Lady Gaga rallies fans in Arizona: 'If it wasn't for all you immigrants, this country wouldn't have s--.'

Lady Gaga is well known for stirring the pot while advocating for buzzy causes like gay rights, and now she’s using her sizable cultural influence to stand up against SB 1070, the controversial Arizona immigration law. At her Monster Ball show in Phoenix on Saturday evening, the pop star encouraged her “little monsters” to not sit idle in regards to the law: “We have to be active. We have to actively protest,” she told her audience. Since the news of SB 1070 came down, several heavyweights in the music biz have boycotted the state, but Gaga said she won’t do the same.

“I will not cancel my show. I will hold you, and we will hold each other, and we will protest this state,” Gaga told her audience. “I got a phone call from a couple really big rock-n-rollers, big pop stars, big rappers, and they said: ‘We’d like you to boycott Arizona. We’d like you to boycott playing Arizona because of SB 1070.’ And I said: ‘You really think that us dumb f—ing pop stars are going to collapse the economy of Arizona?'” And that’s when she urged fans to protest. “The nature of the Monster Ball is to actively protest prejudice and injustice and that bullshit that is put on our society!” See her whole impassioned speech here:

My favorite part of her plea? When she says: “If it wasn’t for all you immigrants, this country wouldn’t have s—.” There’s nothing truer. Hello! We’re all immigrants, at least somewhere in our lineage. Do you agree with Gaga about protesting? Or do you think she should have joined the protest and canceled her Arizona show instead? Sound off below!

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  • Ronnie

    “Hello! We’re all immigrants, at least somewhere in our lineage.”


    • Jay

      The difference is, my ancestors didn’t break the law when entering this country. The ignorance of the general public regarding this issue is dumbfounding.
      The law is not “against immigrants”, or anything like that. But it will get rid of the illegal immigrants…. who are by definition, “criminals”
      I dont know about the rest of you out there, but I, for one, certainly dont want these criminals living here, avoiding taxes and straining our society in everything from schools to health care

      • nodnarb

        You can’t be serious. Didn’t break any laws? Tell that to the Native Americans.

      • Andy

        Hey Moron, when your acestors came here I don’t recall them asking the indians/native Americans for permission. Instead to took their land, slaughtered them by the millions and now have the audacity to say they did not break any laws. Last time I checked genocide was against international law. Oh, but I forget you probably have a veery twisted view of history if you know any history to begin with.

      • Mike

        Ummm. NOBODY can avoid taxes dummy. Even if they were LEGAL and were working class they would be COLLECTING tax dollars… DUMB ASS. GO LADY GAGA!!!

      • seriously?

        Stealing the land from its original inhabitants, and savagely annhilating them from existence is more illegal than crossing a fence and taking jobs that most Americans won’t take.

      • Jackal

        How about living in the present.

      • Ronnie

        “The ignorance of the general public regarding this issue is dumbfounding.”
        Not sure if you were including me among the “ignorant general public regarding this issue,” Jay, but I have been studying the intricacies of U.S. immigration policy both on my own and in a more formal capacity for the past eleven years, starting before the USCIS even existed and was still simply the INS. I have Master’s Degrees in both National Security and Latin American Studies, and am currently working on my PhD. I may be a lot of things, but, in regards to this issue, ignorant is not one of them.

      • wakeforce

        So, you DON’T think illegal immigration is a problem in the US? What do you propose, opening up the border to allow everyone who wants to come here illegally and say, “You’re welcome to do anything you want cause ‘we’re a nation of immigrants'” I live in a ‘sanctuary city’ where a couple illegals killed three sons and a father over a parking space. They had a record a mile long, but since the city didn’t deport them when they had a chance, this family tragedy happened. The Arizona law came about because the Feds don’t enforce the laws already on the books.

      • Jay

        Dont even try to use the native american argument here… that is irrelivent, and it was hundreds of years ago. I am talking about today, this generation… today’s world. And in this world, the U.S of A has laws on how to enter the country legally. Everyone who does not abide by them, should be deported… period.

      • GMonkey

        Nope Ronnie. You’re still ignorant.

      • Ronnie

        Yeah, keeping getting your informed knowledge through media soundbites, buddy. I’ll be sure to take criticism from someone named “GMonkey.” lol

      • Francotess

        How do you know, your parents told you so!

