Carrie Underwood: Why do the CMAs keep snubbing her for Entertainer of the Year?

Carrie-UnderwoodImage Credit: Kent Miller/PR PhotosThe 2010 CMA Awards nominations came out yesterday, and despite nine well-deserved nominations for Miranda Lambert, including Entertainer of the Year, most of the chatter was about the blondes missing from that category. Although they both had typically strong years, Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood will be sitting out the race for the top prize at country’s big fall awards show — and it’s not super clear why.

We’ll set aside the Swift issue for the time being — she took EOTY at last year’s CMAs, and her absence this year may be a combination of her being between album cycles and some sort of conscious effort by the industry voters to shine a light elsewhere within the genre to avoid these things becoming Taylor Time, All The Time. (I’m not saying that’s a worthy excuse to give her slot to a potentially less-deserving act, but it’s the best I can come up with right now.)

The bigger issue here is the continued absence of Underwood from the CMA EOTY category, given the ginormous success she’s enjoyed in the four years since Jesus took her wheel — and especially given the fact that the CMAs have no problem with Underwood co-hosting their awards show. Three times. With a dress budget running into the billions. And yet she’s never once been nominated for Entertainer. What the what? After the jump, we’ll break down the situation.

First, here is the official description the CMA sends its members when they are voting for Entertainer of the Year, as confirmed by a rep for the CMA. (They declined to comment on this specific situation.) Ahem: “This award is for the act displaying the greatest competence in all aspects of the entertainment field. Voter should give consideration not only to recorded performance, but also to the in-person performance, staging, public acceptance, attitude, leadership, and overall contribution to the country music image.”

The case in Carrie’s favor is easy: Certainly, if you watched last night’s CMA special (“Country’s Night to Rock!”), you’d think Underwood would be a no-brainer for EOTY contention. Unless I am mistaken, she was the only act to perform three songs on the telecast — “Cowboy Casanova,” “Undo It,” and “Last Name” — and even in jean shorts and a tank top, Carrie and her shiny, shiny legs turned it, as the kids say, out. She’s your two-time reigning ACM Entertainer of the Year — an award that has been at least partially fan-voted both years she’s won, although the nominations are not fan-voted — and despite her absence from EOTY at the CMAs, that trade association has awarded her Female Vocalist of the Year on three separate occasions.

In the 2009-2010 eligibility window, she released the platinum-selling Play On, scored three No. 1 singles, and had the 15th highest-grossing tour for the first half of the year, according to Pollstar. (EOTY nom Brad Paisley was in 16th place; Carrie is, however, averaging 7,000 tickets per night to his 12,000. The next highest-grossing EOTY nominee is the Zac Brown Band, down at No. 76, playing for an average of 4,800 fans per show.) Carrie also sang the National Anthem at the 2010 Super Bowl (the most-watched event in TV history), received the “Triple Crown” at the ACMs (New Artist, Female Vocalist, Entertainer; I believe only the second female in history to have done so), and won Video of the Year at the CMT Awards (for “Cowboy Casanova”). Etc., etc., blah blah. The numbers are there.

And it’s certainly not an image problem: the newly-married Underwood has always been fresh as a daisy, scandal free, fully clothed, polite to a fault, doesn’t so much as Twitter to get herself in trouble. Loves God, loves the fans, loves country radio. I’d say her stewardship of the genre — even as she’s crossed into pop markets with songs like “Before He Cheats” — has been impeccable. I have never heard or seen her represent herself or country music poorly on television, in concert, or at the many dress rehearsals for assorted awards programs and specials I have attended over the years, during which she belts out multiple takes of songs that would kill mere mortals without ever missing a note. Ever.

So what’s the case against her?

Maybe it’s the pop crossover that raised eyebrows. Are Underwood’s songs insufficiently “country”? Perhaps. But then let’s go ahead and banish Taylor Swift forevermore, along with Lady Antebellum (2010 EOTY nom), Sugarland (OMG reggae), Keith Urban (2010 EOTY nom), Rascal Flatts, Faith Hill, Shania Twain, the new Reba single, and 65 to 70 percent of Zac Brown’s material (plus also his hats). Obviously, having a pop bent in today’s market cannot justifiably be held against anybody, unless you plan to hold it against everybody. In which case, Jamey Johnson better start clearing space on his trophy shelf, and someone should go wake up Lee Ann Womack.

The other possible excuse is that pesky American Idol show from which she sprang forth. Oh, there is nothing old-school Nashville hates more than someone who didn’t “pay their dues” before making it big. But where this argument starts to leak is when you consider the industry’s perspective on Idol runners-up over the years. Shall I list the names that have at least in part been welcomed into the country music fold? Danny Gokey, Bucky Covington, Kellie Pickler, Josh Gracin, Phil Stacey, Kristy Lee Cook, Aaron Kelly, Kelly Clarkson, I think Chris Daughtry showed up on an awards show once, do you see where I am going with this? It appears Nashville has no problem embracing these reality-show acts from the perspective of commerce, as there is surely nothing more appealing to an embattled label exec than a new artist with a built-in fan(atic) base who can sell 15-20K records in their first week and become a reliable opening draw for a more established headliner. But it would be awfully hypocritical to then hold those same reality roots against them when it comes to legitimate questions of artistry, should artistry in fact emerge.

Also, I hate to remind everyone, but Miranda Lambert finished third on Nashville Star.

Thus, the only thing I can think of here that is not easily debunked with facts and figures and simple logic is the following: The last time the Country Music Association nominated more than one solo female for Entertainer of the Year was 1979, when Crystal Gayle and Barbara Mandrell lost to Willie Nelson. And they gave this year’s slot to Miranda. Oh well. Can’t fight gender, ladies.

