Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair' video: Watch it here

willow-smithImage Credit: Solarpix/PR PhotosWhen did nine-year-olds get so very saucy? When I was nine, I had no sauce. Then again, my dad was neither fresh nor prince.

Will and Jada’s child empire continues to rise with the release of the video—leaked early today, then continually pulled until its official debut on 106 & Park tonight—for young Willow’s breakout single, “Whip My Hair.” And whip it she does, like Corey Glover minus the agit-rock politics and the scuba shortie suit.

I confess I was inclined at first to dismiss her quick rise as the worst kind of showbiz nepotism, and the pop stage as an entirely inappropriate and overly sexualized place for one so young. (Exception!) But this clip is about to put a boom in the chiropracting industry (with possible ancillary benefits for housepaint), because girl can snap it:

The track goes on sale digitally Tuesday, October 26, and Smith will make her live performance debut on Ellen November 2.

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  • BeBe

    She is so cute! And this song is really catchy… I’ve watched it twice already. I think she’ll be a one hit wonder but who cares she has such personality and I love the video!

    • Brad

      Are you kidding? No way she’ll be a one hit wonder. She’s a Smith and she’s only 9.

      • BL

        I said it before and I’ll say it again: EW, QUIT OVER-PROMOTING THE SMITH FAMILY!
        Why does this child’s song receive this kind of attention from EW? Why does anything that these children do get headline attention from EW? Your attention to the Smith children is way out of proportion to what they do, and reeks of pandering to Jada and Will. What hold does this family have on Entertainment Weekly? Give us a break!

      • Nick

        BL… jeesh. Who spit in your Wheaties this morning? I may not be the biggest fan of Will Smith, but I think it is news when a 9 year old scion of a showbiz family puts out a video for a song that is already popular. Plus, my friend, by clicking on this story, all you do is add one more view to this page. They don’t care if you hate it or not, but the views do matter for advertising. So stop coming to stories about the Smiths, and if others feel like you and don’t read and comment, then the stories on this family will dwindle.

      • Katie G

        …yes…because the Smith family is full of one hit wonders? seems like every member of their clan is making money hand over fist

      • BlackIrish4094

        She’s a Smith? So the flug what? Enough with the Smith kids, nepotism at it’s best and EW to kiss @ss along the way.

      • taetae

        you rock

    • Miss Talk

      For a 9 yo, that’s beyond amazing…
      And what I love the most is that she’s actually whipping that nappy and braided AFRICAN HAIR!!! Thanks to Janelle Monae and Willow to show our baby sisters that they can be comfortable with their OWN natural hair. No need of relaxer, no wigs, no RED weaves…
      Okay now my 3 y o is about to break her neck while trying to whip her braids to the song LOL

      • makayla

        oh thats so cute

    • the truth

      Why are the Smith’s so intent on making their kids Stars? How much $ is enough?

      • Ty

        Maybe growing up in the industry is why she wants to be in…will and jada hardly need the money so I doubt they’re pimping out there kids. On another note this is one of the best videos ive seen a long while. She could sure give some tips to some current popstars….I hope Rihanna and Kesha were watching cuz they could learn a thing or 2 about performing from willow.

    • julia

      why can’t her parents just let her be 9? it’s too much…

      • jarissa

        Willow smith is pretty 9 yr old. I think that Will and Jada are trustins Willow to be in the spotlight,so people are really loking at her parents.

      • hmm

        Did you feel the same way about Dakota Fanning or her sister Elle? Abigail Breslin or any of the other child performers or is it just the Smiths that are deserving of criticism?

    • jason

      It’s not that Will & Jada Smith are thrusting another kid into the spotlight, and it has nothing to do with a child riding the coattails of her parents to give herself an edge that your average 9 yr old (with equal talent) wouldn’t have. It is simply that she is 9 yrs old. If she wants to get into the industry when she’s older, that’s fine. However, even the most famous of people shouldn’t indulge their childs every desire. They are children, and have no idea what they are in for. There is a reason we do not allow children to make their own decisions. Good job on the video though, even if it does seem inappropriate somehow.

      • kb23

        Totally agree with this. While she is undoubtedly talented it left a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach. Just let the child grow up some more before indulging her every whim.

    • Floopa Bambers

      For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Will & Jada waited so long to allow Willow to launch her singing career. If it were me, I would have shoved her out in front of the cameras while she was still in diapers. I mean, a child can never have too much attention… right? What could possibly go wrong?


    It has been BROUGHT-EN. I loved that.

    • BlackIrish4094

      Why, you can’t speak English either?

  • Lena


  • kk

    So good! and still age appropriate….loved the parting shot of her big smile!

