MTV’s VMA nominations: Five surprise winners and losers

vma-nominationsGetting worked up over this year’s just-announced MTV Video Music Award nominations is kind of like being mad at the WWE for not honoring the traditions of Greco-Roman wrestling; it is what it is, kids. And what it is in 2010 is pretty much The Gaga Sweeps Show.

Meaning, essentially, that just about anyone who is not the thirteen-times-nominated Lady is a tramp. As in hobo. As in sad clown who will be going home with no Moon Men—or at least not great gobby handfuls of them, as Gaga is nearly guaranteed to do. (One possible exception? Eminem. Mr. Mathers snagged eight noms altogether, and will undoubtedly win several; MTV loves a comeback kid).

Even if la Gaga has single-handed saved both the music industry and the production of ash-colored Lady Godiva wigs, it is lovely to see a little attention paid to women who weren’t born Stefani Germanotta—including Florence and the Machine, Nicki Minaj (though for the wrong song), and Janelle Monae. And Dan Black, you kill it with that GarageBand “Umbrella” beat! Twice!

But we digress: Odd and unreflective of other industry awards shows as the VMAs may be, there are still a few shockers in today’s announcement; below, a (very subjective) top five:

1. Total shut-out for the Black Eyed Peas. Granted, many of their gigantor anthems (“Boom Boom Pow,” “I Gotta Feeling” etc.) were released last year, beginning in early spring—the Awards’ eligibility cut-off is supposedly mid-June—but they didn’t make the 2009 cut for nominees either, and the hits kept rolling through fall. Regardless of how you feel about them, is there a better definition of an MTV artist than these poly-ethnic, platinum-minting pop dingleballs? Shouldn’t they be in here somewhere?

2. The distinct lack of love for Rihanna and Justin Bieber. Despite a five-week run at the no. 1 Billboard spot, and director Melina Matsoukas’ excellent appropriation of “Buffalo Stance” wild style, Rihanna’s “Rude Boy” gets only one paltry nom, for Best Editing. As for the Biebs, his videos may not necessarily be paragons of small-screen creativity, but the VMAs are (super-late memo to Kanye!) essentially popularity contests connected only tangentially to artistic merit. In that case, the hair-swoopy heartbeat of ten million tweens seems to have earned more than a single Best New Artist nod for “Baby.”

3. The excess of love for 30 Seconds to Mars. We realize that angst-monkey Jared Leto and band have many legitimate fans, and that the world’s boner for Jordan Catalano is quite possibly (and justifiably) eternal. But noms for both Video of the Year and Best Rock Video feels something like overkill. Is the rock-video bucket so gutted this year that no one else could fill out at least one of these spots? Rise Against? Muse? the Black Keys? Vampire Weekend? LCD Soundsystem? Cage the Elephant? Also, dudes: the Flaming Lips got to your Critical Mass bike idea first. And way nakeder.

4. The Lady Gaga/Beyonce collaboration about cellular-based communication that is not “Telephone,” a.k.a. “Video Phone,” has nearly as many major nods as “Telephone” itself—Best Collaboration, Best Female Video, Best Pop Video, Best Art Direction—while having peaked on Billboard’s Hot 100 at no. 65. Yeah, I know: it’s not the BMAs. And I could talk about Ms. Knowles’ wonderfully bonkers costume switch-ups in this clip all day long. But seriously, did we have to double down so hard? Would one big nom—go ahead, give the stylist a Nobel prize for Quantam Booty Physics and Special Aspects in Bettie Page Revivalism—have been enough? Especially when…

5. … So many others have received no noms at all. Whether or not you enjoy them, the following artists, to varying degrees, seemed to merit a place on the nominees list, but are nowhere to be found: Miley Cyrus (nothing for “Party in the USA,” “The Climb,” or “Can’t Be Tamed”?); Adam Lambert (he grew a Wrath of Khan ponytail for you people!); Taio Cruz; Owl City (still hate him, but he seems to have earned it with his inescapable insect anthem, no?); Mike Posner; Travie McCoy; and unequaled Rube Goldberg maestros OK Go.

