Kanye West says Taylor Swift, Dixie Chicks, Ray Charles didn't deserve Grammys

kanye-west-AccessKanye West has strong opinions about awards shows. Anyone who has forgotten this salient fact can find a reminder in West’s latest explosive interview with Access Hollywood. The rap superstar spoke out against what he sees as undeserving recent winners of the Grammy Award for Album of the Year…including, you guessed it, Taylor Swift. Oh dear. Here we go again!

“Where’s our instant replay clock?” West asked, according to Access Hollywood. “Why are the last four Albums of the Year: Taylor Swift, Dixie Chicks, Ray Charles and Herbie Hancock? Like, you know, with all due respect… that’s inaccurate.” (Speaking of inaccuracies, he forgot to mention Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, who won in 2009. Maybe he’s a fan.)

Instead, West suggested a few albums he’d rather have seen win. “It’s like ‘SexyBack’ — you know what I’m saying? Like [Justin Timberlake’s] FutureSex/LoveSounds, Gnarls Barkley. How about Usher — Confessions? How about albums that sold 10 million?”

Lest you misunderstand the motivations behind these words, West clarified the larger social significance involved: “I pinpoint the Grammys and the VMAs because they have to take responsibility, because they mean something to us. Little kids, 6 years [old], that are singing in front of the mirror. They’re also thinking about their Grammy speech; they’re thinking about when there will be a VMA so these people, whoever run them… they have to take some responsibility to say what really happened in culture this year because we’re marking it down.”

What do you think? Is West right about those Grammy winners? Did Justin Timberlake deserve to win over Dixie Chicks, or Usher over Ray Charles? Check out the the Access Hollywood clip after the jump and sound off in the comments.

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  • Ethan

    Well, I love a good Kanye West opinion, but come on, the Grammy’s? I actually think that list is better than a different 4 year period of the Grammy’s, which was always notorious for voicing a, well, hard to defend view of music. Plus that Dixie Chicks album was outstanding. And sales should probably never determine what the best record is.

    • Ethan

      “Siding with” gives him too much credit. He’s entertaining, who cares about his opinion? Are you really that “offended” that he doesn’t like some of the same music as some Grammy winners? He’s like a walking Reality TV show you can’t turn off… except with better music.


      ITA. Taylor Swift is a droning, monotoned singer who writes juvenile lyrics.

      Also, if he is referring to Ray Charles’ last duets album, it was a huge disappointment from someone I was a huge fan of for 40 years.

      But I still don’t feel comfortable agreeing with Kanye West.

    • K_Sull

      Forget probably. Sales should NEVER determine award winners unless the category is the top grossing X of the year. Otherwise, Transformers could have won Best Picture.

      • Maureen

        Good point.

      • Anna

        I think Taylor Swift’s win was based on sales(and a little sympathy for the kanye thing). She had the best selling album of last year so why is he complaining about her. He is not consistent. My problem with Kanye is that he has no respect for other people’s opinions. He think’s his taste is right and any thing different is wrong. He just wants to see his personal favorites win.

      • u

        @ K_Skull:

        Or Twilight.

      • alan of montreal

        @Anna, he’s also hypocritical–he wants the people who sold 10 million records to win, yet Taylor Swift was the biggest selling artist last year–not to mention the fact that it’s virtually impossible to sell 10 million records anymore because of internet downloading. He really just wants his own friends to win, that’s all

      • IamOne

        GREAT point.

      • jodi

        Finally, you said it! You are exactly right and if West can’t. Figure this much out, then he really is as much of an idiot as he makes himself appear to be.

      • Taylor

        @ Anna (and everyone else on this thread) great point. Everyone has different opinions about music and taste. That does not make one person wrong and the other right. Music is very subjective.

      • Michelle

        Exactly. The Grammy’s are supposed to recognize the best albums–those that are given the best reviews and are relatively known artists (so an extremely obscure artist isn’t going to win). That said, I do think the Grammy’s are capable of giving “sympathy” wins to albums that may not necessarily be deserving (such as Ray Charles’ win after he died, Taylor Swift’s win last year etc.) However, I have no issues with the Dixie Chicks winning because the album was very well received by critics, even though I strongly dislike country music. But Kayne saying Gnarls Barkley and Timberlake deserved to win is just ridiculous. Those albums weren’t that good and were merely very popular–which goes against Kanye’s logic (not surprising, though).

