Sugarland's 'Stuck Like Glue' video features an Awesome 'Chuck' star: We've got your exclusive First Look!

sugarland-stuck-like-glueImage Credit: Mercury NashvilleSugarland will release their fourth studio album, The Incredible Machine, on October 19, and first single “Stuck Like Glue” just hit radio this weekend. It’s cute and peppy and does that annoying Sugarland thing where you hear it once and it gets lodged in your cranium for days. Go ahead and buy it off iTunes, if you can stand all the joy.

But as a massive Chuck fan, I’m more interested in the song’s forthcoming video, especially after the band tweeted the above photo with a note that read, “@JoshSchwartz76 [Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz], We have your actor. Sugarland gets to guest-star on Chuck, or next season just got a little less ‘Awesome.'” Sugarland + Chuck?? Oh, be still my geeky little Texan heart!

After the jump, we chat with Sugarland frontlady Jennifer Nettles to find out what she and her “henchman” Kristian Bush are up to, get the scoop on the video, and present two First Look shots of Nettles and Ryan McPartlin — Devon, a.k.a. “Captain Awesome,” on Chuck — exclusively for you nice readers. You and me, baby, we’re stuck like glue… argh. GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

Entertainment Weekly: Twitter tells me you shot the “Stuck Like Glue” video with Ryan McPartlin, better known as Awesome from Chuck. I’ve since heard the video’s plot has you stalking him. What made Awesome a good candidate for stalking?
Jennifer Nettles: When you see his character that he plays on Chuck, you know, he is Captain Awesome. He’s the perfect guy. He’s the perfect boyfriend, he’s the perfect athlete. We thought that would be a funny twist. He fits the profile. Very handsome. And he’s a good actor as well, and also a nice guy.

The song is very cheerful. How does the stalking play in?
Well. It’s about a relationship, and it has a lot of levity in it, but it’s the concept of being attached to one person. Sometimes you have good days, sometimes you have bad days. The twist on the video is it’s in this world in this crazy woman’s head where she thinks she is in this type of relationship with this person, and is stuck with him, and stuck on him, and in her mind, they are inseparable. In his mind, she is a crazy lunatic. You know what she reminds me of? A sexy Dolores Umbridge, from Harry Potter. You know how she was, like, pink, and puppies, and kittens n’ s—? And then she made him scratch out all that stuff on his hand that was really awful and evil? Yeah. She’s like a sexy Dolores Umbridge. I hope I pulled it off.

You shot in LA?
Yes. In a neighborhood somewhere, and then also in a warehouse, which was my lair.

While you’re busy stalking, what’s Kristian doing?
He was my henchman. Totally my accomplice. With very important responsibilities like bagging the object of my obsessive affections. Bagging him for the kidnapping. Literally bagging him, over the head. Driving the getaway car. He had a lot of responsibilities so that I could be crazy, which is kind of like our lives. [laughs]

What’s the closest you’ve personally come to stalking someone?
I’m not big on that.

Are you a Chuck fan, and is this ploy to get on the show real?
I would love to be on the show! But it wasn’t a strategic thing, like, “Okay, we’re gonna pick Awesome so that we can then be on the show.” It wasn’t any scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours kind of showbiz thing. It was just funny. And yes, of course, we would love to be on the show. Kristian is a huge fan. I haven’t seen it since the first season. Now I feel energized to go check out what’s going on.

sugarland-stuck-like-glue3Image Credit: Mercury Nashville

sugarland-stuck-like-glue2Image Credit: Mercury Nashville

No word yet on when we’ll get to see the whole video, but whaddaya think, Mixers? Are you digging this pop-culture combo? And how about the single? Are you stuck on “Stuck Like Glue” — or, like Band-Aid brand, is it stuck on you?

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  • Sam

    This is the only thing that could make me watch a country music video. Unless it was a Taylor Swift one.

  • Robin

    Love the song, and the pix from the videos look amazing! You aren’t falling out of love with Sugarland, are you, Whitney?

  • chelsea

    Hahaha a sexy Dolores Umbridge, I absolutely hate Umbridge. But I love Sugarland so I am sure it will be amazing. As for the song I can’t get it out of my head either. It is great.

