Grammy nominations announced: Eminem, Bruno Mars lead nominees

grammy-nominationsNominations for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards were announced tonight on a live CBS television special. Eminem received the most honors by far, with 10 nominations in categories including Album of the Year, Record of the Year, and Song of the Year. Singer-songwriter Bruno Mars came in next with seven nominations. Jay-Z, Lady Antebellum, and Lady Gaga each received six nominations.

The Grammy Awards will be broadcast live on Feb. 13, 2011 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. Read on after the jump for the list of nominees in several top categories.

Album of the Year
The Suburbs, Arcade Fire
Recovery, Eminem
Need You Now, Lady Antebellum
The Fame Monster, Lady Gaga
Teenage Dream, Katy Perry

Record of the Year
B.o.B feat. Bruno Mars, “Nothin’ on You”
Eminem feat. Rihanna, “Love the Way You Lie”
Cee Lo Green, “F— You”/”Forget You”
Jay-Z and Alicia Keys, “Empire State of Mind”
Lady Antebellum, “Need You Now”

Song of the Year
“Beg Steal or Borrow,” written by Ray LaMontagne (performed by Ray LaMontagne)
“F— You”/”Forget You,” written by Cee Lo Green, Philip Lawrence, and Bruno Mars (performed by Cee Lo Green)
“The House that Built Me,” written by Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin (performed by Miranda Lambert)
“Love the Way You Lie,” written by Alexander Grant, Skylar Grey, and Marshall Mathers (performed by Eminem feat. Rihanna)
“Need You Now,” written by Dave Haywood, Josh Kear, Charles Kelley, and Hillary Scott (performed by Lady Antebellum)

Best Female Country Vocal Performance
Jewel, “Satisfied”
Miranda Lambert, “The House That Built Me”
LeAnn Rimes, “Swingin'”
Carrie Underwood, “Temporary Home”
Gretchen Wilson, “I’d Love To Be Your Last”

Best New Artist
Justin Bieber
Florence and the Machine
Mumford and Sons
Esperanza Spalding

For a full list of this year’s nominees in all categories, check the Grammys website.

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  • Marcus

    This is already a surprising turn of events. Wtf.

    • Jim

      Katey Perry for album of the year??? Are they serious?? ARE THEY SERIOUS??? How did they let that happen?
      And where the hell is ‘Bad Romance’ for Record of the year??? That was one hundred times better than ‘Nothing on You’ crap. This is BS. At least Arcade Fire got nominated for album of the year. The Suburbs was THE best album of the year.

      • Sam Puckett

        I agree, this list is a travesty, I would like to nominate “Not That Far Away” by Jennette McCurdy as single of the year

      • Jase

        Teenage Dream is a solid pop album. I Lady GaGa but there isnt anything that makes her album any better than Katy’s. They both help write their own music. They both have big producers who help shape the songs. They are both equally popular on radio. Katy deserves her accolades just as much as GaGa does.

      • bruno

        katy perry???? KATY PERRY??? for ALBUM OF THE YEAR???? WTF? fergie’s rolling over in her perverbial grave. THESE are the album’s of the year? now odner the industry’s down in sales….wow.

      • Miss Talk

        “Teenage Dream” is the Bristol Palin of this year’s nominations. Just… WHY? SMH

      • Cara

        Her album is really good, too bad she can’t sing live.

      • Jason S.

        I disagree Katy Perry’s album is great. WAYYYYYYYY better then Lady Gaga who bores me to tears! The Grammys are always a joke anyway! KAty Perry sounds great live as weel. I hear people say that and I wonder what there hearing cuz her voice is amazing. Album of the year? I can’t think of anything that amazing at the moment! I like The Dead Weather record! Hole’s record is pretty good!

      • chris

        Katy Perry is great and she has a right to be there just like everyone else.Beside fame monster has been out for what? Five years.

      • steph

        Katy Perry sounds like a drunk cat, especially when she sings above her comfortable range.

      • shannen

        yeah she did get alot of grammy awards and plus she’s a great singer to

      • Jamie

        Katy Perry is fine for Pop Album of the Year for sure, but Best Album? Not. Sorry, but Florence + the Machine’s CD was 1,000,000 times better.

      • JC

        The Grammys are supposed to be about the BEST music, not the most popular. Leave Katy Perry and Lady Gaga and the like to the MTV Music Awards. Out of the nominations, Arcade Fire’s “Suburbs” is far and away the BEST album.

      • Art

        At least Katy Perry released a new album. Gaga just tacked new songs to her old one (that was nominated last year) and it’s up again?

    • LOL

      What a sea of crap.

      • Hmm


      • Woot

        Yes! Plastic Beach and The ArchAndroid should have been nominated. Best albums of the year by far. How could Eminem’s (respect his earlier work) worst album get so many nominations?