      • lapadite

        Except Lady Gaga sold MUCH MORE than 10 million. So why did Taylor deserve that honor exactly? I mean if we’re givning imporance to sales, I see no reason why Lady Gaga, for example, couldn’t have received album of the year. The album, the singles, the music videos, and the performances were THE most popular of the year.

      • Kate

        Actually, “I Gotta Feeling” was the most popular single that year (5 million+ bought) and the Black Eyed Peas record was the bestselling album of the 5 at that point. Yet surprisingly no one is arguing for the Black Eyed Peas to win album of the year…could it be that popularity does not equal greatness?

    • Tim

      List of albums that didn’t win record of the year: The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, The White Album, The Dark Side of the Moon, Nevermind, Pet Sounds, Ready to Die, etc. etc.

      The point is: The Grammies are as relevant to music as Kesha will be 10 years from now.

      • S.O.

        You can add these albums to your list of Albums that should have / could have won album of the year:

        OK Computer – Radiohead
        Pearl Jam – Ten
        Elephant – The White Stripes
        A Rush of Blood To The Head – Coldplay

      • Caleb Jones

        and lets not forget that almost all or none of the beatles albums failed to win either.

      • Caleb Jones

        ok that’s not correct use of english, but you know what I meant! Revolver, Sgt peppers, Abbey road, All should have won!

      • boocat

        That’s right….but back then, the Grammys had alot of voters that skewed “old” – rock and roll was not popular at the grammys.

      • Bill

        You can also add ANY album by Led Zeppelin. Never won a Grammy. That’s ridiculous.

      • ej

        Best Comment Ever!

      • Ethan

        Sgt. Pepper’s did win, but that doesn’t really prove anything except that music industry people voted for it that year.

      • Nick

        Don’t forget Beck’s “Odelay” album losing to Celine Dion. THAT was tough to take.

    • J

      Duh. Of course those are not the best albums of the year. I can list off about a few hundred better albums from each of those years. But then, the Grammy’s haven’t been very relevant for quite some time. Look to music critics 10 ten lists to see the actual best albums of the year. Kanye is only speaking the truth, no matter how annoying he is while doing it.

      • J

        *top 10 lists* is what I meant.

      • IamOne

        This is true. Kanye (regardless of how you feel about him) is as talented an artist as anyone making music right now. Whether you like him or not, he (more than anyone commenting here) is qualified to make this assertion and truthfully speaking… he’s right.

      • IamOne

        What’s more… this is why the music indusctry is suffering right now; the quality of music is being diluted and they are trying to convince us with SoundScan that crap is cream. Taylor Swift, is mediocre at BEST and you don’t have to like Kanye to recognize that as an artist, he is one of the most influential and inventive of our time. His honesty and fearlessness ALONE should demand your respect if not your regard.

      • KC

        He might be “right” .. but it is on the wrong premise. Just because albums “sell 10 million” doesn’t necessarily mean they were “good” albums.
        We are about to see this with people like Kesha and GaGa.

      • bluenote

        @ iamone: Kanye is a No-Talent Hack. He’s another completely uncreative, soulless Pro-Tools using gangsta who doesn’t know ANYTHING about real music, and the fact that he is not laughed away every time he opens his ignorant, stupid mouth is just sad and pathetic. If you’re a fan of Kanyes’, here’s what I KNOW about you: YOu have no musical taste, you know absolutely nothing about music, and you don’t mind being force-fed computer-generated, no-dynamics ‘music’ that literally any third grader could ‘create’ with a Mac and a couple hours free time. Kanye, and others like him, are the reason that music sucks today. I hope his plane crashes, and he has a whole gang of hip-hop idiots on it when it does.

      • Billie Jean

        If the Grammys don’t matter, why is Kanye dying to win one? He thinks award shows get it right only when he or one of his black friends win. It’s disgusting.

