Rihanna and her leashed pet Perez Hilton get naughty in 'S&M' video: Watch here

rihanna“I may be bad/But I’m perfectly good at it,” Rihanna belts in her absolutely raunchy new single “S&M.” “Sticks and stones may break my bones/But chains and whips excite me.” With lyrics like those, we expected an equally risque video. And yes, she’s delivered. This morning the pop star debuted the visual, featuring just about every tool necessary to fulfill a slave and master fantasy. The aforementioned whips and chains are in play, as are mouth gags, saran wrap, and blowup dolls.

There’s also some tongue-in-cheek love and/or hate for the media, who Rihanna includes in bondage scenes and gags while outrageous headlines (“Princess of the Illuminati”) fly by. It seems to be more pleasure than penalty to me. But yeah, the point’s understood. Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton joins her, playing the role of a strawberry milk man turned faithful naughty dog. Watch Rihanna party in her tightly tailored latex fits below.

What do you think of “S&M”? One of her best videos yet? Let us know in the comments.

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  • PStomcat


  • bruno

    really? why do these people feed the perez hilton machine and kiss his ass? britney did it on her circus tour too. it, like perez, is annoying. u really think he has that much clout it’s worth sucking up to? lame.
    if you ignore it, it goes away!

    • Kelcie

      I agree. These stars have enough power that they don’t have to endorse someone who doesn’t post nice things about them in the first place. I’m not saying everything posted about a musician or actor needs to be positive, but it doesn’t need to be hateful, and that’s what Perez is – hateful.

    • Mise, Ireland

      I need for him to go away and move to Siberia. PLEASE.

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      Exactly. I honestly cannot understand why people associate themselves with him. He is not someone who has any clout of his own, he’s only as important as people make him out to be. He benefits from attaching himself to celebrities, not the other way around. So why do people kiss his ass?

  • whatevs

    I used to like Rihanna, but the combination of her overtly sexual and violent image with her subpar quality in songs as of late makes me the miss the days of Umbrella.

    Before I get attacked for sharing an opinion that might differ from other people’s, I’ll add that I don’t listen to Justin Bieber nor do I want to censor the world from everything.

    I just don’t get what she’s doing, is all.

    • anya

      While I don’t really care about her image so much, I agree her music now just isn’t as good as her Good Girl Gone Bad days. It’s just not as much fun. I miss the old Rihanna too.

      • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

        Agreed. GGGB Rihanna was the best Rihanna to me.

      • ?????

        Totally disagree. I think shes on top of her game. Shes not gonna make A Good Girl Gone Bad every time and its evident. Each subsequent album from that one, Rated R and Loud, have been different. Rated R was gritty and rough, while Loud is upbeat with some island flavor. However, you can make connections to the AGGGB era. Don’t Stop The Music clearly influenced S&M and Only Girl. I totally think she’s evolving and getting better.

        Also, I respect your opinion, I’m just disagreeing :)

      • SXiPPY

        I have to disagree as well, because an artist grows with what they experience in life and their work should reflect that. GGGB came out when Rihanna was young and in love and therefore her music showcased those emotions with a mix of party/love songs, all with a sassy hint of what was sure to come. However, she sustained abuse unexpectedly and was an instant media target while simultaneously having that incident raise her celebrity profile. A darker persona was bled into “Rated R” due to this and it was her rebellion/cathartic confessional record, while still bearing a few lighter shades to show she hadn’t gone completely Morticia, with songs like “Te Amo” and “Rude Boy”. Now, she’s back to having fun again so why not have fun with her? It is always fun to watch and artist grow and evolve their sound, and as a fan you can either throw them away and move on, or be devoted to their success and that makes you look bad.

    • underfor5

      I agree about overtly sexual/violent images… It would be nice for her to release ONE song that didn’t sound like it was written to tittilate some creepy old music exec.
      Very talented lady and a great voice. She doesn’t need to compensate it with cheesy sexual rhymes a la Britney.

    • Tiffany

      Right…women should only be sugar sweetness and nothing else. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Rhianna is HUMAN, and like all women, she is a mixture of things.

      • underfor5

        I agree. She is human and a mixture of facets. So why do we only see only the hyper-sexualised side?

      • jordan

        I just can’t imagine being in her situation once she has children and they have access to stuff like this.

    • PN

      I don’t think she wants to do Umbrella 2.0. She’s more into those sexually charged songs like S&M more. And I like her new album a lot!

  • CLEO2U

    Thats just sick.
    If she enjoyed BDSM so much, why didn’t she stay with whats-his-name?