Readers, your turn—what else did they get wrong? What did they get right? Find the full list of nominees here.

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  • sam

    there’s really only one thing i can appreciate about Gaga’s videos…

    They kind of remind me of when i was a pre teen and you couldn’t wait for the next music video to come out. When they were kind of elaborate with special effects and storylines and just fun. Then you would spend all your time voting for it on TRL hoping it would make #1.

    Gaga’s videos bring us back to that. If nothing else you’re left entertained for the most part…

    • Sarah

      I totally agree. I don’t care much for her music (friends tell me that her non-radio tracks are superior anyway). But I admit that she’s one of the few artists whose new video I’ll look up if only out of curiosity.

      Reminds me of ten or so years ago when the premier of an N’Sync or Britney video on TRL was awwwesome. Music videos today seem sort of blah. Gaga is making them an event again.

      • Jason

        I’ve never felt so old, at 30. I’ve only heard of maybe 5 of these people, and have only owned albums by 1 of them. Clearly, my VMA watching days are over. Silly kids, bet you can’t tell me who Nina Blackwood, and Mark Goodman are!

      • JV

        Why are referencing those old DJ’s on XM/Surius’ “80’s on 8″ channel?? Actually, I am 42 and know way too well what you are talking about. On the other hand, it is all coming around again for me…my 7 and 11 year olds are singing Bad Romance off of the Glee soundtrack now.

    • Yapppppp

      I cannot stand Gaga’s videos at all!!! And she is becoming overrated!!! Not loving her anymore, sorry Gaga!

    • miasmes

      if you like MVs with storylines I’d suggest you have a look at Janelle Monae’s clips.specifically many moons and tightrope. or just all her 3 suites, which follow a storyline. look into it, and give it a chance, u won’t regret =)

  • sameold

    the vmas are old. Adam should have got a nod for WWFM for Best New Artist, or was a worldwide hit. at least Much Music gave him some love

    • Peter

      Oh come on! Adam did not deserve a nomination. That video had such bad acting! That song is not even that big of a hit! Quit with the hyperbole Glamberts!

      • sameold

        Adam deserved it for New Artist..they have an unknown and less successful nod in the new artist list…WWFM was a Global top 10 hit…mind you…that was a huge record IDIOT!!!

      • sameold

        Explain Much Music giving Adam nods and him winning the fan voted Fav International Video award if WWFM such a small it..laugh at Adam all you want but WWFM was a solid global hit and it should have been given some love from mtv…

      • sameold

        WWFM was top 20 in 20 countries..small hit indeed…you are a dummy…that is all and Adam deserved a nod for something.

      • Phil

        Dear sameold…there is No VMA category for Best Make-up In a Video.

      • paige

        If I had you was still a better video than Airplanes, that strangely got alot of nominations…

      • sorry

        You’re wack. When Slash says something is timeless, it’s timeless LOL. I don’t even like the vid for WWFM but it was purposely filmed that way (CAMP: willfully over-emphasizes certain elements of a genre or theme, creating an almost self-satirical milieu. Campy: being so extreme that it has an amusing and perversely sophisticated appeal.) The only thing it lacked was a budget. I don’t think it should have got a nom for the vid don’t diss a global anthem that is still selling. The vid for IIHY on the other hand was flawless though it only came out a short while ago.

      • headradio

        If the video for that sh*tty Airplanes song got so many nominations, IIHY DEF deserved a nom.

      • jermaine

        Could you be anymore biased Peter? LMFAO. If the BEPs who continously produce awful videos accompanying awful songs can get noms, why can’t you accept the fact that Lambo deserved at least one nomination despite still being new.

