Steven Tyler responds to Kid Rock's 'American Idol' slam: 'He's just jealous'

steven-tylerImage Credit: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.comThought Steven Tyler wouldn’t respond to Kid Rock’s smackdown in this week’s EW? Dream On.

In a quote that quickly went viral, Rock told us that the Aerosmith frontman’s decision to join the judges’ table on American Idol was “the stupidest thing he’s ever done in his life. He’s a sacred American institution of rock ‘n’ roll, and he just threw it all out the window. Just stomped on it and set it on fire.”

“I think whoever’s advising him,” he continued, “we should bring back the guillotine, or whatever they call that thing. And if it was himself, he needs some serious counseling. I love him to death, but I gotta speak the truth.”

This afternoon at a Idol press conference in L.A., Tyler struck back, telling a roomful of reporters: “He’s just jealous, he’s just jealous. And he’s working his new record, so God bless him.”

Not to be outdone, his fellow judge Randy Jackson joked, “Who’s Kid Rock? Is he a singer?”

And… scene.

¿Quien es mas macho? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • George W. Bush

    Why is this old grandpa still trying to be a rocker? Retire, old man!

    • Randy Rocks

      Thank you Randy. Since I don’t have the chance to tell kid punk that, I’m so glad that you had the guts to do that.

      • RepubCrusher

        Randy has played on a ton of albums. Anyone who askes who he is should look it up. He’s got more talen than Kid Rock could ever hope for.

        Also, who is KR to accuse someone of selling out? He makes generic music and he dated Sheryl Crow. Sure, she’s pretty hot, but her music sucks worse than KR.

    • dream

      To kid and you other haters..first of all this show is giving people the chance to follow their dreams. And another important thing, it’s giving America the opportunity to help people with dreams. Try putting a little love in your heart.

    • psychology

      kid rock = media whore. Can someone get Tommy Lee to comment on this kid jerk news.

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    • Tarc

      And the last time I check, Kid Rock – who grew up down the block – is still a talentless hack. Sorry, at least Tyler was a rock god…

    • Annie

      Kid Rock is lost. That is a very vain thing that Kid said. Steven is the one who is helping others in life by being a judge. All Kid is doing is being a vain person, he thinks people should be selfish and conceited.

    • how lame

      You hooker!

    • how lame

      Just incase they delete the spam comment, for the record-I was talking to the dating website person.

    • Tom

      I have NEVER seen an episode of AI and tyler is one more reason I NEVER will.

      • haha

        You’ve never watched AI before….and you think we care about you because….????

    • Sweet Melissa

      I agree 100% and who is Randy Jackson…really? How is he going to put Kid Rock down??? The only thing in his vocabulary is “dog!” This show is going down hill without Simon.

    • Jana

      OMG – what a dumbass. Dude, are you like 2 years old or something? STEVEN is a rock legend. Kid is great but that statement he made is wrong, mean and I agree with you 100%, for some reason Kid is jealous, and I can’t figure him out. Steven is probably MORE of an icon than ever before. He is NOT washed up, and believe me, we’ve NOT seen the last of him. And Jennifer is NOT a “has been” — wtf??!! Your comments are a joke. As you can see by the other comments, I am NOT ALONE in my opinion. There are a few simple minded people who have made similar comments like yours. As Steven said about KID…”Y’all are JEALOUS…” This is just ONE MORE THING that Steven has taken on to do, and will do it and will do it WELL…you haters are unbelievable. You probably don’t know who Steven even is! What a joke….um,you might consider getting back to your kindergarten homework; sounds like you really need it! =)

    • Jana

      OMG – Bush trying to be a “ROCKER” ?? SILLY! He was our PRESIDENT, don’t ya remember, silly!! And George W. Bush, his son, was one of the greatest presidents in United States history and his pitch at the World Series was watched around the world. WTF is wrong with you? Oh…I just got the picture. You’re a liberal Obama supporter. OK. Explains the stupidity!

      • RepubCrusher

        Yeah, the Bush’s were real great. They ruined the economy through many means, including spending 10 billion a month in Iraq trying to find Bin Laden, when Obama got it done in a year.

    • Chris Kallas

      Kid Who? Said what! First of all Kid Who is smart in making this kind of statement … it brings attention to himself, which apparently he needs. But the sad truth is he does not even worthy of speaking the name of Steven Tyler! Pretty sick when a has been is desperate for attention and makes this kind of statement!

  • BLT

    I’m sure Kid Rock will make an appearance on AI this season. Count on it.

    • Bly

      Kid Rock needs to get 30yrs of experience before spouting off. Oh, and some friggin’ talent!! Rather have Steven than Ellen….

      • Brianna

        I love you Steven!!! Don’t listen to those haters! Randy is hilarious! Who’s kid rock? hahaha :)…I love that! You tell em boys!

  • Shakespeare

    I think when you sale 22 million albums in the US alone, that gives you the right to talk about other people in the industery. Especially if it is someone you look up to, American Idol is its own thing. I wont trash it, but kid rock does have a point. Tyler wont be taken seriously anymore, just like if any of the guys from Metallica or Zepplin did it. His argument has merit, thats all im saying.

    • ger

      The scariest part of this is that I agree with Kid Rock.

      • Jen88

        I know, I feel dirty for agreeing with him. It seems like I have loved Aerosmith my entire life, but Steven has been making some bad decisions lately (and yes, I realize we can discuss the years of drugs and alcohol as bad decisions, but this one might be the career-ender).

      • Jason S.

