Lady Gaga's bare-bottomed 'Born This Way' artwork: What do you think?

With no awards shows to perform at or red carpets to bless with her eccentricities, Lady Gaga‘s been pretty quiet for the last few months. But it seems like we’ll be getting back to regularly scheduled Gaga programming in no time. As we reported earlier, she kicked off the new year on Twitter announcing that her next album, Born This Way, will hit stores May 23. And the first single, its title track, will be released Feb. 13, the same day as the 2011 Grammy Awards. Along with the announcement came a photo of a pantsless Gaga wearing only a jacket adorned with the name of her album and a unicorn drawing, which matches the tattoo on her thigh. Considering this is the same person who proudly wore a meat dress and one made of Kermit heads, this isn’t that wild. Racy? Sure. But I certainly was expecting something that would register a bit higher on my crazy meter. Still, it’s NSFW-worthy and a little too much to be displaying here without you choosing to check it out after the jump. See it for yourself.

BORN-THIS-WAYGaga’s reps have yet to confirm that this will be her album’s (or even be the single’s ) artwork. What do you think of the photo? Might we see a slightly more reserved Gaga this go-around? Or is this just a warm up for risque, borderline crazy attire to come? Let us know.

UPDATE: Gaga’s reps have confirmed that the image is just a teaser and not the single or album artwork.

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  • UGH


    • Krissy

      Gaga is so fun! I love the look of this shot…very free and wild.

      • Gagaluvr1226

        I totally friggin agree!

    • Amy

      Leave it to Gaga to be cheeky!

    • Rush

      She does have a hot little ass there.

      • sam99999

        if it’s hers

      • peaches

        Sure beats looking that horse face!

      • SAJ

        I agree; she has a nice one. I don’t care about her music. I’d like to see more of her butt!

    • sam99999

      If you look close enough, I think there’s a scr0tum hanging down there…

      • justblue2

        I agree with Sam99999, looks like a Man’s ass.

      • Josie

        Get a clue – Born This Way? A Unicorn? Can you get anymore phallic than a unicorn? The lady has a little more than standard equipment.

      • Ed

        Better than a fat ass with cellulite.

      • Jane

        Love me some meat curtains…

      • acf

        or she’s doing something else…

      • al12

        lmfao.. i don’t think so.

    • LOL

      Nice rump roast!

    • dk

      She is so damn ugly that this is the best shot they could get

    • Scott

      Anything to sell a record. Sad.

  • Linney17

    How utterly predictable coming from an overhyped, undertalented famewhore.

    • Kristyn

      Totally agree. This fame whore needs to disappear. I’m so sick of hearing crap about her and seeing her freak outfits.

      • windrider2

        If you didn’t read every damned article you find about her and look at every damned picture of her damned freak outfits by the damned leading designers of the fashion world, you wouldn’t be sick. She’s not putting a gun to your head, making you read about her and look at her pictures. It’s YOUR CHOICE, it’s YOUR BEHAVIOR. Either stop doing it or STFU.

      • Georgia

        okay, windrider2, CHILL! It’s very difficult to avoid all these annoying news stories about this overhyped chick due to the fact that her name is ALL over the place. And how the h*ll do you know Kristyn looks at “every damned… yada yada. w/e.” Calm down, dude, and go back to your Lady Gaga obsessin’ ways.

      • Rush

        Is there an echo in here, are you a parrot, or are you incapable of expressing an opinion that hasn’t already been stated?

      • gates

        i’m not that emotional about her obnoxious omnipresence, but i do have to admit, i’m a little tired of her “crazy” antics. they seem so contrived. it doesn’t seem like her behaviour is natural, which is always more exciting than planned out craziness. the word loses its meaning when it comes to Gaga

      • Joey

        I think she is pretty damn talented.. she can sing and knows how to play the piano amongst other things, people are such haters.

      • gates

        “people are such haters”? a comment displaying the height of intellectualism…

      • Em

        @gates – says the one commenting on an article about lady gaga’s a**. Seriously, none of us have the right to judge.

      • Kelcie

        @gates It’s the entertainment industry. Just about everything is contrived.

      • Jonathan

        If Gaga is ”over-the-top” and “outrageous” then WTF is Britney Spears? And How is Gaga the famewhore? Gaga hasn’t done any of the crazy stuff that Britney had done to stay in the headlines. i.e. shaving her head, not wearing any panties, attacking someone’s car with an umbrella, driving while holding her son, etc.
        The only thing that famewhore Britney is famous for is raunchy,sexualized lyrics. She doesn’t have any real vocal talents and she sounds pretty bad live.

      • Dee

        Why would u come look at posts about her? I think she entertained you either way because you take the time and effort to comment on an article on her.

    • Devin Faraci

      Janelle Monáe out-gagas Gaga.

