Thin Lizzy guitarist Gary Moore dies

gary-mooreImage Credit: Fin Costello/Redferns/Getty Images Gary Moore — the musician most well-known for being a former member of Irish band Thin Lizzy — has passed away at 58 years old. According to the Irish Times, the guitarist’s body was discovered in an Estepona, Spain hotel room Sunday; a postmortem will be carried out in the nearby Malaga. “We are aware [of Moore’s death], and we stand ready to provide consular assistance,” a spokeswoman for the British Foreign Office Ministry. “We are very sorry for his family’s loss.” His death was confirmed on his own website with the following message: “It is with deep sorrow and regret, that we have to announce that Gary Moore passed away while on holiday in Spain last night.”

Moore played on Thin Lizzy’s most successful album, 1979’s Black Rose: A Rock Legend which contained the U.K. hit single, “Waiting For An Alibi.” Moore also worked with some of the industry’s most notable musicians, including Bob Dylan and George Harrison.

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  • Ted

    Thank god. Maybe he died of embarrassment over how bad his bands music was.

    • Pascal Cardinal

      Show some respect please.

    • Dodger

      Keep it classy, Ted. Keep it classy.

      RIP Gary, and thank you for the music you helped give the world.

    • NW

      “thank god”? man youre an idiot.way to go.

      • Cici

        NW…Does that stand for nit-wit. My condolences to his family and friends.

    • Shef Svemira

      You are idiot.

    • Crush

      Obviously, you’re too stupid to realize that you’ve just revealed yourself to be a complete piece of garbage. Let’s hope there’s more consideration for your family upon your passing.

      • Angie

        Totally agree with you crush

    • Suzanne Ryan

      Wow, Ted, this sure says alot about you – can’t even let a dead man rest in peace. Shameful.

    • wecandothis

      @ Ted- maybe you should be mortally embarrassed for your complete and utter flaming idiocy

    • Peter

      That is way out of line. Are you better?

    • Mo

      Hey Ted, I hope you die a horribly painful slow death. You are a rude and heartless person.

    • Miikejcurtis

      Ted, that’s a real sick thing to say. Gary Moore was…Oh why should I bother trying to describe Gary Moore’s amazing body of work from classic rock to rock/jazz fusion, to the Blues, to a tool like you? Go listen to some more Archies, sugar.

    • Spikel

      message for Ted – Can’t believe your post – one word sums idiots like you up – A**E

    • Gordon

      Hi Ted. Nice to know you sicko. May your end be very close at hand I’m sure you will be missed

    • steve

      i guess ted never listened to “still got the blues” or any of gary’s material other than thin lizzy—ingnorance is not bliss; it’s just ignorance—what music have you put out lately “ted” i’m sure your music sales are staggering

    • Angus

      Does the T in Ted also stand for twit?

      RIP Gary.

      • Anthony

        T for trolling probably, how long till people stop feeding them?

    • mickey

      in german we say… arschloch, ted!

    • Vinnie

      Hey, Ted! May the worms eat out your eyelids and the crowes pick off your flesh as we dance on your grave playing Gary’s music as loud as possible! Satan’s waitin’, Ted!

    • Robert

      Ted,You are the biggest ASS I have ever been so unfortunate to come arcross. I pity you. Condolences to the Moore family and all the fans. Gary Moore lives in all of us.

    • john OB

      eh, who is more of a moron, “Ted” who is obviously just a troll…. or the morons who keep replying and validating his asinine comment?

    • trey

      ted, feel free to jump in front of the next oncoming train available, go ahead , don’t be embarrassed.

    • Darrell Hudson

      All you need is a peace of
      I was a HUGE Fan!!
      RIP. Robert William Gary Moore 1952-2011

    • Lala

      It’s just a troll, people. Now move along, there’s nothing to see here.

    • cindy

      wow.Thank God?you wish you HaDDD any BAND. R.I.P. Gary and condolences to the family.from those who know and love music.xx

    • WTF?

      What’s wrong with people like ted? You embarrass the human race, ted. You don’t deserve to have your name capitalized.