        Tyler sols out years ago people. THis is no surprise. Remember “Don’t want to Miss a Thing” WHen you record a song written by Diane Warren you are selling out. When you perform at the Superbowl with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake you are selling out. American Idol is just a long line of selling out.

        Still doesn’t take away the fact that he is one of the best singers frontmen in the history of rock and can still hold his own on the stage.

        and by the way Kid Rock came out as a sell out. He was never anything special. Yes he sold records but so did Britney Spears.

        If Tyler wants to be on Idol and earn a paycheck why not? His credibility left him somwhere in the late nineties anyway. Might as well milk it.

      • LOL

        hahahaha, when you perform at the Superbowl Half Time Show you are selling out? Really? Michael Jackson, U2, Janet Jackson, Prince, Paul McCartney, Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton…do you really think those people made a bad choice by performing at Super Bowl? LOL! Who cares if Aerosmith performed with Nsync and Britney Spears during the performance, that show was a good memory for them and a good move.

      • adrianita

        Maybe he is the rsaoen she was moving a bit better last night. I am sure he will loosen her up – so to speak.

    • RepubCrusher

      Don’t you dare use Shakespeare for your user name when you can barely spell.

  • Colleen

    kid rock i agree, he will make alot of appearances, kissin ass…but u gotta love him, coz he still kicks ass

    • Ally

      I also agree with Kid Rock…Aerosmith is an iconic Rock n Roll group and doing American Idol just feels like selling out..and also just takes away some of his rockstar-ness to me (yeah I know that’s not a word.)

  • Colleen

    aeorsmith…that album with all the guys in the leather

  • atskooc

    never been a big aerosmith fan, and i’m not a big kid rock fan either. but if kid rock is just now getting around to being mad at steven tyler for selling out for a bag o’ cash, then he certainly wasn’t paying attention the last 20-odd years.

    • my opinion only

      That’s what I’m saying. Aerosmith has been about cash for years. Plus Kid Rock is Mr. Rock Credibility now? Whatever. Wasn’t Slash a mentor a few years back? Whatever.

    • Somewhere else

      Was just talking about the staying power of groups to a couple of twenty-something co workers…30 yrs from now when Kid Rock cuts his hair and changes his name for the 3rd time…People will still be rocking to Aerosmith!In the end its what the athelete or singer wants to do with his life. As fans we are able to pick/choose the parts of their lives that we want to remember and hold on too. I don’t like AI at all, but others do. And if Steven can make money doing it, all the better! I think He’ll last longer than Sharron Osborne’s new talk show

  • Jason M.

    Steven, Celine Dion called. She doesn’t want her wardrobe back.

  • Brett

    When Kid Rock develops his own sound and has a hit that isn’t ripped off from someone else’s musical style or musical riff, then I’ll take him seriously. Otherwise, he’s just a greasy white trash hack.

    • Happy

      Looks like he is hanivg a speedy recovery…..I wish him well and for his sake I hope it was food poisoning.

  • KDH

    Is that Lauren Hutton…?

  • Momo

    My 15 yr old thought this was a pic of Janet Jackson…

    • maryb889

      Your 15 yr old needs glasses …

      • LOL

        Why don’t you get a job and buy your stupid bratty kid some glasses then?! Ok you trailer trash-crackhead-immature talking idiot!

  • Dan

    If you think this photo is bad, you should have seen what he was wearing on a Boston to LA flight that I was also on. Think a paler Nicole Ritchie in skin tight alligator pants and a weird blousy looking thing. Horrible wrinkled skin. Very ‘odd’ looking until you realized who it was. United had two people watching over him and his demands which surprisingly there were none. He was beyond quiet the whole flight. Wonder if Kid Rock would have been.

    • Wickeddoll

      Dan, only if they keep the waffles coming.

    • Eek

      What? You mean he doesn’t have his own plane? He flies commercial? Jeez! No wonder he signed on for Idol. If he doesn’t have his own Gulfstream, he ain’t nobody.

  • Nana

    Kid Rock is the biggest no talent bum out there, his songs are either ripped off parities of other songs or there is no feeling in the song as he confesses to being a man whore. Who do you think will be remembered longer and have a bigger fan base, Aerosmith or Kid punk? do the math, seriously dude, beside I think it will be nice to add some color to AI.

  • elry

    so its embarrassing that steven tyler is doing American idol, but it was cool when Kid Rock played wrestlemania?

  • Ms Kimberly

    I completely agree with Kid Rock. American Idol is a joke and for Steven Tyler to judge lowers his rock n roll legend standards.

  • Gina

    Kid Rock’s right! Tyler’s a has been who hasn’t had a hit record in how long? “Greatest Hit” comps don’t count. And now he’s on a show w/JLo & Randy? What have the AI trio done in comparison to Kid Rock? Saw Kid Rock, JLo & Ja Rule at Ramstein Air Base, Germany in Dec 05. Kid Rock did 45 mins of non-stop kicka$$ rock-n-roll; he hung out w/the troops before & after the show the day before & after the show. JLo took 45 mins to do 3 songs cuz she took 15 mins for 3 wardrobe chgs; she refused to stay on the base & insisted on being driven to a hotel 2 hrs away & only smiled & talked to the troops when the cameras were rolling. Kid Rock does USO tours every yr during the holidays, HE has CRED. What r the 3 AI judges doing? No, he’s not jealous, he doesn’t need 2b cuz he’s got it goin’ on!

    • jthunders

      So what if he did some USO shows. That doesn’t make his music any less CRAP or him any less TRAILER TRASH.

      • gato


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