Lady Gaga announces title of her upcoming new album during VMA speech, steals show

Lady-Gaga-Glee-VMAs_320.jpg Image Credit: Vince Bucci/PictureGroup/MTV Lady Gaga made good on a promise to fans to announce the name of her next album in her speech if she won Video of the Year: In accepting the award for “Bad Romance” (from Cher! who was wearing her “If I Could Turn Back Time” spiderweb/thong getup! gays, rejoice!) she not only dropped the title — Born This Way – but also sang a few bars. And between her amazing non-Auto-Tuned voice (sorry, Kanye) and her great throwaway line (“I never thought I’d be asking Cher to hold my meat purse”), she calmly, classily stole the show, just by being Gaga. No actual speech-stealing required. (Again, sorry, Kanye.)

What did you think of the impromptu sneak-peek at Born This Way, Music Mixers?

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  • leka

    I honestly can’t help but love her. She’s original, makes great music, AND has one of the best voices out there today. She blows me away.

    • Rois, Ireland

      Me too, although I wouldn’t call myself a monster. People tend to take people less seriously when people say stuff like that. Gaga looks amazing in the pic. I have to wait til tomorrow for it to air here :(

      • KelC

        I agree! Her passion and lover for her fans moves me. She’s a beautiful person. When she sang those bars I got chills.
        “She calmly, classily stole the show, just by being Gaga. No actual speech-stealing required.” Excellent post Jennifer. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Devin Faraci

      Gaga is a total phony.

    • Liz

      I used to think that she just dressed that way to take away from the fact that she was an awful singer. Not until I heard her live did I think “Wow! What a great voice.” If you ever see her due Speechless live you will be blown away by her talent.

      • Ally

        Exactly. She has an amazing voice. Speechless is insane live. I get that she isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no denying that she has some talent.

      • Kathy

        So true…she’s got a great voice and is a heck of an entertainer. She must be seen live to truly appreciate her talent (and her heart…she supports gay teens who are homeless…great lady!)

  • Ty

    That was the best…and how awesome did she sound just breaking out into song right then and there. Eat that Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

    • dany

      You’re so right.. amazing talent. No fake guitar strumming and singing out of key (Taylo) and no boring “futuristic electronica” autotune (kanye)

    • u

      Except Kanye doesn’t pretend to be a singer… he’s a rapper. Now on Taylor, you do have a point.

      • Bea

        pretend? I think that’s debatable considering he’s been on this bad singing kick for a while now.

  • Journey

    She was amazing. That voice my goodness- Lady Gaga proved to those who may not have known or just like to hate for fun that she has the vocal chops. The sometimes weird but always fun getups are just a bonus. I so cannot wait to hear her new song in full.

    • rox

      She already debuted one of the possible songs to be on her album and it sounded AMAZING! After hearing a snippet of “Born That Way”, this will be an album I’ll have in heavy rotation.

      • rox

        Oops! “Born This Way”

  • Caitlin

    Go Gaga! I loved her last speech. It really made me happy to see her win so many awards. I wish she had performed tonight. That’s the only way this could have been a better night.

    • Devin Faraci

      She is a clown. And a farce.

  • Gene

    A. Could this woman be any more self-absorbed?
    B. What is a meat purse, and why was that a “great throwaway line”?

    • Noah

      A. DId you even watch the show? He outfit and purse were made to look like raw meat.
      B. All of her speeches were ridiculously humble and grateful to her fans and everyone who helped her get to where she is. The epitome of grace and not a b bit self-absorbed.

  • H

    I guess now all the Madonna comparisons can stop. Madonna NEVER had a voice like that.

    • Dave

      Madonna will be the first one to admit that she doesn’t have a perfect voice. No shame in that, as long as you have talent in other areas and know how to entertain people, which Madonna definitely knows how to do.

    • Sean

      Completey disagree. Youtube Madonna “Sooner or Later Oscars”, “Drowned World” from the Confessions tour or listen to songs from Evita she did on her Sticky and Sweet tour. Madonna can sing and sing quite well when she isn’t dancing like crazy. And compare GaGa to X-tina and see who wins that vocal contest

      • Sasha

        Christina would destroy gaga! I’m not saying gaga can’t sing she sings well but Christina’s voice is a phenomenon. She is and will be a legend for many many years to come.

    • Soldier

      Madonna eats Lady Gaga for breakfast.

      • nick

        i would love to eat Lady Gaga for breakfast!

    • vanka

      Here we go with the Madonna comparissons. What’s up with that? Not cool because both are really great… only that Madonna is the real queen and has been for nearly three decades. This was GaGa’s year and it’s good. Let’s just wait 25 years and see if people still listen to Gaga. Madonna has passed this test with straight A’s!

    • Jake

      Madonna is a shameless opportunistic publicity machine with a so-so voice, some creativity, almost no class, and zero acting capability, although that didn’t stop her from appearing in movies. She’s like the unethical salesperson who manages to succeed through sheer determination.
      In contrast, Lady Gaga has multiple, and very real, talents. So long as she can keep her head together and not do stupid things (or learn from them and adapt), she’ll be around for a long long time.

  • Ixarix

    She stole the show and she didn’t perform. She was just herself and that is way I love her in all her wacky goodness. She’s in at league of her own.

  • Denise

    I don’t care how crazy or silly she is, the girl has some serious talent. And she has stage charisma. She’s not so damn stuck up! And that, in my opiniom, is a good performer.
    I wish you well Lady gaga.

  • Krysten

    You must be joking. Gaga is the LEAST self-absorbed celeb out there, and by far the most down to Earth. And the meat purse…was made of actual raw meat. Hence “meat purse” that you throwaway.
    GO GAGA GO!!!

  • Spike

    Talentless cow who can’t sing and looks like the worst drag queen ever – when will this overrated heifer go awayyyyy?????

    • Agustina

      She only sing for like 20 seconds and she steals the show! Imagine what would have happend if she had performed!!! The show this year was boring! But I’m so happy she won!

    • wakeforce

      I personally hope GaGa is around for years to come just to frustrate people like you. I remember when people said the same thing about Madonna and look how that turned out!

    • To all the gaga haters!

      Did you even watch the f*cking VMA’s you dumb-@ss b*tch, haha clearly she can sing. She sang a couple bars from her upcoming song?!!! So why do you GTFO of here, and that goes to all of her hater! You guys are just so dam jealous of her brillent talen! So fu*k off!

    • u

      I’m still far from being a Gaga fan, but come on dude… the woman can DEFINITELY sing her ass off. What more proof do you need than what was demonstrated tonight (or last night, since it is technically Monday right now)?

  • Joe R

    A great throwaway line is an unplanned, off-the-cuff remark. Duh. Or do I need to explain off-the-cuff too?

  • Tony

    I loved it. We are “Born This Way,” and we should be proud, just as Gaga is proud to be Gaga, and just as she is proud of each and every one of her millions of fans all over the world. Since her earliest memories,Lady Gaga felt like a FREAK, an outcast. How many of us feel the same at various point(s) in our lives? We are ALL “Born This Way!” Love yourself, and love one another!!!!!

    • Miguel

      I am with u on this one Tony. The only BIG problem was that Gaga didn’t perform. But seeing her win
      the major awards made up for it.

  • joseph T

    yes! her couple seconds of actually singing blew some of the big headline folks away- sorry Taylor

  • etm

    I could not believe she could walk in those boots (the ones shaped like armadillos)!!!!

  • Just Cory

    I thought she was absolutely fantastic and when she sang a few lyrics from “Born This Way” I teared up. Go Gaga!

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