut up ” The Observer.” Chris is fake, peformance fake, attitude fake, remorseful- fake. He got what he wanted, a bunch of dummies believing he was sincere.

      • Keesha

        Why are people telling “The Observer” to shut up? And how do people just seem to know that Chris Brown is fake and unremorseful or that he will continue to beat women? I’m trying to figure this out. A lot of the people on blogs seem to act like they know Chris Brown and I would have to ask, do any people on this blog actually know Chris Brown personally?

      • willilam

        I agree. That speaks well of him as a person. Now, on his talent…the young man is very talented and he is a celebrity who is upfront with his love for MJ as his inspiration. Therefore, who not allow him to perform a tribute. I do not see anything wrong with allowing someone who has gotten in trouble for a volent and sad act, continue to look up to someone who’s the exact oppoisite. Chris needs more MJ’s in his life to probably replace all of the bad role models he knew personally. So I say, power to him and allow him to also be free to do his job and make a living. If you still feel a need to hate on a stranger…don’t buy his album.

      • CSDiva

        Thank you for your reasonable comments, Observer. I find extremely discomforting that people continue to heap judgement on this young man. Yes, he made a mistake, and he served the punishment that was given to him by the court. There was never any evidence of violent behavior before the Rihanna incident, and anyone saying otherwise is lying. And there’s no need for embellishment, Jaya-she was definitely beaten, but she was not on life support in intensive care “within an inch of life”. So he should never be heard from again because he did a horrible thing? Half the people on this board probably love “Two & a Half Men” & Charlie Sheen has a long rap sheet of disrespecting & abusing women, including choking his current wife. But this “grown man” hasn’t missed a paycheck & no one has boycotted his show. The level of hypocrisy is staggering. Let’s see what Chris does from now on, then decide. Anyone who could perform/duplicate to an eerie degree MJ’s moves the way Chris did obviously loved that man more than anything, so the tears made total sense.

      • Stuff Daddy

        Men who beat/abuse women, children or the elderly deserve a serious knock down and a uncertain, long, hard road to redemption. That road ain’t long enough for Chris or you people who defend him. I’m sick of entertainers getting to beat or abuse people and getting defended by fans, just because they like their work. You all make me sick!

      • BonTon

        This is the most intelligent and factual post yet…I agree 100%

      • BonTon

        Agreeing with “The Observer” in bottom post

      • CRB

        Moe and Natasha: YOU shut up–and LISTEN for a change.

        I said it elsewhere, and I’ll say it again: Chris’ image will be forever tainted to some degree for being physically abusive–there’s no getting around that. I lost a lot of respect for him when he hurt Rhianna. speaking as someone who’s been abused herself, I know how hard it is to get over that sense of violation.

        it’s hard to forgive and move on–but it is, regardless, a good thing to do. holding on to anger and hate for somebody’s deplorable actions is like holding onto a burning coal instead of dropping it. it only hurts you in the end. Chris will forever be struggling to make up for what he did, but that’s his problem–not ours. we do not need to be adding to the weight that’s already on his shoulders. I’m not a fan of the guy, and never really will be, but… he’s human. we’re ALL human. give him a chance to prove himself before condemning him.

        you Christians out there, calling for further condemnation of Chris, should think about the Bible verse about forgiving seventy-seven times versus seven times. we all need to be a little more forgiving than we are. maybe if we all practiced that, the world would be a much better, FAR more peaceful place.

      • tnt in kc

        Perfectly stated! I absolutely agree that no one on this site or earth has any room to point fingers and judge this man. I am in no way for those who hit others; however, it is not up to me to judge/condemn this man. And for all of you who fill that they are in that position, then you are deeply wrong. NO ONE is better than this man and we all fall short of perfection! The difference is he is in public eye and have insignificant people condemning him and the rest of you sin (however you do it) in your on private lives. He acknowleged what happened and took accountability for that (which is more than some of you do) and WHAT ELSE DOES HE HAVE TO DO? I supported Chris Brown and will continue to do so. What I don’t understand is how is Chris Brown so despised and R. Kelly so accepted? There wasn’t this much judging for him and half of you watched the tape!!!!

