Kid Rock on Steven Tyler's 'American Idol' judgeship: 'I think it's the stupidest thing he's ever done'

KID-ROCK-AMERICAN-IDOLImage Credit: PRN/PR Photos; Frank Micelotta/PictureGroup for FoxLove the player, hate the game? In an interview with EW this week, Aerosmith fan Kid Rock — whose Born Free will be released November 16 — expressed his profound disappointment with Steven Tyler’s much-hyped move to the judge’s table on American Idol:

“I think it’s the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his life,” he told the magazine, in an conversation to be published next week. “He’s a sacred American institution of rock ‘n’ roll, and he just threw it all out the window. Just stomped on it and set it on fire.”

“I think whoever’s advising him,” he continued, “we should bring back the guillotine, or whatever they call that thing. And if it was himself, he needs some serious counseling. I love him to death, but I gotta speak the truth.”

Do you agree with Rock that Tyler has tarnished his legacy? Or should he step away from the decapitating blade?

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  • Dave

    Kid who?

    • hahahaha


      • Chuff

        KId Who? LMFAO!!! So true! ….but Tyler is making a major sell out deal…not Rock n Roll AT ALL! AEROSMITH???? ROCKS?????????? are you fn serious?! It’s like Elvis doing a Wal-mart commercial!!!!

      • DELEON

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    • Bob

      The day that Kid Rock can sing as well as Steven is the day… wait, scratch that. I forgot that he can’t sing. He screaches…

      • bill

        But Kid is rich. Someone….10 million ppl thinks he can sing…Its a MI thing

      • fancypants

        it must be a MI thing because apparently millions of people think another superstar female MI native can sing, when she has at best a below average voice.

      • DiMi

        You’re wrong. Kid Rock has a BEAUTIFUL singing voice. Whether you like him or not, he has a great voice and doesn’t get credit for it. He performed the Sheryl Crow duet with Leann Rhymes once and matched her, and he was able to support her powerful voice. This man can sing.

      • MO

        Hey Bill, bet ya Steven Tyler has more money than Kid (I Can’t Sing) Rock. Kid Rock couldn’t carry Steven’s jock strap. As far as I’m concerned, Kid Rock sucks and so does his “LOUSY” music!

    • Ryan

      Really? What happens to your rock and roll persona when you duet with Sheryl Crowe then?

    • Katy Perry

      Judging Idol is dumber than doing heroin?

    • Mjream

      The question is, did Steve Tyler damaged his rock n roll credibility and the answer is a resounding, Yes! It’s not about who sings better, please stay on subject.

  • Hans M.

    I hate to say it, but Kid Rock is right. What Tyler is doing is anti-rock ‘n’ roll. But then again, so is Kid Rock. Both are squares.

    • psychoanalyzer

      Rock and Roll isn’t exactly in its golden age anymore. Steven Tyler is in his 60’s, so I’m pretty sure his rock and roll days are over. Instead of becoming a dilapidated memory of his youth falling off stages and breaking bones, I think it’s good that he’s passing on his wisdom and encouragement to a younger generation of singers. It’s a kind thing to do, and it keeps him relevant. I love Kid Rock’s voice and can see where he is coming from, but what so many rock artists forget is, it’s not about you… it’s about your music and about the legacy you leave behind. I know it’s cornball as hell, but I think Steven Tyler is doing the right thing, and Kid Rock should just take a seat and wait for his invite to the AI stage.

      • Rita

        Well said..

      • Mish


        I totally agree. The show may be considered anti-rock-nroll, BUT…. ST is an Icon, so in that sense, being a ‘judge’… makes sense, and giving these young talents who want to make it in the business, of all people, HE IS one that knows what it takes; so if he can successfully give honest advice that would most def. be a very rock-n-roll thing to do.

      • Karen

        I agree. I do like Kid Rock. The duet with Sheryl was awesome!! Tyler is at the age where he needs to make changes and the idea that he can help and encourage the kids trying out to win AI is great. Give him a chance.

