Bon Jovi passed over by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: Three reasons they deserve to get in

bon-jovi-amaImage Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesThe Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its 2011 inductees today—Tom Waits, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Dr. John, and Darlene Love are set to be immortalized in the the March 14 ceremony, which will air on Fuse. But those inductees are out of 15 possible nominees that were made public in September. First of all: Big ups to all of those lucky musicians! Congrats. But as you may or may not know, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame releases a list of nominees a few months before announcing who’ll actually be inducted that year. It was after looking over that list of possible inductees that I found myself stunned: Bon Jovi didn’t make the cut. Granted, there are several other deserving folks who were nominated and didn’t make it, and this was only the first year that Bon Jovi was nominated (they’ll probably get in before too much longer), but it does seem more than egregious that they didn’t make it. Right? Right. Anyway, without further ado, I present my three reasons why Bon Jovi should have made the cut this year.

• Um, have you heard “Livin’ on a Prayer”? How can you not revel in that awesome song? Relive it here:

Of course, the rest of their music is pretty amazing, too. Do I even need to tell you this?

• The fact that this was a look for a while. If that’s not Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy, I don’t know what is.

• They were just named the No. 1 worldwide touring act of 2010 by Billboard. And, actually, it was the second time the iconic band scored the spot for the top-grossing tour in three years—only The Rolling Stones and The Grateful Dead have done that so far. Hello! And just look: Both those bands are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (Stones made it in 1989 and Dead in 1994). I’m just sayin’…

What do you think, Music Mixers? Do you agree with me about Bon Jovi? Shouldn’t they be in there? Or should I just cool my jets on the Bon Jovi “snub”?

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  • Meg

    Bon Jovi will make it in, just like Justin Bieber will win more Music of the Year awards. No doubt.

    • Lady Gaga4Ever

      This fossil from the 80’s does not deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. Please.

      • Me2

        With a name like Lady Gaga4Ever- you are hardly capable of discerning who belongs in the Rock and ROll Hall of Fame.

      • Jule

        Says a Lady Gaga fan. Someday when you grow up you’ll learn what talent is.

      • Joseph

        so what? u think Lady Gaga is rock? It’s like people today throw out what’s not hip, and ignore all they have accomplished in the 80’s, 90’s and today. Don’t judge them by one song also. You need to get to know a band and all it’s generations of music until you could make a point. People who also say Rush should be in there instead well, just because 1 band didn’t make the cut doesn’t mean others can’t have the success.

      • UGH

        They were “half way there” at least.

      • Rory

        not quite fossil pal considering they have to have recorded their first album 25 years ago to get in if they are fossils what is neil diamond? p.s lady gaga is a man!!!

      • Lovely Hearts

        Love the hair and ShortPeopleDate was amazing

      • Kris

        Ladaygag4ever These are great artists that you call fossils??? I mean come on. That is a pretty harsh comment. They are an extremley talented group, that just keeps going and making hits I have seen them in concert a few times and they are amazing. Maybe you are not a fan of that kind of music as I am not of Lady Gaga, but she is talented in her own way and I won’t knock her because she is let’s say… different. Bon Jovi is so deserving to be inducted in the R&R Hall of Fame!!

      • wtf?

        1. Just a question, but what is the definition of “fossil” to you? Anybody who’s been around since before the most recent Lady Gaga hit? Please enlighten us, and then get off the EW message boards and live your sorry hipster life.

        2. People, if he/she doesn’t go away, don’t give her the attention she craves (in that sense, she is truly like her idol) – just ignore Lady Gaga4Ever’s comments, and maybe we won’t see, um, IT, ever again.

      • J SABO

        I relize Bon Jovi will be in someday (not even a huge fan – but they do deserve to be in) but either way, it don`t take much to relize that if Red Hot Chilli Peppers got in? Then how are they not in? Jovi has sold 130 million albums to RHCP 80 million. Not sure how they got in before Bon Jovi.