      • Wil

        Awwwww I knew it was missing something. Plastic Beach and The Archandroid are spectacular!

        At least they nominated Arcade Fire, Florence + The Machine and Mumford & Sons…

      • FrigginTommyNoble

        If you look on the site, Plastic Beach was nominated for Best Short Form Music Video (“Stylo”) and Best Pop Instrumental Performance (“Orchestral Intro”, oddly enough). But still, the album’s not getting a fourth of the respect it deserves. But what do you expect? It’s the Grammys.

      • jmcg

        I don’t know if it is because music has become more mediocre in general, or if its just the grammys that have. Like a chicken and egg thing.

      • Kimmy Cakes

        Serial Wife Beater Eminem gets 10 nominations….LOL now that is hilarious. The Grammy Awards like the others, are rigged and not worth viewing.

    • Jason

      Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bieber, and Arcade Fire received noms? Must be a slow year for music. I remember when you had to be talented to be nominated. Guess all you need now is auto-tune, and a willingness to shame yourself in the name of “artistry”. I probably wouldn’t be this disappointed if one of them would just write an honest song about themselves, titled “Look at me, notice me, I’m nothing unless you pay attention to me”. I guess a shorter title would be “Look what I can do”- que Stuart.

      • Kevin

        Do you even know who Arcade Fire are? There album is easily one of the best of the year. That said, the rest of the list (including Eminem) is a joke.

      • Anon R

        @Jason You seriously think Arcade Fire doesn’t deserve that nomination? You must be deaf. Arcade Fire is way better than any of those nominated in that category.

      • JC

        You lack any credibility whatsoever if you put Arcade Fire in with Katy Perry, Lady GaGa, and Justin Bieber. Your post might well have been written in poo. You’re a nutter.

      • Vince from NYC

        Easy there Kevin. Eminem’s album was fantastic. He helped produce some of the beats and the amount of lyrics he puts into his album probably triples any other nominee’s lyrical production. who is Arcade Fire? I seriously don’t know, but thats probably because I don’t follow rock anymore. I won’t crap on something I don’t undersrtand. If they’re nominated and you say they’re great I’ll take your word. Perry’s nom surprised me a bit but she’s popular so I guess she deserves it too. I’m sure a good amount of teh population thinks it’s a great album. Just because I personally don’t like buble gum pop music deson’t mean it wasn’t the greatest bubble gum pop album ever.

      • Kevin

        Please forgive the “there” instead of “their” in my above post, grammar police… hadn’t had my coffee yet. Thanks “Vince from NYC” for disagreeing with me in a civil manner… a rare thing these days. I guess I’m just over the whole Eminem thing… I felt like his new album was just more of the same.

    • Tim

      GLEE got a nomination. That’ll tick off the GLEE haters who troll these boards.

      • Jamie

        Yeah, and Adam Lambert got one too – I am sure Kris Allen’s fans will start rioting anytime now.

      • Garrett

        RIOT RIOT Lambert sucks!!!! By the way thinking about riot The Rescues should have been nominated!

      • Matt

        I would agree with a Glee nomination if they actually had original songs but all they do is bad karaoke.

    • dipshat

      Nothin’ on you: A
      Love the way you lie: A-
      Forget you: B+
      Empire state of Mind: A
      Need you now: B+

      • wino

        An A for Nothing on You? okayyyyy

  • Molly

    Who is Esperenza Spalding?? I’m pretty keen on indie artists, but this is one lady I do not know.

    • Miss Talk

      She sang for the tribute to PRINCE on BET Awards this year. She’s amazing.

      • Jason

        BET still exists? Isn’t TV bad enough without reruns of The Parkers?

    • alan of montreal

      She’s a jazz artist–at least they focus on some other genres in this category. As a Canadian, I would pull for Drake or Bieber (more the former than the latter), but in terms of my heart, it belongs to Florence and the Machines. I was surprised that Nicki Manij and/or Janelle Monae and/or La Roux didn’t get nods in this category (though I suppose Monae isn’t technically all that new).

    • David D

      I think this is her THIRD album. The rules seem to have changed for this category — it used to be for a first album released in the eligibility year. And they were pretty strict about it, too — I recall that Whitney Houston was NOT nominated for New Artist the year her debut album came out because she had sung on a single track on another person’s album the year before. Now the category is for artists, quote, “who release, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist.” I guess this means you can put out a dozen albums before people catch on to you, and then you’re a New Artist.

  • Nick


  • XanderLJ

    Good news: Eminem n’ Rihanna are LOCKS for “Song of the Year”!!