      • Sharlin

        The difference is your ancenstors had the lucky privilage of not having enforced immigration laws created yet. Yay Lady GAGA.

      • Aunt Peggi

        Yo dogg, dis is gettin’ heated!

      • sockgal

        Sharlin—-Not true there have been immigration laws in place since the founding of the country. Ever hear of a place called Ellis Island? 10-15% of immigrants were turned away for various reasons, and that was after they travelled in horrific conditions for weeks at a time, to try to enter this country. All countries have some type of laws in place to control how many people enter the country to live/work. Try to move to Canada, France or England. Not so easy! There has to be some type of control on how many people can enter a country and use the social systems. Otherwise the system will break down. Look at California. Most of the problems is California is an overwhelming population of illegal immigrants. May school districts in the state have populations of 95% or more illegal immigrants. How can tax dollars keep up?

      • TheOdore

        Find me somebody that has been oppressed, due to the “overwhelming” amount of immigrants, and I’ll show you my family that lives on a reservation. Anything that starts in destruction, will end in destruction. Only it’s not immigrants that are doing it. It’s the so-called “proud Americans” that are causing dissension amongst the populace. There is nothing united about these states, and as long as people continue to fight blindly for other peoples beliefs, we will never rise above such pettiness.

      • couchgrouch

        the native American analogy is faulty. Native Americans were conquered by a superior force and lost their land. that’s been happening for 1000s of years. for your analogy to be true, Latin American illegal aliens would have to be viewed as an invading hostile nation which would give citizens of the USA the right to defend their land with deadly force, same as native Americans did. are you granting American citizens the right to use deadly force if illegal immigrants are found on their land? didn’t think so. you have a weak straw man argument.

      • MartinSA

        another fault of the Native American analogy? the implied approval/consent of the encroaching population to commit heinous attrocities on the current inhabiting population. essentially, by supporting the logic of “we did it to the Native Americans, so it’s ‘okay’ for illegal immigrants to do it to us” you in fact approve and support the logic of what was done to the Native Americans by our ancestors i.e. violent and dehumanizing population controls.

      • M

        Jay, You are an idiot. Most immigrants work harder than the citizen of this country. You better your fact straight because this country was stolen from the Native Americans. So Unless you are one you are an immigrant. So get off your throne!

      • dddrew

        i bet 99% of those who don’t support AZ don’t live anywhere close to the border. come down here to AZ, you’ll be begging for tighter immigration control

      • Giovanna

        This is for the people that agree with the law SB1070. I wish that all of you that agree that the people that have entered this country “illegaly” to be deported would’ve have gone through what they had to to go through to get to this country and also to have the SAME reasons that they had to come here and the necessities. Just want to ask you guys a question, who would pick the onions, lettuce, tomatoes, melons, watermelonsm…etc. in the fields? You wouldnt eat that in the fancy restaurant or fast-food..I guess those of you that want the immigrants to be deported will do that right?? I’m a US Citizen born in California to Mexican parents that are now residents THANKS to the amnesty in 1986, I, as a citizen of this country have worked in the agriculture in California, there is nothing wrong with that, it is a job and that is what we need to do to earn a living. It is a very hard job being in the sun around 12pm in the day when the sun is the hottest, around 110 degrees, all sweaty and dirt everywhere in your body and working 12 hour shift and sometimes more. Its OBVIOUSLY not that fun, right?? But this is what we do, i include myself in this because i dont agree w the law SB1070, no children should be separated from their parents. It is just not fair. Everybody at some point has had “illegal immigrants” in their family, that doesnt make them bad, right??

      • Suzi

        Could not have said it better myself….thank you!! So tired of this arguement it is against a “certain race” is against an “illegal act”!!!!

      • SLWebb

        Well, the theory is Native Americans aren’t from here either. But I guess that was so long ago it doesn’t matter. I guess I’m just saying, there are no Native Americans.