      • Debbie

        Well said. Hate the sin, love the sinner. We really need to move on.

      • Krissy

        “Why continue to vilify him”??? Seriously? Because he beat a woman unconcious, and left her there. Do you NEED another reason??? Seriously? Somethings are beyond forgiveness.

      • hayford

        Well said observer. you all take a minute and ask urselves have i offended anyone? if yes, what did it feel like knowing what u did was wrong? u try to take it back right? but what if this person u hurt don’t forgive u, how would u feel? after sometime u start asking urself why did i do it? is it so bad? why can’t he/she forgive me? it’s always why. we get fusrated. u just think for a minute and ask urself can i judge me?

      • jymmymack

        So I’m holier than thou if I don’t want to support Chris Brown because he beat a woman and threatened to kill her? I love how the world works…

    • Chichi

      Forget about the Jesus thing, the OP called Chris Brown one of the greatest R&B singers of our time. GTFO of here with that ish and go sit in the corner next to Chris Breezy’s crying azz.

      • peeky doo


      • Chichi

        UGH! Dang straight! That was directed at Kel and his first post fluckery. *walks over to corner and sits between Kel and Chris Brown*

      • M


      • LUVURSELF-25

        @natasha. U seem miserable and fake!

    • Jailyss

      He was paying tribute to a man who was accused not once but twice of child molestation and everyone for the past year have chosen to forget that. The reason?? His music was/is timeless, he had so much talent, his father abused him, he never had a childhood. We make so many excuses for fallen stars… yet Chris Brown was is still young, lived through his fathers abuse of his mother and clearly has some issues that he was suppressing can’t be forgiven? It isn’t possible to believe that not only was he suffering the loss of his idol but also realizing that he lost so much more the past year and a half?
      The hypocrisy that is entertainment still amazes me.

    • JJ

      Don’t know what’s worse. The child molester or the wife-beater paying tribute to the child molester.

      • herewegoagain

        Well I don’t know what’s worse, people who continue to support and pay Charlie Sheen millions of dollars for being a drug/alcohol addicted, prostitute patronizing, girlfriend AND wife abusing douchebag or Charlie Sheen himself. Hmmmmm….he’s had as many chances as he has money and WHY?!! What does he have to offer society or the entertainment world that is SO valuable that he can continue to be praised for his progress (yeah, at least he’s not pistol whipping chicks anymore) and lauded as a “professional” when he is at work??? And yet a 19 year old Chris Brown, who at one time was hailed as the next big thing in music, because of his talent, in a single yet totally un-called for and unnecessary incident and who has been paying his court ordered debt to society is still so VILIFIED?? Will anything he does be enough for him to prove that he has changed and that he’s truly remorseful? Will EVERYTHING he does be over-analyzed and critiqued cynically?? Seriously?? If you’re not a fan, don’t buy his music. Don’t watch him on award shows. If you don’t believe in second chances, then I guess you’ve never needed one and I hope you never do. But who are we to continue to say that SOMEONE ELSE doesn’t deserve one. And who are we to decide who gets one and who doesn’t??

      • Nelly


  • MissVampireDiaries

    Amazing, I had a dream that this would happen and it did! I prayed the he would finally get to give a tribute to the late king. So proud.

    • Scytherius

      Just weird.

  • phantasiah


  • Johnny

    Wow Simon, did you really have to write yet another post on this topic? I guess since the first one attracted nearly 800 comments, you felt the need to stir up the controversy yet again. These repetitive posts are what I dislike about EW the most and they keep harping on the same subjects over and over again. And now I see there is another post about Lady Gaga. Sigh.

    • maeve

      Simon is a journalist. This is his job. Every other website is talking about this also, in addition to the news.