    • FromChicago

      I agree. She’s a smart kid, knows what she wants to do early. However, that hair whipping looks dangerous and it made me dizzy watching it.

  • melissa

    Whoa, I can’t believe she’s only 9… my younger brother is 9 and he’s not even close to being as mature as her.

  • ImStillToni

    HAHAHAHA Willow’s track is better than Rihanna’s last TWO albums BWAHAHAHAHA go ahead girl!!! I cannot believe I liked it, I’m too old for this little girl but that track was catchy & Willow is surprisingly talented. She had me at the step routine but then that little girl stole the show!

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      Word! Rihanna (or Riyodel as I call her, since she doesn’t sing so much as she yodels) is getting trounced on by a NINE-YEAR-OLD!!! Oh, it’s so funny!

  • Adam

    Wow, her ears are as big as her dad’s. Not trying to be mean, but I couldn’t stop staring at them. In the words of Louise “Weezy” Jefferson, she looks like a car coming down the road with both doors open.

    • mary

      oh hush quit hatin cuz u kno she was good so dont’t nobody wanna hear yo babblin and rude comments so keep them to yoself!

      • Adam

        Learn to speak like a normal human being and then maybe people will take you seriously.

      • etm

        Um…what, Mary?

      • matt

        mary that’s a bunch of gibberish no offense.

      • SmartAlex

        What language is that Mary??

      • Ta Ta

        It’s “ghetto” talk……..why don’t you understand it? I did.

      • Sara

        @mary ignore these haters! you were right to defend Willow and I totally agree with what you said.

        For all of you idiots that replied to Mary (except Ta Ta), get a life! Why are you pretending to not understand her when all she had were a few spelling mistakes. If you can’t read that, then YOU are the idiot. Stop criticizing others; that’s how she talks. Maybe you all should go back to school and learn how to read.

      • @ sara

        You are the idiot. She was purposely talking like she is an uneducated, old timey stereotype. Digusting. And you are an ignoramous.

      • Sara

        and how do you know that? I read many blogs and I see comments like that all the time. Granted, not on EW, but I guess Willow just attracted a different crowd. I don’t see how you being negative is improving the situation.

      • BlackIrish4094

        You speak English also?

    • CHINA


  • And?

    Why is show business nepotism suddenly an issue when it comes to the children of Will Smith. It’s been around for years and has brought us actors like Jamie Lee Curtis, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Charlie Sheen, Michael Douglas… We can sit here and continue to list the children of famous people who have walked into their parents footsteps. If Will’s kids are talented enough to breakthrough (and they seemingly are) then why not? Jaden opened a movie to 50 million when most established actors can’t. And now Willow is releasing a cute, age appropriate song that undoubtedly has Rihanna and Keri Hilson on a conference call to discuss this future threat to them…. Good for her. Her parents must be proud.

    • fancypants

      “Willow is releasing a cute, age appropriate song that undoubtedly has Rihanna and Keri Hilson on a conference call to discuss this future threat to them…”
      nicely done

    • lara

      seriously! thanks for that ray of common sense sunshine!
      so many people are all crazy upset about this. hollywood kids have been following their parents for years!! this is nothing new.
      and these two actually have talent. I have seen entire FAMILIES with no talent getting acting jobs based on their names.

    • Lora

      You speak common sense. But as we all know most of the Internet is not fluent in that tongue.

    • RyRyNYC

      Actually, Jolie changed her name specifically to avoid nepotism… and Douglas and Curtis didn’t become famous actors until they were well over the age of 9. Barrymore is a prime example of what happens when you allow your children to “grow” up TOO SOON… But Sheen is a good example of nepotism at its worst. The world could have done without Charlie Sheen.

      • Marilee

        I don’t think either Charlie Sheen or Drew Barrymore’s troubles had anything to do with their careers. Drew had immature parents and Charlie Sheen was getting into trouble before he started acting. Besides both are talented actors.

      • Elena

        “to avoid nepotism”? You mean to avoid ACCUSATIONS of nepotism, because if you really think that his connections didn’t help open some doors for Jolie, I got an Igloo to sell ya.

      • mary

        i don’t think angelina’s name change tricked people. i am sure they knew she was jon voight’s daughter before she walked in the door.

      • the truth

        I don’t think their parents were financing videos and movies for their kids.

      • Hey Now!!!

        I agree about Jolie. She worked her way up from the bottom. She started with bit parts and slowly got bigger roles over several years. Then she finally starting getting lead roles after being in the business close to a decade.

      • Dede

        Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan’s drug problems are the result of awful parents, not the business. Drew’s mom took her to Studio 54 and Dina Lohan has been stumbling out of bars at 3:00 a.m. right next to Lindsay since she was a teenager.