      • Dale

        how can California’s tax dollars keep up? they can’t. financially Cali is a mess (for those of you who dont know, look up percentage of tax payers in Los Angeles)

      • Dale

        “-Everybody at some point has had “illegal immigrants” in their family, that doesnt make them bad, right??-”
        This statement in itself is faulty, not everyone has illegal immigrants in their family. My grandmother is first generation italian born in the country to two parents who came through ellis island, and her husband was born to an english man and a german woman, both who came through ellis island. That would make my father the decendent of LEGAL european immigrants.

      • Jay

        @M – no, sir.. YOU are the idiot. I never said I wasn’t an immigrant. And your argument that illegal immigrants work harder than americans just makes you a racist.
        So you are a racist idiot. I now see who is against this law. Thanks for pointing it out

      • Jay types diarrhea

        Jay, you fart tart, they DO pay taxes and they get NO soc sec benefits in return. If you wanna go pick apples or wash cars, or flip burgers, go do it. Nobody is stopping you. But don’t blame them for chasing opportunity. Damn, I wish we could just deport ignorant douches like you.

      • Jay

        Uhm… so you are tellin gme these illegal immigrant (who legally CANNOT work “on thew books”), are somehow paying taxes??
        Maybe you should enlighten me? Are these people walking to the tax office with money in hand to pay thier taxes on all the money they earned working illegally??
        Somehow, I dont think so.

    • Jackal

      We’re all immigrants…Get a new comeback. If that’s all you got, that’s weak.

      • Ronnie

        Umm Jackal, that was not a comeback, if you look you’ll see it’s a quote from the article. Also, if it’s the first post, it couldn’t possibly be a comeback.

      • Jackal

        Yes it is, that’s the response anytime the question of illegal immigration comes up.

      • Woot

        Well we are… It’s not a comeback, it’s a fact.

      • Jackal

        I’m not an illegal immigrant. Neither were my grandparents.

      • Aunt Peggi

        Chillax, gurL!

      • arnie

        “who would pick the onions, lettuce, tomatoes, melons, watermelonsm…etc.” Well we do have a 9% unemployment rate…

    • Bob

      Lady Gaga: PLEASE don’t “help”. You’re not…

    • Jk

      Yes but you are here legally!!! I have no problem with immigrants as long as they are here LEGALLY! 59% of Americans support the Arizona law. Maybe your not a tax payer and you are just sucking off the government like many Americans and illegals! Lady GaGa needs to get a life! Very sad because she can influence a lot of people.

      • Jesus

        Do you know who the 59% is?
        I hate when people Just throw out numbers that 59% could be a bunch of privileged racist white communities who refuse to understand the struggles of communities displaced by the US
        My survey says 90% would be against it. That 90% would be my community who struggles to survive while the other 10% enjoys their cheap labor of a long ingnored struggle.

    • arnie

      Well with all this education why do you sound so dumb?

    • Steven

      Lady GaGa should keep her dumb mouth shut about SB1070. The bill is to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, period. Her music is just like everything else played today, stay out of politics Stefani, your not intelligent enough to know what your talking about!

    • Carlos Costa

      My father came here LEGALLY!!!!! from Portugal. Why is it so hard for some peolpe to understand. Illegals are NOT part of our nation or society. They are TRESPASING and should be sent back. PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Luis Boki

        Not everyone was as fortunate as your father………think beyond your own life for a change.

    • Susan

      Of course we were all immigrants and they’re welcome here, when done the proper way!!! Why are people so upset about an immigrant taking the LEGAL way to enjoying life here??? I don’t get it. We will pay for their education, their healthcare, their children, and they don’t give a DROP to the tax bucket. I don’t get you people!

  • Lauren

    Please don’t read this as a rant. It’s just normal talking: I’m becoming increasingly terrified that Lady Gaga has so much influence over so many people. She’s kind of becoming a cult leader, with millions of alternative-identifying (sexually/socially/etc) people listening to every word she says as if they are absolute truth. But what are her credentials for such political sway? Dressing in next-to-nothing and being increasingly bizarre? Her efforts are all so hollow-sounding to me. Phrases like “love yourself” sound good to people/media, but do they really help anything? When has someone loving him/herself more ever solved a world problem? Last I checked, pride is what causes all these issues, so heaping on a whole lot more love on ourselves is only going to divide the world more. Shouldn’t we work on loving OTHERS more? I don’t buy her speechery.