      • Drew

        @ bluenote WOW. You are a real work of art. Wishing death on someone because you don’t like thier music is a very mature thing to do. Frankly Kanye’s music is alwaays catchy and for as big of an a** as he is, I respect his talent even when I don’t respect his opinion. However, no way in heck do I think the Grammys should be based on album sales or radio play. Frankly, that Dixie Chicks was pretty darn awesome and definately deserved the win. As for Taylor, I think she received a lot of awards last year due to his behavior at the VMAs.

      • Damon of Troy

        @ bluenote…hmmm..bluenote, from your moniker i can tell you’re a soapbox critic who has an understanding of jazz and wants the world to listen to your pontificating in bee bop bursts…i am a kanye fan, but i’m also a HUGE fan of Monk, Davis, Dizzy, Mingus (I play bass), Methany, Sun Ra, SA-RA, Led Zep, Pete Rock, Steely Dan, Madlib, and others…i do give more credit to those that actually play instruments, however artist of Kanye’s caliber deserve recognition for their talent…whether it’s a straight “jack” sample OR something played specifically to be used as a sample (i.e.Beastie Boys) it is an art form..what makes him souless? Have you heard anything beyond the singles? And I’m not just talking about Kanye…music is intended to move the spirit and speak to the soul…there is hip hop that is beyond capable of doing that and more….so get off your high horse and look for what else is out there besides the garbage that radio says is hip hop…because they get it wrong way too often…as a matter of fact, go and get any album by The Roots, then call me. Pound for pound they are one of the best BANDS out there….they as well as a lot of your favorites, use pro tools genius, it’s a/was an industry standard…get a clue.

    • The Truth

      He’s really just in love with Taylor! That’s it…I wanna see them kiss!!!!!!!! :)

    • CB

      Actually, I think he just wants to be Taylor.

    • FromChicago

      Yeh, he’s right. Grammy always overlooks the most innovative and best selling albums. Alicia Keys has been overlooked each year. Rappers make some of the best innovating records and they’re overlooked.

      • Kyle

        Alicia has won 13 Grammys in the past 8 years, so she hasn’t been overlooked. She just hasn’t won the BIG one (Album Of The Year), so nobody ever remembers the others awards, but Alicia’s got a full shelf of Grammys.

      • Miss Talk

        While Snoop Dogg has never won any, can you believe it?
        Taylor Swift DIDN’T DESERVVE that award no matter what happened at the VMA’s. The Grammys, just like the Oscars , the Emmys and the Tonys are considered as testimonials when it comes to awarding arts. If they want to keep their legitimacy, they need to avoid the trends and the media craze.
        Kanye is 100% right. As always. While I don’t mind Taylor, Kesha, Katy, Rihanna milking their success, most of their stuff are just urban trends and nowhere grammy-worthy.

      • alan of montreal

        Outkast won album of the year the year it was eligible

      • IamOne

        Alicia Keys in one of the most over-hyped, over-rated, and misrepresented artist since Dianna Ross. THAT is someone who hasn’t deserved the 8 Grammy’s she’s won. Nothing personal, but she’s won over people like India Arie, Jill Scott, Vivian Green, and Heather Hedley who’s albums were VASTLY better than anything she’s put out.
        I guess having Clive Davis and The Grammy committee in your corner makes quite a difference.

    • Sharlin

      I actually agree with Kanye on this one. Grammy’s are so out of the mainstream.

      • Merin

        Not sure in what universe I would be agreeing with Kanye West…but here we are. He’s right.

      • santana

        Yeah but he shouldn’t worry so much about these stupid awards, the Grammys are pretty much irrelevant. If a track or album is really good or important, then 10 years from now, people will still know what it is and look back at it as something iconic to that year or that time period. That’s the real award.

    • brandy

      Who even cares what this baby complains about anymore?

      • ckcgye


      • b-man

        What ever happened to real singers and musicians winning awards?! swift and west couldn’t stand on the same stage with half of the people working for them in a performance situation!!!!

      • Fame

        So true! He has a problem with everything that doesn’t go his way. Notice how he hates on the country artists and thinks all the hip-hop artists should have been winners. What a shocker. He is probably more BIASED than any Grammy voter. This is not him being “honest”…that’s an excuse his delusional fans make for him to cover up the fact that he is a whiny, racist d-bag. When will people see him for what he really is? I hope his forthcoming album is the biggest flop of the year.