    • Teresa

      Madonna is in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and Linda Ronstadt is not. Think about that.

      • rasothavas

        It’s all about the money. I’m surprised JBJ didn’t make the cut, with all the money they made off that crap they pumped out back in the day. Jovi sounds like Anchovy, yuk!

      • Shawnuel

        Amen. Linda, at least, has done some credible Rock & Roll that was commercial as well. “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” and “Hasten Down the Wind” were both written by Warren Zevon. There is NO way Bon Jovi should be in the R&R Hall before Zevon gets in…….or Elvis Costello…..or Squeeze…… or Ry Cooder……or TODD RUNDGREN!!!!!!

    • Diana

      Bon Jovi were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame for their outstanding contribution to British music and integral part of British music culture. When will this happen in America?

    • Tom

      The Rock-n-Roll HOF has no credibility with ,ironically, rock-n-roll musicians. If it was called th e Pop Music HOF that would be a more accurate moniker. Bon Jovi should be in as well as Rush and countless other Rock-n-Roll bands. Donna Summer is a wonderful Disco singer but does not belong in the ROCK-N-ROLL HOF.

    • Bon Jovi fan

      Wow….you’re all idiots…..

      Greatest band E V E R. ;)

    • Michael

      It is a disgrace that Bon Jovi hasn’t made it into the Rock In Roll Hall of Fame to this point!! I would not be surprised if they did within the next year or so, there’s no reason they should not!! I put them up there with the Stones and the greats of Aerosmith, Journey, and Def Leppard. So many hits over 25+ years now and their consistency and longevity speaks volumes. It’s a crock some of the bands I noticed in the RHOF…what a world we live in.

  • Ed

    Bon Jovi is lame and cheesy, but so is the R&R HOF. Go to any Hard Rock Cafe or Hotel in the world and see the same artifacts, plus beers and burgers, and minus the pretentious curation.

    • ks

      THANK YOU I totally agree

      • rasothavas

        Bon Jovi are just a bunch of ball bags.

    • Camila

      Jon Bon Jovi has thirty years of music history and is part of America’s most popular band in the world. He has songs that made the soundtrack to millions of listeners worldwide. Many of his critics wanted to be where he is now. Sufferers of chronic envy and should be treated.

  • John Smith

    Bon Jovi is terrible. He and his music makes me cringe. If a truly talented band such as Rush can’t make the RaRHOF, deadbeats such as Bon Jovi should be permanently barred from entry.

    • ks

      I am so glad I am not the only one that think they can’t sing

      • kin

        need to put your hearing aid on!!
        His voice is amazing.

      • PG

        I agree with kin may be you never heard his songs just commenting here without knowledge…chicken head

      • ks

        @PG yes I have seen them in concert

    • LOL

      Bon Jovi is music for people who hate music.

      • bleugene

        I totally agree.

      • LovesTheOnly Rule

        Your screen name is appropriately LOL – because you are being laughed at! Bon Jovi is one of the very best bands around. I LOVE music of ALL kinds, and Bon Jovi’s the best.

    • Maria

      Three words…..

      You are lame!

      • Diana

        Four words …

        You’re a loser!

    • Jule

      You obviously don’t know anything about Bon Jovi, and you obviously don’t know most of their music. Or else you’ve to such a schoolgirl crush on Geddy Lee you refuse to even consider another musician might have some talent.

      Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean they’re not taleted. Rush is all technique, no heart. They don’t deserve to be in any more than a computer does.

      Bon Jovi, on the other hand, is heart AND talent, and they’ve influenced more new bands than have even heard of Rush.

      • Dan

        Please- Rush has had way more of an influence on Bon Jovi- Bon Jovi has only influenced over-produced pop bands that add nothing unique or interesting to music. And Rush doesn’t have heart??? Obviously, you’ve never heard The Pass, written about a friend who committed suicide, or Closer to the Heart- yeah, but that’s not about heart- right!!!