    • Anthony

      Hey Ted i know that you dislike Gary Moore becuase you are most likley a 15 year old in some dream wish garage band that tries to call themselfs a band. Playing
      “POST METAL CORE” LMAO. See you in the unemployment line when your 30 dreamer. Later mr el direspectfull.

    • Grumpster

      What an a$$hole you are.

    • Mx6Goatgirl

      Wow Ted – You leave a comment as if your opinion actually matters…How inconceivable!

    • Steelerman

      TED … You are a COMPLETE PIECE OF S**T !!!

    • Mike Spiegel

      This is very sad news, I once met him back in 1991 and he spent about 15 minutes with me as a 17 year old kid. So Ted, Have some class and not comment at all. Gary Moore had alot of class and treated his fans with respect.

    • Michael

      Ted, that was very disrespectful. They said the boys are back in town, and Ted you should just skiddaddle.

    • GtenBoom

      For all you ignorate,

      Mr. Gary Moore,
      What is there not to adore…

      The most talented and gifted of musical mankind
      Left this musical and physical world behind

      His gift of a musician was heaven sent,
      Left me, and others, staggering with his talent
      The world lost… and heaven gained, a guitar and vocal magician

      His talent could only be send by the lord his vision

      My respect and love for those who loved him no matter big or small
      Please remember him, Mr. Gary Moore was the most gifted of all

      With great admiration,
      With love and best wishes to his family
      G. ten Boom

    • Willy

      Ted, may God have mercy on your soul. You’re gonna need it man!

  • dee dee1

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Thin Lizzy was a big part of my high school days. So many great memories listening to them. A great band who I don’t think ever got the credit they deserved. Peace to Gary.

  • joe ray

    What a shock.He will be missed by many.Such feeling in his singing and guitar friend,say hi to all our fallen musicians in those great bands in heaven.

  • Steffy

    Hey Ted! Look over here!


  • Chris

    some people have no class or no good taste in music. The music industry lost a great guitarist, singer and song writer in Gary Moore. RIP!

    • wecandothis

      RIP from Cali

  • Kellyjdrummer

    I will not add to Ted’s tasteless attitude. Gary will be missed, as well as his love and respect for musicians as well as the blues genre.

  • Bob

    I wonder how many Thin Lizzy Fans also like the Nuge..or drive a domestic vehicle. or own a barking dog or a firearm..

  • Peter

    I remember seeing Thin Lizzy live in Dublin as a kid, a sad day for music and the guitar.

  • Michelle

    R.I.P to an amazing person and guitarist

  • pissonyou

    im jacking this hard coc off while reading your comments

  • Marcus

    Social inadequates like Ted can only get their kicks by provoking nice people. Don’t take the bait.

    • marcusdeeznutscus

      nut sweat for u

  • aldo

    He played some amazing electric blues!! You will be missed

  • Deirdre

    I’m so sad to hear of Gary’s passing, may he RIP.
    He put so much passion into his singing, my favourite is Empty Rooms.

    • Tony D.

      Empty Rooms is one of the best songs of all time. His SOLO Rock music of the 80’s saved my Life !

      • cindy

        @Tony~I was thinking the same thing earlier.Got me thru the worst break up of my life. v.

    • Japanese HIROSHI

      Whenever the name of Gary Moore is mentioned, the guitar solo in the song Empty Room and the chorus part that goes, “Empty room . . . Where we learn to live without the love (hoping I got it right (?)) . . . ,” somehow always come up on my mind.

      – –


  • Luke

    Is that the same Gary Moore who composed songs like Still Got the Blues?

    • yoon

      Sadly, yes.

    • Tony D.

      Do yourself a FAVOR…..Buy “Run for Cover” ,”Corridors of power” “Victims of the Future” and every single other piece of his wonderful artistry. To play like that AND SING…. NO ONE Compares…Maybe Gilmour .

  • Maria

    Ted?..You obviously have no clue about music. Gary Moore went on to become one of the greatest blues guitarists of all time. You are a complete and utter idiot with no sense of respect. RIP Gary..and thank you for all the great music you’ve given us

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