      • Tarc

        I love Monae, but they have little in common to compare.

      • Henry

        The only things they have in common are being singers, female and that they draw breath. Monae? Really?

      • Vel

        Bwahahahahahahaa! OH. God my side hurts from reading dim-bulb-watty remarks from the hordes of struggle-and-grunts that don’t care for Gaga. Look where you are, darling, reading another bit about her AND taking the time to write about her (and I bet you even took the time to weigh in your vote about that photo of her, cheeky, little beggars). Gaga and Monae have really Nothing in common at all, other than their female anatomy. Gaga is the child of Madonna and “Atomic”-era Blondie. J’s the offspring of Fatboy Slim and Aretha Franklin. They’re both tasty fruits, baby, but apples and oranges, really. And “famewhore,” really? Wow, because a lot of people like her music and are charmed/fascinated by her style? She’s not a whore, sweetheart-she’s what’s commonly known, on this planet, as a star. And if you hate her that much, follow the sage words of Larry Flynt:”If you don’t like it, don’t read it.” Or buy it, or listen to it or watch it. To thine own 5 senses be true.

      • sure

        “God my side hurts from reading dim-bulb-watty remarks” After he begins with “Bwahahahahahahaa!”

      • dayglodaydream

        Janelle really turns it up to 11!

      • Gagaluvr1226

        Friggin lies!!!!

    • Michael

      You only call her untalented due to her image. If you saw her and heard her live you would change your tune.

      • Andy

        This is totally true. I used to think that she dressed/acted that way because she had no talent. Then my best friend wanted to go see her live so we did. I was not expecting much but when she sang Speechless the audience was dead silent and it was the most hauntingly beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. It really changed my opinion of Gaga.

      • Me

        There are way more talented individuals who don’t resort to this type of gimmicks to stay in the public’s eye.

        It’s her antics that have turned me off from her, regardless of how well she might sing.

      • @Me

        I agree with you. It’s impossible to deny her talent, but her persona detracts from it.

      • Shawdy

        Really? I did at the beginning and basically wrote her off as another annoying Mariah/Madonna wannabe and that’s exactly what she is. Get off your pedestal, Little Monsters.

      • Linney17

        You don’t know why I call her untalented so please don’t put words in my mouth. She’s a gimmick. I don’t care to see her live. Her tunes are catchy but I think there are probably a million people who could sing JUST like her. Sorry, I’m not impressed.

      • Mark

        I agree with Michael.

      • Mojo Jojo

        I always thought she was just an average singer and although not really a fan I went to the last show at the O2 in London and boy was I shocked! It was so good I didn’t even know what to think. I got the album on my way home and I think it’s not as good as the live performance.

      • gates

        oh, she definitely has heaps of talent, yet unfortunately she feels the need to basically scream “look at me. aren’t i so cool and edgy?” to stay in the public eye. where are the artists who could survive a full-length career with only their talent to keep them striving?

      • Jane

        I like turtles.

      • Sarah

        HA! No such bloody luck – I saw her concert, in VIP seats, in Zurich and was a BIG fan before – not after. Her shows are so plastic it kills her talent.

    • Tarc

      There are about a dozen excellent videos of her live, and she’s amazing live. Check out the live performance on the 2010 Brits (dedicated to Alexander MCQueen). If that’s not world class talent (that cannot be ‘overhyped’), then there is none.

      • BlackIrish4094

        Then there is none based on your faulty logic because she is overhyped to the Nth degree.

      • Jonathan

        Amen and Omen!

    • Baba Booey’s Terrible Throwing Arm

      Right, she’s so talentless which is why both Elton John and Billy Joel have lauded her piano playing and songwriting abilities.

      • Rich

        Elton John’s favorite artist in 1995 was Amanda Marshall.

        Heard of her? No? AHA………

      • Rob

        Elton lost all respect from me when he pimped himself out for cash to sing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding.

      • Lee

        You haven’t heard of Amanda Marshall because Sony’s had her locked in contract disputes for most of a decade. She’s an extremely talented artist and I’m far more likely to buy her album than Gaga’s…assuming they ever let her get one out again

    • Pete Ludwig

      Fame whore? Yes. Talentless? No, not at all. She writes her own stuff and it sells like hotcakes. Do the math.

      • jasper

        it’s not that hard to get a songwriting credit. ask beyonce.

      • Ron

        Unless of course its “Telephone” secretly sung by Britney Spears. Somehow I doubt she really writes anything. She has pipes, granted. Her “artistic” attitude though is a detraction..why does her generation feel gettting noticed is more important than being respected?

      • Krissy

        Ron, you don’t know what you are talking about. Gaga was a songwriter for other acts before she got her own record deal. Telephone wasn’t “secretly” sung by Britney, fool. That was a song Gaga offered to sell before she made her own cd.

