Taylor Swift sets Hot 100 chart records

Taylor-SwiftImage Credit: Joseph Anthony Baker; Apple CorpsTaylor Swift‘s amazing week just keeps getting better. The latest edition of Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart features an incredible 11 appearances from Swift, all songs from her new album, Speak Now. This is a record on three counts.

First: Swift is the only female artist to have that many songs on the Hot 100 at once. Her only competition, per Billboard, comes from David Cook, who also notched 11 charting singles right after he won American Idol in May 2008, and the Beatles, who had 12 songs on the Hot 100 for two weeks in April 1964 and 14 charting songs for another week in the same month.

Second: The Beatles’ charting singles came from multiple projects (Please Please Me, With the Beatles, and the soon-to-be-released A Hard Day’s Night). Cook’s were individually sold tunes that he had sung on Idol. This makes Swift the first artist ever to have this many simultaneously charting singles all drawn from a single album.

Third: Cook didn’t write his Idol songs, and the Beatles’ record-setting weeks included a number of covers like “Twist and Shout” and “Roll Over Beethoven.” Swift famously wrote all the songs on Speak Now by herself. So she’s also the only artist to have this many Hot 100 appearances all of which were written by the artist in question.

Pretty impressive, no? Let us know what you think of Swift’s latest accomplishment.

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  • alleycat

    All the sales in the world won’t buy taylor swift a good voice. She remains the most over rated artist in music history and the worst live vocalist since william hung.

    • AW

      Agreed. She bombs when singing live. She should be embarrassed of the performance she gave the night she won Album of the Year at the Grammys. Off key and pitchy. Not good.

      • LOL

        alleycat, actually Britney Spears is the most overrated artist in music history. Now compare Britney to Taylor, Taylor is the talent winner who is an inspiration to women.

      • M

        Just shut up. Where does the hating get you? Nowhere. Just allow someone to be successful. You don’t have to like her, but bashing her on some comment board isn’t getting you anywhere.

      • liveitup

        Did you hear her the other night on Dancing With the Stars? She sounded AMAZING! We have been to two of her concerts and she puts on the best show I’ve ever been to! She is humble and loves her fans!

      • Me

        I agree with all of you. There is nothing more reaffirming to us as ripping someone apart while they are on top. Especially with the person that we are tearing down is barely out of their teens. Shows a lot of class guys.

      • leonid7

        there is nothing wrong with critiquing someone in an effort to preserve some sense of artistic integrity in the industry. she really is not a very strong singer and her songwriting is catchy at best. i hope she does improve, but she is, when compared to many of her peers talentwise, very overrated.

      • leonid7

        when we lavish praise upon the mediocre, mediocre becomes the new standard for excellence. she is by no means the only mediocre artist out there though.

      • SSS

        She’s hot and young (or has been young thus far). That’s what I like about her. She has also developed a girlish public persona that people can connect with. Oh, and she is HOT!

      • Taylor Swift

        Thank you Kanye. When you walked up that stage that night and embarrassed me in front of the world, it gave me the world’s greatest sympathy card that set in motion all this tremendous success and adoration. Yes, I was enjoying platinum success before you pulled that stunt, but nothing like this. Once again, Kanye thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      • jiiio

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    • t.t

      she may not have a great voice
      but her writing is great and compared to the sad excuse for music we see on the top 100 lately (cough* gaga, katy perry, eminem, kanye, etc*cough) its a great.

      • KP

        Eminem and Kanye should NEVER be lumped into the same category as Katy Perry. Lady Gaga can outwrite Taylor Swift any day.

      • u

        I cannot read Miss Gaga’s poker face, but I concur that she is indeed a vastly more talented singer, songwriter and performer than Swift.

      • Karl

        LOL @u.

      • AE

        To those who claim that gaga and katy perry can outwrite Swift any day of the week, then why don’t they hold the records? You can make all the claims you wish but the hard evidence proves you are wrong.

      • steelgirl

        @ t.t Eminem writes true stories just like Taylor but he is in a different genre and has experience completely different things in his life. He is amazing. Hard to compare a legit white rapper who has been through it all to a barely legal white country singer whos biggest adversity was teasing and teenage heartbreak, oh and Kanye being a drunk idiot last year.

