Lady Gaga Releases 'Born This Way': Listen to it here

It’s here at last! That’s right, “Born This Way,” the first single off Lady Gaga’s highly anticipated new album, hit radio stations at 6:00 a.m. this morning. Little Monsters first got a taste of the song when a meat-dress clad Gaga crooned a few bars at the MTV Video Music Awards a full five months ago. Since then, she’s declared that Born This Way would be “the greatest album of this decade,” posted the lyrics, and debuted teaser art. So does “Born This Way” live up to the hype?

Based on her performance at the VMAs, it seemed like the song might be more of an acoustic empowerment anthem, along the lines of her Elton John-style piano ballad “You and I,” but instead it’s hopping disco pop. Leave it to Gaga to write a song that’s the culmination of her advocacy for the gay community but still has a thumping club beat. And it only took her ten minutes! Listen to it below. Gaga faithful, is “Born This Way” everything you thought it would be?

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  • Josh

    While i think it’s not her best song,it’s still a great feelgood,carefree song.She hasn’t released a song like that since just dance.

    • Elena

      ” Leave it to Gaga to write a song that’s the culmination of her advocacy for the gay community but still has a thumping club beat. ”

      This makes no sense. The way you phrase it, you would think there’s a disparity, a disconnection, or a contradiction between the two statements that are separated by the “but”. But you do know that gay community has always adored thumping club beats, don’t you?

      Oh, and yes…for all the hype and the incredible expectations that GAga herself created, this is a quite pedestrian song that totally takes its cues from Madonna’s Express Yourself.

      • Babs Johnson

        Your comment is direct and correct.

      • Rock Golf

        Yeah, as opposed to past gay anthems that you couldn’t dance to at all: “I Will Survive”, “I’m Coming Out”, “It’s Raining Men”, “Smalltown Boy”, “YMCA”, “I Am What I Am”… There’s gotta be more, but I’m straight and not an expert on the genre.

      • RJP

        agreed….part “express yourself” and part “vogue”

      • DRG

        And you are surprised by this? Everything Lady Ca Ca has done up to know has been completely derivative why should she start being original now?

      • donknottz

        Is it me or is this Marilyn Manson in that picture?

      • Fin

        I totally agree. Her lyrics before were subtle and edgy, loaded with double entendres. Does she think people are just too stupid to understand what she’s saying so she has to spell it out for us? The lyrics are atrocious. There’s nothing original about them. They’re just gay. Not that that’s a bad thing, but that’s all they are–one dimensional. The rest of the album has got to be better than this….

      • emyliy

        I’ve been a monster for two and half years. I have been waiting to hear this song since last March when she first started talking about it. For the past couple of months, I have been getting more and more hyped for it.

        And I am disappointed as f*ck.

        Although the lyrics are decent (and, no, they are not great. ‘Don’t be a drag etcetera, etcetera, et f*cking cetera), the beat is generic at best (it sounds like a mash-up of several house hits) and Gaga’s signature strong vocals are AWOL. I can’t believe that some of my fellow monsters are acting like it’s the best thing since Jesus, when, in reality, if someone else had released it, they would have thrown shade like a Redwood.

        It goes without saying that I expected so much more. After months of hype and Elton and Perez banging on and on (though I took the latter’s comments with a bucket of salt), I really thought this would be one of the songs of the decade. It’s not even the song of the year.

        Better than ‘I Will Survive’? Really? Mamma Monster’s ‘Like A Prayer’ (which still sh*ts to this day, BTW – no pun intended :D )?

        Every song on TF and TFM >>> this mess. Every single song. Don’t even get me started on how hard LoveGame, Poker Face, the incredible Paparazzi and Bad Romance etc still go.

        As I’ve said before; I’m a stan, but I’m not a delusional stan.

        All I can hope for now is that the eponymous album is far better than this song.

      • jessica

        I love lady gaga, but seriously??? This song sucks, I’m sorry, but Ms Spears won the 1st round!! Gaga is talented, but she must just drop this whole “shocking element” thing. I myself couldn’t wait for this song, but it realy sucks. Hold It Against Me is a way better, I mean way better song!!! Hopefully Gaga’s album isn’t as bad as her 1st single.

      • Jen

        Madonna called and she wants her song back.

      • Michael

        This song is straight up Madonna’s “Express Yourself”… however, that said, I wouldn’t say it’s total s*it the what that others are saying. It’s fun; it’s danceable. I like it, but it’s definitely not up to Gaga’s “Paparazzi” potential.