    • SinisterTwist

      People complained when Ozzy’s kids started trying to put out music, saying that they only got there on their dad’s coattails.

      In this particular case I think it was because Smith remade Karate Kid & cast his own son in the role. Despite the film being decent, it rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. Partially because he put his own kid in the starring role & remade Karate Kid, but also because it makes it look like Will Smith is pushing his kids to become stars & isn’t allowing them to grow up as normal kids.

    • FromChicago

      I agree, as long as the kids were white it was OK (unless you think about Gary Coleman). She knows what she wants to do, she’s a talented 9 year old. Give her a break.

      • BlackIrish4094

        I call bullsh!t. None of them were pimping their kids out at 9 plus the only reason Will’s punk @ss son got a starring role was because mommy and daddy bought it and, based on his Letterman appearance, forgot to teach him some humility along the way.

    • BL

      I think that the problem here is how much Entertainment Weekly over-promotes everything that this family and especially these children do!

      • The Devil

        They also report on all things Twilight, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other “celebrities.” I failt to see why people are picking at the Smiths.

    • lamicheleb

      And? I agree. People need to stop hating on the Smith’s. They aren’t any different than any other parent who want their kids to succeed. I say haters are JEALOUS!!!

  • bamalam

    Am I the only one who finds this song annoying? I don’t know about anyone else, but endless repetitions of a word or phrase qualifies a song for an automatic skip for me. Other examples…any Justin Bieber song.

    • bamalam

      …or anything by The Fray

      • Kiwi

        aaahhhh I hate the Fray, too!!!! and yes this song is annoying as h*ll.

    • Dave

      I have to agree. The chorus is ridiculously annoying.

    • Nate

      Of course, it’s annoying. It is devised to be repetitive and catchy to become an ear worm.

    • sam

      It’s not suppose to appeal to adults. It’s for kids…

    • Casey

      It is very annoying. I think I’d go crazy if I listened to the chorus enough times.

    • Ta Ta

      No I find it annoying as hell! What is a 9 year old doing singing anyway? I guess next year Amerian Idol will lower it’s age to 9? Bunch of BS if you ask me. You didn’t? Well I did and so there you go……stupid.

    • Grace

      So apparently, what I get from the video anyway, is that she whips her hair back and forth.

      • jes

        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.
        whips her hair back and forth.

    • macdonv

      I found it annoying too. I only made it to 1:31 before that stupid chorus made me go “Gah! Enough already!”.

      I think I know now how my mother felt listening to my music when I was younger! There, I said it. I’ve turned into my mother.

  • cd


    • AQS

      Your Caps Lock is on.

  • Desmo

    she’s black..

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      Your point?

      • jarissa

        no you should b e ashamed of yourself,because Will and Jada are doing a good job with their kids,so people can’t say anything about what they do.you don’t know anything about them really.so let them be them,and you be just you.

  • Mark

    oh dear God i couldn’t even watch this all the way through. she seems as much a precocious brat as her brother Jaden. Will & Jada should be ashamed of themselves.

    • etm

      It’s funny because I thought I’d feel the same way,(I didn’t like Jaden’s appearance on Letterman), but I actually didn’t mind the video/song – not counting the chorus, that is.

      • Ta Ta

        Hey now don’t hate on Jaden. He can act! This lil 9 year old needs to go back and play with her dolls and let some growing up get behind her before attempting this. Let her be a child!

      • BlackIrish4094

        Jaden can’t act but his parents sure can pay so he will get more roles unfortunately.

    • Devina


  • Suki

    I was skeptical but…that was awesome.

    • Lola

      Totally agree Suki. At first I was looking at this in mute and thought gah what the h*** is she doing, but the minute I actually heard this song, I couldn’t hate on the girl. Rihanna should be scared…she outsang and out-performed her lol. Go Willow that was very entertaining. Just make sure not to hurt your neck girl lol.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Rhianna should be scared? Why, is Cris Brown in town? Nothing to be scared of an overindulged kid.

      • u

        No, Rihanna should be scared of a 9-year-old kid who happens to be more talented than she is.

    • JAM

      NO IT WASN’T. Youre just an idiot.

    • Ap

      Add me to the list…this is pretty impressive for a nine-year-old. Most, if not all of the pop stars are doing this now and she’s more than half their age.

  • etm

    I was expecting to be totally annoyed,but I wasn’t! The chorus is a bit annoying, but I thought the video was cute, and she was dressed appropriately for a 9 year old.

  • Courtney

    So good.. better than anything her dad ever did ;)

    • Nate

      I don’t know. That stupid Miami song of Will’s sure did worm it’s way into my head. I can still hear now…

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