    • graeme

      He’s totally right about 3 of them, but come on, Dixie Chicks’ album was freakin outstanding and it had huge cultural impact.

      • Michael

        Totally agree. The Dixie Chicks’ Taking the Long Way is an excellent album! I listen to it ALL the time!

    • Leigh

      Wow. Why would his mother be in hell? She was a professor. What do you do? Racist much?

    • Kyle

      Well he certainly wants her recognition, but that’ll never happen especially after all the award show stunts he pulled in the past.

    • Seth and Amy

      Really? Swift winning was worse than the notorious Jethro Tull “rock” win? Really?

    • renee

      don’t agree with the dixie chicks but he’s on target with the rest. sadly because he insulted and humiliated a blond blue eyed girl he will never be heard by most. sad.

    • Kris

      Yeah seriously. If the highest grossing movies won Oscars the creators of Jackass would be making acceptance speeches. S#$t My Dad Says would win an Emmy. The general public shouldn’t decide what’s quality cause a lot of Americans are idiots.

      • Mike

        Kris, watching Jackass and say, Transformers 2, for example, doesn’t make a person an idiot. Because blockbusters are blockbusters doesn’t make the audiences less intelligent. For example, my well-educated mother watches the big movies because they tend to be more light-hearted and fun. She usually, however, just reads books and will only watch movies when the big ones come out. You know, when there’s that social buzz to go see this big movie because it’s good fun. The more artistic and complex movies just aren’t her cup of tea, and she prefers the medium of books instead. Can you make the distinction with the example I provided, or must I go on?

    • kaydevo

      I know what you mean, but saying Swift’s win was “the SINGLE WORST Grammy decision ever” is not quite right. It’s not a decision, it’s a vote.

    • dirk digg em


      • Randy Smith


      • boocat

        Oh shuddup – MORON!

      • nd

        kanye is way to full of himself.. he is so annoying. ppl like kanye bc he is different not bc he can actually sing or have any talent.his perosnality makes him ugly inside and out. kanye sucks..

    • dirk digg em


    • dirk digg em


      • Dirk Dig me

        How humorous is it that all of you gathered here are being negative? Furthermore, you have all taken time out of your unfortunately boring day to read a grand story by the inspiring man known as Kanye West, actually read it, and yet still have a deep hatred for him that you feel the need to express in your responses. None of you have the proper qualifications to formulate opinions, at all. I am stupid, so I am a Kanye fanatic. That is why I am responding in the comment area of a “KANYE WEST” article. People who hate alot of people!!!!

    • sara

      I loved the Dixie Chicks’ album. Kanye obviously has his favorites. That doesn’t mean they should have won. He needs to get over it and recognize that the Recording Academy (others in the music business) chose different albums.

    • EJ


    • alan of montreal

      Nice nickname, Kanye. Is that a Dirk Diggler reference? By the way, I find it much easier to read your post when you use small caps–perhaps you should stop having small children do your work for you.

    • ford

      that was awful. you should never wish for someone to die and say that his mother is in hell. you should be ashamed of yourself…that was unnecessary, offensive, and rude.

    • marc

      Nah, that wasn’t the single worst Grammy decision, the year Jethro Tull won for “Best Heavy Metal” group, now THAT was the worst!!

    • TN

      Hey Dirt Digg, how do you know that us “lame a$$” readers only commented on the Kanye West story??? Sounds like the “lame a$$” is the one who doesn’t like their idol diss’ed, yet that is what both you and Kanye are doing to ours. Get a better perspective!!!!

    • Tami

      WOW… that was so totally unnecessary. KARMA BABY

    • IamOne

      Tom… I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that your mother didn’t love you. I mean that would explain the hositility.
      Either that or your desperately trying to compensate for something that you perceive black men as having in larger proportion than yourself.
      Wonder what that might be…

    • Tim

      He’s a racist, period.

      • Siouxsie

        And this makes you–what? Just hateful, so that’s better?

        You wishing DEATH on someone is better than you THINKING that he is a racist?

