Chris Brown dances through a block party in 'Yeah 3X' video: Watch here

chris-brown-videoMany have counted Chris Brown out, but the R&B wonder is slowly climbing his back into our playlists. After surprisingly splashing into the Billboard Hot 100 chart’s top 20 and topping the R&B chart for several weeks now with “Deuces,” a mid-tempo goodbye cut from his Fan of a Fan mixtape, this morning he debuted the feel-good lead single from his forthcoming FAME (an acronym for Forgiving All My Enemies) album, “Yeah 3X,” and its partnering video.

In it, an acrobatic Brown dances to the Euro-pop smash, flipping and popping through a block party as others join in the action. It’s genuinely a fun clip, absent of any overdone, sexed up R&B corniness. This could be as big as “Forever.”  Check out the clip after the jump and let us know how you feel about it. FAME doesn’t have a set release date yet. But if the album boasts tracks as good as these, I hope it’s coming soon.

Are you looking forward to Chris’ new album?

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  • Casey

    This is such a fun, catchy song, and more than that, this guy can seriously dance

    • And

      I LOVE THIS SONG AND VIDEO! Chris Brown is the best young dancer out there period! I am happy to see his continued versatility in music and dance. Keep it coming Chris!

      • Ainsbreezy

        breezy as always been my singer, love him to de max, nuh gay talk jus idol talk, anyways this video is flipping good, luv it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FallonA

    What a fun video and great song!! I am really looking forward to Chris Brown’s comeback because despite everything he is VERY talented!

    Just because I no longer want to date him doesn’t mean I can’t still love dancing to his music

    • ES

      i agree

    • And

      I love Chris and his music. He is very young and extremely talented. No one knows what really happened so we should let that go! Life is too short to hold on to foolishness, lets all try to enjoy life. This song makes me want to do just that!Yeah 3X :-)

  • Phil

    Ok…I’ve gotta say it….anyone else find it how weird it is that he’s releasing a Euro-pop dance song like Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In The World)” after no pop/mainstream stations supported anything off of last year’s “Graffitti” ?? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dance music, but the timing is just so odd, it has to be brought up. Definitely one of the best dance videos released in some time though….will definitely be a VMA nominee next Fall for best Dance video. And while we’re on Chris…anyone else notice that his label dropped T.I. (and Fabolous) from his “Deuces” Remix they released to iTunes the day after T.I. got sent back to jail? Maybe thats why T.I. put up that new song with Chris Brown on his site since Chris’ label obv. wanted him to distance himself from the rapper…

    • B-

      This song sounds like “Who’s That Chick”, but that’s because David Guetta produced this and both Rihanna songs. And it’s not a shock he would go this route. He has his big R&B track on the chart. He is simply following Usher’s revised playlist. Release OMG to Pop and Release Lil Freak to Urban. Release DJ Got Us Falling In Love to Pop. Release Hot Tottie to Urban. Same strategy. But it will work better for Chris since he actually can pull off moves and doesn’t look washed up.

      • Carly

        Lets hope Chris is paying royalties to Calvin Harris for the beat to this song. If you go listen to his I’m Not Alone song they are pretty much identical.

      • Phil

        Just listened to the Calvin Harris “I’m Not Alone” instrumental. It is the same. So much for Chris being ‘original’ again.

      • Phil

        And Carly this current trend with hip-hop & R&B artists stealing recent dance hits for their own use is equally appaling by Jermaine Dupri. His new single, “I Herd Um Say” mixes up BOTH the White Stripes “Seven Nation Army” and last year’s MASSIVE house single, “Hey Hey” by Dennis Ferrer. They wanan say they’re making music for thei clubs, but they’re all basically stealing music thats been big in the gay clubs already and refurbishing it for a new Urban audience. Lazy & uninspired. Its the ‘new’ sampling.

      • almostpia

        Let me de-bunk some of these myths:

        1) Chris Brown’s “Forever” was released in 2008 and was a forerunner to this europop sound now occupying American music.

