Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Alicia Keys, and Usher will quit Twitter for AIDS charity

gaga-keys_320.jpg Image Credit: Neil Mockford/; Janet Mayer/PR PhotosLady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Usher are among the celebrities who will sign off from social media platforms this Wednesday to benefit Alicia Keys’ AIDS charity, Keep a Child Alive, according to the AP. The charity will accept donations through text messages and the participants will sign back on when the charity raises $1m. “I have a feeling that Gaga is going to raise it all by herself,” said Keep a Child Alive president Leigh Blake. Contributions will support families affected by HIV and AIDS in Africa.

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  • Chappel

    Is that in addition to their own donations? One million bucks is, what, a week’s pay for gaga?

    • tibia lafayette

      will you give a weeks pay for them?

      • Chappel

        No, but I’ll stop Tweeting for a week.

      • Aly

        some of us wouldn’t be able to eat if we gave up a week’s pay. I doubt she’s in that camp.

      • Josh

        It’s different for someone who is extremely wealthy to give up a week’s pay than an average joe. No offense Tibia but that’s like comparing apple to oranges.

      • jhghj

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      • Peter

        That’s a dumb response to the previous post. The whole point is giving up money. Why don’t you ask if Gaga is going to repay the people who contribute to this?

    • Rolo Tomasi

      If people liked me, I would have a twitter account, but alas they don’t so I don’t

      • Mike

        LOL. *pats on the back*

      • murpis

        I like you Rolo!

  • @benmuniz

    Haha. Jeez. Whether it makes money or not.
    A little break is lovely (for the right reasons, of course!)
    Hmm….now would be the time to “really” check out Kanye West’s tweets. Heh. The world ain’t stopping:)

    For the sake of the “Keep The Child Alive” organization.
    I have to say always…..”bravo!”

  • Michael

    Are they going off social networks for good, or just a few months while this charity is in the news?

    • ger

      If you bothered to read the second sentence you’d have your answer. Maybe you just stopped reading after 140 characters.

      • Stash


      • @ger

        comment win *thumbs up*

  • John

    They would probably raise more money if people could pay to keep them off of social media as opposed to paying to get them back on.

    • Larry David

      Okay fine, I am only jealous because if I were on Twitter I would have no followers, except maybe Rolo Tomasi.

      • Beth

        Why would James Cromwell be the only person to follow you?? :)

  • Larry David

    Gaga is horribal person. as are all of you freaks that listen to her music. Justin is a pig, and Alicia is another poor ghetto girl who has yet to move past it.

    • Sarah

      Excuse me, how is Alicia Keys a poor ghetto girl? You mean this woman who was valedictorian at age 16 and was given a full scholarship to Columbia University is just “some ghetto girl”? Your ignorance and asinine comments make you look foolish and have “ghetto tendencies”. I’m sure she has and will accomplish more than you ever could in your life. Think. Research. Speak. That way you won’t look like a total and foolish bigot.

    • Alex

      Larry David, I see your comments on here all the time and you are by far the most pathetic person imaginable. if there was ever a person that needed to get a life, it’s you.

    • Berolinum

      It’s you again Larry David.
      Tell you again: get a life dude, instead of dissing other people.

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Your hatefulness really turns me on

    • Karen

      Wow I suggest you seek therapy. SMDH!!

    • Sarah

      Larry David, I’ve grown to enjoy your comments. Not for the content but for the consistent reaction you elicit from people who are seemingly new to a comments section/trolls. Stay strong.

    • Roger Sterling


    • Tim Lade

      Larry with a personality like yours you should really be a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen or something. A complete moron who doesn’t know up from down – you’d win for sure.

    • danny

      kill yourself

    • M

      You need some prayers my friend …

    • Peter

      Oh, you’re back! Does this mean you raised a million dollars?

  • Togbe femi

    I really support u guys, this is not about pride, it so disgusting when it comes to charity

  • Preston

    I think that they want to focus on a more important charity rather than type some nonsense on Twitter. Something more meaningful. I commend Lady Gaga, Usher, Justin Timberlake and Keep a Child Alive founder Alicia Keys for participating in this charity for an important cause this week.

  • Jason in MI

    Oooo I hope they cure AIDS so I can find out what kind of cream cheese Lady Gaga had on her bagel this morning via Twitter!

    • Nick T

      Apart from the occasional studio pic, Gaga doesn’t narrate her life via twitter. You should know what you’re talking about before commenting.

      • Jason in MI

        Wow. I’m sure Lady Gage appreciates you rushing to his/her defense.