    • nodnarb

      I’d say her “credentials” are about as respectable as Sarah Palin’s. Or Jan Brewer’s. Or Rush Limbaugh’s. Or any of the other GOP fools with far more political sway that Lady Gaga has.

      • s-k-s

        Not exactly a Jan Brewer fan, but I think its a little bit of an injustice to put her in the same sentence as Limbaugh/Palin.

      • nodnarb

        She’s jockeying to be Palin’s running mate in 2012… so I’d say she qualifies.

      • Francotess

        Thank you Nodbar

      • Aunt Peggi

        you’re welcome, FRANNIE!

      • arnie

        why don’t we just make her a czar?

      • SLWebb

        I’d say it’s typical of actors, singers, athletes, etc. They make public comments this week for publicity. Because it suits them. Do you think GaGa, acts the way she does because that’s who she is?? No she does it for her own benefit. Next week it will be something else .

    • Bill

      Her credentials are the same as any American’s – she pays taxes and is entitled to express her opinion in public. As for her message of “love yourself”, that’s pretty radical in the face of a political and cultural environment that tells weirdos and queers to hate themselves.

      I don’t look to Lady Gaga for political advice or affirmation, but I appreciate how she’s used her fame. I’d rather my kid take her for a role model than some empty-headed thing like Justin Bieber or Ke$ha or – god forbid – Britney Spears.

      • JC

        What is Justin Bieber gonna do , He is just a teenager, so stop bashing him (and I am not a fan). And when kids end up homos , you can blame Lady Gaga

      • Phil

        JC, if you ever get a clue I’ll blame the upstanding gay citizens of this country who are far better people than you will ever be. Sticking up for Justin Bieber and bashing on gays under the same breath is kinda funny though.. closet case. God forbid I hope your not over 18.

      • Kyle

        Yes, JC…all kids who listen to Lady Gaga are going to “end up homos.” Classy response! She says to be who you are…that doesn’t mean someone is going to “end up homo” because they like her. Painfully ignorant.

      • Maria

        you may not look to her for political advice, but some people will.

      • Francotess

        @ JC, you better watch out for lady GAGA. I sense some sore of insecurity in your comments

      • Dale

        “And when kids end up homos , you can blame Lady Gaga”
        -Okay, seriously? This is one of the reasons republicans get a bad rap. You can’t MAKE someone “a homo” as you so elloquently put it. Lady Gaga being so open about her bisexuality may (in the most influential situations) make teens feel that its okay to express their own sexuality, whatever it may be. Acceptance is a good thing, especially when research indicates that sexuality is at least loosely genetically based. I hope that in the case that one of your children “came out” that you would continue to love and support them just as you did before. Also, I would like to add, for those who blame the media and celebrities for the oversexualization of the youth in this country: as a parent it is your job to teach kids to be abstinent or at least use protection, just as it is your responsibility to teach your children morals. In the end, you are the parent, spend some time with your kids throughout their lives, and dont let your teens walk all over you. They’ll grow up to be better people if you stick to your guns and enforce a few simple rules. Freedom is good, but trust is better. Let them earn it.

      • Susan

        You hit the nail on the head! “She pays taxes”, yet she’s standing up for those who do NOT. She’s an idiot – most celebrities never even finished high school yet they have the loudest mouths and the biggest opinions. And the public listens to them! No wonder this country is in the tank.

    • Tarc

      You’re clearly a conservative: someone that has a innante inability top handle change or different ideals, hence clings to the party of stagnation and control. I love it when conservatives get terrified – for any reason. It’s good for the soul.

      • GMonkey

        Wow! Liberal intolerance. That’s original. Equality for everyone – as long as they agree with you!

      • Loni

        Tarc, your comment is just so low. If only you knew what you were talking about. Most Conservatives believe in Christian principles such as being kind to others–you should try it some time–it might actually do your soul some good.

      • person

        Brilliant response GMonkey!

      • vf

        Nice. Categorizing conservatives as one and the same. I’m so glad we’re the ignorant ones

      • tre_03

        I love it when Libs get lippy. So adorable…

    • jp

      “Speechery.” Wow.
      So much stupidity, so little time.

  • René De Beaumarchais

    In terms of in-your-face statements, NO ONE can beat… Antoine Dobson.