        @AE The reason Gaga doesn’t hold those records is she is a freak (and I mean that in a good way) She also has a different writing/performance style than Taylor. Alot of people love Gaga but that many more can’t stand her. Taylor writes a little more mainstream, is kid friendly and is super simple and catchy. Also her being young and simple give more people the idea that they can infact do it themselves so they rush to her shows and out to buy her albums to try and learn what she does. And no one said Katy Perry can out write Taylor…and you are correct she can’t.

      • leonid7

        Sales are NOT hard evidence of musical prowess. Ratt, and Limp Bizkit, and the Macarena used to be on the charts too, but does make them really great music, or does that mean that the public is sometimes mistaken in choosing its music?

    • KaDee

      All the haters in the world can’t take away from T-Swift’s incredible accomplishments.

      Youngest Grammy Album of the Year winner: check
      1 million opening week sales: check
      Biggest opening week sales since 2005: check
      Top selling digital artist of all time: check
      Most awarded album of all time: check
      Sold out tours everywhere: check
      Hot 100 chart record: check

      Yup…keep hating…it won’t change a thing. Taylor is UNSTOPPABLE.

      • Jason

        Backstreet Boys had a lot of accomplishments too.

      • andy

        The grammys are a joke so t doesn’t really matter. It like winning an mtv music award.

      • Lovegoodtalent

        All of her accomplishments just prove how superficial people are when judging someone’s “talent”. She is very attractive, but as for talent. . .I have never heard a live performance where she didn’t go off key. If she didn’t look good, her music and “singing” never would have gotten a second listen. I heard a DJ on the radio say that if someone wanted to be Taylor Swift for Halloween, all they would have to do is get a long curly blonde wig, put on a sparkly dress and then sing off key. That says it all!

      • Dan

        Agreed – Young girls love Taylor Swift. And in 5 years when they’re in there 20’s, no one will give a crap anymore.

      • Pppafh

        LOL @ dan. Been a fan of her at my 20s and five years have pass and guess what I’m still a fan. And probably will not stop being one

      • anonymous

        Who cares? Sure, she’s got accolades. Sure, she has many fans. I don’t begrudge her those. I will just never be a fan, either, because her voice grates on my ears.

      • mike

        mediocre singer…check

      • Jack

        Shut up. Lil Wayne sold a million in his opening week, in 2008.

      • Mish

        In their 20’s they won’t care huh? I’m 22 and still could not love Taylor more. It’s okay she understands that there really isn’t a way to please everybody. And clearly people really do throw rocks at things that shine.

    • kathy60

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! She is not deserved of all this recognition because SHE CANNOT SING!!!! So what if she writes her own songs; they all sound the same and ALL have the same topic…….puppy love and fantasy!!

      • KG

        Agreed that she doesn’t have a great voice. Of course, then again, neither did Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Chrissie Hynde, Kris Kristofferson, Stevie Nicks, or a host of others, and they seem to have done alright for themselves. Taylor does POP music (yeah, I know she’s supposedly a country artist, but let’s get real), which allows good songs to be hits despite the talent (or lack thereof) of the vocalist. What she does is write fun, positive songs that her target audience – young women near her age – can relate to and enjoy singing along with. In this age when the top female pop singers are Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Rihanna, and bunch of other women who sing songs about getting laid or beaten up, or about being cruel, I’ll gladly buy my 12-year-old daughter all the CDs Taylor Swift can crank out.

      • JB

        Like the artists listed by @KG, Swift’s imperfections are a big part of her charm. And I love that she writes her own songs–it makes them mean a lot more to the listener. I’d rather have someone imperfect and real than someone who is just a voice singing someone else’s songs.

      • wow

        Puppy love & fantasy….Really? Obviously you dodn’t listen to her music, so don’t judge.

      • Moonwvr

        Obviously, others disagree with your opinion of Taylor. Little girls aren’t the only ones buying her cds or going to her concerts. She appeals to others too.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        @ KG:

        Taylor doesn’t have the songwriting talent of any of the artists you mentioned, either! The fact that they were incredible songwriters is why they were excused for not being great vocalists and managed to have long, illustrious careers. Taylor is as good a songwriter as she is a singer, i.e. not at all.

