Weezer names its new album after Hurley from 'Lost' and -- shocker! -- Doc Jensen has a theory

weezer-hurleyAs you may be aware, I happened to be a rather intense fan of the TV show Lost back in the day. What may not be as clear to you is that I happen to intensely enjoy other things, too. For example, I really like this “rock ‘n’ roll” music that the kids are listening to these days. One of my favorite bands is Weezer. I can’t look at a Jonas brother without involuntarily hum-muttering “My Name Is Jonas.” When I drive through Beverly Hills, I immediately start pounding out the stomping beat of the Weezer tune against my steering wheel. And “Troublemaker” demands that I stop what I’m doing, crank the volume up to 11, and scream along whenever and wherever I hear it.

So I was doubly thrilled when I read the news today that not only has Weezer entitled its eighth album Hurley, but the cover art will feature the beaming mug of Jorge Garcia, the actor who portrayed the Numbers-cursed dude on Lost. Two of my favorite things come together — it’s like a pop culture Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup! In an interview with Spinner, Weezer mastermind Rivers Cuomo says that his primary motivation for naming the album “Hurley” (due in stores Sept. 14 from Epitaph Records) wasn’t Lost fandom (he’s only seen two seasons of the show; he says he likes it) but rather his peculiar fondness for the Garcia photo. “It just had this amazing vibe,” Cuomo tells Spinner. “We didn’t want to do a fourth self-titled record and we knew people would refer to it as ‘the Hurley record’ even if left it without that title, so we just called it ‘Hurley.’ No words are on the cover because all we wanted was his amazing face.”

Cuomo claims that the Hurley album doesn’t feature any songs inspired by Lost, but I don’t know if he’s telling the truth. I believe Weezer is merely acknowledging and returning the appreciative homage that Lost was paying to Weezer in the show itself. After all, this is the band that also wrote and recorded the sweet and chipper 2001 love song “Islands In The Sun,” which I’m sure must have been a big influence on the Lost writers as they were brainstorming their mythology, specifically those shiny happy Dharma Initiative hippy days. Just look at the video! All those animals must have something to do with the Hydra Station. There’s bears! Okay, not polar bears, but still! Bears! Oh, and monkey = veiled Joop reference.

Moroever, Cuomo also told Spinner that some other titles he considered — inspired by the album’s sound — included “Heavy Mental.” Now, “Heavy Mental” sounds like a good way to describe any number of Lost theories I concocted over the years, including my season 6 contention that Lost enjoys a thematic kindship with heady ’70s-era prog rock. In fact, I posted my Lost = prog rock theory on the same day that Lost aired its only season-6 episode devoted to…Hurley! Coincidence, you say? Nay! Surely this must be Synchronicity! Perhaps Hurley is actually an elaborate concept album devoted to imagining Hurley’s years as Island guardian….

Okay, I got a little wonky on the Lost theory “Hash Pipe” there. (Though I kinda like my concept album idea.) Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to the new Weezer disc just a little more than I already was. Now if we can only convince Lady Gaga to name her next album Creepy Squirrel Baby. Now there’s a costume I wanna see!

So, Music Mixing Losties, what’s the next band album/Lost character pairing you’d like to see?

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  • Maserda

    LOL! Hilarious post. And yes, there is just something about Hurley’s face…

    • MovieMan

      I love you Doc!
      Great and funny article. And yes, Hurley face brightens up the day.

    • UGH


      • DT

        That would be MATT Sharp.

      • UGH

        I guess I was thinking of Ben from Lost and Matt at the same time.

    • Rock Golf

      Hurley looks just like Buddy Holly!

      Correction: Hurley looks like he just ate Buddy Holly.

      • Matt Rehm

        you sound like a unoriginal douche

      • Casey

        Rock Golf that was mean, but even worse, it was unfunny.

      • Nathan

        He also ate Mary Tyler Moore. I can’t wait to hear how bad this album will be.

    • taco


    • YEP

      everyone knows that the LOST writers fashioned the final season after listening to the album “Hidden World” by Toronto hardcore band Fu*ked Up. Some choice song titles from this album are “David Comes To Life”, “Invisible Leader”, “Carried Out To The Sea”, “Fate of Fates” and “Jacob’s Ladder” Some key lyrics… “something about noble sacrifice is altogether quaint but nothing is more pathetic than too much self-restraint” sounds like Jack, “we’re looking for someone to love us in spite of our flaws, so our hope hangs on a con man the kind that will steal our souls, promise them to the gods above and those down below. so they conceptualize heaven in our eyes”, “young and old, and we all wind up in the same place when we go” etc…. Doc run with it.

      • NICE


  • Brian

    Have you ever noticed that everyone who has their picture taken with Jorge has that “OH MY GOD, I’m having my picture taken with JORGE GARCIA” look? LOL. What a great album title and cover.

    Still miss you writing about Lost, Doc. Still nothing on TV that’s as intelligent and gripping as Lost was at its best. Breaking Bad is close, and Rubicon looks very promising, but you could put the rest of it on the next Dharma pallet drop as far as I’m concerned.

    Now as for bands and Lost characters…I’d like to see Rush tackle the Dharma Initiative.

    • LOST in Vegas

      YES! Rush & Dharma folks = awesome idea.


      I’m fortunate to have taken a pic with JG too. And I’m beaming with OMG!ness.

  • pop

    creepy squirrel baby. that’s an album i’d buy.

  • steve

    Love LOST and I’ve been a fan of Weezer since 94, all around this is AWESOME! :D Although I am concerned about Weezer abandoning that whole every other album being self titled and a bright color :p

  • DharmaDeb

    This doesn’t have to do with the article above, but on Survivor this fall there is a guy called “Benry” (real name is Ben Henry) on a tribe called “La Flor”. Coincidence? LOL. How I miss this show…

    • DharmaDeb

      Oh, and a guy called Jimmy Johnson.

    • miameows

      HA! I am just happy someone else besides me noticed that!! So awesome!

  • Stacie

    Creepy squirrel baby? Yes! The outfit will go with a song called “It’s all I had.”

  • melissa

    love weezer, love hurley, love lost!

  • Katie

    I never buy actual discs anymore, just downloads, but I’m a Weezer and Lost fan (especially Hurley) so I’ll be buying the physical CD now.

  • Katie

    Oh, and “Creepy Squirrel Baby” would make a good name for a band…

  • jennie

    Creepy SquirrelBaby!, i would totally buy that!

  • Yvonne Thomas

    Hurley brightens up the darkest of days. I say put him on the cover of every new album to make the world smile. Love you Hurley. :)

  • Michael

    how about a new Snoop Dog album about Desmond?

  • Mary

    Awesome Idea Dudes! Hurley is one f my favrite Lost Characters! He makes the Show soo much better!! :) and put that with Weezer F**K Yes!! Great Idea! Probs! Im Going to be sad when I finally finish the last season :( Its all going to be over!!

  • Sara

    Yes, Lost loves Weezer, too. Read the lyrics to “Across The Sea” (same title of the much disputed Alison Janey episode)

  • Simon DelMonte

    Never mind that. When is the next Jeremiah Jackson album coming out?

    • LOL

      Doc J FTW!

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