Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' cover album: A Kylie Minogue rip-off?

Kylie-Minogue-lady-gagaAnother day, another piece of Gaga-related news. After yesterday’s reveal of the album cover for the pop star’s highly anticipated Born This Way, chatter is now surfacing that the cover is a blatant, albeit black and white, copy of the cover for Kylie Minogue’s 2007 release 2 Hearts. (see here for both in B&W.)

After a side-by-side inspection, it’s hard to deny some of the similarities. Side angle pose? Check. Dramatic winged eyeliner? Check. Jagged, graffiti-like font? Check, check, check. But at least Gaga switched up her mane from Minogue’s Dynasty-style updo. I much prefer the smacked-in-the-face-with-a-fan look.

This isn’t, of course, the first time two album covers have echoed one another. Though for an artist like Gaga who prides herself on individuality, this seems like the ultimate act of (non Madonna-related) treason.

What do you guys think? Is it a rip-off? Or is it just an artist exercising her freedom to pose in a profile shot?

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  • Ryan

    It has a similar font. That is all.

    • Nathan

      There’s a clear difference between the two, one has a female on it.

      • jasper


      • bradon

        @ nathan true true.

      • Zach

        That’s weird. I thought men had *#&$…

      • Adera

        Stupid. SSSS

      • Felony Lohan

        LMAO!!! Gaga clearly ripped this other chick off plain and simple!

      • gio

        lol you nailed it dude

      • Luq

        wakakakakakaka …

    • Tiffany

      If these 2 images were put up in my art history class, no one would think they were influenced by each other. Compositionally, Gaga’s has more depth…you can see her back, there is shading to show depth of the room. Kylie’s is a very flat image, the shot is mostly of her face and doesn’t give the impression that there is a “room” around her.

      The style is very different. Kylie’s is very hard and colorful 80s, and Gaga’s has softer lighting. Not to mention the horns, and the vastly different eye make up.

      • Angelgeevega

        @tiffany you are exactly right. As a student in photography, I understand your reasoning with the depth of field and such. These people who agree that Lady Gaga’s cover is a rip off are ignorant. They take one look and see the surface. They may both look similiar, but there is a difference.

      • final

        Thanks Tiffany. I though they looked pretty much the same, but after reading your comment its pretty apparent that the only thing thats the same is maybe the eye liner and font.

      • luke

        tiffany your comment sounds so pretentious, no offence but it does. but ur also kinda wrong beside a simple framing issue these two images are almost exactly alike. and then on top of that it appears that both use the same font. this probably wouldnt be much of an issue except most of gaga’s image seems to be taken from lots of different artists, even though she seems to pride herself on how original she is and how heartfelt her music is, when in actual fact it is all empty, hollow replicas of other musicians originality.

      • luke

        and whats is eve weirder, which i just notices, is that both artists are giving off the same emotion. they both have this scense of high sexuality but also this sense of longing. Poor Minogue she finally gets out from under Madonnas shodow and then Gaga comes and takes that persona and image away from her

      • Doran

        “gaga’s image seems to be taken from lots of different artists” How is this even possible?

      • chad

        I more or less agree with Tiffany. I’ve been in more art history classes, and graphic design ones, than you can shake a stick at and my eye reveals that while these two covers are in fact similar on at a least 4 crucial counts, they are different on a dozen or more counts. Having said that, we seem to be ignoring the fact that neither cover is masterfully unique or pushing any photographic or graphical boundaries, and both artists are firmly planted in the same musical category. Does one truly expect great diversity in their pop goddesses? If so, you’re in the wrong genre. (Kylie’s is better for a number of design oriented reasons, but I’m digging Gaga’s alien bone structure.)

      • Allyson

        @tiffany & @angelgeevega: I’m a design major and a photography minor and I totally agree with you all of the differences between both cover arts.

      • Giannis

        Honestly Tiffany, did you figure ALL these things by staring Gaga’s cover?! As an artist with a master in fine art phoography I have an advise for you:quit your Art classes already and save your money; because clearly you have no taste.

    • Jonathan

      I agree.
      Why does everyone feel like they have to compare her to other artists when she herself doesn’t? And,it doesnt make sense to compare her to Madonna nowadays. YES, Madonna was at the top once but now she’s not. get over it.

      • Liam

        LOL Madonna and her freakish looking arms are the butt of everyone’s joke nowadays.

      • Sam

        Seeing that Madonna is still the most successful artist in history, can have hits in her 50’s, record breaking tours, the most successful singles of all time (after the Beatles) and a 30 year career I’d say she’s certainly still on top. You GaGa fans are ridiculous, always ripping on any artist that is a threat to GaGa like Christina and Britney let alone Madonna who GaGa has modeled her ENTIRE career on.

      • RyRyNYC

        Because GaGa is beyond pretentious with her “individuality” motto, even though she is heavily influenced from every pop female act from Madonna and Grace Jones and Cyndi Lauper to Britney, Christina, and Roisin Murphy. Maybe if GaGa didn’t try to hide the fact she is nothing new behind a gag-inducing pretentious act of “ART” people wouldn’t roll their eyes at her so much.

