Prince to tour this December with Esperanza Spalding, Janelle Monae, and more

Prince announced tonight that he and his band, The New Power Generation, are kicking off a tour this December along with a number of other artists, the AP reports. Speaking to reporters at New York’s Apollo Theater, the 52-year-old multi-hyphenate said he will serve as master of ceremonies for “a series of events that will begin on a purple day in December, in the year 2010.” The “Welcome 2 America” bill will include Maceo Parker, Janelle Monae, Mint Condition, Esperanza Spalding, Lalah Hathaway, Sheila E., Cassandra Wilson, and Graham Central Station. “Bring friends, bring your children, and bring foot spray, cuz it’s gon’ be funky,” he said.

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  • Molly

    This actually sounds awesome. Janelle Monae involved? I’m sold. :D

    • Benoreno

      @Larry David. If he’s so irrelevant, why are you wasting your precious time reading this story? Some of us actually love Prince and are looking forward to his concerts.

    • Asher

      Prince may not currently be making very relevant music, but for at least a decade, if not two, his music was so relevant that it is one of the cornerstones of modern pop, R&B, and rock. I’d call that still pretty relevant. Plus, the fact that he looks “a bit queer-ish” just makes him that much more awesome in my book!

    • C

      Prince is one of if not the greatest musical talent that we have ever known. Prince is always and will always be relevant. If it was 20 years between songs there is relevance if Prince’s name is on it, believe that.


      are you insane? This concert will be a blowout. Not only will it feature Prince, but Shelia E and Cassandra Wilson. Any serious music lover will turn out for this.

  • BJohnson

    Yeah! He is right, I’ve been 5 times and no tour is the same.

  • Genie

    Dearly beloved, the man knows how to use a pause (or 4 or 5) to full effect.

  • Keith Bennett

    The Prince of Rock & Roll will rock NYC! Must see!

  • Seashore

    @Asher, agreed. Justin Timberlake’s second cd was a horrible attempt at trying to capture Mr. Nelson’s cool.

  • Dean

    Prince is a joke. I grew up listening on the radio to everything that has come out since the mid to late eighties (having been born in 1981) and honestly can not name a single song he ever wrote. I gaurantee the majority of people are very similar to me in that respect as Prince always attracted eclectic non-conformist followers that lived vicariously weird through the culture he created. It was never super popular with the masses as many of you are suggesting. He is a washed up pop version of Marylin Manson mixed with Howard Stern. It’s all about his weird, shocking look that makes social outcats want to emulate him in a ridiculous display of attempted rebellion. If looking “queer-ish” specifically makes somebody cooler to you, than you are probably one of those people with retro Prince haircuts that were waiting outside the Apollo all day based on (what at the time was) a rumor that he may make an announcement, with no detail about what, while the remainder of the population was at work being functioning members of society. Enjoy your circus freak crawling out of the closet one last time to try to shock the world that long since forgot about him.

    • yepyep

      ummmm yeah you are stupid, see i got my point across without writing a book.

    • Hey Now!!!

      Let’s check his statistics. Prince has had 19 top 10 singles with 5 of them going to Number One. He has had 14 Top 10 Albums with 4 of them going to Number One. He really sounds like an underground artist with a cult following.

    • erin

      wow, Dean, you listen to the radio a lot. Well, that certainly makes you an expert on music. You’re so retarded.
      BTW, I’m a married mother of two who teaches middle school. Not exactly the “weirdo” you have decided is the only “type” who understands the genius that is Prince. I feel sorry for you, really. Go back to listening to Ke$ha and Nickleback.

    • ibivi

      Prince gives great show. Always. Unique personality. Perhaps an acquired taste but well worth it. Prince fans on this site, play nice!

    • JB

      What radio stations were you listening to in the 80’s and 90’s? His songs were all over the radio. Never heard of party like it’s 1999? You’re an idiot. And how can he be a version of Marilyn Manson when Marilyn Manson was still a little kid when Prince was making hit music! Come out of that cave you’ve been living in your whole life and join the human race!

    • bump


    • Neil

      Your a moron !!You did’nt even mention his music . You must be between 25-28 and think your generation has the best music . Clueless you are . Grow up.

  • @Dean

    You might not want to admit, but you can name a dozen prince songs, when sung them, then the many many people that rerecorded them, on top of that all the music he has written for other people, so stop writing to write like you are better than people and stop acting like you are some ubber smart guy when you are just a little prick.
    Your comparison was funny, seriously Manson and Stern, the joke that I see here is you.

  • little dean

    For a person that doesnt like prince, you sure took the time to write a lot, but i agree with the other post, your the moron functioning members please, stop spewwing your dumbness around.

  • ries

    prince is one of the artists i would actually pay to see live.

