Eminem holds No. 1 spot on Billboard 200 albums chart

eminemAfter shaking up the chart last week with a boatload of albums sold, Eminem again leads Billboard‘s album chart. His Recovery is No. 1 for the second week in a row, selling 313,000 copies. In two weeks it’s already gone platinum, totaling sales of 1.1 million copies. Formerly No. 1, Drake‘s Thank Me Later sits at No. 2 for a second straight week, selling 105,000 albums.

Following the U.S. release in theaters last Thursday (July 1), The Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtrack leaps seven places to No. 3, with 65,000 copies sold. The-Dream’s third album, Love King, debuts at No. 4 with 58,000 copies sold. The Now 34 compilation stays at No. 5 on the chart with 45,000 sets moved. Selling 41,00 copies, Justin Bieber‘s My World 2.0 jumps two spots to No. 6.

3OH!3’s sophomore album, Streets of Gold, debuts at No. 7 with 41,000. Jack Johnson’s To The Sea sails back a spot to No. 8 with 35,000 alums bought. Miley Cyrus’ Can’t Be Tamed falls back six places to No. 9 with 32,000 copies sold. And Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now rounds out the top 10, moving up two slots to No. 10 with 30,000 copies sold this week.

Surprised Eminem has a stranglehold on the chart? Who do you think will unseat him? Did you buy any of these albums? Let us know.

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  • crispy

    It is OK JB, Feminem might hold the number one spot but we know who the true role model is here. Feminem is pushing 40 soon grampa be spittin lyrics from a walker. Go JB!

    • James

      Typical hater. Whats wrong are you jealous because he’s successful and your a nobody who has nothing better to do.

      • crispy

        Ironic that your hating on me because of my opinion.. oh yeah I get it you know I spoke the truth and your upset. See what I did there? Your the hater and from your comment it is apparant you are another middle-aged person trying to hold onto those last few glory minutes and live them through someone you will never know. You are the nobody ;)

      • James

        The only hater is you if you don’t like him then why click on this page?

    • Bert

      JB? Really? Come on now… hahaha

    • wakeforce

      Jay-Z is 40 and The Blueprint 3 is his 11th #1 album! Em is on his way to close behind, so crispy, STFU!

      • crispy

        Don’t worry Jay-Z is on the way out as well. How many years before he gets the disorder that makes you forget everything? Three? Four? Time is ticking.. go JB!

      • Sarah2

        The disorder that makes you forget everything? It’s Alzheimer’s, f*cktard.

      • Sarah2

        And I would hardly call it a disorder. It’s a disease.

      • crispy

        Sarah you must be an Eminem fan your full of hatrid and anger. Did your parents beat you or do you just listen to his music to much? Another reason Eminem is a horrible role model. Justin Bieber please keep going we need more role models like you in the world! Show Sarah the way!

      • Sarah2

        1) Parents did not beat me.
        2) Don’t like Eminem’s music. At all.
        3) Talk about Bieber all you want while you still can. His time is just about up.

      • crispy

        Sarah hate on JB all you want the fact of the matter is you’ve never had a time. And no one cares at all what you think. If JBs career ends today he will still be 1,000,000X what you are. BTW did you know his tour goes through almost the end of the year here? That’s not even counting the countries he is touring afterwards. I don’t think his time is just about up, then again why am I even responding to you, your a nobody.

      • Jamez

        dude ur wrong jay-z didnt have 11 albums that went #1 dumass

    • tina

      ok “crispy” first of all get a life, you are probably a full grown man that is imprisoned my his inner 12 year old girl. Eminem is the greatest rapper ever to live, he is such a better artist. Jesus christ you must truly be retarted.

      • crispy

        Aww.. Tina bitter? Awww… poor Tina.

      • dipshat

        Hey just to let you know, Tina and everyone else, this isn’t really crispy, it’s just some guy who stole his name. P.S if i comment at all anymore on this page you know it’s not me!

      • dipshat

        I’m a little baby wah, wah.

      • tina

        oh yeah im the one thats bitter, you are the one that is going out of your way to tell everyone how much you love Justin Bieber.

    • crispy

      i’ve changed my mind, eminem is better than jb, it was Chris’s comment that changed my mind ;)

      • crispy

        I changed my mind back what was I thinking Justin Bieber uses Eminem as a toilet.

  • Rakim69

    Em’s a rap legend who is jb ?

    • crispy

      Soon it will be stated as, “was a rap legend”.. time is ticking Eminem.. better hurry! Go JB, you own them all!

      • matt

        yeah and jb will turn into all the other corny ass white boy bands and singers before him. at best hes the next jt (justin timberlake in case your really that slow)….oh wow they almost have the same initals too thats so cute!

      • crispy

        Aww.. Matt your jealous of Justin Bieber that’s even more cute! ;) Sorry he owns you deal with it

  • J

    Who wants to bet Kylie Minogue will do well in the charts next week?