      • Kaye

        I don’t compare her to other artists, I just wish she’d stop ripping everyone else off, and pretending she’s the only one to ever do it! Grace Jones refused to work with her because she ripped her off. She has stolen pictures, outfits, videos… straight out of Madonna’s catalog. Now she’s copying Kylie? Gaga needs to get over herself, and please, let her 15 minutes be over very soon.

    • Lorna

      It’s the font, the eye makeup and angling of the face. Gaga has taken from Kylie and a bunch of other artists before. So this is not a surprise.

      • Emie

        I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that taking a portrait at a similar angle and wearing different eye makeup is proof that someone is copying. My mistake.

    • Shelia

      Gaga’s song isn’t even original. It’s a song by Carl Bean called I Was Born This Way. It talks about being born gay.


      Poor Christina Aguilera. When she came out with “BIONIC” everyone quickly started to say she copied Gaga’s style and have been influence by her which was a vicious rumor started by Perez Hilton and the rest of his minions followed and it made it to mainstream news unfortunately. But GAGA is clearly an artist who does the ripping off other artist but when she does she calls it homage or influence and gets away with it? Pity Xtina. She says the same and they say shes trying to keep up with the current trends in music but if you listen to radio nowadays WHO isnt keeping up with the latest trend in music? EVERY ARTIST is doing the same type of dance music or dancabele music. BRITNEY has always been a leader and pioneer dominating every genre on the music scene but it feels like her new material is a carbon copy of the new stuff thats out. “Blackout” Is her best album and top notch ahead of its top. “Hold it against me” is ok. Not ahead of its time as I would hope Britney to do. ANd LADY gaga singing about borning this way in a world where gay suicides are the talk of the town will boast self confidence is any but ahead of its time. MANY artist have a feel good bout yourself and dont change who you. but if your GAGA and say that YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY then oh my god you have made a movement. Im so over this 2011 music scene. I rather go back to the 90’s .

    • Sharlin

      Born This Way sounds ALOT like Express Yourself by Madonna.

  • Kelis

    Lol. It’s not a rip-off.

    • Liz

      Everything about this woman is a rip off, she rips of Madonna, basically any female artist of the 80s who had crazy hair, Cher, anyone who has ever worn a wig, Elton John….

      • Jenny

        And Madonna is just so original, right?

      • jasper

        it’s takes a lot of originality to copy marilyn monroe.

      • Me

        By copy do you mean have a destructive personality that killed her before her time? Or the fact that Madonna never had any substance abuse issues? What exactly did Madonna copy besides paying homage to her in ONE video from 25 years ago?
        Gaga is not only taking out pages from Madonna’s book, she’s ripping out entire chapters.

      • @ Liz

        No mention of Grace Jones? How dare you. I don’t see it as Gaga ripping off those artist. More like she is influenced by them; no one more than Grace jones

      • Jenn

        Mostly ripping off PIzzazz from the Misfits. Yes, THOSE Misfits.

      • Fred

        Shut up! Shes better than them you fool

      • Drew

        Thank God someone else has written about what a thieving, no talent, rip off artist this woman is.

      • Nick T

        Did no one click the link of album covers through the years that look similar? Those look way more alike than these. Plus the James Brown one is hilarious!

      • Chance

        Damn right she is, Madonna is a trail blazer Gaga is just following the path Madonna made for herself 25 years ago, you idiot

    • DRG

      Why should this come as any surprise. Lady Ca Ca has never offered up anything original, why should anybody expect her to start doing so now? What’s worse, she can’t even rip off another puff act.

      • Andy

        Um, Since when did Cher or Madonna invent wearing wigs and making pop music and not make it okay for any other person to do so?
        And Lady Gaga has done plenty of original things compared to her contemporaries who do absolutely nothing new or original. She just gets called out on it cause she’s puts on this “artist” persona.

      • Andrew

        I don’t think anyone would be making a big deal out of this if Gaga’s little monsters weren’t always screaming about how she is the “epitome of orginality”. She is just a pop-star, like any other, they all play out of the same bag of tricks, Gaga just seems to have played a trick that Kylie has before, and failed to inject anything new into it to make it feel fresh or new.

    • Andy

      I very highly doubt Lady Gaga was just browsing through albums covers to rip off of and decided to mix it up by copying Kylie’s.

      • Nick T

        Yeah, exactly.