Obviously, this is just a theoretical exercise; I defer to the wisdom of the CMA voters, who are in the industry and therefore know way more than I do about what’s going on. And just to reiterate, I am focusing on Carrie right now — rather than Taylor or Reba or Sugarland or Chesney or Tim McGraw or George Strait, any of whom it could be argued also deserved an EOTY nod this year — because she has never receieved a nomination in this category, and I can’t think of another equally-qualified artist facing the same conundrum. Can you?

In fact, let’s open this whole thing up to you, Mixers: Why do you think Carrie Underwood can’t crack the top CMA category? And what does she have to do to get there?

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  • Nathan Daniels

    I like Carrie and her music, but have you see her in concert? She’s boring. There is no comparison between her and Keith, Brad, Miranda, and Lady A. They are much better entertainers. I have not seen the Zac Brown Band perform and can’t comment on them.

    • Wesley

      As someone who has seen Carrie in concert over 10 times I can say she is not boring in the least or I would not have paid to see her over and over. Every tour is different from the last and she commands the stage from the beginning of her show until the end. Also her vocals are always superb which cannot be said about Taylor. In general Carrie deserved an EOTY nomination more then any other Female and arguably male country act this year.

      • LD

        She needs some protein to fatten her up.

      • Patty

        I couldn’t agree more with Wesley, Taylor although she’s the cute country girl she is terrible live! Carrie deserves it more than any of them she’s been through it for four years and hasn’t even gotten the nomination. It’s time that they start making way for females in the country industry

      • reason

        I was such a big Carrie Underwood fan for a long time…but for a variety of reasons she has lost some of my support. It started after her Christmas special, which wasn’t particularly Christmas-y or special, she was wooden, unfunny, and self-serving. She can’t seem to connect to her more heavy songs, which is probably why she thrives more on her “Chicks Rule” type songs. When she came to my hometown to perform she was rude to the locals and those who had backstage passes…her new album stinks…she has got a great voice that one day could rival Martina’s, but not much else to back it up.

      • jfisher

        Carrie needs to go out and eat a 12 oz ribeye and get in touch with her audience. At lease she would have the engery to put on a half decent show.

      • wre64

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      • Carrie4Prez

        Reason: you are full of crap. Carrie is very nice to her fans, and is kind to everyone. ASk Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisely, Vince Gill, Keith Urban, etc, and they will tell you what a sweetheart she really is. Haters are constantly making up crap to discredit Carrie because she has a spotless reputation, and they are jealous and trying to bring her down. But she is very very nice to us fans and gives us a FREE FANCLUB PARTY EVERY SINGLE YEAR, whereas other fanclubs charge admission. So stop spreading lies and hate. Carrie is a wonderful person who deserves EOTY all the way.

      • Bryan

        Reason: first, Carrie got GREAT reviews for her Holiday show, great ratings, and did an amazing job! She was funny and very engaging. Second, it didn’t have to be all Xmas as there is no rule that it had to be, so why are you punishing her for not putting out a complete Xmas show? How childish is that? finally, Carrie was very personable and likeable on her show, not wooden at all. You are just a hater and likely were never her fan. She is an incredible live performer, and deserved to be nominated. She was snubbed and that is a fact.

      • Jenny

        Reason: Carrie is never ever rude to her fans, so stop spreading lies. Her new album is the best of her career, and her Xmas show was very entertaining, especially the duet with Dolly Parton. She was not stiff at all, but funny and self-depracating, especially on the skit she did pretending she paid the judges off on Idol to win with envelopes of cash. She was great in that scene. I love her new album and I love Carrie, so piss off.

      • Ashlee

        oh so now you are mocking her because she is a vegetarian? talk about ignorant an dpetty. Not every country fan is a meat eating redneck. I love country music but I am a vegan. What are you going to do: shoot me with your shotgun in the middle of the night?

      • Anne

        If people are snubbing Carrie because she is a vegetarian, then the ignorance of CMA voters truly knows no bounds.

      • Caitlin

        I actually really like her, too. Which is funny, because one, I usually hate anyone that comes from American Idol, and two, I hate 85% of country. But I do think she’s a good singer, and deserving to be nominated.

      • reason

        Bryan and Jenny: I am sorry you took my post so personally, but I am not spreading lies. Maybe she was having a bad day, but she was extremely rude to my hometown. And don’t criticize my personal opinion of her and act like your own opinion is fact, just b/c that is how you feel. I was once a big fan, I went to the concert, I have bought all her albums, I watched the un-Christmas Special…the girl has gotten way too much credit, that is my opinion. When she was on AI, the judges often criticized her for not connecting emotionally to her songs, I always thought they were just being harsh b/c she was the front-runner, but since I have seen her growling and smiling through “Temporary Home” in all the wrong places, the Honeymoon eyes have cleared and I have realized the judges had a point.

      • Bob

        Reason: you are so judgmental it is not even funny. Carrie was super nice to everyone in my hometown when she came for a show. She spent the day with a Make a wish child, spent hours giving autographs, and was friendly to everyone. Also, during Temporary Home, she smiles because she said she sees the song as hopeful and joyful, that we will return to God in heaven someday. She sees the entire song as inspiring and happy as it gives you hope of a better future in heaven with God, since this is our Temorary home. For you to misjudge her so harshly, I am sorry, but you never were a true fan. If you live in a glass house, maybe you shouldn’t throw stones.

      • Jenny

        Reason: Carrie has stated in interviews that she sees Temporary Home as a happy, hopeful song, which is why she smiles sometimes through the performance. She is a very spirtitual person and to her, realizing that this earth is our temporary home instead of our only life, is a cause for celebration, hope, and joy. So for you to judge her and slam her for smiling is just mean spirited, self righteous, and judgmental. If you want to see a moving performance of Temporary Home on youtube, search for her show in Connecticut at foxwoods where she broke down sobbing in the middle of the performance, because that was the day her trucker died en route to the show. She dedicated the song to him and started bawling. So for you to call her cold and not showing emotion makes me sick.