    Bad news: Justin Bieber might be as well (though Drake is soooo much more deserving, I’d LOVE an upset)

    • Maureen

      To be honest though Justin Bieber DOES deserve this nod, maybe even the win. His style of music may not be for everyone, but you can’t deny that the kid has been prominent on the radio and has a star quality to him. Just my two cents… ;)

      • Jase

        Yea but Kesha has been prominent on radio, even more so than Bieber, who may I point out has only had one major hit (Baby). ALL of Kesha’s songs have been hits, and yet she doesnt get nominated. I dont have anything against the Biebs, but if he deserves a nom, so does Kesha.

      • Maureen

        @Jase: I completely agree with you about Ke$ha. I just came from the Grammy site and was shocked Ke$ha didn’t get a single nod! Although “One Less Lonely Girl” and “One Time” were also hits of the Biebs LOL!

      • alan of montreal

        Maybe it’s because Ke$ha is terrible live, and her lyrics are simple and crass. Also, Bieber may not have as many hit singles, but he’s sold more CDs. Not that I’m a fan of his or anything–I think I’ve even managed to avoid hearing any of his songs.

      • GOB

        Um, maybe it’s because Kesha is the most untalented, awful “singer” on the planet? Every song sounds the same, in that stupid sing/speak tone and her message is all whiny, “I’m awesome, you’re stupid” garbage.

      • Ron

        Dominating the charts and selling a bunch of records doesn’t mean you automatically get a nod so I’m glad they didn’t recognize Kesha especially in any of the ‘singing’ categories. I do think however that Katy Perry would have never been nominated had her songs not been inescapable for the past 6 months.

      • Tim

        Love to see Mumford & Sons take new artist.

      • Kiley

        Sorry Folks but again you’re confusing the Grammies with the Billboard Music or MTV Awards.

        This isn’t *suppose* to be about air play or #1 hits. The public liking stupid Ke$ha’s songs, doesn’t mean they are Grammy-worthy. Ke$ha doesn’t deserve to be on any list anyway. She’s a modern day Milli Vanilli. Her live performances prove the girl cannot sing.

      • Matt

        Since when are the Grammy’s a singing competition anyway? If it was a singing competition then Katharine McPhee should have been nominated because she has better vocals than Katy Perry and Lady Gaga could ever have. I agree that Kesha should have been nominated because she has her own style and I’ve heard her live and she sounds good. I don’t think she should win but she definetly deserved a nomination.

  • Marcus

    Esperenza Spalding is a jazzy singer…sang on Letterman.

    • Kris

      II agree!

  • jess

    wtf is right…no train, jay-z, or gaga for song of the indeed!

  • XanderLJ

    Oh and WHERE THE BLEEP is Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind”?!?!

    • Kris

      It’s nominated for Record of the Year, the highest honor that song can get.

      • XanderLJ

        Yes, but it deserved a “song of the year” nod as well. Still, its exclusion is what makes “Love the Way You Lie” such a lock in that category, which in turn might make Jay-Z the front-runner for “record”, so maybe it’ll work out for the best. As a longtime hip-hop fan (though not most of the mainstream artists nowadays), it would be all sorts of awesome to see Jay-Z and Eminem (two of the five greatest MC’s EVER, imo) take home 2 of the 4 main categories. I also think Em’s probably the frontrunner for Album of the Year (though Lady Gaga’s gonna be tough competition, and Arcade Fire has a outside chance to upset).

      • Miss Talk

        ESM is gonna win record of the Year for sure. Alicia getting no love in the R’n’B department, that’s kind of a slap in her face. I’m surprised.

      • ahem

        the day “recovery” came out i called it for album of the year. i’m not a huge eminem fan, but it is BY FAR his best CD ever. not a lot of stuff on it about hating gay people, fat people, making fun of everyone he can, etc. eminem is best when he is serious and vulnerable. if he loses album of the year i’ll eat a sock. it is finally his time to be rewarded.

  • Michelle

    By now, I’m pretty tired of the song, but how is it that ‘hey soul sister” wasn’t nominated for song of the year. All u heard in the radio was “need u now” and train’s single. Weird.

    • Lucy

      what about O.A.R.’s “Shattered (turn the car around)????!!! can’t stand JB, the kids love him and can keep him.

      • TJ

        That’s because “Shattered” came out in 2008.

  • Marcus

    I agree with Jess and XanderLJ

  • ericalina

    who was the girl with the red/pink hair that announced the best new artists?

    • Nathan

      Hayley Williams from Paramore

      • ericalina

        thank you! i didn’t recognize her at all.

  • Matt

    “Hey Soul Sister” and “Empire State Of Mind” may get Record (Single) of the year nominations instead of a song like “House That Built Me” or Ray LaMontagne’s song. Really, I’m not surprised that the Miranda Lambert song was nominated and it very may will win the award. As for Best New Artist, that’s between Bieber and Drake.

