Pink is pregnant: 'I'm eating for two these days'

Ellen-Pink-stomachImage Credit: Warner Bros.Pink has announced that she is pregnant. On tomorrow’s episode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the pop superstar, 31, tells the host that she is “eating for two.” Pink reveals that she had been “working” on having a child with husband Carey Hart and that her doctor, “thinks it’s a girl.” The singer also says she had been nervous about announcing she was pregnant because she had previously suffered a miscarriage.

Finally, Pink describes her relationship with Hart as better than ever: “We worked really hard and we had our little meltdowns, a couple of them, and now, we’re honestly, we both needed to do that and come back together. It’s just yummy.”

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  • sam

    Good luck to her.

    • Thomas

      Why are there no “Report Abuse” buttons for jackasses that shill their nonsense websites on these boards like the dating site that “replied” to Sam?

      • ann

        apparently there are?

    • *hello you*

      Is it just me, or does she look more attractive this way?

  • LOL

    Hope she’s given up the cigs.

    • AcaseofGeo

      Note to P!nk: Make sure you are NOT on minimum wage so you can afford having a child. Of course, Abortion is a legal option in this country, even to those making just a minimum wage, so its no excuse.

      • sfday

        Sorry life has dealt you such a bitter hand.

  • RnR

    wow….Wild Child brewing

  • whatevs

    Um. Well, whatever. It’s not like anyone else is winning any parent of the year awards either.

    • Excelda

      Let’s wait until the child is actually born to start criticizing her parenting skills, mkay?

      • CC Croft

        I completely agree with you Excelda! :)

      • Brandy

        Amen sister

      • whatevs

        You can wait all you want, you’ll be singing the same tune that I am pretty soon.

      • steve

        Preach, Excelda!!
        whatevs, I’m sure you are the PERFECT, MODEL parent, since you seem to know SO MUCH on the topic, right?

      • whatevs

        I’m not old enough to be a parent, but don’t worry, I won’t ever be. I’m sure you’ve already decided that I’d be a bad one only because I know that a famous musician who willfully relied on drugs as a distraction from her life may not be the best decision maker when it comes to other things, ok?

      • Michelle

        whatevs…did you watch her E True Hollywood Story recently? Yeah…she turned herself around and cleaned up her life. As you get older and more mature you may feel differently than you do now. But no one can judge her on her parenting skills until she has the baby. You can’t do it based on her past.

      • Sara

        If she raises her daughter to be a strong, independent, balls-to-the-wall woman like SHE is, I’d say she did a fine job!

    • sfday

      Not sure you deserve all this flack, but I’m pretty sure that NONE of us know this woman and her husband personally. What do we know?

  • RBys

    She should probably stop dying her hair if she wants her baby to come out normal.

    • Alia

      I’ve never heard that warning before, RBys. What’s the science behind that?

      • DeeDee Tirrell

        from the mayoclinic website:

        Hair dye and pregnancy: A concern?Is it OK to use hair dye during pregnancy?
        from Roger W. Harms, M.D.
        When you use hair dye, a small amount of the dye may penetrate your skin. Generally, however, the dye isn’t thought to pose harm to a developing baby.

        Few studies have examined women’s use of hair dye before and during pregnancy. A 2005 study suggested an association between hair dye and pregnancy and the childhood cancer neuroblastoma — but other studies haven’t reached the same conclusion. Most researchers say it’s unlikely that maternal use of hair products before or during pregnancy would increase the risk of childhood brain tumors.

        If you’re concerned about the use of hair dye during pregnancy, talk to your health care provider. He or she may suggest postponing any chemical hair treatments.

        If you decide to dye your hair during pregnancy, consider these precautions from the Food and Drug Administration:

        ■Wear gloves when applying hair dye.
        ■Apply hair dye as quickly as possible.
        ■Rinse your scalp thoroughly after using hair dye.

      • KM

        as a hairstylist dying your hair does nothing to effect your pregnancy. if u dye your you might not get the color you want due to higher level of hormones in the body.

      • BL

        “As a hairstylist dying your hair does nothing to effect your pregnancy.”

        Does everyone see what is horribly wrong with that sentence? I don’t even care what dying your hair does to a fetus, but that statement is just….laughable.

      • Brandy

        There’s too many chemicals in hair dye, so you aren’t supposed to dye it during pregnancy.

      • Catherine in Tulsa

        I try to give the mother the benefit of the doubt and think that she has done research about what to do/not do during pregnancy. She’s got blonde hair already, so she COULD do like a Jello or koolaid dye (heck, beet juice!) on her hair and still get some “wild” looks without harming her baby. I think she is probably not so selfish that she is risking anything.

      • JV

        Really? If you had experience or knowledge of color hair dyes, a LOT of them are vegetable based (manic panic) and are the most common and are safe.

        How about people stop believing in old wives’ tales?

    • denise

      I think I will choose to believe medical research and science over the word of a hairstylist. Not to put your profession down, but it is not your area of expertise.

      • Marco

        I’m with you Denise, KM obviously lacks credibility as an authority on the relationship between hair dye chemicals and healthy pregnancy. Most hairstylists have achieved what…grade 10? if that.

      • Rhonda

        Marco, I am a cosmotologist and I graduated from High School. Then had 3 kids ,whom I home schooled. After that I went back to school for two years (1,500 hrs)to get my cosmotologist license. That requires a state board exam ,which I passed. Last month I completed 300 hours of classes to get my managing cosmo license and took my state board test on Monday. How many years of schooling have you got under your belt? I wouldn’t have a chemical treatment on my hair during pregnency but, many women want what they want and just dont care. The fumes alone would keep me from doing it.