    • Kyle


    • Aunt Peggi


  • nodnarb

    I think someone forgot to tell Lady Gaga that nearly all of SB1070 was struck down by a court and didn’t go into effect. She had good intentions though.

    • john_c

      She is no Elton John!!

      She barked on the wrong tree.

    • az hostage

      not all of the law was struck down only parts of it. the most blantanly racist parts were stuck down but at it’s core this law still requires American citizens to sacrafice some of their civil rights to enact it and make it effective. that is what is most disturbing about the whole thing.

      • couchgrouch

        what civil rights will people have to sacrifice? what parts were racist? be specific.

      • edd

        Being compelled to carry identification at all times is totalitarian and fundamentally un-American.

      • Corrine

        Incorrect Edd. It IS law in across the entire country that individuals carry identification and you will be arrested if you fail to provide legitimate ID and held until your identity can be established and verified.SB 1070 was/is extremely flawed, but your argument that carrying ID is totalitarian and un-American is equally flawed.

      • edd

        You are 100% wrong. There is no law whatsoever.

      • levelheaded

        I am bi-racial, but I look hispanic and will have people approach me speaking Spanish periodically.

        I have an aunt who lives in Arizona. I don’t want to visit her because I fear my MN drivers license and my looks may cause someone to believe I am not a legal American citizen. Even though I was born and raised in the upper mid-west.

        People who’ve never had to contemplate such issues as being singled out simply because of how they look don’t understand this law and the slippery slope it’s creating.

        It’s ridiculous to think you can ‘look’ at someone in America and say ‘You look like a citizen or you don’t.’

        Not to mention that many immigrants come into this country legally, and then their temporary status is changed, removed, expired whatever, and then they become illegal. How exactly are they to pay to go home to their countries? (Believe it or not there are illegal immigrants that aren’t from Mexico). And how in the world can our already financially strapped country pay for them to go home?

        It’s ridiculous to blame the victim for our shoddy border control and our shoddy immigration reform.

      • arnie

        edd- You have to carry a drivers license when you drive, right? Well just like driving, living in this country is a privilege not a right. There are criteria you need to meet to live here.

        levelheaded- You’re an idiot. That is not how the law works. Do some homework.

      • edd

        Sorry, what does driving have to do with immigration and proof of citizenship? You don’t have to drive to be a citizen, stupid. It would be helpful if the racist nutjobs who support racial profiling were at least smart enough to know the actual laws of our country.

      • Dale

        see what happens if they catch you in France without proof that you belong there. I’m sure they’ll give you all the same rights as their citizens….
        I carry my drivers license everywhere I go, and if you dont drive, as a citizen you can get a legal state ID. Really, its not all that hard. And dont worry edd, if they check your ID I’m sure you’ll be able to sue for a few hundred grand in compensation.

  • wakeforce

    I’m glad she played the concert. Why penalize the people who bought a ticket?

    • Heather

      Why bother with buying a ticket? According to Lady Gaga’s logic, I have a right to go to her concert for free!

      • Abby


      • GinaBallerina

        Best comment EVER!

      • pk


  • BlackIrish4094

    She’s an idiot but not the only “star” who thinks their uninformed opinion matters. My parents came here as legal immigrants and that’s the right way to do it. Each one of those illegal immigrants even if hard working that has a ss# is benefitting from someone’s stolen identity.

    • levelheaded

      Benefiting? How? They use a stolen identity to WORK. And then their pay is taxed and goes into OUR social security system. One they CAN NEVER cash out.

      • bagabum

        Wrong. Cash out on social programs like food stamps. My guess would be they don’t put in more than they take out.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      So screw human rights though, let them in so corporations can treat them like dirt, that’s the basis of your argument?

      • arnie

        r u payin attention to any of this? this has nothin to do w/human rites

  • Jason

    Love Love Love this woman!!!!

  • jbinminot

    There’s no such thing as a native American. They came from across the Bering strait. Also, I am offended that you would imply that all immigrants who came to this country committed genocide.

    • howie

      OK using that logic then there aren’t natives of almost all continents then. Cause our early ancestors moved from somewhere to all the inhabited lands…

      • Rusty Shackleford

        That’s right. You can’t only apply it when it fits your argument

  • jbinminot

    Oh and by the way, what happened to Native Americans doesn’t give anyone the right to cross the border illegally today!