  • sarah

    Its been “stuck” in my head and on my ipod all weekend! A friend of mine and I have been going back and forth over what we thought the video was about…nice to see we were right!! :) I’m super excited for this! I’m sure jennifer and kristian’s acting skills were put to good use! Thanks for the sneaky peek!

  • Sally

    Oh yuck, can’t stand Sugarland. But for Captain Awesome I’ll have to give the video a shot.

    • aj

      If Sugarland gets a new lead singer, whose voice doesn’t make me want to gouge out my own ear drums, then they can be on Chuck. Otherwise not no, but H*ll no. Chuck is too good for Jennifer Nettle’s voice.

      • mimi

        She’s better than Taylor Swift who you probably jack off too. Taylor by FAR has the worst monotone 1 octave voice

      • Donna

        Hey aj! If you hate Jennifer’s voice so darn much, then why in the world are you perusing a Sugarland website in the first place? Go somewhere else w/ youe negative energy!

      • KMichele

        Jennifer can sing and more than that she a wonderful person! She has special charties for children in third world
        countries that she never talks about or uses
        as press. So take your negative energy and keep it
        to yourself! Keep up the beautiful music and your
        great works for the less fortunate! She is an inspiration
        for all young girls to aspire too!

  • Bee

    LOVE sugarland and love this fun little song

  • T

    I *love* Sugarland, so I was so pumped for their new single. “Stuck Like Glue” is a fabulous summer song – and it definitely sticks in your head! Jennifer and Kristian are talented song writers – they can go from silly and sugary-fun to serious and tugging at your heart strings and everything in between. I’m more excited for their album, though, than this single. I saw them in concert back in May, and I loved a few of the new songs they performed, especially “The Incredible Machine.” So I’ll make do with the sugary-sweet stuff until I can get my hands on the album come October 19!!

    • Jim

      It *IS* a great song. And Jennifer and Kristian had some help in that regard…it was co-written with Shy Carter and Better Than Ezra’s Kevin Griffin. Sugarland’s drummer, Travis, used to be a member of Better Than Ezra, so there’s a nice relationship between them.

      • cal

        A KG song…cool! Wonder if Travis is in the video? Thanks for the info!

      • Jim

        He may be. I know he was also the studio drummer for the record this time around, as opposed to being brought on board after it wrapped. They’re going for more of a “band” sound now, as opposed to “duo plus backing musicians.” Either way, I’m very happy for him. He’s always been an incredibly kind and generous person.

  • Kim

    Does Jennifer Nettles look incredibly annoying in this pictures or is it just me? She used to be so cute!

    • Kim

      *in these pictures. sorry.

      • mimi

        It’s just you. You’re they incredible annoying (and ugly) one :)

    • ALM

      It’s just you.

    • Summer

      I agree Kim. I think she looks annoying in these pictures, but if she is playing a stalker there is probably a good reason she looks “out of it”.

    • Jake

      Yep – just you. She’s awesome!

  • Taylor

    Haha! If you have heard the song ‘Stuck Like Glue’ you will know what im talking about – /This last picture here is too funny, the phrase’Just a spoon full of sugar make you better real quick’ totally fits that picture!!

    Im so loving Jennifers whole style in these pictures! She has a lair in a Warehouse?! Kristian, are little hitman that he is, hes lookin good in them shades!!

    I can tell that this video was so much fun to make and will be so much fun to watch!

  • Heather

    I think yeah Capitan Awesome will be the only way I’ll see a Sugarland music video.

  • Cris

    Captain Awesome!!

  • Dee

    I absolutely love Chuck so I was thrilled to see Sugarland tweet that pic.
    You know what else is awesome? Whitney for being a Chuck fan!

  • lizz

    Lovin something a little different from them and that they get to be on Chuck! They are awesome live so I can’t wait to hear this @ a concert.

  • Jello

    That is in a word? AWESOME!!! Love Ryan, love the whole cast they’re great.

  • katy

    What’s Awesome is Sugarland. Love them both!

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