      • diana

        I to believe that these great singers and artist need to pass on there knowledge and help to the new up and coming artist. I am 57 and I think what Steve is doing is awesome!!!

      • Zeldan

        As for being over, Jagger and the Stones still tour so I doubt it’s that.

        But as for Kid Rock bashing him, that is incredibly laughable. The king of “white trash” who went from rap-rock to country is bashing trying to tell one of the pioneers of rock and roll he is now “anti-rock”, made me LOL.

      • SG

        I agree, American Idol isnt all about rock, but music is music and it is a good thing that artists such as Stephen Tyler is mentoring new talent. Props.

      • cyndie

        I second that emotion…Steven Tyler has been around long enough and made enough money to do to whatever he wants. Just because he wants to “coach” some younsters in the into the music biz..what’s the problem? And yes he is staying relevent he’s 60plus flipinn’ years old who cares what he does now…he’s earned it! Get over yourselves…you too Bobby!

  • sara

    If brains were gunpowder, “Kid Ripoff” couldn’t blow his nose.

  • RK

    But what about Glee?

    • homerox13

      I know…something must be wrong if only 3 recent posts in the “Music Mix” blog are Glee-related. Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what the cast of that show thinks about Kid Rock!

  • Leica

    Nice goin’, Kid Schlock.

  • Frank from

    Kid Rock’s right. “American Idol” is really the ultimate result of Steven Tyler’s hunger for pop ubiquity after Aerosmith’s ’87-’90 one-two comeback punch of “Permanent Vacation” and “Pump”. Sadly, Tyler now seems to confuse commercial achievement and pop exposure for true rock greatness, just like Rod Stewart has over the years. Tyler should take stock of what made Aerosmith so special in the first place and honor that by making better choices to preserve that legacy.

    • Jake

      Wouldn’t Rod Stewart have to *have* true rock greatness in the first place in order to trade it for pop exposure and commerciality?

      • Frank from

        When Rod was in The Faces and the whole “Gasoline Alley”/”Every Picture Tells A Story” phase of his career, he certainly achieved that greatness. I could make the argument that Rod’s artistry showed some occasional signs of life from the mid-70’s to around 1989 (though I’m sure plenty of people would debate me, and reasonably so, about that notion). Still, the parallel uncomfortably exists that both Tyler and Stewart have traded artistic integrity for greater commercial success.

      • Jake

        Okie dokie. I’m officially sorry I asked. :-) The Rod has never been my cuppa tea, and I have to say when I think of “rock,” he’s not on my radar. But to each his own… *raises glass*

  • Um…

    A “sacred American institution of rock and roll”? I thought he was just another past-his-prime musician, too drug-addled and decrepit to tour anymore. Hey, even sacred American institutions (eyeroll) gotta work.

  • Thom

    Kid Rock is still relevant?! It’s 2010, right? Not 1999?

    • Beepo

      Steven Tyler is still relevant? It’s 2010 right? Not 1980.

      • Viva Vegas

        He was in Viva Las Vegas performing! He still rocks!

    • ShaBoomBoom

      …and you’ve ever been relevant? Thom? THOM? Really?

      • well said

        exactly this^^^^^^^^

      • michele


  • Ana170

    His name is “Steven Tyler” not Steve Tyler. His bandmates don’t even call him “Steve.” Also, as much as it kills me to do so, I agree with Kid Rock.

  • BeBe

    Not sure if I completely agree about all Kid Rock had to say but I do agree that Steven Tyler should not be an Idol judge.

  • Baltimore

    You’d think someone who makes a living ripping off other musicians’ stuff would keep his mouth shut. Oh well, guess he has to drum up some publicity about his upcoming album. I would have gone with getting the $*#^ kicked outta me down at the waffle house before I trashed a fellow artist in the press. But that’s me.

    • lou


      Kid Rock deserves a kick in the nuts for desecrating both Werewolf of London AND Sweet Home Alabama.

      • Baltimore

        It’s gotta count for something that he smashed them both into the same craptastic song, though, right?

