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Jennifer Hudson says new album covers her 'four different lives'

Jennifer-Hudson-OscarsImage Credit: Rick Rowell/ABCSinging and acting talent Jennifer Hudson has plenty on her plate. And judging by her newly slimmed figure, hardly any of it is topped with food.

In addition to promoting her upcoming album, Hudson attended the 83rd Academy Awards last night. The 2007 Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in Dreamgirls was on hand as a presenter last night, and on the pre-show red carpet, the American Idol alum told EW a bit about the meaning behind her forthcoming I Remember Me, out March 22.


'Glee': Hear Matthew Morrison's new single, 'Summer Rain'

Mr. Schuester is gettin’ freaky up in here.

Glee star Matthew Morrison debuted his new single from his upcoming album on the Ryan Seacrest show this morning and it’s all about having sex in the rain on a rooftop! Dude has come a long way from “One Less Bell to Answer!”

This ode to a very R-rated public display of affection has a sort of Jason Mraz-y sound to it. Frankly, I just can’t wait for the video (I’m assuming there will be gratuitous shirtless shots of Morrison). Listen to the tune below: READ FULL STORY

Justin Timberlake heading back to the studio? 'I have not retired from music'

justin-timberlakeImage Credit: Rick Rowell/ABCThe nearly-five-year wait for a followup to 2006’s FutureSex/LoveSounds may finally be over.

Justin Timberlake (a.k.a. the Wondrous Singing Booger, or should we say … Banksy?) told reporters on last night’s Oscars red carpet: “I have not retired from music.” Though, he admits, “I am unemployed right now and that is very dangerous. It gets hard to motivate yourself to do anything besides golf.”

For more details on when and how he’ll be returning to the studio, see our piece in this Friday’s print magazine.

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Lady Gaga debuts first ‘Born This Way’ video: Watch it here!

Ke$ha shoots co-star James Van Der Beek and countless unicorns in her ‘Blow’ video

Lady Gaga debuts first 'Born This Way' video: Watch it here!

lady-gaga-born-this-way-videoAs previously announced, Lady Gaga hatched her highly anticipated new video for “Born This Way” this morning.

Actually, this is just the first of two music videos she’s promised for her new dance-happy empowerment anthem—the other, an iTunes-only release, will be paired with an acoustic version of the song. As with all things “Born This Way,” this first vid, directed by fashion photographer Nick Knight, has been heavily hyped, with Gaga going so far as to say that it’s about “the birth of a new race within the race of humanity. The birth of a new race that doesn’t bear any prejudices.”

It’s not every day that we have a video nativity! Check it out: READ FULL STORY

Rapper Juvenile arrested for drug possession and driving violations

Louisiana rhymer Juvenile (né Terius Gray), 35, was arrested Feb. 26 in his hometown after being pulled over for going 75 mph in a 65 mph zone, driving with a suspended license, and being in possession of marijuana, the Associated Press reports.

Juvenile later was released, posting a $750 bond. He has a court date for the misdemeanor charges on April 1.

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Vince Neil released from jail early

Clark County Detention Center

Mötley Crüe singer Vince Neil was released from a Las Vegas detention center Friday after serving 10 days of his 15-day sentence for a June 2010 DUI conviction, according to the Las Vegas Sun. The rocker, 50, pleaded guilty to the offense last month, and in addition to the 15-day sentence, also entered a plea deal that included 15 days of house arrest and a $585 fine.

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Chris Medina's 'What Are Words' music video: Grab the Kleenex!

If you found yourself sobbing in the fetal position watching Chris Medina’s story play out on American Idol this season, just wait until you see his just-released music video for “What Are Words.” The video — a tribute to his fiancée Juliana Ramos, who suffered brain injuries in a car accident just two months before their wedding — is primarily made up of old and new footage of Juliana, shots of Chris crying, and footage of Chris crying looking at old pictures of his fiancée. (Some of the shots indeed appear to be from Medina’s audition package on Idol, which would make sense, since the record and music video are from 19 Recordings, part of Idol production company 19 Entertainment.) Whatever you may think about the choices he made for the video, there’s no denying the genuine emotion in Chris’ lyrics: “Every single promise, I’ll keep / Because what kind of guy would I be / if I was to leave when you need me most?” Watch the video embedded after the jump. Warning: Prepare to break down, Jennifer Lopez-style. READ FULL STORY

Ke$ha shoots co-star James Van Der Beek and countless unicorns in her 'Blow' video

KeshaHow did unicorns die out? According to Ke$ha’s “Blow” music video, it looks like she and James Van Der Beek gunned down most of them at a swank cocktail party (the last refuge of any endangered species).

The first two minutes of “Blow” are deceptively normal—well, as average as a video with bipedal unicorns in tuxedos can be. Deprived of her trademark Keith Richards-via-dumpster-diving look, this edition of Ke$ha is dressed to the nines, sipping champagne and dancing with the soiree’s only other non-mythical member, James Van Der Beek (Who refers to her as Ke-dollar sign-HA, just like Glee’s Principal Figgins).

Sparkling wine? Where’s the Jack D, girl? Has fame and fortune spoiled our pretension-free party girl? Considering her first words to Dawson Leery are, “Well, if it isn’t James Van Der Douche,” the answer is a resounding “no.” (Skip ahead to 2:20 for the funny stuff).


X-Ray Spex singer Poly Styrene has cancer

Poly-StyreneImage Credit: Barney Britton/RedfernsPunk icon Poly Styrene has cancer. According to a statement issued on her official website, the X-Ray Spex singer “is currently undergoing various treatments in her battle with this illness.” The statement concludes with a personal quote from the frontwoman: “It’s been a bit of a battle fighting this cancer but hey ho I’m still alive, Luv Poly x”

Poly Styrene, whose real name is Marian Joan Elliott-Said, recently finished work on a new album, Generation Indigo.

Obviously, everyone here at the Music Mix wishes her a swift recovery.

Jennifer Lopez's 'On the Floor' video to debut March 3 on 'American Idol': Is J.Lo back?

JLO-IDOLImage Credit: FoxAmerican Idol judges using the TV juggernaut as a launchpad to revive their own ailing music careers isn’t a new concept—former Idol pundit Paula Abdul attempted it three years ago with her catchy-but-unable-to-catch-fire single “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow,” to little success.

And now, Jennifer Lopez is giving the strategy a go by announcing that she’ll debut the video for her new, hot-on-iTunes jam “On the Floor” on Idol‘s results show next Thursday, March 3. So far it seems that Lopez is enjoying a greater measure of success. Let’s examine.


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