      • Jane

        I just listened to the preview on iTunes for a few seconds. First thing I thought was Madonna -Express yourself. I was worried that it wouldn’t live up to the hype but I still figured it would be at least as good as Just Dance, Pokerface, Bad Romance etc. Its not even close. Here Everyone was saying how this was supposed to be the most amazing song ever. It should at least be good. I’m not even going to pay .25 cents for it on iTunes.

      • kaylanacole

        OMG i heard the song this morning and i LOVED it! oh and for all you so called lady gaga fans if you were a true lady gaga fan then you would have loved this song as much as i did!! I love you Lady GaGa!! <3

      • HaHa

        Didn’t she state recently that this was going to be the best record of the decade or something along the same lines that Heidi Montag once proclaimed about her own record?

      • AK

        Wow, you are totally right. This song almost exactly “Express Yourself”! Unfortunately, it’s also just not up to par with some of her best songs.

      • Quinn

        HATERS! you all just wish you had the guts to do what she does!

      • gigi

        I just heard the song a little while ago and my first thought was…this is a total Madonna rip-off! I love Gaga, but she kinda Failed on this one.

      • Rashad

        This song just proves why I FREAKIN’ LOVE LADY GAGA!!!!! This is the most inspiring and uplifting song I’ve ever heard. I LOVE IT :)

      • DeDe

        u r all haterz the song is awsum and empowering!!!!

      • Nikki

        Like she hasn’t been doing Madonna this entire time? I don’t like the song but the Madonna comparisons are about 3 years too late.

      • squishmar

        It is very derivative of “Express Yourself” (with dashes of “Vogue” thrown in for good measure). She’s never sounded more like Madonna than on this song.

    • Lady Gaga4Ever

      Better than anything those aging/dead hippies in the Beatles or Stones could ever do!

      • Color Me Impressed

        Did you really just say that? Some people just don’t deserve ears…

      • SuprTorq

        ummm… GTFO of here, if you think the Beatles or Stones are mediocre compared to this.. this is decent, at best… nothing like her last album..

      • Traci

        LOL, thanks for the laugh! You’re joking right?

      • EleanorRigby27

        Where do you get off saying this? The Beatles and the Stones are thre two greatest bands of all time. How is there any relevance to Lady Gaga with your comment? What credentials do you have to make a comment like that?

      • kaylanacole

        you are so right lol

      • Lady Gaga4Ever

        @Elanore – I am America’s target demographic. We decide what sells and what doesn’t. What sells? Lady Gaga! What doesn’t? Irrelevant junk from the two worst bands I already mentioned. FACT! Twenty years from now, when those guys are just bones and ashes, no one will remember them. Lady Gaga will still be on top of the music world outselling them… just as she does now.

      • Nirveeze

        Troll be trolling.

        I think someone needs to take your ears, if that’s honestly your opinion, you don’t deserve to listen to music.

      • Quinn

        HELL YEAH! :)

      • b

        ahahahahahahah! Thank you very much for the laugh! You are so blind!

      • MikeInMaine

        Are are either 12 years old…or a f***ing moron!

      • Alli

        Everyone who responded to this just got trolled hard.

      • Jeremy Sheer

        go soak your head EMENSELY in water until you cant breathe after that comment.

    • Color Me Impressed

      EW, enough! You publicize Gaga’s new single the instant it comes out, but its been 3 days and you guys still haven’t recognized the release of The Strokes’ first single in 5 years, “Under Cover of Darkness”, which is absolutely awesome by the way…This is rather inexcusable EW, we better get some serious Strokes coverage in March when their new album comes out!

      • LOL

        The Strokes song is weak. Get a haircut, hippy.

      • LoL

        The Strokes song is awesome. Get a life, loser.

    • kaylanacole

      so true but i still love it!

    • sean

      I’m just curious why all the streaming versions are such bad quality. Even the file that plays on here official website is crap. I mean, yeah, she wants us to buy it, but when her voice sounds nasally and the beat kinda sloppily blends with the synth it doesn’t make me want to buy anything.

    • Gagaiscrap

      Thank you Gaga, for deciding that this was a gay anthem before it came out, for creating the self proclaimed album of the decade..egotistical douche. Sometimes you need a failure to ground you.

