Will Smith's daughter releases new single: Is she the next Rihanna?

Will Smith’s son Jaden has already had a fantastic summer thanks to the success of his remake of The Karate Kid. Now, Smith’s daughter, Willow, is following in her father’s and mother’s (Jada Pinkett-Smith fronted the rock band Wicked Wisdom) footsteps by releasing her first single, the bouncy “Whip My Hair.” While I was hesitant to listen to the track at first…I actually kinda love it. It’s ridiculously catchy (the hook “I whip my hair back and forth” will be in your head all day long) and it’s got great production values; it’s sorta like Lil’ Mama meets Rihanna. Honestly, if Rihanna recorded this tune, we’d all be saying it’s the next big hit. Take a listen below to “Whip My Hair”…

What do you think Music Mix-ers? Is Willow Smith have what it takes to be a music superstar, like her dad? Or are you underwhelmed?

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  • Chris

    Will Smith has a daughter?

    • Troy

      Yeah, she was the star of that crappy Karate Kid remake

      • fancypants

        Will’s son Jaden was the star in Karate Kid.

      • Heather

        My daughter will love this when it officially drops! Kids are so grown these days, this is finally something she can relate to. And I am sure Will & Jada are not pushin their kids to do anything but achieve their own dreams. They allow their children the freedom of choice…I can’t wait to hear the whole album…

    • dee

      duhhhhhh and she the cutties evahhh

  • Nick

    Shocked to say it… Pretty good :-) I can already see a drag queen doing it.

    • mike

      Hey Wil and Jada, why can’t you raise your kids to be doctors or lawyers? The last thing we need is another non-singing diva wannabe or another “actor” who will never do Shakespeare.

      • kim

        Agreed. This little girl needs to go do her homework. She needs to leave this crap alone and go study real music with voice lessons and music theory.

      • Mr So & So

        You two must be these “haters” all these artists keep talking about. How about you worry about your own goals and ambitions and let this girl, and her brother for that matter, do what they want to do.

      • Aly

        So actors only have merit if they do Shakespeare? (And I say this as a fan of Shakespeare.) Keanu Reeves has done Shakesspeare. It didn’t help his credibility any.

        And how do you know what she has or hasn’t studied? There’s classically trained singers and musicians who went on to make pop.

    • @Nick

      Well played, sir. Well played. :)

  • jackiey

    I like this:
    == BlackWhiteSingle**c-/0-m ==

    you can not refuse a person stay here to listen to what you say !there is no difference between race and color!!!

  • kamera

    i LOVED IT! she’s talented for 9, and to say this is her first song too?! great stuff, keep it up girl!:)

  • Andre

    Hello Auto Tune combined with a ton of background ‘funky’ noise and sampling.

    This child may well have talent, but its buried under a lot of production.

    The target audience will likely love it, though. I am not part of that target.

    • Ryan

      Agreed 100%. This is horribly overproduced

    • CB Bluez

      Agree w/ ya 100%

    • Shill

      Agree very much and to add, the noise of the over processed electronics are quite annoying to the ear.

  • LadyJNewYork

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! LOL But I’m sure the tweens will be downloading and i-tuning, LOL.

  • Childless

    Are Will and Jada running out of money? Is that why they are throwing their young children into the biz?

    • Debbie

      I think she has a good voice for a 9 year old, and No Will and Jada are not running out of momey, what a stupid comment. She is only 9 and she sounds a WHOLE lot better than that whinney no singing Miley Cyris, now that’s someone I never understood how she has become so famous!

  • Phil

    Love Will. But no child under the age of 10 should start their song talking bout ‘gettin her swag on’. A child shouldn’t even be familiar with the term or its meaning. So sad.

    • Kris

      Sounds like you’re not familiar with the word swag, Phil. It’s just the way someone carries themselves… it’s short for swagger.

      • Phil

        Thanks…I know what it means, but if you’re teaching your kids how to get their swag on, when they’re not even in high school when popularity comes into play, then what does that say about Will & Jada’s priorities for their children. I’m not hating…its just doesn’t sit well with me to hear that line coming from a 9 yr old.

      • @Phil

        Kids say words like swag all the time. Her parents aren’t teaching her to say it, it’s being said by kids in the know. I think that if Will and Jada were really concerned about this kid’s well being they would keep her from being in show biz altogether.

      • Niix Starkyller

        “Swag” is a colloquial term – its meaning depends greatly on the context and the listener/reader. Swag (as a derivative of “swagger”) is certainly rooted in ideas of confidence, IMHO. It’s from where that confidence comes which complicates things. Is it a strong sense of self or is it (dis)colored by the hypersexualized confidence of pop culture? If it’s easily taken for the latter than I’m with Phil on this one.

    • Bobby F

      I hear ya. It’s bad parenting. Kids should be kids as looooong as possible. I try to make that a priority for my kids. Let them grow up on their own time table, but try to encourage age appropriate activity.

      • Phil

        Thanks for seeing my point Bobby !

      • jay

        Ok its not bad parenting to give ur child wat they want I gurantee u will and jada aren’t forcing their children into the shobiz its there choice as a matter a fact a few years ago will had said he was skeptical about putting them in it becuz the life is so crazy but ultimately it would be up to them.. I just think a lot of ppl are jealous their own kids don’t have talent or if they do that they don’t have the connections to help them with their dreams.

    • jay

      Swag was actually added to the dictionary this year so yes there’s nothing wrong with a child saying swag.

    • Amberlyn

      Shut up , then how u got to this song . sounds like u got no swag ,

      • Amberlyn

        phil & Bobby got to get out of here

  • Desmo

    Where’s Chris Brown when you need him the most?