        Again, don’t know that man, not a fan of his music, but really? You think he should DIE? Because you don’t like his opinion about a music award show?

        Way to show perspective, people!

      • Siouxsie

        Sorry, Tim! That reply was for HUB. :-(

      • boocat

        If dying will make this moron shut up,then so be it.

      • jury’s out

        Justin Timberlake is white.

    • maxine

      no Jethro Tull for metal was the worst decision ever.

    • Siouxsie

      Tom- I am totally not a Kanye fan. But I must say, I am seriously not a fan of yours, either. Since I am not a person who believes in the concept of hell, your comment doesn’t have the same sort of impact on me that it is having on a lot of other people. But wishing death on someone that you don’t know because their opinion of music is different than yours seems to me to be a bit, um, psychotic. And insinuating that his mother is in hell, just because you don’t like him, especially since you DO believe, is particularly evil.

      I can’t tell if you are a racist, or just a plain jerk. Someone should poke you in the eye with a hot french fry.


      Everyone else, including Rude-Arse Kanye–Have a nice day!

    • JusSayin

      Sales may or may not have anything to do with it. Off the cuff, you’d think not, but if u really think about it…if an artist/record can’t sell either in cd’s or music sites, then what does that tell u about the material it contains. Since Usher outsold the Ray Charles album by THOUSANDS…..it’s clear the people preferred that album over Ray’s…unfortunately, the people’s vote had nothing to do with the Grammy’s.

    • Jenny

      Actually the Grammys tend to award singer-songwriters more than the likes of Beyonce and Black Eyed Peas so I understand why Taylor won. She sold more than 10 million albums worldwide…Kanye is contradicting himself by saying she didn’t deserve it. I still think he is sour that Taylor OUTSOLD him and his precious Beyonce and won all the big awards. Tsk tsk. Quite embarrassing for a grown man to be so jealous of a 20 year old.

    • squirrelgirl

      Shame on you Tom. Kanye West may be a walking attention grubbing freakshow, but you dont wish death on him. And dont be talking about anyones mama either, thats just not cool.
      Carry on….

    • Apple

      What’s his problem? Taylor Swift, please give him one of your Grammy awards so he shuts the hell up! I don’t understand why he is so obsessed with her. I’m a fan of neither but I have to give it to the girl for not cursing him out. He keeps taking jabs at her and she’s showing a lot of class by ignoring it. The guy just needs to go away, we’re all sick of seeing his ugly mug.

    • boocat

      Good one!!!

    • nootch23

      Do your research. The Beatles did win Best Album for Sgt. Peppers.

    • boocat

      Maxine is right. Jethro Tull – heavy metal??? Get real!

    • Bill

      IamOne, you are a jerk. Pure and simple. Using a BS sterotype to run down someone who uses a racist slur proves your an idiot. You and people like you are the reason why you should have to pass a test to get on the internet. You worthless waste of space and skin… and someone call the cops, this guy is stealing are hard earned oxygen.

    • b

      trollin for lulz

    • harold

      Well i think she made a great album, and didnt have to act like a slot to do it! kanye is moreless like most black artist all they can sing about is sex and adultery the same crap usher is another pervert worried about his crotch.this is my confession is a bunch of crap

    • dfhh

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    • Bebe

      Kanye is a freaking moron. He thinks all of those crappy autotuned albums should be named album of the year because they SOLD MORE than other, clearly better albums. STFU, Kanye. You really are an idiot.

    • Steve in Jersey

      The “SINGLE WORST Grammy decision ever”? I guess you’ve never heard of Jethro Tull.

    • Krystal

      I gotta agree with you Larry. Taylor Swift is just a pretty face with a skill for writing songs little girls can relate to. She can’t sing and her music itself is blah at best.

    • Damon of Troy

      @Jenny and others alike…ig you’re going to call people out for talent you should know what your talking about…Black Eyed Peas are singer/songwriters…they are all in-house so to speak…they right their own lyrics and rhymes AND are self produced by will.i.am so that kind of makes your point moot. Swift got the sympathy vote plain and simple and she was the “safest bet”..but not for anything the nominees last year were WEAK overall…that’s where the Grammys went wrong…you mean to tell me in 5 years your going to be singing songs from that album?? Puh-leez.