    • jasper

      are you for real cleo? Bondage and getting the hell beat out of you….def not the same thing.

    • ?????

      this is really an ill advised statement.

  • Damon

    I love her!

  • Felix

    You know, Rihanna, autoerotic asphyxiation tragically claims many victims each year…

    • the real truth

      apparently it claimed David Carradine’s life a few years ago.

    • Catherine Todd

      Thank you Felix. These young people are getting sucked into something that they don’t understand. Tragedy is exactly how it can end.

    • me Baby, ME

      @Felix & @Catherine, I completely agree with you people, just the images of people asphyxiating themselves whilst shaking hands with ben franklin was bad enough, but the chorus of “wrap a belt and wack it” was just overboard. It’s obvious Rihanna is just trying to turn our nation’s children into an army of shaky-handed fiends in choke collars!

  • daphne

    @cleo2u – in short, because BDSM is about consent, not abuse.

  • Miss Talk

    “I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it”.
    Yeah, I believe you Rihanna. You almost killed your ex-boyfriend’s career. You were not wearing your seat belt, you started hitting him with your shoes and when he pulled over, you hurt your forehead against the window. Two years later, your true colors are finally showing, like Chris said. Go on, girl. Straigt to the #1 spot

    • Kana

      Chris Brown almost killed his own career. Did the seat belt bite also her and try to rip out her earrings?

    • AK

      “you hurt your forehead against the window”? As if that whole incident was an accident? I think we all saw the pictures.

    • K

      I can’t believe there are still people making excuses for that douche. He has since proven his true colours and that he still has a problem with anger management, but I guess people like you just don’t want to see it. Sad. He can continue to kill his own career and I don’t feel bad for him at all.

  • ashley

    so sick of her. didn’t write ANY songs on this album…proof you don’t need talent, just a pretty face.
    so disappointed…i actually liked Rated R, but she seems to be running as far away as possible from that.

    • fancypants

      Rihanna has NEVER written any of her songs. At most she’s “co-written” a song with 5 other people, but please, like that counts.

  • Kana

    I would watch the video but I’ve been avoiding Perez Hilton since 2008.

    • ML

      OMG! Same here… My life is much better since he’s been out of it!

  • PN

    That should have been the first single but maybe the lyrics were a little too racy and they chose Only Girl in the World instead. I feel that it will sound perfect on the radio at this moment between the Britney, Kesha, Taio Cruz and Katy Perry hits. They need to play it now! Fun, bouncy dance pop record!

  • Bernadette

    KLASSY! She is trying way too hard to be shocking.

  • Brett

    I knew this was going to happen. Catchy song, TERRIBLE video. I miss the “SOS” Rihanna. Does she not remember Perez Hilton giving her last album TERRIBLE reviews in posts? This whole video reeks, and is just another nail in her career. Seriously, she doesn’t get it, and has no longevity.

    • Asher

      There are no nails in her career. Her album is one of the only ones selling right now. She has had 2 number one singles in a row. Her Rated R album was critically praised. You may not like her direction personally, but you should just speak for yourself in that case, not ignore facts!

      • jasper

        It’s been 5 (almost 6!) years. She is still around. in pop music….that is longevity……

  • Rich

    A really good video from rihanna ..almost gaga quality

    • Mon amie

      Keep trolling.

    • Liar

      @Poverty but thinks he@s Rich…you are idiotic!

  • Asher

    This is really not as shocking as it may seem. Most of Rihanna’s singles for the past couple of years have had sadist and/or masochist undertones: Russian Roulette, Hard, Rude Boy (just read the titles), Only Girl, What’s My Name? (both all about control). It was really just a matter of time before she went all out and made a song directly about S&M. Say what you want about her singing or writing skills, but she is one of the few pop stars around today who actually formulates themes for her music that reflect her life (she gets abused and is trying to reclaim some independence through the songs), and then carries through on them. She is the only female pop artist I can think of that even remotely resembles the depth of Janet at her height…though Rihanna does fall very short when making that comparison!

    • Asher

      Well, I would put Gaga up there with Rihanna, too.

    • Asher

      What I should have said is “She (and Gaga) are the only CURRENT female DANCE-pop artists I can think of…”
      Not quite as much of a compliment as my original statement, but still solid.

    • True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue

      Yes… too bad her singing and performance skills aren’t up to snuff, though. Because otherwise, she would really be up there with Gaga. At least Gaga has the raw talent to back up the music and image. Rihanna has the music and image (or at least she USED to have the image, because it’s terrible right now), but when you see her live it turns out to be all an illusion.

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