      • rasothavas

        JBJ just sprayed on a can of hairspray, put a sock in his crotch and the girls and some boys if they’re gay, went nuts. It’s all a popularity contest, does not matter so much about their poopy music they pumped out.

      • Shawnuel

        COME ON. That is simply not a credible statement. Rush has influenced WAY more young musicians to start bands than Bon Jovi ever will hope to. I don’t mind JBJ and have been impressed with the way he has settled in to Rock & Roll elder statesmen, but he really had no presence in the business until 1987. Todd Rundgren has been around since 1967 and has a few of the biggest hits of the 70’s. A true artistic maverick who can still crank out hit singles with the best of them. He could credibly make the hall on his production work alone. There are SOOO many great bands who haven’t even sniffed the Hall yet. Bon Jovi need to wait their turn.

      • Tom

        You’re not a musician are you ?

      • kbk


    • ALM

      FINALLY! Someone I agree with Bon Jovi is HORRIBLE! They have the worst songs.

      • one

        I thought the same thing. Their recent stuff is pretty bad but their albums from the 90s were solid: Keep the Faith and These Days are the best CDs they’ve released. You should really check out singles from those albums. Those 2 albums made me a fan.

    • Teri

      oh please nobody here knows what real talent is RUSH! the worlds worst voice now that mans voice make you cringe sounds like he sings out his nose while it’s jammed sideways in his a** Bon Jovi will get in just not this year!

      • Dan

        So, by that definition, Bob Dylan and Bruce Springsteen shouldn’t be in the Hall of Fame, but Barry Manilow should. OK.

      • rasothavas

        JBJ just licks the plate, he’s a failed actor to boot.

    • Maddie

      As Dean Winchester says, “Bon Jovi can rock…. on occasion.”

    • capelli

      shut up.bon jovi ROCKS!!!!!!!have u heard “livin on a prayer”? how could that make you cringe

  • Kwise

    Isn’t it rare that musicians get accepted in their first year of availability? I have no doubt that Bon Jovi will get in – you don’t even need to provide reasons to support them, it’s obvious. Their time will come…

  • Mariana

    They deserve it.

  • S.O.

    Bon Jovi didn’t make the HOF cause better bands/acts still haven’t made the HOF either. (ie; Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, Rush)

    • Maria

      Red Hot Chili Peppers…really???

      • nic


      • S.O.

        ya, really!

    • Ab

      Chili Peppers aren’t eligible yet. This was Bon Jovi’s first year of eligibility and the Chili Peppers came out well after them

      • Debbie

        sorry, chili peppers came out in 85 – they have 25 years, which makes them eligible!

      • Jule

        The Red Hot Chili Peppers? Um. :/

    • Color Me Impressed

      I agree that all 3 of these groups need to make it in! Along with: The Replacements, d*mmit!

  • Nick

    Bon Jovi will make it…eventually. I think the thing working against them is that they are still going strong. Pretty much everything else who gets in is living off of their laurels and hasn’t had a hit in years. Bon Jovi, U2 and Springsteen are the only relavent acts from the 80s still in the music game…They’ll get in sooner or later.

    • Barry

      You left out The Rolling Stones!

      • nic

        he means bands that came up in the 80’s. In which case he missed Metallica!

    • Joseph

      Both Metallica and the Rolling Stones are already in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame though.

    • jeff

      Please dont put Bon Jovi in the same category with Springsteen or even U2. Bon Jovi is a Springsteen Wannabee.

      • Sassy

        Oh, don’t beg – why would he want to be a springsteen wannabe when springsteen’s only #1 single was “Santa Clause is Coming To Town” in 1985.

  • ps in seattle

    Bon Jovi is not the only group overlooked by the Hall of Fame. STEVE MILLER is more than deserving of a nod, yet he never even gets nominated. Steve Miller has been rockin’ us since the mid 60’s, played at my first rock festival in 1968, has written and recorded many iconic rock songs and is still putting out new music. Where’s the love for Steve Miller?