      • reason

        in the same sentence you call me judgemental you also call me mean-spirited and self-righteous, and yet say to me people who live in glas houses should not throw stones. Ms Underwood is voluntarily in the public eye, as consumers, we reserve the right to “judge” their abilty. And in my OWN opinion, she is lacking. And you all continue to take it personally. My posts acknowledge both sides of the issue, I whole-heartedly agree that she has an amazing voice, some great songs with some great messages. But you guys are unwilling to look at both sides…and I am the arrogant one?

      • @reason

        @reason: I think you have a very good point about Carrie’s inability to connect to many of her songs. It’s part of the reason why – although I think she has a good voice – I can’t really get into her as an artist. It’s all on the surface, and country music is about digging deeper and find the truth. Maybe as she gets older she’ll find a way to expose parts of herself, as all great artists can do, but then again, maybe her personality is just too closed off. Btw, this isn’t a bad trait as a person, it’s just not a great one for a country artist.

      • Susan

        I disagree. Carrie connects deeply with many of her songs, and she is an amazing live artist. She shows Great emotion, and rocks out on stage to Guns n Roses better then Axel rose himself- no lie lol. I think some of you just like to take cheap shots at Carrie because she is an easy target. You resent her success, and cannot find any major dirt on her, so you make up stuff that is not supported in facts. I have seen her live, and she did connect with her audience immensely, and she conveyed great emotion on every song.

      • Susan Page

        Carrie is absolutely deserving of the ETOY nomination, Best female vocalist in country music! Although, my vote will be for Keith to win!!

      • Betty

        I agree totally with you she is the best at what she does ,the very best

      • rob lotufo

        She is an awesome entertainer, but she she’s not country. She probably needs to record less kara dioguardi songs and more REAL country. Miranda Lambert might give her a couple of tips. And buy her a beer.

      • Maria

        I think Carrie can’t get a nomination for entertainer of the year because she hasn’t paid her dues. Taylor Swift is an awesome hitmaker, and great entertainer. Taylor also dresses like a true country star with cowboy boots. Carrie Underwood dresses like she’s going to prom rather thaan wearing atleast a hat or cowboy boots. Carrie is always showing too much skin, she only wore boots that have heels in them. Are you kidding??? Carrie is nothing country.

    • clpnyc, clpnyc2, cenyc, fanofcarrie

      Taylor Fan ALERT!

      • gksc

        She is so rude. she lived in my neighborhood in TN and we are so glad she moved. She would run from people, ignore people when they said hello and not to just adults, but to kids too. A lot of major country stars live in my zip code, and she needs to take a lesson from them on how to act when the cameras are off. I know all this is true because I was there when she yelled at my son and a friends. I hope she never gets another award.

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Gksc oh Boo Hoo! You are like 1 in a million who like start crap! You don’t like her because she is a shy, quite down to earth person who lives a private life, who conducts herself wisely in front of others. And she’s a vegitarian, so what?! It seems like the more popular whol

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Gksc oh Boo Hoo! You are like 1 in a million who like start crap! You don’t like her because she is a shy, quite down to earth person who lives a private life, who conducts herself wisely in front of others. And she’s a vegitarian, so what?! It seems like the more popular a celebrity is the more crappy unproven rumors are spread. She’s too perfect so people with no life start crap because they are jealous. If you don’t like Carrie, THEN WHY DO READ POST’S ABOUT HER!?! I Don’t like Kid Rock. That don’t mean I’m gonna go read about his stuff and talk trash about him. If you don’t like Carrie, t

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        If you don’t like Carrie then why are you here!?

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Posting on a phone is a real challenge!

      • reason

        unless you know her personally you have no proof otherwise, and I think they were talking about Taylor

      • Susan

        What a bunch of BS. Carrie is nice to everyone and I am sure you were never her neighbor. If you were, I am sure Carrie had to get a restraining order against you to as you seem like a rabid hater. She is nice to everyone and wouldn’t hurt a fly. Stop spreading lies: Karma will come back to you.

      • Thomas Rutherford

        Carrie would NEVER yell at anyone. You probably misidentified her for someone else, or you are just a lying jerk trying to tear down her spotless reputation, simply because you can. Miranda Lambert and Brad Paisely LOVE Carrie and they see her all the time OFF CAMERA, so if you don’t believe her fans, ask them how nice she is. They will be happy to tell you themselves. They know her much better then any of us, and they think the world of her. Telling lies will bite you in the butt someday. Just sayin’.

      • Bollucks

        Miranda Lambert vouched for Carrie herself, many times, saying what a nicce person she is. So all of you Carrie haters out there that like Miranda, take heed. They are friends, and greatly respect each other. Carrie is a sweet girl who has never said a bad word about anyone. Perhaps you should try to follow her example and stop trashing her on message boards.

      • Lisa

        @reason, you have a great point, it is up to the Country Music Awards judges of this event to decide who is on or off the ballot. The judges have their reasons, and may not have to explain them. Therefore, if you are a die-hard fan, then continue to buy her albums and be in her fan club.
        I am not a huge country fan, however after seeing the headline for this article, my curiosity of the comments after the author made me read what the thoughts were of people who know and love country music. And like the Emmy’s or the VMA’s, there is an even split of angered fans and people who agree with the nominations.
        Carrie is GOOD. Her image, perfected and authentic. Her album sales “healthy”. So celebrate her wonderful talent and generosity with fans ( or not ) and maybe soon she will get her trophy soon.
        Has Carrie expressed any frustration about not receiving a nomination?
        And to the author: was it a slow news week? Or are you a disgruntled member of the Carrie Underwood fan club?