    • John

      So true!!! 100% agree with you

    • Kevin “Koko” McClumpington

      She’s not that bad. Her songs are catchly. Try writing an entire album all by yourself.

      • Kevin “Koko” McClumpington

        I mean catchy. And I like her voice. And I’m a 33-year-old Radiohead freak. Hataz!

      • justagirl

        You’re right she isn’t that bad, I think a lot of people only consider a big diva voice good. She obviously doesn’t have those pipes but so what? I think her voice is refreshing, she’s not trying to be anybody but herself and with regards to those botched live performances…she’s just a kid so it’s possible that she was nervous considering how many people watching at home and her peers in the audience. I have seen some of her other live performances and she was great. It’s funny that people are always saying they want something new and different and when it does come along they just find something to complain about. It really doesn’t even matter if you hate her or say she isn’t deserving of the awards or think her voice sucks because her list of accomplishments (especially at her age) is beyond impressive. So keep on hating and she’ll keep on breaking records :)

      • justagirl

        …oh and how many other pop singers nowadays can write that many hit songs on their own?

      • skullnrose

        And I’m a 45 year old Dead-Head…luv her too…

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        “It’s funny that people are always saying they want something new and different and when it does come along they just find something to complain about.”

        Bland and mediocre is not “new and different”, sorry.

    • D Trotter

      Okay, just STOP with your BORINGLY repetitive criticisms of her voice already.
      “The worst in history”!! You sound EXACTLY like that hater she wrote about in “MEAN”, saying EXACTLY the “same old things”. And guess what … just like that guy, nobody is listening to you. Swift is shining a comet, and you are looking like that hater,drunk in some dingy bar. Just “mean”… and lacking any positive purpose in life whatsoever.

      For proof, the “Taylor- haters always point to a relatively few TV appearances, primarily Taylor’s Grammy duet with Nicks. You just ignore her record label’s CEO and his statement that her earpiece malfunctioned in the middle of that duet — something which would cause ANY singer not using auto-tune to go off pitch).

      To focus on those few instances, and to ignore the hundreds of live performance she’s given (where one professional reviewer after another said her vocals were strong and true) is ridiculous. The millions of people who saw her in concert call it one of the best shows ever.
      Likewise, to ignore all the times Taylor has picked up her acoustic guitar and sung live, solo — and sounded exactly like her records — makes you exactly like the “Mean” guy — a liar. The most recent examples of Taylor solo were on the Ellen D. show and at the Country Hall of Fame Benefit, and Swift’s performances were praised by every reviewer.

      No Taylor is a lovely singer — one of the most expressive, nuanced singers around. Her records are a delight to listen to compared with those bombastic American Idol types, who can’t connect emotionally with their audience. Give me Taylor any day.

      • Rachel

        Agreed. She is a talent in every way.

      • yournightmare

        kathy60 is a well-known jealous carrie underwood fan. give her a break. the stress of Taylor doing good with her new album must be immense. lol.

    • boguht

      Lady Gaga is overrated. Taylor is pure talent.

      • AlexG

        hahahahaa… THIS is what I call a joke (I bet you’re deaf)

      • Jason H

        At least Taylor Swift does her own thing . . . Lady Gaga just ripps off other artists (Madonna, Ace of Base, etc)

    • lol


    • smartass

      When is it going to be made more public that she was born a boy?

      • Karl

        Lady Gaga was… wait for it… BORN THIS WAY.

      • AlexG

        Right after we find a live neuron in your brain.

    • AR

      Really? What a horrible thing to say. Obviously the majority of people have spoken, and like her because they ARE buying her records. If she were as horrible as you are saying, she would not be doing so well in the industry. I’ve heard all her albums and heard her live, and she sounds amazing. Have fun continuing to be an ass.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        50 Cent has sold millions of records… is he talented too, by your logic? Record sales don’t dictate talent, only popularity. You Taylor Swift fans need to find better arguments than “well she’s sold many albums, so she must be talented”.