        2) This song was produced by DJ Frank E, so if Calvin Harris wanted to sue he would be suing DJ Frank E.

      • B-

        NOW I know where I heard of Calvin Harris. I have had “I’m Not Alone” on my iPod since last year. Sure it sounds similar. But a lot of dance tracks do these days. And the Urban Market isn’t stealing Dance and repackaging it. They are going to Dance producers for their tracks. Most just sound the same because the producer to go to is David Guetta.

        Why the sudden popularity? Because Dance 2 years ago became SUPER Popular in NYC Urban Clubs with tracks like Bob Sinclair’s World Hold On and Enur’s Calabria playing in-between Jay-Z songs. Take a trip to Miami where most Hip Hop/R&B artists go clubbing and EVERYTHING is Dance Music. In NJ, the Brick Banditz have been making House remixes of urban hits for years. Don’t call it “stealing” Phil. Popular musical tastes change, and now straight folks want to drink a lot and dance to whatever’s catchy in the club. If anything, be mad at how the “blood of the lamb” and current icon of Gay Worship Lady GaGa is famous off of disgustingly watered down dance music that was popular in the UK 10 years ago. She should also give Roisin Murphy royalty checks for stealing her style.

      • LATISHA


      • Phil

        Latisha your comment is pointless since David Guetta didn’t produce the song DJ Frank E did. The song & video may be hot, but you are just another fan perpetuating false information. And B- it is STEALING if proper credit isn’t given to who came up with the beat originally. Oh and its Bob Sinclar NOT Bob Sinclair.

    • Miss Talk

      For your information, Chris Brown’s label is Jive Records a.k.a the label for eye-candy-performers like Britney and Justin Timberlake. He’s not signed on some lazy a%% label. They didn’t drop him after the assault but they did drop Iraheta because of low sales. They are all about big bucks and they are about to cash big next year with Chris. If there’s anything planned, you can be sure it is well calculated.

      • Phil

        I have plenty of information. his same label rushed the promo for “Deuces” Remix with Kanye, Fab, Andre 3000 (Still signed to Jive unlike, Big Boi, whose solo deal is thru Def Jam now, and which is why Andre caontractually couldn’t appear on his long delayed “Sir Luscious Left Foot” release), Drake & T.I. to radio 2 weeks prior, but when they ‘released’ the track digitally (the day after T.I. was sentenced again), they chopped out T.I. and Fab. off the remix. “Dueces” still hasn’t been able to reach the top 15 on the Billboard charts, much like “I Can Transform Ya” stalled last year. Sales from the “Deuces” Remix should help the song jump into the top 15 on next week’s chart..but please spare yourself some embarassment. Doesn’t matter if Jive is the home to Britney, JT and R.Kelly…they all are handled by different A&R reps, who basically run the indivual artists’ careeers. For someone who likes to ‘Talk’, you seem to know very little.

      • Phil

        Let me clarify top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100, it did reach #1 on the Hip-Hop and R&B Billboard chart.

      • Miss Talk

        Then what is your point now? Those people are doing their job, right?
        Planning the releases, the collaborations, that’s why they’re getting paid.
        Chris Brown is nowhere new to Euro Pop , he did great with “Forever” and he co-wrote “Disturbia” for his then-girlfriend.
        There are speculations about the fact that they cut T.I out of Deuces The Remix because he won’t be able to shoot the video.
        Btw read again: Miss Talk. Not Miss Know-It-All. You can have that one. Deuces.

      • anonymous

        To Phil: Deuces did reach the top 15 of the Billboard Hot 100. It has peaked at No. 14.

    • Preston

      This is much different from Rihanna’s song. Rihanna has her own kind of zone and vibe in her song. I think Chris went to a better producer in David Guetta after too much of the sameness sounds of his R&B songs. Guetta did his song for Chris entirely different from Rihanna.