      • johnnyM

        Ya know what?? I think KM is right. I did hair for 7 years, and I have a 2 year college degree. I do think you need to be aware of the extra hormones in your body if you want to make sure you get the right color. Same as if you smoke, or if you take meds. They all effect your hair chemistry.

      • jcl

        LOL because medical research is always right?? you can always find a study to prove whatever it is you want it to prove. Chemicals can not be sucked into your hair and into your blood stream. they say not to do chemical services on hair during pregnancy because hormones make it unpredictable. oh, and Pink’s hair is not probably not colored but “bleached” which is off the scalp, meaning, you try really hard not to have it come into contact with skin because it can cause chemical burns. she probably has a toner put on after, but that would not be a permanent color either. Oh and Marco…you’re an idiot. but if it makes you feel better to down people, then go right ahead. you’re such a big boy! btw…hairstylists have to do extensive studies in chemistry, biology and the human body structure, as well as business and marketing. What degrees do you people have that make you so superior?

      • Yo

        Ok, JCL, really? You think hairstylists study chemistry and biology? Now that’s laughable. Medical research is wrong, but you can take the word of a hairstylist. Now, I’m not knocking the profession, but I went to beauty school, and NOT ONCE, did we take anything having to do with chemistry or biology or human body structure. I’m literally LOLing right now. You know what you learn in beauty school? How to wrap old lady heads in poodle perms. How to cut hair with scissors and a razor. How to color hair, the color wheel, and how different hair reacts to different kinds of color. NOT ONCE did we learn biology, chemistry or human body structure. The closest you come to that is the PH scale, acid v. alkaline. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and say, maybe you were thinking of the people who create new hair dye and products, but those people…. are actually chemists and not hairdressers. Nuff said.

      • Kitty

        I dont know where “YO” went to beauty school, but here in Oregon (which by the way has the strictest hour and classes requirements) we DID take Anatomy & Physiology, basic Chemistry, and a unit of Electricity. Some Cosmetology programs in Oregon even require you to complete an Associate of Applied Sciences degree in order to go take your state test. Whether or not you can color your hair during pregnancy is completely up to what your doctor believes. Of my multiple friends that have had children, only one said not to dye the hair. The rest said it didn’t matter. Most doctors will even let you eat sushi as long as its not the $1.00 crap that goes around on a train. People need to stop being so paranoid, its all just a crap shoot if your kid comes out normal or not.

    • USAFwife

      They only recommend that women abstain from hair dyes (permanent ones) until the second trimester (12 weeks).

      A little research goes a long way.

      • JV


    • kandace

      hmm shows you dont know much on th esubject just go threw hear say cause dying your hair doesnt harm the baby they say not to cause its a waste of time for most girls cause the hormones tend to make your hair not take to the color

    • Ashley

      Complete myth…been a hair stylists for years…no proof of that causing any problems!!!

    • Tina

      This has been proven false, the reason you shouldn’t dye your hair while pregnant is because it’s a waste. The hormones running through your system block the dyes from holding like they would sans pregant hormones.

    • TC

      OK, apparently, you need to check up on hair dyes. There are colors that are completely safe for pregnant women or even vegetable colors.

  • me

    Best Wishes to Pink and Carey Hart!

  • anya

    Aww that’s great. I wish her and Carey luck.

    • etm

      Me too. Babies are the best!!!

  • it!!

    pink is gonna be one hell of a mother!!! awesome

    • Tina

      I want her to adopt me(I’m 25)!! That kid is going to have a great and fun filled life!!!

  • Jefferson jackson

    That’s one ugly ho

    • JJ

      Yo momma is one ugly ho!

  • dwcsr

    The doctor better wear a goalie mask, That kid will come out and kick his ass when he slaps it.

    • Cindi

      That’s not a bad thing.

    • Sarah


  • Yacker

    And we care because………?

    • Stephen

      You care enough to click the link, read the story and then reply to it. You care a lot.

      • Kate

        Bwahaha, awesome Stephen.

  • dogcrap

    Pink Stinks! She should give up signing and raise the child to be a reverse Terrorist…. to terrorize the terrorists!

    • shonoffilm

      What has she been signing?

      • dogcrap

        i hate you shonoffilm. you are a piece of dogcrap!

      • guest1

        Good question

      • guest1

        You hate to easily

  • DenverDean

    Funny how P!nk announces pregancy the day after her GHs CD drops and Mariah announces a few days before her Xmas CD released. timing is everything. good luck to them both.

    • Miss Talk

      I’ll believe when Beyoncé will do the same next year.

    • Preston

      Maybe some celebrities want to beat the tabloids at their own game by announcing their pregnancy. But I think that Pink was pregnant when she was compiling the greatest hits album and recording the 2 new songs. We just didn’t know until now. Most celebrities keep some things private and we need to respect that sometimes.

    • Elizabeth

      Well, when you’re doing in-person interviews and someone notices you’re 5 months pregnant, what should you do DenverDean. “Oh no, I’m just letting myself go. I mean, I’ve had a ridiculous body forever, but now just seemed the time to let it all go to hell. But thanks for noticing!”

  • Bluidshay

    Many many happy wishes to Pink and Carey. I’m so impressed to see two famous people work through their issues and build their relationship stronger than it ever was. She’s a fighter and a role model as a strong woman. I hope that she and her baby are happy and healthy and I wish them all the best.

    • TC

      Love your comment and so agree. She may have demons from her past, don’t we all!!! She has come a long way and seems to be a great person. I hope she and Carey have a wonderful long life together. At least they fixed their marriage before having kids.

    • Mrs Parker

      @ Bluidshay: None of my role models ever got kicked out of a campground for being beligerently drunk…jus sayin

  • Orange Sunshyne

    ‘It’s just yummy.’

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