    • elyse

      ahh larry david, not you again??? why are you all over the comments of the articles i want to read?? really, i’m not stalking you, but you just seem to be hatin everywhere! i think the music industry might be thinking, “wow, look at how much influence she has and how many albums she’s sold!” even if you’re not a fan and don’t count yourself as someone under her influence, you can’t deny that the rest of the world is just eating out of her hands. people love her, INCLUDING those voting on grammys!

    • Tag

      The Taylor Swift album was pretty lightweight to win Album of the Year. Still, the Justin Timberlake album that West is so in awe of didn’t impress me much. It wasn’t bad, but it was definitely over-produced. You could have inserted almost anyone else’s voice into the songs and they would have sounded just as good. The Dixie Chicks rule!

    • Sarah

      Especially today when downloads are more popular than album purchases.

    • cici217

      So true. Swift’s album was nothing but one lackluster track and multiple copies of it. It should never have even been nominated. The only reason it was is because the Grammys are desperate for young viewers and this award to TS would help bring them in in droves.

    • Bob

      WAIT… what happened to “Humble Kanye” from earlier in the week?????????

    • And

      Kanye just crawled back into the game and has already gotten on my nerves! I like Kan but sometimes he needs to shut up! As much as he, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Beyonce and a few very select others are constantly given awards for mediocre music they don’t deserve especially that little fraud Rihonald McDonald (have you seen this girl lately?)! Don’t worry Kan you and your cronies will be given awards this year. It’s a lock!

    • cheergirl4ever


    • Floopa Bambers

      Kanye’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. In one breath, he’s saying that Usher deserved to win because his album sold 10 million. And yet he claims Taylor Swift shouldn’t have won, although she was the BEST-SELLING ALBUM OF THAT YEAR.

    • Joe Strummer

      Wining a Grammy doesn’t mean anything anyway. It’s the worst award show there is. Sowho cares

    • Joe Strummer

      Wining a Grammy doesn’t mean anything anyway. It’s the worst award show there is. So who cares

  • Janine

    Kanye West needs to go away. He thinks he knows everything about music, and he doesn’t even have as much talent as any of those artists he listed (and i hate taylor swift and the dixie chicks). He can’t play an instrument and he is horrible live (anyone remember “heartless” on SNL?)He’s like the bully in the school yard, he can’t be as good as them so he’ll just ridicule them insted.

    • HC

      agreed x 1000.

    • Yo

      Hey now, he’s playing the piano in his new vid…kinda lol

    • whatev

      Thank you. I have never liked the man. The way he gets away with bad behavior is rediculous!

      • Blackstar

        So what should happen to him? what crime has he committed? Saying things people don’t like is not a crime.

    • Tev

      yall need to stop hating everyone has an opinion about anything and how are you going to say he knows nothing about music smh what does this guy get paid for again oh yea selling millions of albums that people in your family that you don’t even no be buying

      • me

        english please? how about ending sentences and starting new ones?

      • boocat

        Just because there are millions of people who bought his crap doesn’t make him good, it means the people who bought his crap have no taste.

      • jodi

        Yeah really. Learn something before you post here so people can understand you. It is no surprise you defend Kanye and his ongoing pity party.

    • jc

      Kanye can’t play an instrument? Are u serious with that comment?! Kanye West is a producer first rapper second! did u see his performance at the VMA’s this year? He literaly added sounds into “runaway” live at the same time he was performing! Kanye west is a very gifted and talented producer/artist! There is not a artist out today who can produce their own music as well write their own music! do some research and dn’t let your hate blind u from his extraordinary talent people! Kanye has a right to his OPINION just like all of u do!

      • Mike

        Ummm, actually, have you never seen a rockband? Yeah, they create their own instrumental music and lyrics (generally). Country singers…etc. etc. Kanye West has just had the pulse of the American youth for the past decade, so he’s more popular. Hip-hop and rap are just genres though dude. Hate to break it to ya, but he’s no more raw talent than hundreds of other artists. His genre is just “in” right now.