    • ChuckMac

      I agree. When your talent is lacking…you have to resort to your lowest common denominator.
      And people MUST be joking. ART? It’s SHOCK. Simply put.

    • RW

      If you knew anything about her you wouldn’t be calling her ‘talentless’… She wrote her first piano ballad by the time she was four, as Stefani Germanotta (her real name). She was also accepted into the Tisch School of the Arts at NYU, and was writing songs for artists before she was 18 and signed on her own.

      You should try reading sometime, and you might learn something – like how much talent she has in her pinky nail, as compared to your entire being.

    • janet

      I agree, she is just disgusting!!
      Just sick that this kind of trash is making her money. Great Role model trashwhore.

    • Leah

      And to make matters worse, it looks like she’s trying to pull something out of her ass. Ugh. Gross. She may at one time have been known for her talent, but these days she’s known more for her ridiculous outfits (or lack thereof) than for her music.

    • Annia

      I don’t get the hype. Is it just me that if she removeS all her crazy outfits & left with her hair and makeup, she looks just like “Yatta” from THE NANNY, you know, Fran’s maternal grandmother???

  • Flyer

    Where’s the “Yawn” voting choice?

    • Andy

      Yea, I’m not impressed or outraged or surprised or anything. It’s just kind of blah.

    • luke

      you’re not supposed to be outraged or impressed or suprised…it’s a photograph…it’s art. It’s pretty. That is all you need sometimes.

      • Kelcie


      • @luke

        Just because it’s a photograph doesn’t make it art, or pretty.

      • Shawdy

        How is some Pop Queen Princess’s work “art” exactly?

      • Turanga Leela

        Art is not supposed to be pretty. And that photo is not art. I’m with the “yawn” choice, too. It’s predictable and boring.

      • anya

        I wouldn’t really call that photo art. I would say that she’s trying pretty hard to make it art though. I’m glad it isn’t the album cover.

      • Aly

        She tries too hard to make everything art. I liked her better when I thought she was just a party girl with a good voice and a sense of humor a la Just Dance. Her pretension has since put me off hard core (and I say that as a Madonna fan so I have a pretty high tolerance threshold for pretension.)

  • Karate Pants

    It looks like she’s wiping with a bandanna.

  • Jake

    PRETTY AWESOME , BUT EXPECTED MORE , NO DOUBT She will beat Britney with her album and can’t wait for her first single

    • Henry

      Yes. Another collection of forgettable songs. Whoever wrote “Pokerface” had better get pen to paper and starting writing her memorable hooks and fast!

      • K Harrison

        “whoever wrote Pokerface” REALLY? Gaga writes ALL her songs and is a true artist and musician. You can’t say that for any other of the pop tarts out there today. Nothing against the Britney’s and Katy Perry’s of the world, but they are not even in the same league as LG as far as talent goes. Plus LG lends her name and voice and $$ to charities and social causes and is tireless in her appreciation of her fans. Go Gaga.. Can’t WAIT for BTW!

      • windrider2

        Gaga wrote ‘Poker Face’ and all her other hits that are so forgettable that she’s won dozens of awards for them. She writes all her own music, storyboards her own videos, designs her own concert sets and staging. She controls every single creative/artistic element of her career.

        ‘Poker Face’ is so forgettable that it is STILL charting three years later, even went back to the top of the Japanese charts after the Android ad featuring it went viral.

        So forgettable that her 2009 album was the top selling album again in 2010.

        Poker Face is so forgettable that you still remember it almost three years after its release.

      • murley

        gaga is a stand up person and devoted to her fans. i know this from personal experience. what is trashy is a bunch of people saying really awful degrading things about someone they have never met who only had the audacity to become famous doing what she wants.

  • Becky Scallop

    This is utterly disrespectful. It’s funny how Bristol Palin is given such a hard time for being a ROLE MODEL!

    • D

      Yeah, cuz Palin flogging her “do as I say not as I do” family planning philosophy in paid speeches nationwide is EXACTLY the same thing. Please don’t breed.

    • Bill

      Disrespectful to whom, exactly? Do you think she got up one day and thought “I’m going to show Becky my butt! HAHAHAHAHAHA!” But, why should I expect logic from someone who thinks a lecturing, self-righteous, hypocritical, brain dead unwed teen mother is a role model?

  • jen

    Why do people have to be so negative… I don’t get it. If you don’t like her then don’t look at the picture or click into the article that is about her and then proceed to make some snarky comment. No one cares what you think and those of us that like Lady Gaga could careless what you think, your breath is wasted here. It is like people go out of their way to be nasty, like you people look for something to complain about. Grow up, get a life and if you don’t like it then don’t look.