      • jermaine

        Damn you’re weird Peter. I’m not too invested in the dude’s career but it would have been nice to see Adam L. nominated in any category. If Paramore are considered ‘rock’ and nominated, then someone who was given rights by Zeppelin to sing their song and is mates with Slash and May, most definitely deserved a nomination.

      • tyson

        Yo Peter you’re pathetic. You don’t give a fcuk that Bieber and so many ***** acts were nominated but you’re getting worked up over an AL fan saying it would’ve been nice had he been nominated? At least his voice is dope.

      • Snob

        OK, you’re such a jealous piece of smelling object in my baby’s diapers!

      • Mike

        Talentless dbags 30H!3 get nominated but you can’t accept the fact that Adam L. deserved a nom? That rock list fails, Paramore LMFAO give me a break. The entire list fails with the exception of a few.

      • Jason

        SameOld: explain Much Music giving him an award?! OK: It’s Canada- award explained.

      • Jane Wilkey

        Adam Lambert is like a breath of fresh air to the music industry, he can actually sing!

      • me

        Wow! Snarkiness is not very attractive, man or woman, I hope AL doesn’t read this stuff on either side.
        By the by: The line “Phil is so worried about is simply a way to warn against getting too carried away with anything. That’s the way I and, I imagine, most other people read it. Chill all of you, ok?

    • KC

      I love Adam, but I don’t care about a nomination. It would be more fun to see him perform.

      • bangbangbang

        agree! :)

      • Brittany

        Adam is awsome!

      • sammy

        totally agrre 1000%. adam is beyond awesome.

    • Lisa

      well I’m a huge Adam fan and liked the WWFM video but its not award winning, of course neither are some of the actual nominee either! I would have liked to have seen IIHY video which was better but its still climbing the charts so oh well. But PS WWFM was TOP 10 in over 20 countries, #1 in quite a few like Germany and peaked at #4 in the world. the few international tour dates he has announced to date have sold out as fast as all the US ones. Adam’s going places no matter if he gets an award for a music video from a station that doesnt even show music videos anymore.

      • bangbangbang

        I’m not a stan per say though I

      • Matt

        I respect the fact that his music sells even without his music videos.

    • Erik

      Can we create an award since apparently the video quality of Adam Lambert’s two hits wasn’t good enough? We’ll call it…The Best Singing ability of anybody in any video this year! Done and Done!

  • sameold

    Gaga is overrated and I am a fan…Bad Romance was great, Telephone okay. Alejandro was awful. Yes, Rude Boy deserved more noms

    • Gabby

      See, I thought both Bad Romance and Alejandro were way better than Telephone, which comes off as noisy Europop blandness to me.

      • Adfasdfasdf

        i like this crita very like .ada kelakar..sedih ayat2 adam sgt menuentyh jiwa..sape yg buat skrip??syabas .mudahan2 watak adam blh dcontohi kaum adam diluar sana ..itu yg spatutnyer sbg seorg ketua keluarga ketua rumah tangga aman 1 je x stuju babak masa kawan adam n bakal wife dia (sara) kan suruh sarah buat smbhyg hajat doa utk adam n maya cuba tgk masa ni sara pakai skirt pendek pas tu si kawan adam ni terus peluk si sara eeihhh..blm kawin lg pe pluk2 .aa..tang ni tn director kena blajar dulu ape ciri2 doa dimakbulkan bukan ape takut2 kalo yg jenis2 x kuat iman tu atau budak baru blajar agama dia tgk ooo sembahyang hajat blh pluk2 jugak teguran membina

  • Zees

    Nothing for Hanson’s Thinkin’ ‘Bout Something? An insult to a great video AND to the Blues Brothers.

    • Carrie

      Word! I have recently become addicted to that song and that video.

    • tmd

      Why should the Blues Bros. be acknowledged? They were simply two comedians playing a role in a movie … neither of which was/is a musician!!

      • jason.

        Who also released some records.