    • lovesdc

      Amen, amen and amen.

    • Momo

      Wow, really? You think that Britney Spears can sing better than her? How about Ashley Simpson. It seems like your dislike of her goes beyond her talent.

    • truth2power

      Her voice has to be pitch corrected on her recordings and at her live shows. She is all marketing and little true talent.

    • albert

      Please tell us how many albums you have sold. Send us a clip of you singing as well. You sound like a frustrated jealous whiner. If you don’t like Swift, why bother even reading this article?!? Please go away.

    • smarish

      I just don’t understand who is buying her ‘music’. She has no voice and no personality. Amazing!

      • nono

        well, you are interested. Otherwise, you would be doing something better with your bitter life. Go Taylor! Gaga is just a show freak, the Cindy Lauper of this decayed decade. Her songs have no meaning or point.

    • Greg B

      Im personally a rocker but this is an amazing feat. All of you haters who have nothing better to do then to sit behind a computer screen and bash someone for an accomplishment, its beyond me. Where are your albums and singles? Oh thats right, you couldn’t sing let alone play smoke on the water on a guitar. Go get lives people. Haterz never win.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        No grown person uses the term “haterz”, so it’s blatantly obvious that you are a 12-year-old child.

    • Phil

      Jealous Much? Hand it to TS for being an honestly good person. PS- If music is all about voice, what do you think about Willie Nelson, Hank Williams or RAP MUSIC for that matter?

    • dtb

      i agree 100%

    • ATG

      Taylor swift is awesome, her songs are beautiful. I think your just jealous.

    • ericnyc

      This is an impressive achievement no matter how you look at it, especially if you consider all the female artists who have had big chart success in the rock era: Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, just to name a few…not bad company, to say the least.

    • lauren

      if you hate taylor so much why do you feel you must click on an article about her and then comment on how she sucks…just go and comment on something you like.it’s a waste of time for everyone else and its just rude

    • j

      Actually LOL Britney Spears is underrated when it comes to being an artist.Taylor Switft is extremely overrated.

  • heather

    pretty cool

  • what a bunch of crap

    WTF? Billboard needs to get its sh!t together. If you can compare Swift and Glee to classic artists because little girls download their songs, that is a travesty. Few of her songs (or those on Glee) see ANY airplay! Isn’t that the truer sign of a hit? Downloads aren’t everything.

    • Preston

      Downloading is more toward the personal favorites of people, not the “hit” or commercially ready single. Radio doesn’t really play the album cuts; they’re more into that hit single than playing the others in a downloading world.

      • what

        I always here Taylors songs on the radio…Kost 103.5, My FM 104.3.

    • Dylan

      What do you mean, see ANY airplay? A number of her songs have hit #1 on country radio (Mine being the latest)… Sounds to me like she’s all over the place!

    • commenter

      These aren’t opinions. These are numbers based in fact. Billboard is just doing the reporting. Blame the people doing the buying before you spout stupid remarks.

    • Phil

      Little Girls??? Who the hell do you think was listening to the Beatles at that time? Study your music history before you speak. “Roll over Beetoven” was not during the time that the band had it’s greatest musical impact, Jackass!

  • Preston

    But it’s really on the week of the new album’s release, people getting so excited about hearing the new songs. Most of them won’t be on there next week except for Mine and Speak Now. This wouldn’t have happened a decade ago, when the record labels focused on only one single from the artist’s album.

  • sorella

    She is not the best singer live but her album sales are reflected of the HUGE amount in the population now of kids between 9-16. And they are the ones downloading and buying the most. Ask any 13 year old if they like Taylor Swift, most do LOTS!

  • G .

    I have to agree that she is a bit overrated. I think she is a much stronger songwriter than a performer/singer. She is overexposed these days, and it’s understandable since she is promoting her album. But the first single sounds like a discard from the previous one, and I have NEVER been impressed by a live performance.

    Even though the industry is constantly changing, one thing that remains true about music: Stars can be made in the studio, Legends are made on the stage. I have to give her props on the accomplishments. But everyone needs to calm it down on the hype, thoughts?