    • Fatima

      Holy shiz, did you honestly just imply that you want a 9-year-old to be beaten because you don’t like a song? You should be institutionalized.

      • Desmo

        That 9 year old wants to get get her “swag” on, and act like a cheap woman.. so all bets are off.

      • The Devil

        Humor + Logic. Nope, didn’t work here either.

      • Fatima

        You just got even worse. Not only are you keeping with your statement that suggests a kid should get beaten, but in your explanation you imply that Rihanna’s abuse was about her being a “cheap woman” and not anything to do with Chris’ (and Rihanna’s) anger issues.
        So I walk away from your unfortunate posts with this: You think it’s okay for kids to be beaten by adult men and that abused women deserve it for acting cheap. I’m so sad they can’t link your message board life to your resumes, you sicko.

      • plogan721

        Look child abuser, I admit that the child does not need to sing this type of music now, but please you stupped to an all time low when you bring Chris Brown into the picture.

    • The Devil

      You completely fail at being funny.

      • Desmo

        I was NOT trying to be funny..

      • Mr So & So

        Just retarded, right Desmo?

    • Bobby F

      epic fail loser

    • Mel Gibson

      I thought it was funny.

      • The Devil

        See, that was somewhat humorous.

    • Brianne

      Why is swagger such a bad thing? And how is she acting like a cheap woman?

      • Phil

        First off, she isn’t a woman, she is a child. And a grasp of education & learning should be important, but the idea of a child caring about getting her swag down right… it shouldn’t be a priority for a child. Obviously you just don’t get it. And the concept about “swagger” in almost all songs that mention it in its titles that I can think of (Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, T.I., Kanye, Lil Wayne & Jay-Z) has zero to do with a postive attitude worth promoting. This is all irrelevant anyways. They leaked this on YouTube to shop Willow around to get her a deal. She’s on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show tomorrow. *YAWN*

    • FactorySludge


  • Fatima

    I was all like “naw” but then I listened and I was pretty impressed. She’s got attitude! Give her a few years (like, you know, when she’s 12) and she is going to go OFF.

    • Phil

      Fatima, ma you know I love ya, but…what in her pampered princess life in Beverly Hills does she have any reason to have attitude (hence my comment about her starting the song off about getting her swag on)? I’m all about personas, but I also feel kids should be allowed to be kids, and not grow up way too fast. Just because got mom & dad have coinz to have have a kid in a studio doesn’t mean she should be allowed to record a song.

      • Brianne

        Are you saying that kids should have confidence and a positive attitude about themselves? Because that’s what swag is.

      • Brianne


      • Fatima

        Haha, missed ya Phil! I’m all about kids staying kids too, but I just can’t find too much to object to about this song. I just think it’s cute. The swag debate, although hilarious, doesn’t necessarily mean anything to me in this context. What I hear is a song about a kid dancing crazily. I don’t feel like there’s anything nefarious lurking beneath it. As for her image – she’s obviously enabled as an industry kid, but it does show some personality and I think she’ll be fun to watch.

      • Brianne

        I didn’t call her a woman. Someone said she was “acting like a cheap woman” and I wanted to know how exactly. I’m very aware that she’s a child, which is why I’ve been critical of certain aspects of her style, like that adult-like haircut she’s been sporting. That being said, I still don’t see how swag is such a bad thing to you. When EVERYONE uses it, except for you apparently, it’s confidence, high self-esteem, and how one carries themselves. Beyonce, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, among other pop stars use it in their songs. And it’s just disheartening that you believe that kids shouldn’t be worried about high self-esteem, especially girls.
        That being said, this song’s great and it has the ability to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

      • Forgiven

        @Phil: Amish much?

    • Chichi

      I can’t even remember the last time a really young kid put something down that people picked up. Well, the 90s was all about really young R&B groups but they fell off. I don’t see her lasting long, she needs to stay put and whip her hair at home until she’s aout 16 or so.

      • Bobby F

        Whip her hair at home :) That was funny. I agree. Whip it around in front of her mirror in her bedroom. Don’t subject everyone else in the world to it. Just be a regular kid, even if the rents are celebrities. “Values” people. Heard of them?

      • fancypants

        Have you forgotten lil MJ and the Jackson 5? But then there’s only one Michael Jackson.

      • psychoanalyzer

        LOL. Yes, whip that hair at home. She has a good voice – she should stay home and hone it until she’s of age. And I love MJ like no other, but let’s be honest — his perfoming as a child did a LOT of damage. Some good, but an unsurmountable and at the time, unforseeable amount of damage. Will and Jada have no excuse this time.

    • Amberlyn

      so true

  • Nekeyah

    I can defenitely see her being like Rihanna one day.. I would LOVE to see what would happen if they collaborated.. :)

  • Nekeyah

    I mean the style and the catchy songs that you just wanna dance too.. I love both Rihanna & Willow!!

  • Preston

    She reminds me of Keri Hilson vocal wise, not Rihanna, that R&B kind of style with a similar sound. I think she’s more R&B urban leaning and not pop driven like Rihanna. But I like that she’s got some new music out. Hope that she can get a 10-song album out and have her own kind of vocal style. I think that Will Smith’s musical influence (though in rap) might have seeped into her.

  • Preston

    Rihanna could have done a song like this on her 2007 Good Girl Gone Bad album, but she’s moved on to other sounds. But it’s perfect for Willow Smith. It’s a little repetitive with the chorus but I like the hummable keyboards and the charging beats in the songs.But it’s fun and catchy! If it’s not against any other heavy competition, it will hit top 10 or top 15.

  • fancypants

    lil Willow has a much better voice than RIhanna! This song is catchy, I’ll be downloading it.

    • psychoanalyzer

      Legally or illegally….that is the question!

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