        They sang and performed and had a band, so they were musicians. Not sure if they count these days…

        Can’t speak to your age, but once upon a time, a Belushi with actual talent roamed the Earth…

      • Jason

        and you can see his demise in the worst movie ever: Wired.

    • cheese

      it’s enough taylor swift was nominated, don’t bring hanson into this..

  • Lauren

    Video Phone was barely a blip on the radar. It is strange that MTV all of sudden is giving it attention.

    And how did BOB not get a best new artist nod?

    There is actually a lot to talk about in rock and alternative right now. Black Keys, Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Dead Weather, Muse, Matt & Kim, Phoenix, Them Crooked Vultures… I could go on! While I am 24 and probably out of MTV’s main VMA audience, I’m pretty sure my 17-year-old brother and his friends who listen to the groups I just listed would care a lot more about the VMAs if they gave more attention to rock and alternative music.

    • Jessica

      I totally agree, I am 25, I guess out of the age range also, and I listen to all of the bands you listed. I wonder how long it will be before MTV realizes there are other genres besides pop and hip-hop.

  • JC

    Have u ever watched MTV Hits , They had never played any of BEP Videos, I Wonder Why

    • Mikey B

      I posted about it yesterday. If you watch MTV and VH1 during the early hours, which is when they air music videos, you will realize they don’t play videos of the BEP off the “The END” album. Weird!

  • Damon

    I nom for “rude boy”..preposterous!

  • Phil

    As I mentioned in the other VMA Announcement post, my total shock & awe at the lck of BEPs nominations, but I guess isn’t NOT a TOTAL shut out, since Will technically did get a nod from Usher’s “OMG” (lame, but yes, definitely not a total shut-out.) But its just so insulting when most artists say the video is dead, Mtv doesn’t play videos anymore…and then they go and turn the VMAs into the Video Gaga Awards (to be fair, I HEART Gaga and her videos are all mini masterpieces to art.) And lets be honest, I knew back in January when the “Video Phone” video debuted…the video was the ONLY hit version of that song. It was an attempt to get Gaga to have an Urban hit, which surprisingly “Telephone” never achieved, but the overlooked Peas did indeed get an Urban hit out of “Imma Be”.
    And honestly, the BIGGEST omition in my book? La Roux’s “Bulletproof” who has made the slow & steady climb to a pop hit & is now finally crossing over to Rhythm radio….At least they nominated CASCADA in the Best Dance Category…

    • sameold

      Agree with you on BEP’s they deserved just as many as Gaga IMO…they sell a lot of albums globally was well and are all over the place…Bulletproof deserved a nod for something as well

      • Alie

        You are obviously quite vdtoeed to writing quality content. It really shows in your great article content. Thank you for writing so much great content.

    • sameold

      k..don’t get me started..I was with you until the Adam diss but whatever makes you happy…have a nice day

      • Phil

        Its called a joke. And I am sure other people laughed when they read it. Have a nice day and smile more, it’ll make YOU happier!

      • Kam

        Then you must have been the only one laughing. You did reveal your own self. It’s called homophobic! Just say it Phil and get out of your closet.

      • flag that comment

        You suck Phil

    • sameold

      learn to accept differences and you’ll be a better’s incredible that Adam was able to sell a million plus copies of his CD Worldwide considering all the ingorant folks hating and hating on him…geez…