      • Caleb Jones

        Paul McCartney produced wrote sang and played EVERY instrument on several of his albums. And I’m sure there are many others who do both as well. Stevie Wonder… elton John? I’m sure there are new artists as well…

      • TS

        Taylor Swift. Duh. Haters gonna hate.

    • Grubi

      I’m guessing u didn’t see him performing “Power” on SNL a couple weeks ago because he pretty much saved that episode from being completely terrible. It was one of the best SNL performances I’ve ever seen.

      • Blackstar

        Totally agree.

  • Fatima

    He’s right that the Grammy’s are irrelevant and don’t reflect popularity OR quality anymore. It’s such a limited scope that it’s only worth watching for performances.

    • BLT

      I have to admit I agree with him that JT should have won over the Dixie Chicks. That said, sometimes he should just stifle himself. But, he does have a new album to pimp.

  • Stacey

    He has a point about Taylor Swift. Except to say his actions against Taylor last year at the VMA’s led the wave to that award. Otherwise, I doubt she would have won. So he helped her win. But Dixie Chicks deserved to win. That CD is amazing. They deserved every award. And whether it was politics of the time that helped. The content of the music, and how good it was made them rightful winners. He should just shut up. He is the one who caused Taylor to win… Giving her the sympathy vote… Just because you sell a lot of CDs doesn’t mean it’s worthy of winning awards.

    • Bill

      That’s funny! Taylor was winning an award as Kanye interupted her. She also won a ton of awards before the whole VMA junk. Think wisely before you judge her. She has won her awards fair and square!

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      It wasn’t a sympathy vote. Her album was widely critically acclaimed because it was well written and well done. Your opinions are your own, you may not like her music but the fact is that the album was already generating Emmy buzz before Kanye came in and acted like a jerk

      • Stacey

        Whether it was critically acclaimed is besides the point. As others have said; we can name so many who didn’t in the end win for an critically acclaimed albumn… What happened at the VMA’s rode Taylor to the Grammy wins that she unlikely wouldn’t have gotten if the VMA incident hadn’t happened. She was strictly a country artist who had crossed over into the VMA generation. I doubt she would have won on Grammy night I get Kayne was wrong. I did have sympathy for her that night even though she can’t sing and I hate her songs. But the wave she rode was on the basis of that night. She would have gotten Grammy nomations but I doubt she would have won… And albumn of the year, sorry I doubt she would have won if not what Kayne to her and those who preceived her as a victim who was humiliated on television.

      • climbaz


      • Tony

        Teen Choice Awards and CMT awards dont count, We re talking about the big time Awards like Grammys and VMAs he was talking about, I dont recall TS winning any big Awards before that incident other than Sweeping all the Country Awards that year, proove your evidence before replying.

      • jodi

        Tony, I love the vma’s, but they are no better than CMT awards. They do not rank up there with the grammys

  • Jay

    He’s right.

    • eugene

      So the hip-hip genre should win every time? Give me a break, it’s like the cotton candy of music.

      • elyse

        haha, cotton candy of music. i like that analogy

  • Davey

    I am sick and tired of celebrities and politicians saying something controversial so they can get their name in the news. Would this have been a story if Mr. West had said “The Grammys are always dead on the money. I think (name any artist) deserved all the attention and awards they received.” So anything that comes out of anyone’s mouth is just to promote themselves. That’s how I see it.

    • dee

      Very good point. He was the one who brought back the whole VMA debacle this year just before the VMAs, all the while saying he wished people would forget about it. Now Taylor Swift’s name pops up again? I wonder why… maybe because he knows it’ll get him some more attention. I think your opinion is spot on here.

  • Jenn

    Whenever someone tries to argue how important the Grammys are, I think of the time when Homer Simpson paid a bellhop with a Grammy? “Oh boy, an awards statue! Aw, it’s a Grammy.” Then he tosses it out the window. And I’m pretty sure it gets thrown back up.

    • Jenn

      Ah, question mark was a typo!

    • Casey

      Great call on the Simpson’s Grammy reference. That was funny.

    • Stef

      Haha so true! I always think about that Simpsons episode when I see the like 1,000 Grammys given out every year.