    • Preston

      The Deuces remix that Chris did with Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Fabolous is HOT! I didn’t see that coming! It’s got to be over 5 minutes because each of those rappers and Chris are ripping it on that remix! I don’t know if it’s Keri Hilson or Ciara as the female voice singing in the song–the radio DJ didn’t say who sang on it.

  • Abs

    II like the song.I hope he gets his career back. What he did was wrong, but he was punished through the justice system, and he shouldn’t be defined by something he did when he was 19.

    • BLT

      he has received a second chance….and it’s my choice not to support him.

      domestic violence is never okay and people don’t change. i know. i learned the hard way. & I put his a$$ in prison.

      • yhtak

        just because you had an unfortunate situation doesnt mean everyone is the same or will end up like your experience, people do change, and i’ve seen that personally as well, plus the chris brown and rihanna situation was made out as like DV when it was just assault because there had never been any kind of violence before in around the 2 yrs of relationship they had

      • Whatver U Say

        @BLT Just stop!I am so sick of ppl placing their personal problems on the backs of others. Whatever happened in your life is not the fault of those who don’t know you! You sound insane stating that a TEENAGER (who by nature change like the wind) can not grow and move forward with his/her life! Adults like you are what’s wrong with the world! Eminem, Charlie Sheen, Sean Penn, and Mel Gibson beat wives and gf’s yet you say nothing but a teenager has 1 fight and he is evil for life? Hummm…biased much?

      • LL

        I hope you are also not supporting Eminem..who received no backlash after beating his wife

  • Miss Talk

    “Many have counted Chris Brown out”. EW, I hope you do realize you are on that list.
    But I gotta admit it, this post is just another proof that Breezy is officially back to where he belongs: mainstream music. TeamBreezy!

  • lefty

    Amazing dancing, nice/catchy song. I fell in love with him (as an artist…and a hottie) when I heard Deuces.

  • Preston

    I think that he wanted to take a break from that high energy vibe of songs like his great Forever and went for Deuces. His newer songs are getting much better! I like Deuces and this new song far better than ANYTHING off his Graffiti album of last year. And don’t forget his song with Twista, Strip for This–he just glides smoothly on that funky, percussion heavy song!

    • Phil

      the Twista song is called “Make a Movie” not “Strip For this”

  • Preston

    This needs to get on the radio now! It’s just rivals any of Taio Cruz or Jason DeRulo’s hit singles! His dancing in this video is astounding and matches with the energy of the song. I think it will hit top 5, maybe peak at 2 or 3, not as high as Forever’s peak at No. 1. The video reminds me so much of Michael Jackson’s best ’80s and ’90s videos–you can tell that MJ’s a huge influence on Chris Brown’s dancing and moves.

    • Tinker

      And it has “POPIN PETE” in it! Breezy truly went old school! This video is a good look!

  • Preston

    I’m looking forward to the FAME album. He should put it out in the late winter or spring of 2011 so he can have that space to himself to have multiple hits. I hope he has a better set of producers to do this album than the blandness and mostly forgettable songs of most of his 2009 album. I think he might go a dance pop route clashing with his smooth R&B ballads for this effort.

  • SandeePB

    @Carly, Get off this freaking site and go onto Calving what’s his face articles. Why don’t you go choke on cornflakes along with him. Chris Brown has more talent in his pinky than you or Calvin whatever his face is have in your entire bodies. Get lost… This is Chris Brown’s turn to shine and get all the positive recognition he so deserves. :) Go Breezy.

    • Phil

      You are a rude moron. Calvin Harris is a huge DJ in every country outdide the U.S. & his song “I’m Not Alone” was released in the summer of 2009, when Chris couldn’t put a hit out to save his life. You wanna defend Chris, that’s cool, but at least know the facts before you make completely ridiculous comments. This ‘new’ song IS the Calvin’s song, and to OTHER commentor above saying DJ Frank E produced this, he didn’t produce as much as steal a record from a bigger international DJ that you just never heard a year ago!