      • liza

        i lv carrie underwood. im a country girl who will back carrie up ne day! you can not compare her to taylor! taylor isnt even close to cariie! i wish carrie would come and perform in my home town! i would love that so much

    • CarrieUfansite

      She’s anything but boring. she’s amazing & that’s why she’s won ACM EOTY twice…only female to do so! She’s def the best Entertainer & she should be nominated & win!

      • CIndy

        She won 2 ACM EOTY awards because they were fan voted I would bet anything if they were voted on like they always have been by peers she would have 0 trophies.

      • Thomas Rutherford

        Carrie would have won Entertainer at the ACMS even if it was not fan voted, because the ACMS have a clue about who is deserving and who is the most talented. Brad Paisely does deserve to win EOTY too though, and my only regret in Carrie winning at the ACMS, was that poor Brad hasn’t won yet. But i am rooting for him at the CMAS.

      • BoJangles

        Carrie is a nice girl, a little shy, but she has come a long long way since American Idol, when she was scared to death on stage. Now, she struts around like a seasoned pro, and she has confidence and poise. I think the CMA Voters neglected to pay attention to Carrie’s vast improvement in stage presence and charisma, and misjudged her based on the shy girl she used to be on stage. They should have more respect for the importance of this category then to not even bother to see Carrie on her new tour to properly evaluate her. If you read the critical reviews, Carrie has gotten rave reviews from the Play On tour, from every city in Canada and the USA. She has been selling out and kicking butt. Sadly, the close minded voters do not bother to see her improvement, but sterotype her as a good singer, weak performer. That was true 4 years ago, but it isn’t true anymore. We love you Ms. Carrie! No worries! Let them snub you! You will walk tall and proud, host the CMAS, and show them they didn’t break you.

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Cindy it’s the fans that make an artist not the peers.

    • cherry

      carrie underwood concert was one of the BEST I have ever been too! it was heartfelt…beautiful outfits…she was funny…and awesome props…truck going over the audience. not to mention her voice was flawless…amazing live!

      • liza

        i would die to c carrie underwood! if i could chose ne concert 2 go to i would chose her!

    • texasstarfan

      maybe you are refering to her 1st headling tour. She has grown as an entertainer trememdously in the last 3yrs. If you haven’t seen the PlayOn tour, you are missing out. 24 songs flawless vocals, top production, unstoppable flow, & engaging.

    • Bethany

      BS! Carrie rocks out to Guns n Roses every night on tour, plays guitar and piano, and is one of the best live performers I have ever seen. She does everything Miranda, Lady A, and the others you mentioned do, and better. I love Miranda and Keith, but Lady A was actually pretty boring live with pitchy vocals. Carrie is a phenominal live performer.

    • Kenny

      I have seen her live yes, and boring is the last thing i would use to describe her.

      Now have you seen her in concert? I think that’s the issue here!

    • Kelsey

      I agree. She’s not a great entertainer. She can sell out arenas, but she doesn’t have the natural charm, charisma or stage presence of a great entertainer. (She also has a pretty bad catalog. How many times can she re-make “Before He Cheats”?)

      • Julie

        Kelsey, Carrie got AMAZING reviews from the critics for her Play On tour, so I would trust the opinions of people who actually saw her live over a hater like you who acts like she has a clue but never even saw her live. You are so wrong. Carrie is a great live entertainer. Carrie has tons of stage presence, charisma, and the charm of a great entertainer, and more. She rocks out to Guns n Roses every night better then Axel Rose can do these days, and she plays guitar and piano every night. Since you have never seen her live, don’t bother to act as though you know what yuo are talking about. Carrie’s catalog of songs is excellent as she has 13 number 1 hits,

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Remake before he cheat’s? I follow Carrie regularly and so when has Carrie remaked BHC?

      • Grace


      • william

        Whom? How many of those other noms are inducted to the GRAND OLE OPRY? Country’s Prestige membership Club!! Not country enough? Phooey!! Also should be a Big item on Carrie’s resume as a nom for EOTY!!!! Shame,shame, shame on you CMA,S… absolutely UNCONIONABLE!!!

      • Reba4Live

        How is 13 number 1 hits a “bad catalog” Kelsey? Perhaps you should get the facts straight before you bash her. And she got incredible reviews from critics for her live performance skills this tour, in every city she played. So I think I would beg to differ with you there. So would the critics and millions of fans who loved every minute of her live shows.

    • Bill Steward

      @Nathan.. Yeah, I’ve seen Carrie in concert and she is FAR from boring… She is one of, if not, the best singer/performer in country music today… I don’t know what CMA’s problem is but they should be forced to explain these ridiculous nominations because there is no good reason for this, that I can see…

    • Julie

      Carrie is an incredible life performer. She was shy on American Idol, but she has come a long, long way since then. I think she can hold her own against any of the old guard mens club in country music on stage now, and she is much more lively then the nominees except for Keith and Brad, who both rock. Carrie deserved to be nominated, and anyone who disagrees is just a hater, ignoring the touring stats she had this past year as well as her many other accomplishments.Carrie plays guitar, piano, writes her own songs, and was raised on a farm in podunk Oklahoma. If that is not country enough for you, kiss my redneck a**.

      • Not a writer

        Sorry Julie, but Carrie does not write her own songs.

        She has been credited as a co-writer on quite a few, but anyone who knows the biz knows what that really means.

        She is provided the song or lyrics and when she changes a single word or voice inflection then they get to claim the co-writer status.

        Do a little research & see if you can find 1 song she has written on her own.

        Nashville respects true songwriters over singers which is probably why she might come up short on an award nomination here or there.

        I like her myself & she is very talented & unbelievably gorgeous, but she is not a songwriter.
        (it’s not the end of the world tho.)