  • Jeff

    The Dixie Chicks album was incredible. Just because Kanye West isn’t a fan of the Dixie Chicks, doesn’t mean that they are not Grammy worthy. He is an idiot to say that the Dixie Chicks album wasn’t popular either, it debuted at #1 and went double platinum. I’m glad he gets to determine what good music is, when most of the time his music is absolute crap!

    • dee

      I agree. As if he is such an expert. That will be the day when he guides my music purchases and opinions. He cries a few tears about how sorry he is and now he is back to his old mean, nasty self. Shame.

    • Blackstar

      Hey I am black man and I agree the Dixie Chicks are huge so I see where your point is. I have never listened to any of their records but they are a part of American Culture and they are political which is cool,but Taylor Swift aren’t the Dixie Chicks.

    • Mark

      I totally agree… He wants to talk about 10 million? Dixie Chicks would outsell his ass big time back in the day. They probably still could. That was an outstanding album. My wife and I really enjoy it.

    • Armonica

      TOTALLY AGREED. THE DIXIE CHICKS ARE AMAZING, TALENTED AND HAVE AWESOME INSIGHT, not just the thing with George W, Bush, but their other songs are also sooo amazing, sooooo insightful.

  • new

    Taylor won the award fairly. She had a great album. It was talked about from the time it hit the stands to the time the Grammy’s came around. It was well written. Kanye is just a bitter old nut job.

  • Brent

    I’m not a Taylor lover or hater, but I think she had a big impact on music last year, whether you like it or not. I think that’s why she was rewarded. It’s easy to say, “She sucks”, but she sells out arenas like nothing, and she’s on the radio all over the place. Trust me, if her songs weren’t being requested or if she had terrible sales, she wouldn’t have that success. With that said, Kanye is right that Justin Timberlake and Usher also had amazing years that could/should have been rewarded. Like anything else, if he’s only in his career to win an award, he probably should hang it up.

    • Brent

      Also, I love when someone says, “With all due respect…” because you know something insulting is coming up next. When the reporter sat down with Kanye and he said those four words, he probably thought, “Jackpot!”

  • Terri

    So what you’re saying, Kanye, is that you’re upset that you (or people you like) didn’t win.

  • commenter

    Just because they sell a lot of records doesn’t mean the record is worthy of Album of the Yeah. KANYE IS A LOUDMOUTH LOSER. I’m proud I own NONE of your music.

  • extra

    Sounds like Kanye just wants attention again.

    • Eh

      He’s just speaking his mind, like most in the spotlight do. The only reason this is news is because the media outlets decide to make it news. Anything Kanye-related always gets scores of hits and comments – why? Cause people like you click on a blog post just to complain over something ridiculous about an artist’s taste in music.

      • K_Sull

        While he may be speaking his mind, most celebrities don’t openly bash others in their field because things didn’t go their way. It’s news because he’s being an immature jackhole and undermining the success of other artists because he doesn’t like them or their work.

      • jodipo

        the problem being his mind is arrogant and racist

  • What?

    When I was 6 years old I was not practicing my Grammy speech in front of the mirror. I’m sure very few 6 year olds, if any, do.

    • Ann

      Funny… West talks about why the VMA’s and Grammy’s are important because of the speeches…. THEN MAYBE HE SHOULDN’T INTERRUPT WINNERS WHEN THEY ARE GIVING THEIR ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES?!?!

      I agree with you though, I don’t think many six-year olds are glued to the television on Grammy night.

      • Amanda

        lmao Completely agree with you Ann! I was just about to post the same thing. Lets just hope when those 6 year olds grow up Kanye West isn’t there to push them off the stage during their speech.

      • Damon of Troy

        WRONG. I love music. Always have and always will. I remember watching Stevie Wonder on the Grammys and being captivated and wondering how cool it would be to stand there because people liked listening to MY music just like they liked Stevie. Ahh, to dream. Just because YOU never did it as a 6 year old, doesn’t mean others haven’t.

  • couchgrouch

    sales have nothing to do with quality. maybe KW thinks Transformers 2 should’ve won the Oscar instead of Hurt Locker. he should be glad lack of musical talent and writing ability don’t keep him from selling records.

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