American Music Awards: See list of winners here!

Tonight, music’s best and brightest(-dressed) gathered in Los Angeles’ Nokia Theatre to see who would take home this year’s crop of American Music Awards. Here is the list of trophy winners.

Favorite Soul/R&B Album: Usher, Raymond v. Raymond

Favorite Pop Rock Band/Duo/Group: The Black Eyed Peas

Favorite Country Female Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Latin Music Artist: Shakira

Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist: Rihanna 

Favorite Country Male Artist: Brad Paisley

Favorite Breakthrough Artist: Justin Bieber

Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist: Justin Bieber

Favorite Country Band/Duo/Group: Lady Antebellum

Favorite Alternative Rock Music Artist: Muse

Favorite  Adult Contemporary Music Artist: Michael Bublé

Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist: Usher

Favorite Artist of the Year: Justin Bieber

Favorite Country Album: Carrie Underwood, Play On

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Male Artist: Eminem

Favorite Pop/Rock Album: Justin Bieber, My World 2.0

Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist: Lady Gaga

Favorite Contemporary Inspirational Artist: MercyMe

Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album: Eminem, Recovery

Favorite Soundtrack Album: Glee: The Music, Volume 3 Showstoppers

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  • LOL

    This show is for people who hate music.

    • miranda

      No kidding. Katy Perry sung way off key, and Justin Bieber just very obviously faked playing piano. THey never showed his hands and there was a keyboardist in the back going to town.

      • Cher

        I hope Justin Bieber makes you eat his poopoo you will look and smell better dear. Thanks. Have a good day.

      • D.B.

        I’m sorry Cher but Bieber is a doucher.

      • rentagoodbook

        Katy Perry would sound so much better if she didn’t over-sing. And I maintain the biggest winner this evening is AutoTune.

      • Cher

        If Justin Bieber is a “doucher” yet has done more with his life at his age then you will in your entire life, what exactly does that make you? Oh yes, exactly as we already knew.. worthless. Enjoy a life of no accomplishments.

      • D.B.

        Once again Cher, I’m sorry but I’m more of an “Artist” than that “Doucher” Beiber will ever be.

      • What was that?

        @D.B.,I agree with you!

      • Cher

        D.B. (short for douchebag) once again, you can take your “art” and your puny paycheck. The sad thing is, inside your weeping as this kid is settled for life. You will be working till you die and we all know that kills you a little inside each day. But hey.. whatever brings you closer to the end faster right? Because what is a life really that is spent wasted, with no one caring and no time for real life experiences. Enjoy. Have a good day. That is all.

      • D.B.

        Cher, just so you know music is an art form and because of no talent people like Justin people are starting to forget that. Also, I’m pretty happy with my life but, I do appreciate the concern.

      • Cher

        People that are always miserable ALWAYS pretend they are happy. I (I mean everyone, sorry have to be honest here) know your unhappy because your life has gotten you no where.. well it has gotten you to the message boards so you can hate on a kid who is more talented than yourself. I guess you have gotten somewhere after all. Don’t worry sweety it only gets worse from here on out for you. Promise.

      • Cher hole

        @Cher Well then your life must be incredibly miserable since it has only gotten you to the exact same message boards so you can hate on D.B. who hates on that no talent kid. Holy chit sweety, that must mean it only gets even more worse from here on out for you. You’re truly pathetic!

      • Cher

        @Cher hole I’m not hating on D.B. I’m stating fact. Your stating your opinion, which no one cares about. But if were to go with your logic you must be extremely, incredibly miserable as your hating on me, for hating on a douchebag because he can’t take the FACT a kid will always be better than him. And for the record I know your D.B. not very creative either are you? Don’t worry the year is almost over, another year of your life with nothing to show with it.. how high will the number go? When will you be gone? Were waiting..

      • Mike

        If Justin Bieber is the highest form of music entertainment, then we have set the bar very low. This kid still has a LONG way to go to get the praise he is getting.