    • Bluto


    • Charlie Chan

      Me Oriental! Me rikey song. Rady GaGa know how feel be Asian. Ruh roh! Garzilla!!! Big rizard!!! This song no demeaning.

  • Erica


    • Dana

      Yes, it’s that mediocre.

      • adrian

        Anyone else her Chaka Khan “I Feel For You” in the chorus?

    • Will

      Man, I loved The Fame and TFM, but this is horrible and derivative. Funny how the staunch Gaga stans tend to call anyone who happens to be blonde and female a “Gaga Clone”, and yet, Gaga has made a career out of recycling looks and beats from Madonna’s and others’ playbooks.

      • Flip

        It’s really, really bad. It’s disco, and not even good disco. Awful!

        Thank God for Britney’s “Hold It Against Me”…at least she is still turning out top-notch pop music.

      • kaylanacole

        you all just don’t know good music when you hear it!

      • AK

        Previously, I would have defended her as “being inspired” by previous stars. But this is a straight-up Madonna rip-off!

    • Cate

      Wow…it sounds just like EXPRESS YOURSELF.

      • SJ

        YES! that’s the first thing I thought of! Coincidentally, I am listening to the radio at work and they just played Express Yourself after the new Gaga song. HIlarious. Someone should mix these together!

      • Scott

        Madonna Lite.

      • HoneyB

        Not at all. It has a completely different beat, structure, feel.

      • sally

        Liked it better when Madonna did it.

    • ^..^

      I liked Gaga but this….meh.
      Maybe she should entitle the new record, “The Fame Whore”?

      • kaylanacole


    • Jay

      Is this song a joke? Madonna is THE QUEEN OF POP! Gaga must think her fans were “Born Yesterday”. Don’t go for second best, Gaga…lol :)

      • haley

        im sorry but im really disappointed in gaga.
        I think if this the how her next album is gonna be …. i think her 15 minutes are clicking.
        Cause I still can’t get over how wack the song is.

    • bruno

      holy madonna ripper. vogue meets express yourself much? and i thought alejandro was too obvious a la isla bonita rip off. is she going to just go through every maddonna song and replicate? lame.
      i think it’s partly her own fault too. ddue, you shouldn’t hype yourself so much. song of the dedcade/generation/whatever? not by a longshot, hon.

  • David Moser

    I am OBSESSED with this! Gaga never ceases to amaze me!

    • DRG

      “I am OBSESSED with this! Gaga never ceases to amaze me!”

      You need to get out more.

    • Hv

      Proof positive that she could record herself farting and her worshipers would rave about it.

      • Woot

        Hehe, I kind of want her to do that now.

      • Aaron

        Hv, BEST COMMENT OF THE CENTURY. You have me rolling. SO. TRUE.

    • kaylanacole

      you are so right i can’t stop listening to it!!!! :D:D:D

  • tiki

    Madonna-“Express yourself” version 2.0

    • dan

      This is terrible.
      I smell some flops on gaga

      • oops

        Most reviewer out there already criticized this song.
        This song is over-hyped

      • Jand

        This not her best.
        What happen to u Gaga?

        Britney’s HIAM is way batter than this.
        A single-art-cover a rip-off from Kylie,..and the song a rip-off from Madonna?

        This is lame.

      • thinliz

        Non-sense bubble bum music, that’s what it is!

      • LOL

        “Most reviewer out there already criticized this song.
        This song is over-hyped,”
        it came out like 6 mins ago dont think its been reviewed yet tbh :)

      • Fans

        hers fans care about her so much they will buy it regardless, its not a flop.

    • dusen

      You called it. With a touch of “Vogue” in the mix.

      Catchy, but not terribly original.

    • Samuel

      Yes, it sounds like Madonna’s Express Yourself. Gaga can’t stop ripping Madonna off.

      • Hannah

        there are only so many way you can make a good uplifting song. she is not ‘ripping madonna off” she is doing it her way. maybe she was inspired by that song. i dont believe you can be truly original. but this song is very different form what is on the mainstream.

      • Renaton

        I keep thinking there must be a “Express Yourself” sample somewhere, because they sound so much alike…

      • Tarc

        Yeha, it’s veryreminiscent of Express yourself. But if you’re going to write a song that reminescent of something, that’s certainaly one of the best songs ever written to be compared to.

      • SJ

        honestly, she could have sampled the actual Express Yourself song and remixed it all, then i think the cirticsm wouldn’t be so harsh.