    • Sarah2

      Hmm, I’ll pass on that bet.

  • zubair

    Greatest artist of our generation

    • Gabby

      Ugh. He hasn’t even released a great rap album in over five years. There are quite a few rap artists creating better music right now, but not getting even a fraction of the attention they deserve.

  • Jason

    Seriously, who would have thought, in this day and age, that a white guy pushing 40 would be commanding the top of the charts– as a rapper, no less! Good for you Marshall!

  • jj

    justin bieber, most hated person 2nd to tony hayward! i live an hour away from him sadly

    • crispy

      JB is hated only because he is loved and adored by so many. Kinda like Jesus was don’t you think? It’s OK the more you hate him the more he will be defended thus the more attention he will gain. Continue with your comments please ;)

      • sebastianthesizzler

        come on crispy…everyone on the chart are top artists for different reasons!!! yo dawg…take a chill pill and stop taking shots at ppl

      • ben

        JB isn’t “kinda like Jesus”. He IS Jesus. So let’s crucify him and get it over with!

      • crispy

        Ben your the reason why so many people hate Eminem and love JB. I think churches are the reason Eminem is selling so well, so they can buy them and burn them. He is like the devil and turns decent people into people like you. JB owns Eminem because JB stands for goodness. Eminem stands for horrible things, now go back to your devil bible please. Thanks!

      • Chris

        just so you know, bieber is hated because people hate his music, it is canned music for the millions who skim through teen pop. we hate him because society buys that crap, and he is their manifestation.

        Oh, and just so you know, a musician isn’t meant to be a role model, he isn’t meant to be a sweetheart. The best artists come in all shapes and sizes, don’t necessarily appeal to everyone, like most pop music. Good artists mean something to someone, and i am glad ( and kinda surprised) that jb means anything to anyone, but im glad he means something to you.
        Lmao at devil bible, it’s you who has jb as the messiah!

      • crispy

        Chris bow down and worship the almighty Bieber or the oil spill in the gulf will only worsen. It’s Gods will for you, be shown the light!

      • Muradin

        today is even more proof that Slim seems to be trying to hard on his cecobamk. a0If you read my review of the We Made You single, you know that I am a fan of Em, but I find his new stuff to be overly-worked and not nearly as

    • BP

      Man I really hope you are a girl. If not you need to step out of the closet and get a JB poster, and stay home on Friday night to be by yourself….Please don’t bring GOD in you comments.

  • tom

    How old do you people really think 40 is? Not everybody is the same, especially artists…ageism is for mortals….

  • Neversleep

    Eminem is 37 years old, he will probably put one or two more classics albums before producing music for his protegee.

  • Plonker

    Gotta say go Crispy! Loving JB and going with the feminem, you are awesome.
    Eminem is sick… Recovery was great. Drakes album was alright. Personally the problem with rap, like the problem with most music is the very limited range of content. Songs are either just new spins on love songs that aren’t based on their real lives.. I mean Justin Bieber is like seven. Or there about bigging themselves up and how they are much better then most rappers, which gets boring too.

  • Scranton

    Going up against Miley, Now 34 or whatever, and the Eclipse soundtrack, is it really any surprise Em came out on top?

    And its amusing that this Cripsy fool says “hate JB it gets him noticed” as he simultaneously hates on Em… irony? Lol.

    • crispy

      There is a difference: I’m stating facts and if that offends them they are trying to relive their childhood dreams through eminem. Please hate on JB because they are so sad a 16 year old owns them. Get the difference? I didn’t think you would. Moron!

      • wakeforce

        Too bad your pimp owns you, crispy,huh?

      • crispy

        If I’m owned by a pimp and I own you what does that make you? Oh yeah like everyone else beneith Justin Bieber so it doesn’t matter.

  • Jonathan

    Alright, sorry but Eminem should not have been the artist to rack up 1.1 mil in two weeks. He’s got rap skills but singers and musicians should be the ones getting this sort of support. It’s a shame Christina didn’t get backed the way she should have; there’s a true artist and powerhouse singer for you! Still haven’t forgiven Eminem for dogging on Mariah for what felt like an attempt at relevance; say what you want about MC’s music but there is no denying her fantastic vocal gift. I’m not an Eminem hater, I just feel that rappers are far overhyped for little talent besides fast talking and only occasionally good songwriting.

    • crispy

      Jonathan your the only smart poster on this blog here. Eminem just talks quickly.. he gettin old though he will be talking … like… this… very… soon. Then poof. Gone! JB is young and amazing however he will be around for years and years to come! Deal with it haters!