      • Johnny

        I understand that, but my point is this: Simon already wrote about this very topic and already asked these same questions last night. He is not really adding anything new to the discussion and is using this post to stir up more debates for the purpose of getting comments.

    • herewegoagain

      And a raging Chris Brown hater. As he has stated every chance he gets.

  • reese

    sorry you fail with this post…who are you to judge him nobody get off your high horse your not perfect it was completely appropriate because not only was it the best performance filled with raw emotions not to mention the tears which were real but the best mj tribute period…he has an amazing talent and with all the bashing he’s endured over the past year or so needs to come to an end like really GET OVER IT please…he left his heart and soul out on that stage last night

    • wagonmaker

      The bashing he’s endured is hardly comparable to the bashing he inflicted on Rihanna. Oh, I forgot – he’s sorry.

      • deedee

        are you serious!! she doesn’t look like she’s endured a lot.. she moved on with her life. Why can’t Chris Brown move on with his???

      • Tee

        Well, she is over it and so am I. I don’t hold people in judgement because they don’t have to answer to me.

      • alicia

        Wagonmaker, u stupid. How long do you think CB should be punished? Do you think he should be punished for the rest of his life? Do you believe that ppl can change? Do you believe in forgiveness? U are obviously not a G-d fearing person. Holding a grudge against someone is a dreadful thing. If you want others to forgive you for your misdeeds, then u must learn to forgive others.

      • Robin

        I’m not seeing where wagonmaker is asking to be forgiven.

        i love all you religious idiots

      • Keesha

        How hypocritical. It was wrong for Chris to beat Rihanna, but it is right to bash Chris on a daily basis? To Robin, I honestly don’t care if Wagonmaker asked to be forgiven, but I can tell you one thing, he/she will not be so quick to judge when they find themselves in a terrible situation and they want a second chance. I hate when people like you and Wagonmaker won’t even hope that someone can learn from their past mistakes and decisions and get their lives back together.

      • wagonmaker

        Are you serious? People =verbally= calling Chris Brown out for his violent attack on his girlfriend has the same effect on him as his fists had on her face? Have you looked at the photos of Rihanna from that night lately? Yes, people deserve a second chance in life when they make the kinds of mistakes that don’t involve violent attacks on other people. And he may even deserve a second chance, but I don’t see any reason to forget what he did just because he can moonwalk.

      • Nelly

        Mr. Wagonmaker, everyone makes mistakes, It would be different if chris brown was walking around saying he made me do it but he’s not, he’s owning up to his mistakes. Things happens for a reason and maybe that something waas for him and rihanna was not ment to be together. Either way he is paying for his mistakes but you cannot make him pay for ever, eventually the world has to move on from this incidents i’m pretty sure rihanna has.

  • deedee

    I think Chris Brown’s tribute to MJ was phenomenal. No one else could have done a better Job!! Really who are we to judge. that’s not our place. We all fall short.. I really believe that society and the media should leave this talented young man alone and let him do his thing!! he is an awsome entertainer!!!!

    • Darryl

      Im Not going to lie but…i was one of the fans that hated him….until i saw his performance last night…i almost cried….and I forgived him right then and there….

    • mocha

      After watching the Awards last night, I had to re-evaluate myself again! And remembered who forgave me of my sins….My Lord and Savior” Jesus Christ who shed His Blood for Me on Calvary. It’s so easy to get caught up i the moment but, we have to be careful. Chris Brown is still someone’s Son, nephew, Granchild, etc. And most importantly A child of the Most High God! Thank you to the gentle-man ” Darryl for your reply, I truly can relate! That wasn’t a performance last night with Chris Brown that was a young man crying out “I’m sorry, forgive me”!!! Well Done!!! God Bless to All!!

  • TBird

    Everyone kills me with this polly pure bread clean background!!! Everyone has skeleton’s in their closet. It is time to leave him alone and let him grow as a young man. He has paid his dues and everyone else need to get a life… but look at their dirty laundry!!!