    • Michael M

      That’s the same thought I had. Same melody

    • Maserda

      Agree, it does sound like Madonna. I still think “Bad Romance” is Gaga’s best song released so far… but this does have a good beat.

      • EleanorRigby27

        AMEN SISTA

    • chaseccardq1122

      Thats what i thought but i love it more!

    • Caroline

      yea! it literally sounds like it! not good.

    • Just Me

      agree. sounds almost exactly like Express Yourself..

      • ?????

        And P!NK’s God Is A Dj

    • ziggy

      I thought the same thing. It makes sense that it sounds like Madonna. Everyone thinks Gaga is original, but she’s just an amalgam of Madonna, Janet and Britney. I like the song, though!

      • Sarah

        Please. Gaga has more talent in her little finger than Britney and Madonna combined.

      • kaylanacole

        you have no idea what your talking about this song is GREATTT!!!!

    • J

      It sounds EXACTLY like express yourself!

    • Rock Golf

      Agreed. This sounds a lot like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”, but keep in mind that when that song came out everyone said how much is sounded like the Staple Singers’ “Respect Yourself”.

      Maybe this is “Respect Yourself 3.0″.

      • bb

        Well in respect, no one knows about “respect yourself” and who the hell are staple singers? While express yourself is a massive hit and madonna is just big.

      • Tarc

        Just because you’re ignorant doesn’t mean that the comment previous is not completely accurate. *shrugs*

      • Tarc

        Sorry, that comment was directed at bb. I had to explain who Nina Simone was to a smart African-Amercian boy from Brooklyn a couple years ago, so my tolerance for people mouthing off while being oblivious to their roots is about zero these days.

    • Xtine

      So I am not the only one who thinks this song is just a revamp of Madonna’s Express Yourself.

      • Kalie

        How disappointing. It does sound like “Express Yourself”. I only listened to it once and I’m already bored with it.

    • ST

      I was thinking the same thing Tiki. I don’t know if it’s the 2.0 version but it does remind me of Express Yourself (not in a bad way, just not sure if I like it as well).

    • TJ

      I’d consider myself a casual fan. I bought both The Fame and The Fame Monster and loved them both. I’ve been trying to avoid all of the hype and some of the less than flattering press about her because I just wanted to enjoy her music without all the drama. Having said that, I was really disappointed with what I heard, and yes, Express Yourself was exactly what popped into my head while it was playing. I hope the rest of the album is better, but right now I just feel really let down.

      • Aunt Sassy

        I agree. I was late to the GaGa party and really ended up loving some of her songs, but I just don’t love this – at least not yet. I get the comparisons to Express Yourself (which happens to be one of the Madonna hits that I don’t like) so maybe that has something to do with it. I am not hatin on GaGa – I am still excited about her new CD and am curious to see what she does, but I just don’t know that this will be one of my favorite songs at the end of 2011.

    • kate

      I know it sounds so much like Express Yourself.

    • Dxx

      I hear the Vogue, but not Express Yourself…

    • katie

      She already ripped off the Express Yourself video with Alejandro. Now I guess she is going for the song too.

    • Sarah

      I knew it sounded familiar but I couldn’t think of what it reminded me of. Express Yourself is definitely it!

  • UGH

    I like it but the club beat seems a bit dated.

    • Tajah

      I dunno. I love Gaga but I agree that the club beat seems dated. Maybe I just need to listen to the song a few more times…

  • Mike

    It’s always struck me how conventional GaGa’s songs are compared to her relatively weird appearence and music-videos. If I heard this song in a club in the 90s I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.

    • Cameron

      I’ve ALWAYS thought that too Mike!! For the most part, her songs don’t stand out as anything abnormal…it’s just when you see the music videos it’s like “oh…okay. well jeez that’s freaking weird.”

    • fancypants

      lady gaga = style over substance.

  • JluvsA

    I LOVE Gaga. I ADORE her! But I do not LOVE & ADORE this song. I love the message and all but this is no Bad Romance or Poker Face. I wonder what it could have been? Oh well I guess. The album will be better. Still can’t wait Gaga! : )

    • Green

      That’s it hey. I’m not really a big Gaga fan, but I can admit that Bad Romance and Poker Face are awesome pop songs. This song, for all it’s hype, was pretty average. One would hope her self proclaimed album of the decade (or whatever she said) has better songs.