    • SXiPPY

      Who cares, every artist’s work nowadays echoes something else that has been done before in the past; it’s the cycle of pop culture. In many ways Gaga creates her original pieces, other times she may do her spin on an influence; she’s not alone. Michael Jackson did his take on James Brown and added to it to make himself a legend. Madonna did everyone from Marilyn to Joan Crawford and Pat Benatar, yet she remians iconic. One can easily view influences an artist has in lesser known musicians like Pink doing Wendy O. Williams in the “Just Like A Pill” video or Gaga doing Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons in her earlier glitterball bra performances. The re-introduce the style and performance to new generations. With Music classes in public schools being a dying breed, people should appreciate the free lesson these artists are providing the uneducated masses. Even if they don’t state that they were directly introduced by another artist’s work; it takes a Google search or an article like this to get others to discover an artist they may not be presently aware of. Does that make any sense?

      • Jules

        Fabulous assessment! It was keeps our artistic world satisfied… a Rubick’s cube of icons!

      • Emie

        I agree so much. Thank you for saying this!

  • Ty

    I am getting so sick of the constint gaga comparistins it is the same angle but the hair and makeup are nothing alike. And Kylie’s album cover is a rip off of madonna!

    • Aspen

      I agree The hair and makeup are nothing alike Kylie looks very Madonna in the pic.

      • hamy

        where is your originality Gaga?

    • Michael

      Ditto. Lady Gaga is not sexy. She is a fool. She really needs to find her own niche, than be a droned copycat 24/7.

  • Shue

    Is this a joke they are nothing alike.

  • Jason

    Total rip off of Kylie. My biggest problem with GaGa is that she’s not as original as her fans give her credit for and they all seem to disregard the truly original artists that paved the way. GaGa has borrowed from Madonna countless times yet so often I read her fans comments trashing Madge and saying “she’s past her time”. There is no age limit for making great music!!! Gaga makes catchy standard dance pop and this song itself will borrow from MJ’s Black & White, Madonna’s Express Yourself abd Janet’s Rhythm Nation yet the Little Monsters will trash artists like Christina Aguliera for using similar ideas as GaGa. I’m waiting for GaGa to make a song called Vogue and claim it’s original

    • Andy

      You made me laugh at “great music” I don’t ever recall “Like A Virgin” or “Vogue” being considered musical masterpieces. You think Lady Gaga fans give her too much credit when you’re giving Madonna too much.

      And Michael Jackson, Janet, and Madonna didn’t invent inspirational songs about equality so she’s not “borrowing” any ideas.

      • LO

        Wow, the kool aid drinking Lady CaCa fans are out in force today.

      • Sam

        I would def call them great songs. Madonna has dozens of great songs and deep songs and she developed the sound that still exists to this day! Madonna is simply the female artist that all others are compared to

      • stacy

        Madonna is god learn it

  • keith

    I wouldn’t call it “rip-off” but it’s definitely similar. Frankly, the cover makes me think of Kesha, whom I detest. I’m a big fan of Gaga, but she better BRING IT with this song. All her (and everyone else’s) boasting has set herself up for a great triumph or major letdown.

    • debi

      agree- they look very similar to me & i also thought it was kesha…not a fan of any of these ladies!

  • PN

    They’re very different to me. It’s just how they have their hair all fluffed up for their single covers. Minogue is more like Joan Collins from the ’80s hit Dynasty. Lady Gaga isn’t–she’s more of herself. She’s more glamorous in this photo than the costumes theme of her first two album efforts.

  • James

    You are blind and probably not very smart. There is nothing similar about the two album covers and any “similarities” you’ve drawn are extremely trivial. Not impressed

    • D2

      And you are an arrogant, rude Gaga worshipper.

      • Emie

        The funny part is that he didn’t even mention Lady Gaga directly. You just assumed he was a fan because he thought they didn’t look alike. One doesn’t go with the other. Please grow up.

    • Gina

      James, James, James. I know it’s hard to accept that you worship a total fake. Her name is a ripoff, her look is a ripoff, her songs are a ripoff, and she uses shock value and absurdity to draw attention to herself to fool those among us who are–how do I put this delicately–dumber than dirt.

  • LBC

    Lady Gaga ripping off another artist? I’m shocked….NOT!

  • Betleguice

    Gaga original??? Howzabout Wendy O. Williams or even Dale Bozzio, who Gaga has copped alot from? And don’t forget Cher, who was a pre-Madonna primadonna!

  • LightenUp

    Great minds think alike I guess. Not a rip off. Just a coincidence.

  • Reana

    hmm… more importantly: gaga looks really odd.. that is the best they could come up with? or is is supposed to look that way.. because she was .. born that way?

  • Ryan

    Dude that is nothing alike lady gaga has little horns comming from her face!

  • Elle

    Love that Gaga prides herself on her individuality yet she has ripped off everyone from Madonna to Kylie to Roisin Murphy. Individual my ass!

  • Aspen

    I don’t think they look alike If you want a coping story do nicki minaj coping lady gaga

    • someone_legal

      I agree, Nicki Minaj’s cover of Pink Friday has “So Happy I Could Die” live performance wardrobe written all over it.

      • Karen

        It’s ok Gaga has switched from her blonde wigs to a pink wig. The color preference that Nicki Minaj has been wearing for several months now.

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