      • Phil

        Ok, look I’ve NEVER said this ANYWHERE on ANY message board, or on EW. So I’m also kind of hoping that Slezak reads this since he is an Idol junkie.
        I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AGAINST Mr. Lambert & happen to LOVE “If I Had You”…but there is a reason its NOT a hit or getting massive radio play. I know this because of my connection to the radio industry. Its something that, as far as I know, has never been addressed and when I broughtr it up to a Clear Channel Program Director when the single was originally being worked, they were SHOCKED. At the 1:30 mark of “If I Had You” his lyrics are as follows:
        “There’s a thin line between a wild time & a phat line, baby tonight. Its a struggle, gotta rumble trying to find it…” which is a blatant indication of searching & snorting drugs. There was NEVER an edit issued by the record label and I believe once many program directors discovered the lyrics, kept the song from going into power rotation.
        I LOVE how there are 207 pointless Idol blog posts written everyday but not one person has ever mentioned this. I’m gay & I support Adam Lambert as a pop star, but when I learned of these lyrics, and his failure to edit them for radio play, I was a bit disappointed in him, esp. since many young kids were fans based on his time on Idol (I’m not some troll who believes only old ladies enjoy him). I’d love to hear your thoughts now sameold.

      • sameold

        Stop making excuses for American radio and Clear Channel..the lyrics are Flatline…not Phatline…whatever the song is top ten in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia…it should already be top 20 in the US but’s politics and the need to put Adam in his place…

      • sameold

        hey but Gaga/discosticks, bottle of jacks, countless hip hop songs with bad messages, etc…are censorship there..I wonder why Adam is singled out…???

      • Anna

        Oh for the love of…it’s “flat” line not “phat” line, moron!

      • sameold

        You obviously did not listen to Adam’s interview with Ryan Seacrest about IIHY and the song sending out a positive message (you call urself a fan?)…and Ryan called Adam a “good guy”…it’s funny how gay men rip Adam apart the hardest..hey at least IIHY is top 40 on top 40 radio.

      • Phil

        It could really be either, I just put it on 3 times and called someone else in to listen…they can’t tell the difference either. So its not just me.

      • Phil

        and OMG I said FAN not super fan!! Cause I’ve said i’m gay that I’m automatically expected to know everything about Adam and what he ate for breakfast while on tour last week!? thats whats wrong with you Idol fans and why no one takes you guys seriously. I regret even mentioning I was a ‘fan’ of his music now. I’m definitely not a fan like you.

      • sameold

        Phil get over urself…nobody give a crap about you being mentioned it..whatever..I stated that because you should know by listening to the song that it’s a positive song and “family friendly”. u stated that as a gay man that u were disappointed in Adam for whatever…u are too funny and full or urself..yes you are.

      • sameold

        Maybe Phil should see Adam as an artist and not as some representative for all gay men (ur jokes about makeup reveal ur real feelings out Adam) the way Max Martin wrote this song and adapted the lyrics for Adam (black-color liner etc…)

      • sameold

        OMG Phil, Adam said FlatLine…ban him on radio now…the kids, the kids…save them from the Flatline..GTFOH!!!

      • Michelle

        Lyric fail, dude. lol

      • tmd

        WRONG!!! The lyric is “It’s a FAIR line between a WILD time & a FLAT line” indicating too much excess can result in DEATH if one is NOT prudent … it has NOTHING to do with DRUGS. This is DIRECTLY from the LINER NOTES on the FYE CD! Buy a copy & see for yourself!! Tell the Radio people to read the lyrics to the songs … they are ALL included in the BOOKLET!!

      • Phil

        I know I’m going to regret saying this last part, but sameold…since you just stated you were indeed a female, how about stop criticizing me, I’m an open gay male, which makes you one huge hypocrite!!
        And I didn’t threaten you, I told you that IF you walked up to a complete stranger and called them an IDIOT in their face it wouldn’t end well, and if you did it to me what I would do.
        Stop making all these comments about me when all i’ve done is m ake a statement & supported it, which is more than I can say for you. You’ve now backed yourself up in a corner, so go practice what you’re preaching “Talk about what you know, NOT what you think you know.” You’re not a gay male, unless you were lying. SO SAD FOR YOU. This is my last comment addressing you, you’ve proven how intelligent you are.