      • SandeePB

        Hey JERK oh Phil,,,Who the heck is writing to you. Or are you Carly too? PHIL Get off this site you idiot moron (lol) you are so stupid. I’m entitled to my opinion and so are you. Who the hell cares about freaking “Cornflake loser choker” when this article is all about a much more talented and gifted young artist. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. :) Take your negativity to your family you miserable bastard.

      • stupid-uker

        An International record spinner HA! He’s no artist. Go to the record spinners blogs and go away!

      • I hate Morons!

        Hey illiterat moron maybe you should know YOUR facts before you comment. ‘Deuces’ has peaked at
        Jive isn’t encouraging Chris to distant himself from TI! Chris said on a radio station earlier this week that he & TI were in ATL

        This song is NOT

      • I hate Morons!

        Hey illiterat moron maybe you should know YOUR facts before you comment. ‘Deuces’ has peaked at
        Jive isn’t encouraging Chris to distant himself from TI! Chris said on a radio station earlier this week that he & TI were in ATL shooting the video for the ‘Deuces’ remix.

        This song is NOT Calvin song! Just because the songs have beats’

      • I hate Morons!

        Hey illiterate moron, maybe you should know YOUR facts before you comment. ‘Deuces’ HAS peaked at # 14 on Hot 100! It has been top 20 for weeks on Billboard which is great because it is a straight r&b record and Hot 100 usually caters to pop. Stop trying to act like ‘Deuces’ isn’t a successful record! It has been No. 1 for 8 weeks on the r&b charts!

        Jive isn’t encouraging Chris to distant himself from TI! Chris said on a radio station earlier this week that he & TI were in ATL shooting the video for the ‘Deuces’ remix. So TI will be included on the remix. Fab was removed cause he had the weakest verse and wasn’t needed.

        This song is NOT Calvin’s song! Just because the songs have ‘beats’ does not make them identical! CB beat is faster and the subject is totally different! There is also another song out there with a similar beat that was out years before Calvins song! Calvin probably didn’t even produce the beat his damn self! ‘Yeah 3X’is a party record and will go No.1 in numerous countries!

        If Calvins lame ass has a problem he needs to take it up with the producer and get off CB’s back! No one knew or cared who he was until he had a fit on twitter like a 12 year old! He can keep his lil one hit because he will NEVER be as famous or successful as CB!

      • Phil

        I Hate Morons! – I hope you learn to hate yourself, cause clearly thats what you are! The entire beat for the song is the same riff from Calvin Harris’ song. And Calvin is VERY successful & is as widely popular as Mr. Guetta in Europe and other countries. And it doesn’t surprise me that Chris is using a successful dance song as a foundation for his own tuens, because he IS a very talented dancer. Probably the same reason he used Eric Prydz’s “Call On Me” (Which sampled the old Steve Winwood song “Valerie”) last year for “Pass Out”. There’s nothing wrong with this, as long as he informs his fans, such as yourself, as to why he used these beats in the first place and pass along and educate other closeminded folks as to what inspired him to use that particular beat. It IS sampling, regardless if he heard the song at a club and liked to dance to it. And I never said “Deuces” wasn’t successful, I said it wasn’t a susccessful POP hit, which is why I did say it already reached #1 on the Hip-Hop & R&b chart. His fans have every right to want to support Chris after what happened, but learn to read & value other people’s opinions before disecting them out of context. That would help the ENTIRE internet as a whole.

      • Tinker

        @Phil WTH are you talking about? Chris’ song DEUCES has been number one on Billboard Hip Hop/R&B chart for 10 or 11 weeks now. How is that not having a hit to save his life? SIT UBU SIT!

    • Phil

      SandeePB – you are what’s wrong with the youth of today. Just because you’re on a website, you think you are entitled to speak to me like I’m sitting across from you at recess. If you spoke to your mother like that, she’d probably smack you like Chris Brown for being so foolish. You wanna defend Chris, like I said, that’s cool, but learn your facts. Calvin Harris is equally well liked & probably more respected in Europe. Just because you have no knowledge of life outside your small bubble of life doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If you want respect, you have to give some to get some. And one last tip…smoking is a horrible habit to ever break, and thankfully I’ve never tried it.