    • u

      My thoughts are that you are right. Look, I didn’t mind when there was no hype no surrounding her and only the tweens and teens knew about her, but now… people are treating her like she’s the next Joni Mitchell or something.

    • u

      Ech, typos. I didn’t mind her when there was no hype surrounding her.

  • JustMe

    Of course she sold a lot, didnt she have her new cd on amazon or itunes for $5 or something?

    • allie

      $14 at Target. Nothing crazy.

    • Dan

      It was available at Walmart for $8 for awhile. Still $7 overpriced for what is basically just one song and a bunch of versions of it

      • matt

        Each song is actually very different. Idiot.

  • AJ

    I can’t get past the fact that the album has been autotuned to within an inch of its life. The girl CAN’T sing live, as she has proven again and again and again. True artists will intrigue you with their albums and then absolutely mesmerize you in concert making you want to see them again and again. A live Taylor Swift performance has NEVER enticed me to buy a concert ticket.

    • JeyJay

      I agree her live performances are not the best. She doesn’t have the voice of power. However, I have seen a live concert of hers and it was amazing. Visually the best concert I have ever been to and vocally it sounded just like her record. I know she wasn’t lip syncing. She does mesmerize in concert. Don’t bash if you have never seen her live!!!

      • JeyJay

        Live TV is not the best but live concerts are amazing.

    • Jonathan

      And how do you know she’s been autotuned on the album? I don’t believe she has. And I recently saw her on the Today show and she was quite good; people enjoy holding her Should’ve Said No performance and Innocent performance over her head, but those were moments of intense pressure, so it’s understandable.

      • Rich

        Listen to any album from the 60s, or 70s, then listen to a Taylor Swift record (or anything on Top 40 radio). Hear how the vocal has that weird “processed” sound, especially during held notes? That’s AutoTune. It’s so common now you might not even recognize it anymore.

    • D Trotter

      You apparently have no clue what AutoTune sounds like. What you’re talking about is compression, used by all producers (but not to correct pitch).

      On record, AutoTune is used to “patch up” an errant note here and there, another pretty widespread practice; but your concept that it’s just running constantly and everything is filtered though it is hilarious.Everyone would sound like T-Pain, or the Chipmunks, or R2D2.It’s no magic wand, turning bad vocalists into good singers. When it’s used, it’s very discernible.

      There’s no way it was used on “Mean”, “Dear John”, “Back to December”, or “Last Kiss”. Learn what they’re talking about before making ridiculous statements. Autotune would literally rip out every shred of nuance and feeling and expressiveness — all the things Taylor is so good at, the things that actually make vocals connect with her fans so much more than the bombastic belters who win “singing contests” (as Simon so aptly put it) and never can manage to become as “relevant as Taylor Swift” (again Mr. American Idol’s own words.

      • Darth Vader

        You, sir, have no idea what you’re talking about. Autotune can be made quite easily to be almost unidentifiable using the speed constant. When set at or close to zero, you get the Cher/T-Pain effect. When set higher, it is nearly imperceptible. I know. I own a recording studio, and I’ve been in the business for 23 years.

      • D Trotter

        Oh, so you’re Mr. Vader now? AN EXPERT in recording techniques. With 23 years experience, eh! I love guys who morph into instant cyber-experts. Did you know Harold Hildebrand only patented Auto Tune in 1999 (so if you’ve been using it for 23 years you ARE special).

        So are you telling us that Auto Tune is a magic wand that makes bad singers into good singers … orthat it’s so “imperceptible” no one can tell? Are you actually trying to claim Taylor’s intimate, mostly acoustic versions of “Mean”, “Never Grow Up”, “Last Kiss” are run through the magical Auto Tune and nobody can tell?? Absolutely absurd! And guess what? Mr. Hildebrand would be the first one to tell you so.

    • Mish

      Actually the way she performed Back to December on the CMA’s last night. Live I might add. Sounded almost exactly like it does on the album. And many are saying they enjoyed the live version of innocent much more than the one on her CD. Me being included.

  • Thad

    I wish i could understand her appeal. Must be like a Hannah Montana thing. Flash in the pan? or does her audience just have to grow up? But props to her.

