T.I.'s arrest: Will he go back to prison?

tiny-tiImage Credit: Johnny Nunez/WireImage.comAs EW reported yesterday, rapper T.I. (né Clifford Harris Jr.) and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested Wednesday night in Hollywood after deputies smelled marijuana coming from the couple’s car. (The couple was released early on Thursday after they each posted $10,000 bail.) A new beat in the story pegs the arrest to suspicion of possessing methamphetamines. Whether it’s marijuana or methamphetamines, the big question is: Will this land T.I. — just six months into a three-year probation sentence — back in prison? The rapper was just released from an Arkansas federal prison last December after serving seven months on a 2008 conviction on federal weapons charges. UPDATE: The L.A. Sheriff’s Office confirms with EW that T.I. and his wife were pulled over after making an illegal U-turn, and that police who had stopped the rapper smelled pot in his car. The Sheriff’s Office also confirms that the controlled substance discovered in the vehicle was Ecstasy.

While on probation, T.I., currently en route back to Atlanta,  is prohibited from committing any crimes or possessing any controlled substances, and he’s required to submit to drug tests and go through drug and alcohol treatment. So an arrest on drug possession while on probation certainly could lead to more time behind bars. Will that be the case here? Only time will tell, as the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta says T.I.’s case is currently under review. “The probation office is in the process of determining what happened and will make a recommendation regarding Mr. Harris when they have all the facts,” U.S. Attorney Sally Quillian Yates says. Once the probation office has thoroughly reviewed the details and context of the case, it will decide whether to bring it back to the U.S. Attorney’s office, which originally prosecuted the rapper on the federal gun charges.

“We haven’t gotten anything from the probation office yet,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Attorney told EW this morning. “There’s no automatic formula for such cases.”

The arraignment for the new charges in California won’t likely be for another two months.

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  • John

    Yes. He got less time because he was out doing community service and talking about how much he changed. The judge and prosecuting attorney lauded his progress and he threw all that goodwill away. He needs to do some time.

    • Tell it like it is

      You are very ignorant!

    • Tonnika

      You don’t even know what ghetto is…

    • mzRoyalty


  • sd

    he was in the car with his wife, the drugs could be hers and not his. if he’s subject to drug tests i doubt he’d be stupid enough to do drugs that stay in your system for a mth like marijuana does. I think we need more facts here before passing judgment.

    • Sarah

      you can still go to jail even if the drugs aren’t yours. and if they are his wife’s, she’s not doing a very good job of supporting her husband.

  • shelby

    He’s an idiot. He should do jail time just for his stupidity. Do what you want on your free time, but don’t be dumb enough to smoke the mary j in your CAR when you’re on probation.

    • ab

      Lol I agree

  • Leslie

    Any other person would get “stepped back” in a heartbeat… Poor, poor judgment on his part. This is NOT A GAME.

  • Tom

    He’s just another stupid N!gga. He’s a disgrace to his race.

    • Jay

      Racism is not tolerated in this country just saying u moron

      • Tom

        And the N!gga attitude should not be tolerated either!

    • Alex

      you need to shut the hell up… no need to turn this page into a racist attack on black people :|

      • Tonnika

        Ain’t that da truth

    • Lil Kilo


    • Tonnika

      Don’t judge him he might do stupid things but everyone does. Get over it

    • Quite Frank

      LOL! Tom said the ‘N’ word.

  • Tom


  • Tom

    I will never understand why black people allow people like TI to be in the spot light. He only serves to perpetuate that all black people are N!ggas. Not all black people are n!ggas, hell there are even white N!ggas. N!gga is not a race or color, it is an attitude, and people like TI should be hated instead of being made a celebrity.

    • Jay

      your mentally disturbed

      • Tom

        And another thing, it is YOU’RE not YOUR. Pick up a book dumbass.

      • Tom

        No, I am just disturbed by the N!gga attitude and how people like TI are celebrities.

    • Tonnika

      He was made a celebrity cause of his talent… Not his personal life…..

    • QT

      Just like u!!

  • Tom

    I hope he goes to prison and rots there. I bet he’ll make a great catcher!

    • NIRMS

      Ok really? I dont even know who you are put dude really? What you’re saying is showing your ignorance in it self. Everyone on this page needs to stop judging people just cause what they saw this on a TV show based on gossip? Ok, so this officer found ecstacy. well that does not mean he will go back to jail. and as for you saying that T.I. is bad for that african american community, I think you should realize that there are tons of black rappers that have done worse than T.I. He has at least gone through change.

  • Tom

    Now if only we could send Kanye West to prison then the world would be a better place.

  • Dan

    No persons should not be arrested for marijuana

  • andre

    no Tom, ignorant people like you should rot in jail, we dont need that kinda stupidity out on the streets. Im sure he wasnt smoking weed, that was just a accuse officers use to pull people over most of the time…he on probation and subject to drug test, so im sure it wasnt weed stupid. and its white people who made him a millionaire not black people. white kids buy albums, people from the hood bootleg you idiot.

    • Tom

      Yeah and the white kids’ parents should also be jailed for allowing their children to be exposed to this N!gga attitude. And Andre I agree with people from the hood do bootleg, because they are low life thieves who also steal from hard working white tax payers via Welfare.

      • Joy

        There are more WHITES than blacks on welfare…stay on topic

      • sara

        I just got on the page and I am reading the comments posted by Mr. Tom……… poeple in the USA do not think the way you do anymore and the way you are talking could land you in prison tp roit! Everybody makes mistakes for all we know you do drugs you`re just not famous or well known for anybody to wanna be in your bussiness! I will pray for you

  • Tom

    I sincerely doubt that Joy. Maybe more Hispanics than blacks.

  • Rob

    Tom you’re another white hater with no talent and wished you could do the things black people do. I bet you don’t have a problem looking at a fine black woman when she walk by wishing you could have a piece. Just shut the f**k up and worry bout Ms. Hilton latest drug bust cause it seems white people over look their mistakes. ATL stand up….

    • Tonnika

      Couldn’t say it any better!!!

  • Tom

    And if you broke it down by population and then by percentage, then I am sure that percentage wise more black people are on welfare than white people. And percentage wise, more white people pay into the Welfare System than black people do. It all a f’ing scam.

  • Tom

    Yeah, I wish I could be black so I could have the white man to blame for all my faults and sins. And if I were black then no one would ever call me racist, because you know black people cannot be racist. Poor black people, boo hoo!

    • Lucy

      Tom the only reason u say that is becuz ur a fat nothin white boy who has nothin else to do…

    • al

      Not all black people hav 2 live in the ghetto..and not all black people are gangsters..im a teenager and black..i live in the suburbs..and my dad is a detective and my mom is an english teacher…and i hav 2 uncles who are chemical engineers…so don’t judge a whole race on what you see on tv

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