  • AngieLam18

    Has anyone heard this guy sing live lately? Dude sounds like a dying cat.

    • kin

      only one sounding like a dying cat… is you!!!

    • Maria


    • Shawnuel

      So does Adam Lambert but people buy his product.

  • Big Daddy

    Hey get over it, if one of the greatest rock n roll band RUSH isn’t in the HOF, then why should Bon Jovi

  • Omacolt

    Bon Jovi is not elite enough to be a first year inductee. Thats for Elvis, Madonna, and Michael Jackson. They will get in but other acts who have waited longer will get in first.

    • Sassy

      WOW! a drug addict, a stripper and a pedafile – Bon Jovi is the eliteist here.

  • vinnie

    Alice Cooper in the HOF? Where is Rush, Moody Blues, Tower of Power, Steve Miller, Red Hot Chili Peppers (and many more)?

    • Jule

      Without Alice Cooper, none of those bands would exist. Fact.

      • Color Me Impressed

        Hahaha Rush, Moody Blues, and Steve Miller Band were around long before Alice Cooper, and I doubt RHCP were influenced by him.

      • Shawnuel

        Color Me Impressed… need a serious history lesson. Moody Blues and Steve Miller Band started a year or two before Alice Cooper and Rush a good 4 years after.

  • The Dolt

    Eddie Murphy should be a shoo-in. “My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the TIME!”

  • Dan

    The replies on here are hilarious. Sounds like a message board for 9th graders. Yeah, you may not like Bon Jovi, but everything that was said above is true. They’ve got a #1 album on 6 continents, the #1 tour of the year for the 2nd time in 3 years. We’re not talking about some passing fad here. We’re talking about a band that has been around for 27 years.

    • kin

      Agree with you 100%. Plus selling out stadiums everywhere !!! RRHOF is such a joke- they don’t know ROCK if it hit them in the head!!!

    • lallalalalalalal


    • ks

      so do you think Dokken should be in? 32 yrs and still rocking

    • Dan

      Popularity is not the overriding criteria for the Hall of Fame. If that were the case, then the Oscar for Best Picture each year would go to the picture that made the most money.

      I like Bon Jovi, REO Speedwagon, Styx, Def Leppard, and groups of that nature. But let’s face it- their music was designed specifically to conform to the popular style at the time- huge, overglossed production being the common denominator. Their influence pretty much died in 1986-1988 when Guns N Roses and then Nirvana came on the scene, and no one has gone back to that style of music. If you want to talk about influence on other groups, there is one group that has been named as a major influence by Guns N Roses, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Motley Crue, Weezer, Green Day, Stone Temple Pilots, The Ramones, and Soundgarden.

      And believe it or not, that band is Cheap Trick.

      • Dan

        Left out a sentence- should have said, “Criteria for the Hall is not just popularity- although that can be taken into consideration. It also has to do with influence and innovation. If popularity were the overriding criteria, then yes they would be in.”

        It’s not fair, in a way- I mean, athletes are voted to the Hall based on their numbers, so musicians should as well, right? The problem is that greatness in sports can be measured by numbers, and that’s not always the case with music. The Velvet Underground had a huge, huge influence on the rest of music, yet their sales were dismal.

      • Color Me Impressed

        And does anyone know if Velvet Underground are in the Hall?

      • Ne Oublie

        @CMI: Yes they are.

    • LovesTheOnly Rule

      You’re right, Dan. And not only just around for 27 years – they’re stellar! and they undoubtably belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

  • steve

    the fact that one of the most influential bands ever is not in KISS; is a joke..KISS is the greatest live act to ever live…and still doing in for 35 years. ( though not the original lineup) Still touring well all over the world. Had a #2 album last year also. And the top American gold and platinum album band. Influenced everyone from Garth brooks to Lady Gaga

    • Jeff R

      Well said, Steve! I couldn’t agree more. KISS is the single biggest omission in the HOF….

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