      • SandeePB

        Hey Phil – Blah blah blah….You started with me first you freaking instigator. My initial message was to Carly and you stepped in like you were her. OH and so you know I’m from Europe so go blow loser. I’m what is right with youth today and the world. I will stick up for those who make mistakes and make right by it. You on the other hand are saying you’re wanting to slap me. Looks like You are what is wrong with everything today. I at least won’t hit you first. Looks like you’re looking for a fight because you’re a coward and it’s obvious to everyone on this page. Go blo cornflake choker!

      • Phil

        Sandee – Please re-read what I said. I said IF you spoke to your mother like you did to Carly (a female I would imagine) with such disrespect ‘Get off this freaking site and go onto Calving what’s his face articles. Why don’t you go choke on cornflakes along with him.’ I said your MOTHER (not I) would slap you for talking to a woman like that. I stepped in because I wasn’t looking for a fight, but rather defending a woman, you spoke nasty to. I was correcting you for your childish behavior, but clearly you don’t even see that, you seem to think I was looking for a fight. You are a real piece of work, and I stand by my original fact of whats wrong with youth today. No respect for anyone they don’t have in their cell phone. You couldn’t even process what I had said to you. I hope for everyone’s sake you stay in school and get an education.

      • crazibabe

        u two r idiots. STFU and just listen and enjoy music. every one is entitled to their own opinions and so it doesn’t matter if SandeePB thinks Calvin-whats-his-name is stupid, or if Phil thinks that Chris Brown stole his beat. Music today is always gonna sound like one other song that came out before. There’s no avoiding. So stop acting like little kids and GET ON WITH YOUR LIVES!!!

  • angela

    CB: You are so very well loved. You have some dire heart fans who will be with you through thick and thin, and I am one of those fans. You are an excellent artist and a multi-entertainer who have paid his dues to society. Keep God first, and you are going to excel beyond your wildest dreams. Do your best in all of your endeavors, keep your mouth shut, stay away from negativity, keep striving and aspiring to be the best, and be thankful to GOD in all you do. You have suffered enough. Keep your head up and keep it moving. I am so proud that you did not let all of the negative media hype break you. That (too me) showed what you are made of. You are a very strong being, and I love ya.

  • Yas

    Plain and simple… this song and video is an amazing combo. We very rarely get a song that’s good with the visuals to go along with it being just as good. Props to Chris.


    this song/video is energetic, and uptempo!! i am loving this song, so i will sum it up with one word, FANTASTIC!!! go breezy!!!



  • Hollie

    Hey !! I was actually in the video :) I was the little blond in the first I was a little judgmental of Chris but after working with him on set for 12 hours, the guy is really nice and really talented..He was sweet to everyone, especially the little kids.. every chance he got , he was running around playing with them.. He wasn’t a diva at all.. hes a talented dance and artist ..I started that day disliking him because of all the drama that surrounded him, but walked away a fan :)

    • almostpia

      @Hollie–Thank you for sharing your experience. I’m glad you learned something new about Chris and was able to make up your own mind based on your own interactions.

    • lynette

      @Hollie,!! kudos to you!! good nite!!

    • SandeePB

      @Hollie, That’s Awesome. Thanks for your honesty. Best of everything good to you :)

    • Melody

      Hollie GOD bless you. You see what all his fans see. Even though we make mistakes in life a second chance is what we all need to better ourselves for our future. I hope you spread the word. It seems that people want to use Chris situation to hate on each other. I’m thankful for people like you. On the other note this song and video I give two thumbs up. Thanks Chris for making me smile after my hard day at work.

    • Whatver U Say

      @Hollie thank you for the post! The video is awesome and it looks like you guys had fun! Thanks for sharing your positive experience!

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