  • Dean

    *I get paid to do this stuff, this is not for my health*

    I can’t name a Prince song, still. I never at any point tried to make a joke or to be uber smart. If that is how it came across to you it is probably just because you write things like, “…you can name a dozen prince songs, when sung them, then the many many people that rerecorded them,….”.
    I’m not lashing out at you, I am posting my opinion in an open opinion/chat forum where it seems a lot of people have taken the liberty to express there opinions openly and honestly without the concern of somebody that has decided to police the forum in an attempt at dominance. A feeling that can probably only be achieved for this person behind his keyboard and the wheel of his car where there is no fear of reprisal. The only places Prince fans feel brave enough to tell somebody off. And believe me, this is not by any means my way of being some muscle head and implying something about my own strength. I am simply doing my best to explain the stereotype you have shown yourself to be. Back it down a notch. We don’t all have to like the same things. As a matter of fact some people love some things, and others may hate them. And guess what; that might lead to a heated, yet interesting conversation between two intelligent people with differing opinions. Unfortunately there are also people that simply lash out at others that don’t simply agree with them and tell them that ‘they are a joke’ that is ‘trying to impress Prince fans’ with his uber intelligence online. Do you realize how stupid that is. I hope in time you come to realize what a poor place to vent your aggression the internet is. See a shrink.\

    What a waste of my time this was, but I pray I may have done the online community a service in the long run. Hopefully some of this sunk into your head, at the very least subconsciously (dats 1 ah dem ubber shmart werdz)

    • Dave Ripley

      @Dean — You’re out of your mind. Even if Prince had only released Purple Rain in 1984, he would still be well-known. The album was #1 for six months in the US and sold 13 million copies in the US alone. I am a wedding DJ and I get requests for Prince almost every weekend, from guests ranging in age from 12 to 60.

      And if you don’t know the song “1999” then you weren’t alive in 1983 OR 1999.

    • C-Dub

      Dean is a moron!

    • bump


  • Mr.727

    Dean chill the f*** out dude!! For real, you got damn poser prick son of a b#$&*!! You must been born in the 90’s u similac deprived b#%^*! Next to MJ, Prince is the pinnacle of talent!! Check out his early demoS, he was on an whole other level even in his early years!!! WE don’t get to many chances to see his shows or go to his concerts!! Young and old still jam prince , dean you dip&hit!! STFU an continue to equate Soulja boi, to 2pac, you mannish b@#$% you!!

    • Dean

      It’s hilarious to me that I can come on a site like this and state an opinion on a topic (whether I believe it or not) and get the exact reaction I set out to get. It works every time. Worked with OJ, MJ, then Anna Nicole…and Prince isn’t even dead yet! Did you really think I came here to make friends, or share my opinions in hopes of finding like-minded people? Did I expect legitimate conversation when I am vigorously arguing against the majority of the forum? Of course not you monkeys. My main intention was to stir up the pot and get the exact reactions out of you predictable hotheads that I received. All you little Prince fairies yanked your panties up a few notches too high and fumed behind your keyboards to my delight. Mr. 727 tells ME to chill out, and then follows that sentiment up with statements like:

      1.) “You got damn poser prick son of a b#$&*!!”

      2.) ” u similac deprived b#%^*!”,

      and of course

      3.) “dean you dip&hit!! STFU an continue to equate Soulja boi, to 2pac, you mannish b@#$% you!!”.

      Who really needs to calm down here Mr. 727? I was sitting calmly at my desk right up until I began rotfl at how easy it is to get Prince and MJ fans all up in arms. Take a Xanax my friend. I don’t care about Prince, like most people. If you do, good for you. But I LOVE your response comments as they were exactly what I needed to make my commentary sell twice as fast, to twice as many buyers. Thanks for your help Prince fans; you couldn’t have played your roles more perfectly. For those of you who remained civil and simply stated your points (Will for example), good for you, you are a mature adult and therefore will avoid having your spelling errors and crippled argumentative skills smeared across internet blogs on this hot topic. The rest of you geniuses enjoy the fame I have awarded you.

      • Sean S.

        Whether preplanned or not, your passive aggressive behavior is neither intelligent or witty. While you do seem quite capable of intelligent debate/discussion, your decision to simply “stir the pot” for a reaction plays to the lowest common denominator. It is unfortunate that you choose to waste your time on playing mind games with other people. May the remainder of the day bring you something more constructive to do.

      • Berolinum

        Get a hobby.
        Download ringtones or what you usually do.
        Save your energy for somethin useful.

      • Dave Ripley

        @Dean — You said “I gaurantee (sic) the majority of people are very similar to me” about thinking Prince is a joke and not being able to name a single one of his songs. This is nonsense.

        “It was never super popular with the masses” is also not true, as ’80s and ’90s album sales and tour box office grosses through 2004 have shown. These aren’t your opinions — it’s your fantasy world.

      • Larry

        Everyone has a right to sing the praises of their favorite artists. Nobody has the right to dis someone else’s tastes in music. That only demonstrates a narrow minded perspective and failure to understand the meaning of “each to his own.” Just because you don’t like an artist does not make him/her bad and to waste energy tearing other people’s music down just because is not your “cup of tea” accomplishes nothing other than to display one’s immaturity.

  • will

    A couple of friends of mine saw him live in 2004 (I think 04) and they said he was amazing. They’ve been to a lot of concerts and he’s up there as one of the best. Prince may not create popular music anymore but he will always be relevant. His influence is still felt.

    • erin

      I saw that tour too. It was incredible. He’s a true musician.

  • erin

    Prince is the sh*t. I’m so there.

  • fancypants

    Prince and Janelle Monae?! SOLD. I’m 22 but I can appreciate great talent when I see it.

  • aa

    prince may not be regularly heard on the radio these days but his influence can still be heard everywhere. plus he’s still sexy as hell; add janelle monae and i’m so there.

    • arp

      Right on Dean!

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