      • sameold

        So me being female should stop me from dissing you becaue you’re gay? WTF? You have shown nothing but stupidity in your posts and drop the victim act. You being gay and me being female have nothing to do with Fhil being a jerk…you are a JERK Fhil

      • sameold

        Fhil…how about some more jokes about Adam’s makeup…I mean you cannot be homophobic because you’re gay…right? It was funny when you posted it right? What is the motivation behind the makeup joke? Is it because Adam is not ashamed of who he is completely, not just as a gay man, but a full person. You should write Adam a letter expressing your minor beef with makeup and PHATLines…Fhil is phreaking out…oops sorry, can’t diss you because I’m female and maybe you should Chris Brown me if you were to ever see me…words dude just words

      • Phil

        OMG, thank you for proving my point! words dude just words….after all this, before I even made a comment, you were the one who called a complete stranger an IDIOT and now later me, a JERK. And in your mind, you think its OK, cause you’re on the internet, and after all this going back & forth, I’ve tried to express that to you, but all you care about is me not worshipping at the altar of your Idol. Grow up, because I’m pretty sure Adam wouldn’t appreciate you calling anyone an IDIOT or me a JERK esp. when I’ve been nice to you and not said one harsh thing to you. GROW UP AND STOP ACTING LIKE YOU’RE 12. thats what little girls do when they want something. They cry to mommy & daddy til they get their way.

      • sameold

        hey Fhil knows Adam and Adam hate that I called him a JERK…Sorry Fhil from the bottom of my anonymous heart… are too easy…you are going a complete stranger as well…and you started it with your makeup joke…write about that…better yet since you know Adam, ask him how he feels about Fhil’s makeup joke…I’m not 12 and you’re not real…it’s the internet and a stupid entertainment site…hey Fhil I have Fheelings too…done with you and enjoy the soapbox and bad hearing….Phatlines…what the phuck????

      • @phil

        Phil, you are pathetic man. And you call yourself a proud man? Get a grip. What a hypocrite you are.
        FYI, its not only gay men who face dicrimination, it is also lesbians. Don’t think that because sameold is a female she doesn’t feel the homophobic reactions from people like you loser. Because she is a human being, she will be offended by hypocrites like you. Because she has a good heart, she will get offended by creeps like you. Get a life and GTFOH!
        And the lyrics, LOL Drugs? Is that the best line that you can come up with? What a phony!

      • lovedrug


        You’re trollin’ right? Tell me you’re joking man? Do you realize how many songs and artists and bands not only in the nommed List but in the Industry reference drugs and sex and everything else?

        You’re trolling you gotta be.


    • Chris

      bulletproof was a terrible video of a boyish girl with a pouty stink face walking with attitude for 4 minutes. Not awardworthy at all

      • amen

        It was a horrible video and her voice is so jarrin! Her attitude is the worst thing about her though.

      • me

        I liked bulletproof – it was a catchy song!!

    • Tue 08/03/10 8:17 PM

      Cascada’s song sounds like Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and the rap bridge sounds like Eminem!

      • Din

        Cascada is horrible!

    • ben

      BEP have become one the worst most overplayed overproduced horrible bands of this century. And I couldnt give a rats a s s about that La Roux.

  • Henry


    • Miss Talk

      But seriously, did Will.I.Am deny the use of “I Gotta feeling” on MTV’s “Jersey Shore” or something? Because clearly, this looks like revenge.

  • Damon

    Well I’m sure Lady Gag-ga will win all the major categories..VOTY, Best female vid and best pop vid..Bad Romance is a great video tho..I give her that!

    • Sue

      Rude people. It’s comments like yours regarding Adam, PHIL, that encourage intolerance and prejudice. Gee, you aren’t like that, are you????
      No need to put others down. The world doesn’t need (or want) people who dis others.

      • Damon

        I’m sorry my font offends could have ignored it but instead you fed right into my agenda..I’m not dissing gaga but there were other artist like BEP and Rihanna that got snubbed..13 vma noms..please!