    • Kelcie

      Thank you! She doesn’t always dress “outragously” anyway. Jeez. It’s fine to have a difference of opinion but people don’t need to be vile. I like the cover. The Fame Monster covers and promo pics weren’t “outrageous” either, mind you…

    • Georgia

      oh get over yourself. People are always going to click on articles about people/things that annoy them to make negative comments about it. W/e. All these comments about “if you don’t like it then don’t look” are more annoying than those “snarky comments”

      • Kelcie

        Well, that’s an opinion – but you can avoid that…

        “if you don’t like it then don’t look.” ;)

    • wakeforce

      TO THE PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY ARE SICK OF GAGA- GUESS WHAT! THE MORE YOU COMMENT, THE MORE YOU ARE GOING TO SEE ARTICLES ABOUT HER- YOU CAN FULLY AVOID THAT BY NOT CLICKING ON ANY GAGA ITEMS! and to Georgia- As long as people comment, we will be back to annoying people like you! See how that works! Now go choke on a peach pit!

      • Pillow Pants

        Complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people commenting is the new complaining about people complaining about people commenting.

        Also, the more wakeforce comments the more he/she/it is going to see people comment back.

        It’s truly a vicious cycle.

  • Dean

    If I had a rear end that lovely I would put it on my album cover too.

    • BlackIrish4094

      It’s not that great and it’s airbrushed. Looks like she’s suffering from “pancake @ss” with oomplications from “noassatall”.

      • Dean

        I strongly disagree. I first noticed how awesome her @ss is when she did SNL. It is the real deal.

      • windrider2

        No, it’s not airbrushed. That is HER ass. It looks just as good on a fan-made video as it does in this Nick Knight photo. It looks even better when you see it live ;)

      • Rob


        It seems you have WAY too much time on your hands…just saying.

      • murley

        no sorry. she has a great ass.

  • Me Too

    Its a bare-ass…. how could I not love it?

  • Damon

    Overrated! Yall post more stuff about her than anyone! I don’t think she’ll live up to expectations.

    • Turanga Leela

      I think “Glee” and “Twilight” are still in the lead.

      • Rich

        If the photo was Gaga with Edward tattooed on one buttock and Jacob on the other, while Lea Michelle threw a Slushie in her face, I believe Entertainment Weekly’s head would explode.

      • Pillow Pants

        Rich just won the internet.

  • Mike

    I dont mind the nudity as I am not put off by it, the problem i have with the photo is that it looks like she’s wiping with the bandanna

  • Jay

    Her butt is about 100 times prettier than her face, so yeah, this is an improvement. Maybe she can sing from her butt, too, that would improve her so-called “music.” When your biggest fan and BFF 4ever is the human slime Perez Hilton….

    • vaporland

      @Jay:”Maybe she can sing from her butt, too, that would improve her so-called ‘music'”

      I really like L.G.G., but that was funny!

  • Kath

    The jacket is so ’90s.

  • PN

    The album cover is good. It just defines what the album’s songs are about, the concept of the album. It just shows her own identity instead of the typical photo of the singer on the album cover. She’s known for her edginess and this cover defines it.

    • kaylapurr91

      I love this picture and it would be a great album cover but it’s only a teaser (her reps confirmed it was only a teaser).

  • JPX

    Isn’t her 15 minutes up yet? We get it, Gaga, you’re ‘outrageous’. Madonna did all this 25 years ago.

    • halfpint

      Don’t forget when Bowie, Grace Jones, Marilyn Manson, etc, etc did it…

      • RJD

        Yup…that’s the trend with senationalism…First Madonna wore wild clothes…then when folks got tired of that, she started taking them off…I can see why guys like the picture. I think it’s a nice @ss. Can’t figure out why women think it’s cool. Somehow, it’s become cool to be ‘ho’. Don’t get it. We’re protecting women in Afghanistan so they can become educated, while in the US, women increasingly enjoy being degraded.

    • Kelcie

      To JPX and others on this “outrageous” kick, you’re missing the point.

      • JPX

        The point being?

      • Dominic

        Yes, please enlighten us. And if she really wants to be ‘outrageous’ as an artistic statement then why doesn’t she just take off all her clothes and perform.

        This isn’t about art – it’s about selling through sex. It’s boring – prostitutes do this all the time. Wake me up when she can interest us with her music and not her rear end.

      • Kelcie

        This whole “Born This Way” thing is about accepting yourself as you are… you know: “Born. This. Way.” Apparently she see’s that a lot of her fans don’t accept themselves in one way or another or don’t fit in – they’re artsy types, but get labeled as freaks.
        That, in a nutshell, is me enlightening you.
        And Gaga “she just tak[ing] off all her clothes and perform[ing]” wouldn’t be “‘outrageous’ as an artistic statement”. And she’s done that in her days at NYU.
        Now find something wrong with what I said. Find something snarky to say:

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