      • Mina

        What about you pretending to be Cher in a EW COMMENT SECTION? Get a Life **** Justin Bieber might have the money, but he doesn’t have the talent. He can by ANYTHING, but not talent and staying power. Look at the JoBros they crashed and bruned, watch your little one have the same destiny in two years and another pile of crap take his place. And don’t talk about life and job, what’s the point of being rich now if he’s going to be the next Aaron Carter in 2 years? Back to work now. My opinion matters to me and other people, if DB’s opinion doesn’t, so yours, f****r.

      • Becky

        The kid is an entertainer, he knows how to work the crowd, he is too darn cute. I wish people would stop critizing him. He works hard. He is better than a lot of crap out there that call it music.

    • jhghj

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    • jhghj

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    • kaye

      Only talent is Muse Thank you USA finally got it right

      • Muselover

        I have to agree- Muse is the only talent of the night

      • kramer

        THANK YOU! YESSSS, Muse finally got something from these Beiber/Swift/Usher loving idiots!

      • cancan

        Was surprised to see them win an award on this show, but was really happy, Love Muse!

      • u

        I’m actually quite shocked that they won. Even more shocked that they were there to accept their award! Oh boy, imagine them having to sit through those awful performances, knowing that these no-talent buffoons are unfortunately more popular than they are.

      • neetsie

        Didn’t watch the show but was glad to see Muse win an award. Couldn’t spend two hours watching that dreck they call music…

    • What was that?

      This was one of the worse award shows I have ever seen! Rihanna was atrocious. What in the hell was tha? She has no stage presence at all. From her “wackness” the performances just went down hill. Christina (the voice) sounded off. Ke$ha ????, Perry???, this was just bad! Usher and Ne-Yo were the only 2 I thought would give an actual performance. Hum, they were horrendous! The 2010 AMA’s were really not worth viewing. Sade or Alica Keys should have won BEST FEMALE R&B! RihTARD isn’t R&B. Her music is played on pop stations not R&B! This award show was fixed from start to finish!

      • Perapot

        I don’t know about back then but now he is bsucaee he sues any website (including a fan site) if it has him performing on it

  • sammy

    its been on 45 mins and they’ve given out 3 awards.

  • jo

    I saw 5 seconds and wanted to take my own life..

    • Cher

      And what stopped you? Darn..

    • What was that?

      @jo, LMAO You took the type write out of my fingers….LOL! I felt the exact same way. What a horrendous award show. Why did they have the “has been” boy bands combine for a performance? Why didn’t they ask all those who were nominated to perform? This crap was rigged!

  • Elena

    I’m glad a brilliant vocalist like Swift has finally gotten her due…

    • Bee

      this is a sarcastic comment right?

      • angie

        i hope so.

    • taylorhater


      • Ted Sheckler

        Who the hell isnt these days? Music is nothing but computer programs like Auto-Tune.

    • kathy60

      Sorry but Taylor IS NOT a good vocalist! And she can thank her promoters for her win because without them she would be no where.

      • Josh

        She only has Kanye to thank.

    • u

      Of course it was a sarcastic comment.

    • neetsie

      Taylor Swift and talented should never be used in a sentence.

  • jets

    not watching, don’t care.

    • Ted Sheckler

      Your not alone. Im sure football is killing them in the ratings.

  • David

    Go Rihanna!!!!

    • What was that?

      Yes Rihanna Go……AWAY! Horrible performance! The girl can’t sing to save her life. She was naked and popping her pu**y so, I guess that makes her good!

      • u

        Her only talents lie in the world of modeling and/or porn. Not in music, because she is not by any stretch of the imagination musically talented.

    • me

      and never come back…he he he

  • Daryl

    One of the worst AMAs ever….a host of non talented, off key “singers”. After Miley and Justin’s wretched performances, I couldn’t take it anymore. Besides, its almost time for “The Walking Dead”. At least there’s something good on one channel tonight!

    • Ted Sheckler

      There has been something good. Football on NBC.