      • Phil

        Oh and Sue I didn’t call anyone any names, I believe your friend sameold referred to Peter as an IDIOT, I believe that contradicts your statement about encouraging intolerance. If you wanna come to the defense of a fellow Glambert, thats fine. I don’t outright attack people & respect people’s opinions IF and ONLY IF they are supported by facts to back them up. You attacking me is a complete contradiction of your supposed point. Have a Great day!

      • Elise

        Glamberts preach love and tolerance so sit down and shut up. You are complete IDIOTS if you don’t think Adam deserved more nominations than Gaga. *Lmao*

      • Kam

        Elise, they are idiots

      • sameold

        Elise, Adam deserved a nod for something. I think Gaga deserved the most but not 13…Black-Eyed Peas deserved almost as many nods as Gaga…they sell a ton and have done this for over 10 years…let’s see if Gaga is selling a ton in 10 years…Adam is new and does not have the success of Gaga but he has not been unsuccesful and should have been given a nod for WWFM in a category. I’m sure other countries that love WWFM have no issue with giving him a nod…anyway

      • zoso

        No he didn’t deserve more than Gaga, yeah she’s incredibly overplayed but she earned it…he did however deserve to be nommed when people like JBieber and Kesha were nommed. Btw it’s funny how everyone’s forgotten about Christina………

    • sameold

      Because he is an IDIOT…but whatever…anyway…good luck to all the nominees…here’s hoping Adam finds more acceptance in the US with his next album

    • lol, wow

      Phil, Damon whoever who you are why do you keep changing your username?

  • drew

    This would be news if eMpTyV actually played music videos, but we all know that the VMAs and the Movie Awards are last-straw grasps to keep themselves relevant – unfortunately, it’s working. Hey look, it’s Snooky!

  • mscisluv

    I am definitely shocked that there was no nod for Owl City’s “Fireflies” video. In an age where MTV barely plays music videos anymore, that one got a lot of love, and deservedly so. As did “Party in the USA” and several from the Black Eyed Peas. Definitely surprised that none of those got nods while other (far less popular – and, as we said, this is a popularity contest) ones did.

    • jameson

      Everything you mentioned I’m glad didn’t get nominated…effin terrible.

  • Chris

    They still make music videos?

  • Shirley

    Phil, It’s FLATline not PhatLine.

    • wanderer

      Yeah,Phil. As in “you party too much, you die”. The exact opposite meaning to what you claim. Please go back to those program directors and tell them to actually read the lyrics – not speculate over what they “think” they hear.

      • Phil

        Again, its truly indecernable to make out how he sings that exact word. Go put it on and tell me you can CLEARLY make out exactly the word FLATLINE. I’ve been replaying it for others now and they agree you definitely cant make out whether its ‘Phat’ line or ‘Flat’ line. And please don’t say they’re all deaf…SIGH

    • Sue

      Yes, it IS “flatline”. Good god. It’s in the lyrics with the CD! Check your facts.

      • Phil

        I respect what the liner notes say, and again I implore you to tell me you can clearly make out the word in question….but it doesn’t matter. Because I pointed this out I’m now the bad guy. I’m wrong, I’m evil…blah blah blah. Idol Junkie Pile up on me!!Wooohoo

        I’m NOT a moron. The entire song is about getting high, whether its blatant or an inside joke. I’m NOT a hater, and I applaud you all for coming to Adam’s side, but the truth of the matter is…you’re all JUST fans (or overzealous super fans) who have no real idea other than ‘reading the lyrics in the cd’ about what the song is about. Rockers & popstars make inside jokes in music all the time with double entendres (is that spelled right?), my biggest error here was bringing anything up aout an Idol graduate. I don’t hate on anyone, but you guys who preach so much, really have alot to learn.

      • sameold

        we are no different from fans of other artists. a new artist off of American Idol has to work 3 times as hard for respect and airplay..being openly gay like Adam makes it 10 times as hard. Look IIHY will end up being a moderate hit in the US when it should have been one of the songs of summer but at least Adam is solidifying his international appeal and may have earned another single becaue IIHY charted top 40. The lesson here is that Phil should post about what he knows not what he thinks he knows.