    • AliFran

      The thing that blows my mind is we are still paying tribute – of ANY kind – to a man who likely has more skeletons in his closet than all the people posting here put together! Speaking of moving on, can we start idolizing a decent person now?

      • kate

        ali, um, mj was set up by american media, they lied about him, and you beleived thier lies, yes their lies. the accusers were found to be evil and liers, so do your research before you talk. he is not what they portrayed him

      • Janelle

        Oh there were lies all right, but I’m thinking maybe you are one who believed them, Kate. His accusers were evil? Where did that fact come from? And did we imagine MJ dangling his baby from a third story window? Did we imagine seeing his children in public wearing masks? Did the media put him up to that? The guy was weird, Kate, and real sick puppy and people with working brains know it.

  • Brian

    this is to simon..the guy who wrote this So BASICALLY….Ur Saying…That NO ONE…IN LIFE should EVER Be forgiven EVER!??? there is MURDERS, RAPIST, EXCESSIVE WOMAN ABUSERS…That are Forgiven..and this man That Made One Mistake..and NO ONE TRULY KNOWS what happen In That care THIS MAN MADE One Mistake and where gonna Scrutinize Him for the rest of His Life? thats Sad On Your Guys Part as Humans…and it sucks

    • Marie

      oh please…..
      are you saying that he should have a one time pass for beating a woman? in your own words “excess woman abusers” are bad. WOMAN ABUSERS ARE BAD PERIOD!
      Chris Brown was crying for his fans to come back….because very few people cared to buy his last album. Who cares if they couldn’t find it at Walmart like Chris was complaining about, they could have bought it online, and didn’t!
      Chris Brown should have thought about looking at the man in the mirror BEFORE he beat Rhianna.
      If he really wanted to change, why isn’t he speaking out about physical abuse and violence against woman? He’s doing NOTHING. And yet I’m supposed to believe that a few tears on stage has changed this BOY, yeah right.

    • DoubleEdgedSword

      And by your own sword of reasoning, then it should also follow that MJ and his fans should also forgive the past and work to move forward in unity and love, correct? Or is forgiveness strictly optional and selectively discretionary for Kings and their court still? Things that make you go hummmm.

  • kimone

    I think it is very unfortunate that the writer of this post would use such delicate situation to create a storyline for himself, how selfish. This performance can change people’s life and make them think. He has the ability to help groom some young people because they love him as an artist. U PEOPLE IN THE MEDIA NEED TO STOP MESSING WITH PEOPLE’S MIND AND LIFE AND REPORT WHAT YOU SEE AND NOT WHAT YOU THINK!

    • Erica

      I don’t see why people can’t say what they think…it doesn’t matter if they are in the media or not.

      I personally LOVE Chris Brown and also thought he would be perfect for an MJ tribute. I don’t think anyone could’ve pulled it off like he did but that was until he started crying during “Man in the Mirror”…no one here can say for sure that it wasn’t a stunt that he pulled.

      Yes he deserves a second chance but it’s easier to f&u*c*k up than to redeem yourself. A lot of people are going to remember what he did to Rihanna over who he is as a talent…and believe me I think he is so so talented but it’s hard to look at him and not think about it…and it’s going to be that way for a long time.

  • Miya

    I am really over all this criticism of Chris Brown. This writer says he can’t make it up with a few dance moves…..excuse me, but he doesn’t have to answer to you. He only has to answer to God. He is human. He’s an entertainer and there was NO ONE better to do this tribute than Chris Brown. HE DID EXCELLENT!!! If BET hadn’t shunned him last year he could have done it then when it was really time for him to do it. Let the man entertain as he is clearly meant to do. And if you don’t like him then turn off when he comes on tv. I’m over it! He was fabulous! I dare anyone to say he wasn’t! And it was VERY APPROPRIATE…which is why Jermaine Jackson introduced him. If the Jacksons’ support it then who are we to question it.