    • LOL

      @ the stans replying to this comment… smh

    • Earl

      Bottom line: she is one primo piece of tail and I would break that filly in a heartbeat. Schnap.

    • Rock

      Carries Play On Tour was AMAZING.

    • BoJangles

      Carrie has improved greatly on tour in the past few years. She can now hold her own as a strong live stage performer, with confidence and good stage presence. She has come far since her deer in the headlight days when she was scared on stage. I saw her new Play On tour and it was on fire. She commanded that stage, had flawless vocals, and played a mean guitar and piano to boot. So has it all, and more. She deserved to be recognized by the voters and it is a shame they snubbed her. They seem close minded and kind of an old boys club who won’t let certain people in. They likely didn’t bother to see her on tour ever, or at least not recently, or they would be forced to rethink their decision. She can growl a Guns n roses song in concert like no other girl I have ever seen. In fact, she is on par with Axel these days. lol

    • Jethro

      Carrie broke down in tears in concet once during Temporary Home. So how is that not connecting with her music? I think you are all monday morning quarterbacks who are just picking her apart to find a flaw. Sure she is not perfect, but she is a nice person with a good heart, and she would never hurt or be rude to anyone. Ask her friends in Nashville. They know her very well, and they know she is good people.

    • Jethro

      I think Carrie was snubbed big time, by the old boys club who resent her for some unknown reason. I think they see Carrie as a threat, because she is too famous, too popular, and too powerful in the music business. The same thing happened to Shania Twain. They built her up and then tore her down. Don’t worry Carrie. Your fans love you and you are OUT entertainer of the year, every day. :) Peace out.

    • gina

      I saw Carrie in concert in March of 2010…First country concert I spent dollars on. It was powerful and intertaining… when all my years of concert going seeing a man or band just standing in front of a mic screeming or the pretender of bands trying to make a reunion of sorts that are not the true members of the orginal band. I watch up close and Carrie was putting 150% of herself. But the most important thing about Carrie is that she is true to herself in all ways.

    • lillymckim

      Zac Brown is GREAT in concert saw him in Orlando at UCF!!! the band Kicks Butt in concert check out some video on iTunes
      Miranda Lambert should be receiving ALL the awards for “Revolution” its by far the BEST … yes the BEST country music out there today!!!

    • Rita

      Yes I have seen her in concert and she was AWESOME! I am going to go see her again too. Can’t believe what a bunch of idiots they were not to nominate her.

  • AK

    Does she write her own songs? Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert do, so if a more “artistic” female performer has already taken the token woman slot, then that would constantly leave Carrie Underwood out. It’s not say that she is less of an “artist,” only that peers might perceive her thusly.

    • AK

      Also, I don’t think Carrie Underwood plays guitar, whereas Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert do.

      • flicketyflack

        Carrie plays guitar and piano in concerts. She does not play lead guitar but she plays rhythm guitar and she can play solo acoustic if called upon to do it. She hasn’t done it much on TV though.

        Carrie also cowrites many of her songs. She’s definitely not as good a writer as Miranda Lambert or Taylor Swift though. But in country music they don’t care if you write your songs: people like George Strait and Martina McBride and Reba hardly write their songs, and they’re legends.

      • Rachel

        Carrie actually co-writes a lot of her songs, and she does, in fact play guitar (and piano). I have seen her in concert (I have also seen Lady Antebellum in concert and I can tell you that Carrie was WAYYY more entertaining).

      • Wesley

        As a huge Carrie Fan I know she co-wrote Cowboy Casanova, Temporary Home, Undo It, Last Name, So Small, and many others on all of her records. She also plays both the guitar and piano during her concerts. So I understand what you are saying but she is equal with Miranda and Taylor in the sense you are talking about but way more superior vocally.

      • Jon

        @ AK:

        Carrie has been playing guitar in all her tours, believe it or not even way back during the AI tour. She played guitar with Bo. And she has played guitar in all shows ever since.

        For this current tour she’s now playing the piano.

        But even if Carrie does not play a guitar, it’s a very silly standard for EOTY. Criteria: “can play guitar”. What a baloney.

      • Reilly

        Actually carrie plays both guitar and piano she just doens’t need to rely on them because her voice is so flawless. And since when does not playing a musical intrument qualify someone not worthy of entertainer of the year.

      • Judy

        Carrie co-wrote 7 of the 13 songs on her new Play On album. Taylor only knows how to write from what she calls her diary of things and situations that have really happened to her in real life all about boys, an yes Carrie does play the guitar. She is an awesome performer. I saw her in 2008 on the CR tour,and can’t wait for the BOK in Tulsa on Oct. 10th. Carrie deserved to be nominated for ETOY award by far over some of the ones that were nominated. Good luck to all though. Carrie is the best ever!!

      • karen

        Taylor Swift isn’t really a great guitar player. She plays about 3 cords in every song.Not to mention the trashy hair tossing and the bad vocals.

    • Martha

      yes she does, but not all of them.

    • Tim

      Taylor Swift may write her own songs but that chick cant carry a not live to save her life. She was horrible on the Grammys. She needs the thank Kanye for her career bc if it werent for him she would not have gotten those sympthony awards.

      • jim/dee

        I agree with Tim! What makes everybody think Taylor writes country songs??? Her songs are bubblegun, lost love in high school, poor me songs. She can’t carry a tune and her songs are all in one key. She is tone deaf and flat to boot. Throwing her hair around is just stupid. She is not an entertainer. She is a sympathy vote getter. So Sad.

    • chris4carrie,clpnyc, clpnyc2, cenyc, fanofcarrie

      Taylor writes her won songs and it gets her 4 # 1’s vs. Carrie’s 13 # 1’s & one # 2.

      • Stormy

        Can no one on this site spell? Use spell check if you can’t figure it out on your own.