    • Kate

      You being lucky enough (yes, lucky enough – you did NOTHING to deserve to be born in America) does not give you the right to pass judgment on those less fortunate. See, it does matter than a country built on immigrants is now so greedy and afraid that it tries to restrict others from the same opportunities afforded them. The grand tradition of American hypocrisy.

      • wakeforce

        They only look the other way because they need the cheap labor! Do you really think the gov’ment really wants them here other than that, and to keep having babies?
        Wouldn’t I be deported if I tried to cross Mexico illegally?

      • levelheaded

        How to people suppose we pay to ship all the illegal immigrants back home?

        We have over 25,000 Liberians on DED status in MN. They are keeping our health care system working.

        If Obama decides not to renew them in September of 2011, our economy is screwed. And how are they going to come up with thousands of dollars to fly home to Liberia? (which has an 85% unemployment rate)

        And if they can’t will our government tax our resources and deficit to fly them all home.

        Or even sending them back to a neighboring country like Mexico isn’t a free process.

        We need to punish corporations that are exploiting their difficult financial situation by paying them so little and pocketing more profit. If there are no jobs, we won’t have any immigrants.

        End. Of. Story.

      • Stephanie

        This country was built on forced labor and bloodshed, not immigrants.

    • Stephanie

      Thank you for saying that. What was done to the Native American tribes was heinous and a huge black mark on the history of our nation, one of many unfortunately, but it was not, at the time, illegal. America as we know it today did not exist, there were no law against it and furthermore, we had no real borders. We are now a sovreign nation with defined borders and it is our right to protect them and enforce certain laws pertaining to them.

  • JRWolfe

    Good grief, why can’t Lady Gaga and all these other celebs actually take the time to read the new law. It is NOT anti-immigration, its anti ILLEGAL immigration. BIG DIFFERENCE PEOPLE !!!

    • Jackal

      Exactly. All they got to counter that is the same broken record response, “we’re all immigrants”

      • nodnarb

        “All they got to counter” … seriously? Go back to high school and then you can participate in the conversation.

      • Uncle Gabby

        What’s wrong with that, it makes sense. You got anything to add to the conversation or just try to criticize other’s grammar or sentence structure.

      • nodnarb

        I’ve contributed plenty, thanks. And I’ve done so with an understanding of basic grammatical principles.

      • Uncle Gabby

        So what’s wrong with what he wrote. Makes sense to me.

      • nodnarb

        Oh, it’s fine if you’re a hillbilly.

      • Uncle Gabby

        Wow, good intelligent response, calling people names. Of course you can’t tell us what’s wrong with something you criticize. No credibility. Have to resort to name calling. Sad.

      • Woot

        Seriously, arguing over the internet? It’s entertainment weekly…

    • Tarc

      It’s not anti-immigration, it’s anti-American citizen. Between the profiling, the granting of immense powers to individual cops, usurping federal powers, the invasion of privacy issues, etc. It’s first an anti-American law law, then an anti-citizen law. There are many, many ways of dealing with this issue properly, and the Arizona law is both foolish and illegal.

      • Maria

        maybe if the US government had bothered to inforce its own immigration laws, az would never had passed this law. what part of ILLEGAL DO YOU NOW UNDERSTAND!!! i don’t mind immigrants coming into this country as long as they do it legally!!

      • Loni

        Amen Maria!

      • Stephanie

        This law is simply a states way of dealing with the failing of the federal government to protect our borders and provide a quicker more efficient way for immigrants to come here through legal means. This law is born out of frustration. I’m not saying that I don’t like immigrants and from what I’ve read of this law, that’s not what it’s trying to portray either. All it’s saying, in my mind, is come here legally and you’ll be welcomed. If you’re here illegally prepare to face the consequences.

    • leigh

      Yes thank you!

      • Giovanna

        What if they dont have a chance in coming “legally.”? Stay in their country and die of i dont think so..

    • levelheaded

      No it’s “I can tell by looking at you that you dont’ belong.”

      That’s the real problem.

      • Stephanie

        Unfortunately, the bulk of illegal immigrants are of Hispanic background. It’s really no one’s fault but their own if they’re being “profiled”. Perhaps if the Canadians start hopping the border this will change.