    • Maureen

      @Jonathan: I disagree with you on Christina, Bionic doesn’t deserve to sell. (Just my opinion before all the Christina stans start jumping on me) No one is doubting that she’s a powerhouse singer, but Bionic doesn’t really showcase that “power.” The auto-tune covers it all up. ;) And saying that “rappers are overhyped” is such a copout thing to say. I always laugh because people who say that usually have never listend to a Public Enemy song, or anything by Grandmaster Flash or Tribe Called Quest. They just lump the crap that’s on now and assume that’s what it always was like. It’s not just fast talking, it’s storytelling and speaking for a community that no one usually paid any attention to. Why should only singers get Billboard attention? That doesn’t even make any sense.

      • crispy

        OK so rap is telling the story about a community no one cared about? Maybe no one cared about the community because it was filled with drugs, thugs and hate. Why keep bringing it up? Seriously. Justin Bieber stands for love, and caring. But people think they are to “cool” for that so they pander to crap like Eminem or any other rap artist. I could care less if they are talking about some community.. the fact is the community is bad and no light should be shed on it in the first place.

      • kenny

        Eminem CD isn’t about any community it is acutally about learning to respect yourself for who you are and standing up for what you believe in… I think your making up crap about community

  • Plonker

    I have to say… Crispy you are reverting to some poor comeback lines. Shame man. Also its hard to tell in text, but I hope the love of Justin Beiber is a joke right? He is basically a manufactured pop stunt using cameos from famous artists who should know better (Ludacris I’m looking at you) to hype up his career. I don’t understand the greatness of artists who don’t write their own songs, don’t create there own beats and don’t portray their own personalities through music. All they can do is sing, which is good, but does that make them great?

    • crispy

      Justin Bieber co-writes his songs and several he has written himself so fail for you firstly. 2nd look at fan base. Most of Justin’s fans could care less if Ludacris was in his song, did you know “Baby” is the highest charting song Ludacris has anything to do with in years. This isn’t about Ludacris or the others helping him, it’s about him helping them. BTW do you seriously think Jay-Z or Crapenim make their own beats? Seriously.. haha it appears the industry has fooled you more than me. Stop knocking a 16 year old over a almost 40 year old man whose time will be up in a few short years when he can’t speak quickly anymore.

      • kenny

        actually eminem is very involved in the production of his music, the writing of songs etc…. on this current album he decided to venture out and focus more on writing than the music… p.s. most rapper write their own songs literally JB doesn’t really write his songs he can help in some way but the ideas are mostly written by others just like most pop artists

  • crispy

    Oh jeeze. Forgot to take my meds again. Sorry about all that Bieber nonsense!! He is just some manufactured teenager who no one will be able to remember this time next year. I’m just so embarrassed that I said all that stuff about him owning people and him being a role model. If you want to be douche, then by all means, let him be your role model. But that’s all he is good for. Sorry again!

    • crispy

      The “crispy” above me obviously wasn’t me. Justin Bieber is the best. The above poster must be some black hoodlum. Sorry Eminem you fail.

      • crispy

        Oh no!! My meds aren’t working as well as they used to. Feeling a bit like Jekyll & Hyde over here. Again, any posts that I make about Justin Bieber being a good artist or anything of the likes, it’s all false. I’m going to go phone my doctor to make an appt to switch my meds.

      • crispy

        Eminem is a piece of crap. Justin Bieber owns him. !! GO JB!!!

  • Malko

    Crispy, I find it interesting that you are choosing to say that Eminem and Jay-Z are “OLD” and “On their way out”. I would like to ask firstly how old are you? why is 40 your definition of “Old” and why you have chosen to attack two artists who have had long standing and successful careers? Not a criticism here but simply an interest into why you would post your comments and call people morons among other things.

  • crispy

    I am a fifty year old virgin male who likes it in the ass. I have to rub myself just thinking about Bieber. You can’t really tell if it’s a boy or girl though but that’s what I love about it. Just put a ribbon on it and I’ll be surprised. (I hope it’s a boy. I love little boys.)

    • crispy

      I’m the real crispy the above poster is obviously an old man living his fantasies outloud. But seriously Justin Bieber owns Feminem. Feminem your career is over!!!

      • tack

        crispy, how will JB stick around when puberty is hitting him like a ton of bricks? I’m not saying bow down to Em or anything, I think you have a point with rewarding “real” musicians and singers. Let’s face it though, Justin Bieber sounds like an out of tune choir boy that needs to go get a job cause he can’t hit the high notes anymore

    • kenny

      Crispy you’re probably a 20 something year old boy or teenager who couldn’t get anyone to do anything up your ass… I do believe your rub yourself because no one probably loves you

      • crispy

        Aww Kenny keep listening to Eminem
        s CDs we can all tell how far it has gotten you. Sorry your parents never loved you.. well I’m sure they are dead by now, so you have to take your hatrid out on me. Maybe your next life will be better? Go Justin Bieber!

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