      • chris4carrie,clpnyc, clpnyc2, cenyc fanofcarrie | 9/

        Sorry I’m using my new Moto Charm from Tmobile. Very difficult to type on.

    • Brian

      Carrie plays BOTH GUITAR AND PIANO EVERY SINGLE NIGHT, so stop with your lies! She also writes many of her own songs, and had 5 songs go to number 1 that she personally wrote, including All American Girl, which went Platinum, Undo It, Last Name, which won a Grammy, and Temporary Home, Cowboy Casanova (also platinum), and So Small, which spent 3 weeks at number 1. So I suggest you get the facts straight before you bash, Taylor fan. Carrie is a very talented musician and songwriter, and studied piano as a child for over 8 years. She also plays guitar very well. Go watch on youtube if you don’t believe me.

      • chris4carrie,clpnyc, clpnyc2, cenyc fanofcarrie | 9/

        Sorry she has 6 co writes that made it to # 1.

    • Allisonkraussfan


    • Reilly

      Actually that’s not true. Every single she has released from her latest album have been co-written by her. May I also mention that all those singles went to number 1. Plus she has co-written on her other albums as well.

    • John

      Carrie cowrote 7 songs on her new album, 3 of which went to number 1. She wrote 4 songs on Carnival Ride, 3 of which hit number 1, and 1 won a Grammy. So yes, to answer your question, Carrie writes her own songs.

    • AK

      Yikes! All I did was try to offer a theory as to why the CMAs were not nominating Carrie for the EOTY award. If you read my original post, you would clearly see that no offense was mean. So please, stop biting my head off!

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        We’re just a little edgy right now. Carrie has a huge following.

    • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

      Does George Stait? Mr. 49 # 1’s, or Garth Brooks, 128X Platinum selling artist? Miranda has 2 # 1’s. Taylor. Has 4. Carrie has one@ # 2 and 13 @ #1. Can you say anthing else?

    • Sam

      I loved Swift when she first came out, but then as time went on, I realized that every single one of her songs is about the same thing: childish crushes. Writing her own songs is NOT something she should be praised for because she sucks at it.

    • Debbie

      She writes some of the songs. That couldn’t be the reason because Taylor Swift writes most of her own songs and she wasn’t nominated.

  • flicketyflack

    Thanks for this post. Also: Whitney you’re a class act and thank you for not holding a few crazies against Carrie.

    Carrie deserved a CMA Entertainer Of The Year nomination in my opinion. I think she’s being taken for granted because there isn’t an obstacle she’s perceived to have overcome (like with Miranda, she’s had years of not getting the radio play and attention she deserved). It seems like it’s been smooth sailing for Carrie and that’s not exciting to voters. I don’t think it’s been as smooth as people assume though – I think it’s just Carrie doesn’t like to make a fuss about the bumps in the road. Maybe if she were more vocal about what she’s done, people’d notice more.

    That’s all I got. I hope she gets the CMA Entertainer nomination and win that she deserves eventually.

    • how has she had any obstacles to overcome? the country industry has been very supportive of american idol alumni (carrie, kellie pickler, josh gracin), so she didn’t really have to deal with the stigma. she’s blonde, beautiful, and young, so she didn’t have to deal with ageism. she, like all females, have to deal with sexism, but considering her radio play, she fills one of the few slots country music gives to women these days. what has she overcame?

      • flicketyflack

        For starters Carrie’s never said a word about it, but pop-rock producer Howard Benson and former Sony Nashville CEO Joe Galante have confirmed that the powers that be didn’t want Carrie singing country music in the 1st place and she had to fight to even do that coming off AI. For another Carrie got into a huge fight with Arista New York when they wanted to remix Before He Cheats to help it cross over to pop because at 1st pop stations were saying it was too country. Carrie stood her ground, won that fight, and Before He Cheats crossed over without a remix – the only country song to cross over without a remix in a very long time. There’s been other things, like other female acts taking shots at Carrie but Carrie diffused the situation. Maybe there’s more. The point is Carrie’s never really tried to drum up for attention or sympathy for herself with any of it and so I think a lot of people just figure she’s had it easy.

        I’m not saying Carrie hasn’t been lucky too but there’s a lot more to it than that.

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        We are just assuming things right now. We may never know. But we do know that the CMA’s don’t like Carrie very well.

      • EpicFail

        Carrie had many obstacles to overcome, in that she had to deal with the stigma of coming from American Idol, since the old boys club in Nashville didn’t take too kindly to that at first. Then, she got dissed by Wynonna with the “vanilla” comment, Faith Hill with the “What!!!” at the CMAS when she won Female Vocalist, and then LEanne Rimes chimed in, saying she hadn’t paid her dues. (Carrie responded smartly to Leanne Rimes, saying honey, what dues did you pay at age 14 when you won every award there was? lol nice comeback Carrie). Then, Gretchen Wilson started saying mean things about Carrie, saying she wasn’t country. Then GEorge Jones dissed both Carrie and Taylor last year. lol It goes on and on. Mostly it is the women that are jealous of Carrie, but lots of people resent her success and try to bring her down. Rolling Stone magazine ignores Carrie because she is too religious and sweet for their taste, so they act as if she doesn’t exist. So yes, Carrie has had her share of obstacles.

    • chris4carrie,clpnyc, clpnyc2, cenyc fanofcarrie | 9/

      Miranda sang songs the radio would not play, the ones I like. So the had to change her style and now to me she’s not that great anymore.

      • Nathan

        oh yes she is, the best thing going in country right now easily.

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        I don’t like Mirandas new style of music. That’s why she is popular now. Radio won’t play a song like Crazy Ex Girlfriend. That’s my favorite from her.