      • sameold

        IIHY was just sent to HAC this week if anyone is wondering…I think RCA did not expect the song to still be around by least Adam put work into making a video for it and has fun performing it…hey Phil, Adam’s whole Glam Nation Tour is inspired by IIHY…Adam said so himself.

      • elle

        Yeah, Phil it’s FLATLINE. If you watch the music video, he’s making that ‘FLATLINE’ gesture with his hand.

      • emily

        I have always heard flatline never thought twice about and when i sing along i say flatline so I am pretty sure thats what it says.

      • sameold

        Phil = Fhil..right? Now’s that’s Phat (Flat)..can we call you Fhil phrom (from) now on?

      • Phil

        to any Adam Lambert fans here I may have offended in any way by my original posting & joke about the make up in the video I’m sorry. I’m also sorry you don’t get the concept of sarcasm, I can’t change that. To sameold, please try & grow up. You called the first person that challenged your opinion an outright IDIOT and not you’re making fun of my name, when I a proud ernough to post here (and have for a few years) under my real name, not some falsified handle by sameold. (Its childish, and I use my name cause I have nothing to hide & support my opinions I express.) Secondly, its kind of hard to take you seriously by taking swipes at people you don’t know. Just because you hide behind a keyboard & monitor doesn’t give you the right to call someone you don’t know an IDIOT. If you were standing in front of me and got up in my face and said something like that, I’d prolly knock you into next week. Its not cool, and No, again, I’m not the internet police, but thats the world we live in these days. It may seem childish to you, but it definitely a flaw you perpetuate.
        Finally, these were Mtv VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS nominations. So you’re post about WWFM being top 20 in 20 countries is pointless, its about how the video was portrayed and performed. I wish people would read entire posts and not just what they want to read before commenting.
        Finally, Again, I said I was a fan, but if you think being a fan means knowing every iota about a performer…I’m here to tell you, sadly its not. A fan can be anyone that clicks on this article and never even comments. Its someone who somewhere in their pop culture headspace likes someone enough to be ineterested in them. THATS IT. Yo my friend are much more than a fan, and I haven’t used any colorful words to describe you, but you are definitely over-zealous to say the least.
        And finally to everyone who has called me an idiot, unless you are SuperMan and have perfect hearing you don’t know for a fact, unless you were in the studio the day that was recorded what he’s saying, regardless of what it says in the cd notes. You just can’t. And for the record, again, I’m a fan…and before you wana attack me or comment further, I’m not going to respond about this after this post & keep this going. I have a life, and suggest you all get back to your own, or find one. Thanks for the discussion everyone!

      • sameold

        hey Fhil…I’m a hit girls too? Seems like you have anger issues. it’s the internet stupid…thnx for the posts, ignorance, threats of knocking me out, etc… too funny…thnx Fhil

      • tmd

        @Phil … I am basing my interpretation on having seen ADAM sing IIHY on Ellen & Oprah … AND … it was DEF “FLATLINE” according to my EYES as well as my EARS!! Also in all the videos on Ytube of the Glam Nation tour! Can they ALL be wrong? I don’t think so. ADAM does not refer to ANYTHING but LOVE in that song! Please tell those program directors to view his appearances on Ellen & Oprah! There is NO doubt when you SEE him sing the song! THANX!

      • toolong

        Phil, dude! You have a LOT of time on your hands. ‘Portaryed’ ? You mean how mainstream and glossy it looks LOL? Bieber Kesha and half that list don’t deserve to be up there. You make no sense and need to grow some balls, quit being so over sensitive to every comment. You’re typing way too much about nothing.

  • Sia

    I could care less about Miley not being nominated.

    • Luke

      I’m glad she isn’t. Same goes for Owl City.

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