      • Kelcie

        I agree. Hopefully this song will get better for me after a few listens, but right now it’s just okay. I get that she has a huge gay fanbase, but the fact that this is a gay anthem leaves me as a straight, black Gaga fan feeling left out. Yes, she mentioned minorities (‘preciate that), but the song is overwhelmingly LGBT-centric.

    • gary

      I agree 100% I think I’m leaning more toward disappointed.

  • dee123

    Oh no! Gaga what have you done? it sounds like a million other songs you hear in a club.

    • fede


  • Sara

    What a huge disappointment. I had already prepared myself for a letdown because there had been SO. MUCH. HYPE. but I have listened to it over and over and still lose focus before even two minutes into it. I was expecting something different but just sounded like a bunch of random things thrown together to try to make something “innovative” or “different.”

    I’m kind of concerned about the album as a whole now. “You and I”, I always felt, is okay, gentle, smooth but it’s not really a great song that gets you really pumped or excited. Not saying every song has to be a JAM but it’s just too…not “Speechless.” :)

    And the remix that was released a couple weeks ago from the fashion show…I know it was a remix but c’mon on that was just noise basically! lol

    And I’m not one of those “She’s copying Madonna! She’s copying Madonna!” people but she’s going to have a might hard time avoiding rip-off comparisons to “Express Yourself”….

  • Richard

    Woah… Is that a good song I hear? And it was made this year, and not from the 1900s?



      • chad

        Apparently Gaga is totally ripping off Al Jolson! What’s the big idea, see?!

      • MCS

        If you listen to the track, it clearly rips off Al Jolson’s “There’s a rainbow round my shoulder”.

      • Rock Golf

        …which, I believe, was the reason they called them the Gay ’90s.

      • Smote


  • BW

    Wow. This is really awful. It reminds me of a bad version of Madonna’s express yourself. Which shouldn’t surprise me because she rips off Madonna all the time. I’m admittedly not a Lady Gaga fan, however I do think she has some catchy songs. This is not one of them. I see this being big in gay clubs (and thats not meant to be offensive) but nowhere else. I can’t see going to a regular bar on the weekend and hearing this song and people getting excited. Fail.

  • AJ

    this song is terrible….MADONNA wanna-be!!!!! COPY-CAT!

    • kaylanacole


  • luke

    I’m having two problems with the song. The first is the chorus is way to fast and busy. I can barely make out what she’s saying. The second is it sounds so much like Madonna in terms of melody and even the vocals.

    So far, not impressed.

  • angel a.k.a. solo

    Lady gaga has done it again! She has surpassed the expectations of all of us, her greatest fans. Her music is timeless and her style is unmatched! To her I say may God continues to bless u with your talent so you can continue to bless us with your music.

    • Mike

      Madonna already created Gaga’s style 25 years ago. This song confirms it.

      • Mike

        Your a dumbass gaga and Madonna are totally different only thing inn common they have is the cone bra which and gaga has more creative outlook with her outfit Madonna dressed normal all she wore was underwear nothing special she looked like every other 80’s girl back in the gaga looks like no body

      • Jon

        That sums it up, Mike number 2, all you care about is how Gaga looks.

      • Mike

        Actually no I don’t her talent is amazing there’s not many talent in the industry these days she has an amazing voice the beat in this song is amazing so are the lyrics

      • Derek

        youre forgetting that she looked like every 80’s girls because her style was emulated. Shes the reason everyone looked the same.

      • Cliff Johnson

        Mike… champ? The moment you start using proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, then I will be convinced that you’re intelligent enough to have an opinion on a matter. As you haven’t the slightest idea about the overwhelming amount of comparisons between Madonna and Gaga, it would do you well to shut your mouth, lest you be rendered a fool. Do some research and pick up a Webster’s.

      • Tarc

        Uh, no. Maybe you should read something. Or listen to music. Dude, find any clue you can find… you need a whole bunch.

      • Monster For Life

        Wow… Mike # 2… run-on sentence much?

        Aside from that, too much hype for this song. I’m a HUGE Gaga fan and wish Elton and Perez hadn’t prepped me for the 2nd coming of Christ. After a few listens it continues to grow on me though. I’d liken it to a “Just Dance” but not “Bad Romance” or “Poker Face” as it sounds very common and doesn’t seem to have that unique catch I had hoped it would.

  • zara

    this song is terrible, nowhere close to her earlier stuff which was amazing. Thats what happens when you hype something up this much, expectation leads to disappointment.

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