  • Jamie

    Thank you, this article is great. Carrie getting snubbed for EOTY is ridiculous, I could name off a zillion more reasons why she IS the EOTY: Holiday Special on FOX in December that drew more than 8 million viewers which had Dolly, Brad Paisley and other guests, guest starred in “How I met your mother” and will be in the movie “Soul Surfer”, and now will be on the tribute albums for Loretta Lynn & Randy Travis, and on Craig Morgan’s new album. Give the girl some credit CMA! I won’t even comment about ZBB being in the new artist AND EOTY category….somethings fishy

  • Nate

    @AK you certainly know a lot about Taylor and Miranda without knowing that Carrie writes some of her songs. In fact all 3 singles off her album she co-wrote and all 3 hit #1. Miranda, on the other hand, wrote all her songs but one. Which one? The House That Built Me – aka her ONLY #1 hit…

    • Nate

      Also, she plays guitar AND piano and has done so at all of her Play On tour shows

    • chris4carrie,clpnyc, clpnyc2, cenyc fanofcarrie | 9/

      The CMA’s don’t judge if they wrote their own music or not. Taylor fans got nothin else to brag about.

    • Jenny

      White Liar went to #1 earlier this year. The House That Built Me is her second #1 hit.

  • side3

    Taylor Swift is really more of a pop singer, and one that can’t sing in tune very well live. She has sold a lot of ‘records’ and written song pretty catchy songs, but it seems to me that if you are a ‘country singer’ who really carry a tune without studio help, you can’t be EOTY.

    • Nathan

      Yeah, Taylor Swift writes some nice songs but she is about as country as the Jonas Brothers.

      • SunnyDay

        Taylor needs a voice coach and a hair cut. I can’t even listen to her recent song because it gets on my nerves with the first note being so flat. All of her songs are repeats.

    • jim/dee

      You got that right. Her songs are catchy, like the measels. Can’t stand to watch her sing or listen to her. No talent here!!!

  • Sean

    I think someone in that industry are taking things personally. The country music industry is a small community and they don’t like outsiders to take over. maybe they don’t like the fact that Taylor and Carrie are living glamerously and are spending more time in the city than they are in small towns. I think they are just jealous of Carrie and Taylor. I know Taylor doesn’t have the best vocals but if you don’t give credit where credit is due, that just makes you look like a bitter jealous individual. Forget the ACM!! The Grammy’s will take Carrie and Taylor. Another reason why the country music will never be as big as the other genre, because industries like the ACM tend to only accommodate people in their LITTLE circle…tsk…tsk…tsk

    • i love how butthurt fans always say that somebody is jealous of their favorite artist. quite entitled, carrie fans are.

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Who ain’t?

    • Sean

      Jealous? Yes! That is exactly what I’m saying. If you go to any mjor cities such as New York, Chicago, and even California and ask average people who Miranda Lambert is, I bet you they won’t know who she is. Not to take anything away from her, but Taylor and Carrie are widely known all over the world and are always promoting country music.

      • Casey

        Sean, I’m sure people in New York, California and Chicago DO know who Carrie and Taylor are. I’ll bet they watch AI and like POP music as opposed to country music too. So why wouldn’t they have heard of them? Get real dude. Blaming
        Carrie’s inability to get an EOTY nomination on jealousy is very juvenile. Someone commented above that Carrie was very rude too. I’m beginning to wonder if she IS rude, small, petty, greedy, AND selfish like most of her fans. Gee, the comments I’ve read are unbelievable. No one’s as deserving of aLL the awards like Carrie. I bet Carrie DOES think like you deranged fans. At least Taylor’s fans have class and aren’t small, petty and immature like you people. Are you all sure Taylor’s the one with the kiddo fan base? I’m beginning to think not. Carrie has a nice voice, but that’s about it. She’s a musician now too? NOT. She came up with what two words to Undo It, which those two word were Undo it, and now she’s a writer? NOT. The CMA’s realize that. So if you’re not happy with the nominations then go vote on CMT and GAC so you can get the results you’re after. Wow, the world will continue to turn.

      • Alleycat

        Casey- you are way off base. Carrie is a class act and is nice to everyone. She has played piano her whole life, and is not “suddenly” a musician as you allege. And by the way, Taylor’s fans are wicked mean to Carrie and trash her all the time, so don’t EVEN go there. So everything you said to trash Carrie’s fans, applies twice over to you, and your cohorts.

      • Bob

        Casey: attacking Carrie and her fans just makes you look like a hater. We have every right to be upset about Carrie being snubbed, and no one here is attacking Miranda, who most of us love. I happen to love both Miranda and Carrie, but to say Miranda deserved EOTY over Carrie is just plain wrong. Carrie headlined a major tour and Miranda was an opening act for much of the eligibility period. The facts speak for themselves. No need to get nasty and take personal attacks on us and Carrie. That only makes you look bad, not us.

      • clpnyc,clpnyc2,cenyc,chris4carrie

        Casey did you know that 98% of the comments about Carrie are positive? So I think that the majority are in Carrie’s favor that she is not a rude stuck up celebrity.

  • Jamie

    To reply to the previous posters, YES Carrie co-writes songs on her albums…I think 7 or the 13 on PLAY ON, and most of her recent #1’s are ones she co-wrote on, look online for the credits. Carrie’s PLAY ON tour has gotten great reviews in all cities in which she plays piano and guitar. So please, check your facts before you claim she doesn’t do things like write or play instruments.

    • Martha

      I was thinking the same thing. best new artist AGAIN and EOTY nod??? kinda odd.

  • Mel

    I agree that Carrie should’ve been included on the nominations for EOTY… but the CMAs and their nominations have always confused me.

    How is ZBB and Luke Bryan still nominated for Best New Artist, when I believe ZBB were also nominated for Best New Artist last year, and Luke’s already had 2 albums?