    • Momo

      Jeez, will all you people talking about “answering to God” etc. get a grip? It’s like you guys actually believe he exists!

      • Maureen

        It’s “He” not “he.” ;)

    • Denise

      I am glad someone could put it as well as you did. We all know and talk about what he did but no one talks about what see did. No one gets mad and swings for no reason! I am a women and i know some women around me that can push and push a man to do something they never would men believe it or not are human too and have a breaking point. Fam and drinking don’t help either.

    • M

      WELL SAID.

  • Andrea Smith

    Chris Brown did a phenomenal job. It is unfortunate that the situation between him and his girlfriend took place at that level. I do not approve of domestic violence but do believe he was punished and committed the tasks of his guilty sentence. This country have seen murderers child molesters walk away with a slap on the wrist. We have other issues to focus on then the aftermath of the Chrianna Scandal. As an author of this article get over it and focus on real entertainment not the past.

    • Miss Talk

      ITA with you.
      Actually the media should take it easy on Brown because this hatery might just turn him as a victim and redeem him as an artist, a successful and much-loved artist.
      He did a horrible mistake in February 2009, has been M.I.A on TV and radio for more than a year. He pleaded guilty and he was. But then MJ passed away and no one has been able to give him a decent tribute. If Usher or Justin Timberlake had given any tribute closer to what CB gave us last night, Brown’s comeback would be dead and burried. But nothing happened until this “ultimate” performance.
      He’s a woman beater so are Sean Penn, Mickey Rourke, Charlie Sheen and Bobby Brown (who gave a MJ tribute at the BET awards 2009 with his band New Edition). I heart Rihanna but I gotta give it to Chris Brown: he was BORN to do this tribute and he SLAYED it.

  • diabolical

    isn’t crazy the post is about him maybe making a comeback give the man a break even if that’s the case you never heard it from the mount or concrete source as far as his performance goes he did great only few in the entertainment can do what chris did his tears touch my heart “take a look at yourself” it’s what jackson said for years everyone judged him see now he is dead ya’ll missed him which is sad timeless talented ya’ll harted block it for years now ya’ll which he was alive makes me sick how wicked people are worse than what chris did

  • KC

    I think it for sure was appropriate. He is only one of a few who can actually do a perfomance tribute that befits MJ. As for the emotion behind the performance, I think it was more about his own personal tribulations. He likely felt that he was finally being allowed to move on from his past trangessions. “Man in the mirror” was a perfect choice of song. He definitely can’t change anyone but himself…no matter what he does, people will always have their own view of him.

  • Steve

    What does it take to redeem one’s self? When someone commits certain kinds of offenses (domestic violence, racism, and others) its not enough for others to simply hold them accountable. No, they’d rather banish these people and take away their livelihood. What’s the lesson in that? “Mess up once, and you’re done”? What about a culture of forgiveness and redemption? Where people have the chance to learn from their mistakes and develop into better, more enlightened people. Rather than having to go through the rest of their lives as tainted outcasts.

    • Erica

      You’ve never been beatened, have you?

      • alicia

        Erica, it doesn’t matter whether steve has been beaten or night. the truth is the the truth. If you want others to forgive you for your misdeeds, then u must learn to forgive others. Wasn’t Jesus forgiving? Again, how much longers should CB be punished for beating Rihanna? Do you think he should be exiled? Do you think he should be stripped of his livelihood forever? Please respond to those questions.

    • Eye4AnEye

      I agree Steve and I would take it a step further and propose to you that we turn all the convicted murderers, rapists and thieves loose from prison and confine their butts to YOUR house. You can feed, cloth and take care of them all with your liberal minded love and forgiveness medicine and save the tax payers a lot of money. Why, you’d be a hero! Whatcha say, Bud? Deal? P.S. I’m male and I agree 100% with Erica. It’s bent mind sets like this that has our country standing on it’s head now.

  • Mirful

    As we used to say when I was working on movies, “The most important thing is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.”

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