      • Ted Sheckler

        Also, Family Guy and the Amazing Race.

      • What was that?

        That game was AMAZING GO PHILLY!

  • ron

    taylor swift as proved again she can not sing live…. so off key! ouch!

  • AAA

    Can’t watch…ears falling off…batteries dying…heeeelp!

  • ger

    I’d like to thank Charles Darwin. HAHA.

    • Rendy

      alexgomez90 sricve:AHAHAHAHAHAHA si ho notato xDNel mio gruppo ne abbiamo parlato parecchio di questo fatto

  • Miguel

    Christina was great!

  • unknown for killing

    family guy FTW …….this AMA suck major donkey D***K

  • tom

    I usually say “give the artist a chance” but Taylor seriously cannot sing live.

  • Tim

    YEAH Muse Won! :D.

    • Ted Sheckler


    • kaye

      Finally They better than any one tonight thank American music is afraid to show real talent Muse best vocals ever

      • D.B.

        Arcade Fire is much much better than Muse but, evidently this award show is for displays of non-talent.

      • Cher

        Arcade Fire is a good band. Muse is better. D.B. must stand for douchebag. Yes, we all understand. Run along.

      • u

        @ kaye:
        You do realize Muse is an actual band featuring actual use of instruments, and not a singing trio, right? Only the lead singer is a vocalist (great singer, but most certainly NOT the best ever).

        @ D.B.:

        Evidently you know nothing about Muse if you consider them to be “no-talents”.

      • D.B.

        Cher, you love Bieber so how can I take your opinion seriously? I’ve heard both bands and Arcade Fire are better songwriters and they’re the better live band. I already told you that the D.B. stands for Die Bieber.

      • D.B.

        Listen U, I didn’t mean to lump Muse in the “no talent” category. I like Muse, I just think that Arcade Fire is a better band. The “no talent” that I was talking about was Justin Bieber. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

      • Cher

        D.B. Sorry you can’t handle music by Muse. To loud for you grandpa? Have you ever listened to their lyrics or perhaps their first or for that matter any of their albums besides the songs released for Twilight? Arcade Fire writes brilliant songs, Muse just happens to write them more brilliantly. This is proven because they won, not Arcade Fire. Sorry I state fact, not opinion, if you can’t deal with that please don’t read my posts. Thanks. Have a good day. That is all.

      • D.B.

        Cher, I have listened to Muse since the album “Absolution”. So I’m familiar with their work. Too loud for me? Fu*k no. I’ve listen to heavier stuff than Muse for years, Pantera, Shadows Fall, & Slayer to name a few. Muse won and that’s fine, I’m just stating my opinion.

      • Cher

        Go back before “Absolution” then. No one cares what you think, your opinion is crap. Muse won, deal.

      • Jon

        Arcade Fire is THOUSAND OF TIMES better than Muse. Just read the reviews and listen: 3 classics, biggest indie Rock. Before Absolution Muse was a Radiohead-wannabe, they only developed their sound later and is not that good either, the guy has vocal chops, but oversings A LOT and the songwriting isn’t strong at all. bombastic for nothing.

      • 2012

        “Arcade Fire is THOUSAND OF TIMES better than Muse”

        Ha. Funniest thing I’ve ever read. Arcade Fire is boring at best (especially during their live performances). And only Pitchfork-reading hipsters use that tired “Muse sounds like Radiohead” excuse to justify not liking Muse. Anyone who has actually listened to Muse know they sound nothing like Radiohead, not even before Absolution. Just say they’re not your style instead of pulling out some cliche and overused excuse. At least D.B.’s opinion is respectable because he’s not spewing the same “they sound too much like Radiohead” crap.

    • Mika

      Justin Te Amo Ya Te e Bisto 45 beses y qriiseua berte +++++++ en tus consiertos Te Amoo ♥yo tu fans numero 1♥

  • Ted Sheckler

    What Would Jimmy Norton Do?

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