    I don’t think it should come down to who writes their own songs, because while Carrie does write some of hers, the only person who seems to write all of hers is Taylor. Miranda’s biggest song this year, “The House that Built Me” was written by someone else. If that was what the CMAs were looking for than Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw never would have been nominated, or won. Country music stars have always used a lot of songwriters, it’s part of the business.

    I love Miranda, and I’m glad she’s nominated for EOTY, I just hope Carrie didn’t miss out simply because the academy didn’t want to nominate more than one woman.

    • the last part is what i sadly fear, honestly.

  • Jordan

    Wow! That was an excellent insight–one that is worth getting answered. My only thought would have been the “pop” dilemma, but as you say Taylor Swift won last year. And, after doing some more research, I’ve found that Shania Twain-the QUEEN of bridging the gap between Pop and Country-won EOTY in 1999 (for both the CMA’s and ACM’s). This whole thing has to be some sort of fluke because Carrie Underwood is one of the most talented singers of our time, and Country music should be happy to make it its poster child. Not that it necessarily isn’t, considering this is her third year hosting the CMA’s… but not even one nomination for EOTY? I’m kind of dumbfounded.

    • debra

      taylor can not sing unless she sing only about her do not like her carrie all the way taylor need to grow uo

  • Martha

    I agree that Carrie is great, but Miranda has had a banner year too. I want to know why Blake Shelton isn’t in that catagory. He had several songs top the billboard and video charts, he had a special on tv, a successful tour (great concert), did a colaboration, was a judge on two different tv reality shows, and has a special segment on GAC (ask Blake). He is a true all round entertainer. If he didn’t sing so great, he could always try his hand at bein a comedian! He’s real easy on the eyes as well. I say Blake should be entertainer of the year! (also, although I love the Zac Brown Band, weren’t they nominated for best new artist last year?? This one belongs to Chris Young… 3 chart-toppers and counting)

    • i think blake wasn’t nominated because he’s not sustained this level yet. he’s had a great year but entertainers of the year are at the top of the genre, either as commercial monsters (lady a) or critical monsters with some decent commercial clout (miranda). if he has another couple years like this (or bigger), i could see him breaking in.

      • Martha

        Blake has indeed sustained this level of success. He has enough hit songs to release a greatest hits CD, and the last time I saw him in concert, there had to be 20,000 + fans in the audience; lined up for a mile or more just waiting to get in (thank God for Gold Circle seating!) There’s a couple of great artist in the “over-looked catagory, such as Travis Tritt and Trace Adkins. Guess you have to be in th good ol’ boys club to get recognized in Nashville.

    • Allisonkraussfan

      Miranda is very talented and deserved all her nominations except one: Entertainer of the year. She herself admitted in an interview today that she felt it wasn’t her time yet for that nomination as she hadn’t headlined a big tour yet. So that is why Miranda deserved all her nominations except that one, which should have had Carrie’s name on it. I love Miranda, but the truth is the truth. Carrie deserved that slot.

      • reza

        i agree with you allisonkraussfan carrie deserve to be nominated for EOTY…

      • Casey

        Um, wrong Miranda deserves EOTY and that’s why she got nominated. HELLO! I personally haven’t heard Miranda say that she doesn’t feel that she deserved it, but that sounds like something she would say. And that’s because she’s very modest and isn’t greedy. You Carrie fans are ruining it for Carrie. Now EVERYBODY’S getting to see how you people really are, greedy and selfish. That makes other’s wonder if Carrie is the same as you. I think she more than likely is. After all, you are what you attract. You people need to keep that in mind.

      • reza

        casey i didn’t say that i don’t like miranda cuz she’s talented so as carrie

      • Franny

        Casey just give it up already. .the only thing that “everyone” can see is what a hater and immature person you are. Now EVERYONE can see how immature you and the rest of Taylor’s fans are, trashing Carrie and her fans all day long like childish tweens.Carrie is a class act and her fans have every right to be upset about this snub. So give it a rest already. Miranda is a very talented person, but she is an opening act still, and did not deserve EOTY yet.

      • Bob

        Casey, if “you are what you attract”, then you do not reflect well on poor miranda Lambert, who I happen to like. I think you should stop lashing out at Carrie and her fans and give it a rest. Carrie is a sweetheart and deserved the nomination. Her fans are justified in being pissed off right now, so attacking them only makes you look like the jerk you are coming across as right now.

    • Diann

      Blake also represents himself as an uneducated, wasted all the time, disrespectful fool. I used to like him but after seeing him in interviews, his stupid 6 things thing and him talking about getting with women (at the same time he is getting engaged0 I am soooo over him. Not sure why he decided to start acting like this – he has always had a fun personality but now he is just yuck.

      • Amy


      • Martha

        yeah, he does go overboard sometimes, but I wonder if his publishing people have something to do with this. I have no doubt that he adores Miranda, and you still can’t knock the talent.

  • Jessica

    I have also seen Carrie in concert, and she is far from boring! Not only she is an amazing singer, but she also knows how to put on an overall great show! And, to the commenters above, she does play guitar, as well as piano, and has several co-writes to her name.

  • RP

    AK, Please check Carrie’s songs & note that she has co written 6 or 7 #1 hits, more than many of the other artists nominated.

  • DL

    Carrie does write some of her songs. Not every country artist write ALL of their songs…come on. RE: In concert, she is very entertaining and works the crowd. She does have a lot of ballads, so there are period of reflection with inspiring music. Still, Carrie is a class act, and would never “head bob” her blonde hair just to get a reaction from the crowd. Carrie is wonderful, and will always be. The writer of this article is “spot on”. She deserved to be nominiated.

  • Stacey

    Seen Carrie at least five times in concert – she is not boring. Carrie co-wrote all of the singles released to date from her current album. Carrie plays both guitar and piano on tour. What else you got, because she still matches Taylor and Miranda on all of that.

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