    • amber

      Yeah…I’m 29, have all her albums and bought the latest one the day it came out. The haters need to face the fact that it isn’t just teenagers who like her music and she isn’t a flash in the pan. She’s been around for almost 5 years and will surely be around for the better part of 2011 as the new record’s singles are released.

      • yournightmare

        i love her honest/sincere touch in songwriting. truly one of a kind.
        Songs just flow through you…magical.

      • Sonja

        I love Katy Perry and Lady GaGa. I also love Taylor Swift, but for different reasons. She may not be the greatest live “singer”, but she’s an awesome performer and a role model children can look up to – that’s something I hope never changes. I hope she sells millions more records.

      • Christy

        I am 27, and i bought it. I love the whole album, even the more immature songs take me back to when I was that age, and honestly I think her voice is a lot stronger on the album than the previous ones. So whatever to all the haters, I will always be the 27 yr in her crowd singing “Fifteen” at the top of my lungs. LOL

    • anonymous

      Honestly, while I don’t like her voice, her insane fans and their “I can’t understand how people have different OPINIONS!” gnashing of teeth bother me more than the singer herself.

      • Mish

        Honestly I have never written on any other article about an artist I didn’t like and bash them. It’s obvious why people are getting upset. It is just plain rude. All of the negative comments aren’t going to take away her amazing accomplishments.

  • RyRyNYC

    This is hilarious… Swift is the new Spears. Both cannot sing to save their lives. I’ll give Swift credit for writing her songs… but they all sound the same. Other female singer-song writers have evolved their sound (think Jewel and Sheryl Crow form the 90s through the 00s.) My only problem with Swift is that she is over hyped… she may be talented but she is not a gifted vocalist or music revolutionary in the way the Beatles were in the 60s, or even how the BEPs and Kanye West (yes he’s still a major douche) are in today’s music.

    • yournightmare

      Her songs in “Speak Now” are at least 4 different musical genres. It is incredibly diverse. Why do you feel the need to comment, when you have no clue about the subject matter?

    • Kevin “Koko” McClumpington


  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Keep on hating, keep on hating.

    Meanwhile Taylor is laughing all the way to the bank

    • u

      Britney Spears is laughing all the way to the bank too… doesn’t erase the fact that she sucks, though.

      • chattypatra

        Britney Spears is an outstanding performer, even though she doesn’t have a great voice. Unfortunately, her personal drama led to a meltdown that was very sad. Taylor’s strengths are her poise, her songwriting, and her sweet disposition. Many people of all ages like her. It’s fine not to like her songs, but why vilify her accomplishments? Really! People are so rude.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        Britney Spears is awful. She has no redeeming value as an artist.

  • jayelgee1

    Wait until David Cook’s sophomore album is released, and you will see Swift get some real-time competition.I predict huge sales for David. Don’t forget that his first album post AI went platinum!

  • Matt

    Looking forward to David Cooks next album. When is it expected to drop?

    • minstrel

      Best guess, Q1 2011. These are the hints from him and his label (Sony/RCA) but there is not a firm date as yet. Outside chance, Q2.

  • Raquel

    I LOVE Taylor AND David Cook! I didn’t know this about him. Good news!

  • LL

    Who buys this crap? I’m baffled.

    • kathy60

      Mostly young girls between ages of 5 and 15. I do agree though….it is crap!!! All the songs are the same and the girl can’t sing.

      • yournightmare

        yeah just like they let 5-year olds review it in rollingstones and ew. you are a joke, kathy. accept the fact that its an legendary album. :) your personal hate for the girl will not change that. :)

      • Rich

        The same guy who reviewed it for Rolling Stone is the same guy who was giving 4-star reviews to Backstreet, NSync, and Britney 10 years ago (Rob Sheffield). He was hired specifically to make RS seem more “hip” to young people.

        A major corporate magazine like RS will never bite the hand that feeds it… In this case, artist-of-the-moment TS. They’ll only kick her after she’s down.

      • Darth Vader

        Reviews in EW and Rolling Stone are pure industry shill. Using them to back up your fanaticism is surreal.

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