      • edd

        Unfortunately, everyone I’ve ever known named Stephanie is a huge fatty. Sorry to profile you. But it’s really no one’s fault but you’re own. Perhaps if some thin people were named Stephanie this would change.

  • jacko

    shut up and sing gaga – if you want to change the effin’ world – run for gov of AZ – otherwise quit stirring the pot and getting everyone pissy

  • Jackal

    I’m Native American. I was born here and lived here my whole life.

  • john_c

    The law is not against legal immigrants. It is about illegal immigrants.

    If you are legal immigrants who have been waiting for years to get your citizenship and find out that abiding to the US immigration law means nothing because the federal government decides not to enforce the law because of political reasons, how would you feel.

    • Tarc

      Please ask the California and Florida growers (giant agri corporations) how they will pick the food to fill the shelves of the grocery stores. Americans won’t work for that wage. Corporations fill their ranks by importing illegals, and the benefit to Americans is on the dining room tables. Do you want to pay auto worker’s wage to pickers? triple the price of your grocery bill. get real – this is a complex problem that vastly exceeds some idiotic jibbering about ‘illegal immigrants’.

      • john_c

        I am emphasizing LEGALLY to work in this country.

        I would like my produce to be inexpensive. However, I do not want to pay less because some corporation and business are exploiting illegal immigrants.

        If you think exploiting workers, whether they are here legally or illegally, would be acceptable.

        By the way, there are almost 10% unemployment. I believe many Americans would work those jobs if the government stops paying unreasonable length of unemployment benefits.

      • Tarc

        Again, the law is mostly un-American citizen. The people that are punished/damaged are primaily American citizens. The law doesn nothing to resolve the status of these people, something that only can be solved at the federal level. It’s a terrible law on every level. And no, it’s been shown that Americans will not take that kind of job – even in times of high unemployement (food backa nd welfare are the chosen alternative). heck, I’ve lived in places where parents won’t let their kids lower themselves to work at fast food places, and they have to import poor folks and illegals from an hour away to staff restaurants. Americans won’t do the jobs.

      • levelheaded

        @ JohnC check out takeourjobs dot org and then get back to us.

        Also, in MN Liberian immigrants staff a majority of our elderly care. If their DED (Deferred Enforced Departure) status is not renewed in September 2011 they will all be here illegally. Then what? There are NO American citizens prepared to take or fill in for these jobs.

        This is a very, very complex issue and demonizing the illegal immigrants is not helping anything or anyone.

        Even suspects of murder are afforded certain basic rights, we are exploiting many people in our country and yet we blame them. It’s disheartening.

      • Jelly

        “Americans won’t work for that wage.” Says you..I hold three jobs to make my way, would I chouse to be a “picker” not really but if it has to be then it has to be.

      • Rights

        if an illegal immigrant murders somebody.. he/she will also have those same rights as a citizen. So it is not logical to compare. If somebody commits murder.. any citizen, it’s never about their citizenship status or deportment. If an illegal commits murder, they get the same rights as a citizen because the State, in its policing powers, charges a defendant with murder, irrespective. Citizenship status, and committing murder are two very different things. And if somebody is found to not be a citizen, they get sent back to their country, not placed in jail with their liberties taken from them like a suspect murderer would.

  • Uncle Gabby

    I hate muscians who try to become political.

    • K

      Why? Don’t they have the right to express their opinions?

      • Uncle Gabby

        I didn’t say they didn’t, I just don’t like those who do. See the difference?

      • Bob Sparks

        Artists do have a right to express their opinions but everyone came to see her sing, not discuss politics. Put your thoughts in your artwork. I didn’t pay for a ticket for a political speech, I paid to hear a great singer perform her work (songs) on stage.

      • arnie

        I think all Uncle Gabby was pointing out that, statistically, artists’ political opinions are STUPID.

  • rico

    She should sing and then shut the F____ up. Stay out of Arizona’s business

    • rock golf

      Wonder if you’d feel the same if Toby Keith started attacking the Taliban in a concert speech.

      • Aunt Peggi


      • bagabum

        I am sure some people would give praise and others would freak out. Just like what is happening now.

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