        The comment was more a condemnation of Twitter than an insult toward its Gaga-ness.

        So glad you read Gaga’s tweets and can keep us updated on his/her use of the latest in social media technology.

      • Nathan

        his/her! haha so true!

      • anya

        Right, Gaga comments like once a month and does not use it to interact with fans, so I really don’t care if she deletes her twitter or not. I will still donate to this charity though, but for the kids, not her.

  • Nathan

    Well this should definitely cure AIDS. What’s next, are the stars gonna stop using their cell phones for a day to cure Cancer? What a complete waste of time.

  • Scott

    Who cares in what way the money is raised, the point is that they are least doing something to try and help. Obviously social networks appeal to an extreme number of people, so it’s a logical way to promote awareness and raise money.

    • Jimmy

      Yeah, it will accomplish pretty much nothing. Just a way for them to get some free publicity over the holiday weekend.

  • Love IT

    It’s so funny they dont mention if these stars are actually giving anything to this charity.
    They said in other articles they plan to have the fans pay specifically Gaga’s fanbase…

    This is really just alot of ‘rich’ people who rather than put their money where their mouths are figure it makes them look soo helpful by holding their fans hostage.

    “Pay this 1 million dollar bill and we will go back to letting you hear about our lives”

    Sadly it seems Alicia’s education has made her ignorant to the fact that… RECESSION!!!!

    If you want 1 million for your charity go bother your friends who make that 6 or 8 digit salary and dont try to hock your tab on people struggling to survive..

    A great way to treat your fans..

    Hopefully if they do like they said.. next time you see any of these morons is 2050 by then they will be with no popularity or replaced by stars with common sense.

    • Nathan

      Everything said here is 100% CORRECT!!

    • Karen

      Um if you read the article you would know that Alicia is co founder of the organization. Each year she donates more than 40 percent of her money to this, and the others make donations. Wow you folks must really be in a bad place in lfe!!

  • Love IT

    Really its not about the charity or the people (not fully).

    But, keep in mind back in 2008 Alicia got 25 million to endorse a mineral water….

    25 million…

    How much does the normal fanbase make?
    like 10-22K a year…

    Think about it.. yes a charity is good if they do it for the purpose of supporting a valid real belief..

    Look at how much these people make in salary, endorsements, etc.

    Alicia is a smart business women.. shes making society foot the bill.

    Why spend your own money when you can get others too.. kudos..

    Maybe she’ll be marketing herself as a humanitarian and LadyGaga will be selling herself off as a legitimate singer..

    Look at the facts..
    They want us to foot a bill we cant pay..
    How many of those insane poor fans will resort to potential illegeal actions to help get money for this.. the harm her idiotic hostage manuver is causing.

    • Josh

      Ok. So here is my question. How do you know what any of these stars have or haven’t donated? It seems to the you are basing your opinion off of nothing more than your own assumptions. Unless you are these star’s CPA, Im sure you have nothing but negative assumptions to go off of. And if that is the case, we could just as easily make the positive assumption that they are matching whatever each of their respective fans donate. Not to mention that these stars are at the least donating their time to this cause and as we all know, time is money

  • Wesley2048

    Who has AIDS?

  • Buffy Freak

    Man the cynicism here is pretty depressing. Wednesday is World AIDS Day and they are trying to bring it some publicity. Just because people here aren’t dying by the etns of thousands per year like they did years ago doesn’t mean it isn’t still a problem in third world countries. And since I assume none of you are the accountants or managers for any of these celebrities I think it’s safe to assume that you have no idea how much money they donate to charity.

    • Love IT

      BUT shes not trying to bring awareness to aids.. shes wanting to bring awareness to HER charity service.. in NONE of the ad’s do they recommend to give to aids charities.. ONLY hers.. or your favorite stars dont appear..

      And I doubt you know if they give any money to charities.. or are you just ‘assuming’ alot too…

      You use assume alot but you know what they said if YOU assume too much.

      • Anne

        Nobody said if they are giving money to charities or not. The point is that since we don’t know what actually happens we can’t argue against or for them on that point, but it seems to be a main point in your argument. In other words, your conclusion (that they are selfish people) may still be true but your argument is invalid. But then again, why do I care about logic on an Internet comment board where people willingly lower their IQ to annoy people?

  • Stephen

    With the power that they all hold over the general public, I wish there limit was a bit more. But 1 million is still 1 million.

    • Love IT

      Can only hope that this hostage situation ends with these people staying offline for a few years..

      This is one hostage situation I hope the ransom isnt paid for.. i mean honestly to pay to get these people to post again…

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