    • Mac

      I hope Florence + the Machine win – Cosmic Love is intense.

      • ethel merman

        Louder than sirens, louder than bells, most of these nods can go to h e l l. Florence is truly fantastic.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        I don’t want Florence to win, only for the fact that the Best New Artist award is cursed.

      • macFanDave

        I saw Florence + The Machine on SNL and I was really taken in by her two songs. That’s very rare for an artist I’d never heard of.

        Having taken my tween daughter to a Justin Bieber concert, I find him to be a run-of-the-mill talent with little stage presence. What’s the big deal?

      • anya

        Why would Florence + The Machine be considered a new artist? Isn’t this her third album?? Regardless, I love her so I hope she wins.

    • Kel

      UGH. Can’t stand “Hey Soul Sister”…. >_>

      Despite the protests, I AM happy that Gaga ha 6 nominations. There’s a good chance she’ll win one too. :)
      Even though she won’t win, I’m glad another favorite of mine, LeAnn Rimes is nominated. I still think she should have one back in ’09 (at least I think it was 2009…) when she was nominated for “What I Cannot Change”…

    • me

      it was a true crime that lady antebellum got an album of the year nom over miranda lambert. “revolution” was far and a way better than “need you now”. oh well

  • Yabby

    So happy they dissed Ke$ha for Best new artist.

    • Mmh

      Thank the Lord for that

    • Hannah


    • Meredith

      Oh for small favors.

    • Al

      No kasha is nominated for best new artist

      • Al

        I mean kesha

      • anonymous

        Reading comprehension must not have been a strong subject for you in school.

    • Rich

      They’re afraid of another Vanilli-gate.

    • Jocelyn

      Me too! Best new artist is always cursed & Kesha will be around for a long time :p

  • Holly

    When did the Grammys become the CMAs? It seems like country acts are taking all the pop/rock categories.

    • Liza

      Where are the pop/rock categories? I thought the categories listed (i.e. – Song and Album of the Year) were all pretty much a mixed bag of genres, including country.

      • ks

        go to the Grammy website-they include ALL the catagories :)

    • me

      liza is correct. album, record, and song of the year span all genres.

  • Hannah

    WTF Is this true? WHERE IS BAD ROMANCE???

    • shannon

      could be wrong, but i believe bad romance would have been eligble last year, not this year… correct me if i’m mistaken though!

      • Pogi

        No. Bad romance was release in october, passed the deadline. SO THIS SUCKS. But i didn’t know The Fame Monster would be eiligble since it was only 8 songs but YAY! And dance in the dark got a nom!

      • asher

        Bad Romance was released October 26 2009, and the cut off date for this past 2010 Grammys was Aug. 31 2009. So Bad Romance was eligible to be nominated this year. I think the Record of the Year nominees are pretty solid, but I personally feel like Bad Romance deserves a spot over Love the Way You Lie or Nothin’ On You.

    • alan of montreal

      It’s nominated for female pop vocal

  • HMMM

    Kinda confused why Teenage Dream is nominated for Album of the Year… It wasn’t A HUGE commercial success and it got generally bad reviews. I personally like it, but I’m surprised it was acknowledged.

    • Michelle

      I agree. I have the album, it’s good pop album but not “album of the yr” worthy. I dont know what the time frame is to be considered for a grammy but Bareilles’ new album should definitely be acknowledged. Better than perry’s teenage dream for sure.

    • VL

      Yeah, I am confused about why Teenage Dream got nominated for Album of the Year. It seemed pretty generic to me in terms of style.

    • AK

      It’s a huge shock to see it nominated, but I actually really like the album, so I don’t mind. However, I’m even more surprised Lady Gaga nominated as well. Usually, there’s one album from each different genre, yet this year, there are two pop albums for AOTY and one of them is an eight-song EP. Weird…

    • Danielle

      It wasn’t a “huge” success sales wise, but, it did debut at #1 and it’s on it’s way to having 3 #1 singles from it (“Cali Girls”, “Teenage Dream”, and “Firework”..which is #2 on the Hot 100 this week and has been #1 on iTunes for almost 2 weeks). It’s kinda surprising, but, when you consider the overall impact the singles have had this year, it sorta makes sense.

      • asher

        Except an album shouldn’t be nominated for a having a handful of hit singles and then a bunch of filler.

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      I do not understand that nomination, either. Teenage Dream was a blip on the radar. One of The Boys was a more successful album, not to mention better in terms of quality, yet it didn’t get as many nominations.

      • Michelle

        I thought the exact same thing. One of the Boys is way better. Lets all face it; the grammys will never get it right and we’ll always disagree with most of their choices.

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