Taylor Swift: Should she respond to Kanye West's latest apology?

taylor-swift-kanyeImage Credit: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com; Albert L. Ortega/PR PhotosThis past Saturday, Kanye West tweeted his most in-depth public apology yet for interrupting Taylor Swift on that fateful night nearly a year ago. Swift’s official response so far has been a familiar silence. Her reps declined to comment today, as they have consistently done for stories involving West over the past months. To borrow the title of Swift’s upcoming album, how come she won’t Speak Now?

It’s worth remembering that West’s Twitter monologue was not his first apology to Swift — more like the fourth. And Swift did answer him when their MTV Video Music Awards debacle was still fresh news. She discussed the matter in light-hearted fashion (“Cool haircut!”) on The View last September, then magnanimously accepted when West called the TV studio to apologize. By leaving it at that, I’d say she’s doing the classy, mature thing. West acted rudely toward her; he told her he was sorry; she accepted his genuine contrition. Saying anything more would only help prolong a story that Swift must be eager to move on from.

But I’m sure some of you will disagree. Do you think Taylor Swift should respond further to Kanye West? How likely do you think it is that you’ll get your wish at the VMAs this coming weekend? Sound off in the comments.

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  • Merrydan

    Why should she? She accepted his apology a year ago. Why rehash?

  • Chen

    My point exactly, Taylor already accepted his apology a year ago and promised never to talk about it. Last yr she hung off from a radio interview when asked about it. I think Kanye is doing this for his album promotion. Kanye know very well that Taylor forgave him along time ago, so why beat the dead horse?

  • Jake

    Oh just sing together next week at the VMA’s and let’s all move on. Sheesh…

    • Karina

      agreed. i cant to see him perform next week but im alitte annoyed he brought this up again…..oh well its worth it for a new Ye album :D

      • Karina

        cant wait*

  • BEe

    no. just let this “overrated” controversy die already.

  • lettergirl

    why does he continue to beat this dead horse?? just GO AWAY!!!

  • WISH1

    check out Kanye’s Wish for forgiveness.


  • Joni

    Silence is golden. Taylor is doing the right thing by not responding. She accepted his apology already so that should be that.

  • Jethro

    Nothing he can do can change his immature and disrespect to this young lady. He will never have class, no apology will change what he did to her and the moment he ruined for her forever.

    This is nothing more than a publicity stunt prior to his release of his new DVD!!!

    Boycott his new DVD!!!

  • Reggie

    Taylor don’t respond to the fool.

  • good

    I think kanye stands up and acts like a man by tweeting apology–that needs courage. Why people still fuzzy about that. Taylor swift gains more fame/award/support and makes more money from that incident. No one can not change the fact that Taylor swift still can not sing even she is sweet. It does not mean I will buy kanye’s CD either. I just think kanye’s act is a positive act.

    • charles

      It doesn’t take courage to tweet an apology. A demonstration of courage and humility would be making his apology to her in person or at least privately on the phone. By tweeting it he avoided her which displays cowardice, not courage. It also made public his apology so when it really is something that should have been kept between them. Of course, these two things do not make the apology void or insincere.

  • belle

    who gives a f–k…the media drags everything out..it’s not a big f–ken deal “re-effing-lax”. i’m sure taylor is over this let the girl move on why do people insist on haunting her with this, also let kanye move on too he f–ked up it happens MOVE THE F–K ON…

    • Liz

      Yes move on let kanye live his life he is human n he made a mistake but people r pointn their nose to the sky to a simple human error damn he is a goody to shoe compare to other rappers

  • Jay

    Dont care if she does or not.
    Kanye West was a douche long before the VMA ‘incident’

    It was not the worst thing he has done, it was just the last straw.

    He’s a worthless douche, and his celebrity needs to end…. NOW

  • Mike

    Does Kanye have an album coming out soon? Kind of funny how he chooses now to try to smooth things over.

  • Phil

    Ok, here’s why this keeps getting rehashed…eventhough they’re both from completely different genres & backgrounds…every article mentioning Taylor’s upcoming new cd “Speak Now” is predicting it to move a possible million units its 1st week (whether you care for her or not, I’m just speaking bout whats been written, NOT my own opinion). Her new single became a best seller on iTunes hours after its leak. Then you have Kanye, who after emabrassing himself (& Beyonce) last year & been GIVING away music the past few weeks FOR FREE, and dropped his 1st single “Power” which was intended to be a pop crossover maintsream single but already crashed & burned miseribly….his record execs at Def jam are in his ear wondering if the public really hasn’t forgiven him & if this new album dropping in Nov. will be a collosal failure because he has fractured his public image so much.
    Sure this is all good VMA promotion, but seriously, NONE of us are going to know how Kanye stands in the public forum til both albums drop later this fall, but either way, Kanye will already be seen as the loser, since Taylor’s album drops first & she also has the benefit of the CMA Awards airing the week after her album drops, which means it’ll have a big 1st week, and sell consistently the following….So all these articles talking bout this now are just Entertainment gossip filler. Oh and Kanye’s new song “Devil In a Dress” should be free, cause its really REALLY bad.

  • Mickey

    This is just his way of trying to stay relevant. He is hooked on himself and needs rehab just to get over himself. He is addicted to himself and only himself. Any apologies from him are self-promotion and disingenuous. Taylor has proven to be a graceful young woman that KNOWS how to move on.

    • Rocker

      You all have spoken so well on the subject that i wholeheartedly agree. Hes doing it for self promotion to fix is image with the people. Taylor knows that and refuses to get sucked back into something she merely considers a road block in her career and life. She forgave him and moved on she has had an amazing career and now kanye is trying to ride on the coattails of the fame of the girl that he berated which in actuality was simply the straw that broke the camels back for the public.

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