      • Carla in Houston

        Oh, lou, you are so correct. I “see” your Kid Rock “punch in the junk”, and I will “raise” you two eye rolls for the irony of Kid commenting on the musical relevance of another artist. That is all.

      • Sue1

        Agree. Whatever tenuous hold on credibility KR ever had was snapped with that truly “craptastic” desecration of two great songs.

      • Rich

        Don’t worry, pretty sure Warren Zevon and Ronnie Van Zant will both rise from the grave soon enough to wreck their vengeance on ol’ Kid there.

    • JCS9

      Baltimore – I think your comment just about describes Kid’s true intentions; publicity for his upcoming album.

  • Sandy

    When you have achieved icon status as Rod Stewart and Steven Tyler have, it’s nobody’s business and no one has any say so if they choose to do something they consider fun.

    • sorella

      Yeah, but to have to sit next to the non-talented JLO, that should have been his 1st clue that the show doesn’t care about true musical artists.

    • Jake

      I think when your last concert appearance was on the Home Shopping Network to sell your latest CD, it’s time to turn in your icon card.

      • Sandy

        Rod Stewart does not need HSN to sell CDs. He didn’t before and he doesn’t now. Perhaps they approached him. And by the way, have you ever been to one of his concerts? Most are sold out. He has quite a following and HSN or not, that qualifies him as an icon. In fact, he should be carrying a platinum icon card!

      • Preston

        I also want to add on to Jake’s comment. If you want to trade in your mid tempo to full blown rock songs to do standards albums, like Rod Stewart has done the last decade, it’s time to turn in your icon card. I don’t like Rod’s attempts at standards albums–I prefer the rock sounds of his ’70s albums and some of his ’80s albums like Out of Order.

  • Mike D

    I don’t care. It doesn’t matter who replaces who at this point. Without the cornerstone of the show, it has no appeal. No Simon means no brains, which means no views. Ratings will plummet.

    • Ad Rock

      I agree with my fellow Beastie Boy, the show will tank faster than J.LO’s career.

      • MCA

        would it hurt to CALL once in a while?


  • Samantha

    u guys are nuts, i’d ten times rather listen to Kid Rock than steven tyler….and doing american idol is anti rock n roll, its um selling out to the man ain’t it?

    • Desmo

      and you’re ten times stupider then the average idiot.. then again, you are a woman

    • Vince from NYC

      Well you would Samantha, how old are you early 20’s? Selling out to the man? Ha, Kid Rock did tha YEARS ago.. Kid Rock’s been around for what 10-12 year.. Tyler’s been around for DECADES.. Maybe he has finally sold out after 20 years, but hey everybody has to retied.. You can’t tour forever..Kid Rock sold out immediatley..He has no right opening his trap.. In 30 years people will remember Aerosmith, very few will remember Kid Rock..

      • Gator

        Actually Kid Rock has been around since 90-91 doing music. That’s when his first album Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast was released. His label dropped him because of the Vanilla Ice backlash. He released 2 albums after that, then Devil Without A Cause. Learn what you’re talking about before typing.

      • killjoy 123

        Vince from NYC
        Kid Rock made his first album in 89 so hes been around longer than 10 or 12 years…….. Get your facts straight

  • Samantha

    Desmo, hahaha, you can’t even speak decent english. but nice try dweeb

    • tejano2k

      Well said, as far as the reply to Desmo,Samantha. However, “selling out to the man” is what most artists that sign music contracts do. Very few stick to their own ideals and what got them “there” after they sign. It’s all about making money, not necessarily good music. If it was about good music, 90% of our so-called “artists” would be panhandling in the streets. Tyler is without a doubt the most credible of the two, between him and Kid Rock. Both have carved out their own niche in the music industry but it’s apples and oranges as far as discussion goes.

      • Natalie

        Hey dude! Are you going to approve the maegsses the fans have been leaving? I don’t see any coming up and I’ve posted before. Glad you’ve been working it. Can’t wait for all the new scenes. I hope you do some straight and bi scenes with chicks. I’d really like to see some chicks eating your ass out dude! That’s hot!

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