Lady Gaga's Grammy performance: 'Born This Way' hatches from a giant egg

gaga-born-this-wayImage Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty ImagesAha! And now the egg/pod type thing in which Lady Gaga arrived at the Grammys all makes sense! Okay, not totally, but at least we now see that it was part of her performance of her much-anticipated new single “Born This Way.” And, yeah, it even makes the tiniest bit of sense to us mere mortals: See, she was “born” out of the pod/egg at the beginning of her performance, and she was born out of it “this way,” etc.

“This way” being wearing a sheer, flowing yellow skirt, a shiny, see through (with handy, broadcast-friendly nipple coverage, natch) half top with Star Trek shoulder pads, and an I Dream of Jeannie high ponytail. Once we digested all that, we could listen to the song which is, yes, damn catchy. There is no other way of saying it: I will be singing this in my dreams whether I want to or not. I will also be downloading it onto my iPod straight into my workout mix — was this thing not made for cardio? If it makes me think of how great Gaga’s abs looked in this outfit, I will work out twice as hard. And clearly, when this is not being played in gyms across the country, it will be on repeat in gay clubs, possibly forever, with that “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen” refrain. Yes, part of the social message here, I know. And I like it.

Was it also kind-of a mash-up between “Express Yourself” and “Vogue,” especially with that rap part in the middle? Sure. But there are worse things in the world. Did we also get a very Gaga interlude on a crazy glass pipe organ with a mirror? Yes, and there are worse things in the world than that, too.

All in all, a fine use of giant egg/pod and a good start to the night. What did you think, Music Mixers?

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  • Audrey

    Loved it! Can’t wait to see her live in April. Her new album is sure to be amazing. She killed that performance!

    • debbie

      i’ll be there in april in ATL,Also.
      cannot wait

      • Sink

        It was Lady Madonna but it was still great. She is really talented and I enjoyed it.

    • stephen

      In 1976 Bette Midler came out of a clamshell on stage.

      • Toni

        Botticelli’s Venus did it hundreds of years before. It’s all homage.

      • JackieB

        Coming out of a seashell on a red carpet randomly is NOT the same thing — at least Gaga had an artistic view of the vessel (her speakers and carriers) and didn’t reveal until she went onstage; it also went with the “Born This Way” song theme.
        You can pinpoint anything and say it’s similar to something else, but I doubt Lady Gaga thought about Bette coming out of some stupid clamshell when she did this.

      • Aaron

        Calm yourself JackieB – nobody cares as much as you do. Go back to your animal sacrifices and praying to your Lady Gaga idol.

      • Me

        Hey geniuses. It was not an homage. She was “born”. From an egg. Like we all are.

    • Ian

      Ok so now Gaga is the chick from splice wearing a condom….next.

      • A3vwyk

        Laughed so hard at this comment nearly fell of my chair!!

  • tony

    The performance was OK, just as the song is just Ok…….I didn’t know if I was on EW or Perezhilton with biased commentary on a now unoriginal artist…..

    • Meg

      Agreed. This was a very tame Gaga. I was disappointed. She yields high expectations and this was a fail.

      • Asher

        Respectively disagree…while I do not necessarily LOVE this song yet, she showed she can deliver on the singing and dancing front just as well as on the over-the-top-spectable front. I agree with you on it being somewhat tame (which is funny because for anyone else, coming out of a egg/pod in that costume and playing the organ like a deranged person would be over-the-top-spectacle), but I think she delivered none the less.

    • JackieB

      I think she needs to fire her choreographer. Simple, memorable dance moves (like in Bad Romance) is better than all that frantic crap.

    • ToughLove


      • bruno

        jells ya.

    • Fiore

      Amen. How long until she’s relegated to playing street fairs after rehab?

    • Armando

      I agree. The performance wasn’t stellar. I’m very disappointed with the complacency of EW in this report. Just because it’s Gaga doesn’t mean it’s genius; that would only encourage her.

  • chommy

    Her vocals and everything were good, but she didn’t really do the usual shocking performance.

  • Classy

    It was ok. I like her voice, but I’ve seen much better dancing. M

  • mark

    Seriously EW? Drop it already. It was an okay performance to an ok song. Just because it’s Gaga doesn’t mean it’s ground-breaking and grand.

    • sam

      somebody’s JEALOUS

      • Matty

        The performance was just what it intended to be, a way to be beautiful without being over the top. Gaga killed it, no performance will top what she did.

      • Linney17

        sam, when you don’t enjoy somebody’s music, do you look in the mirror and call yourself jealous? Or is it only people who don’t like Lady Gaga who are jealous? I just want to know what the rules are before I go disliking an artist.

      • icyndicey

        Just because someone has an opinion sweetie doesn’t make them jealous. And he’s right! It was a mediocre performance, and the song is a COMPLETE RIPOFF of like 5 songs. She’s a hack!

    • AK

      It took me until the organ moment to realize what the hell was going on (some sort of church revival). But anyways, it was a pretty average, derivative performance for Gaga. Her Grammy performance last year was much more interesting.

      • Melokesm

        I was thinking average too. I love her music so maybe I have high expectations for her? Not sure.

      • anya

        Yeah, last year wasn’t there some enormous stage set up with dancers throwing her into a fire and then Elton John was there and they sung “Your Song” together? Her performance last year was both crazy and awesome! Compared to that, this one was a little boring and tame I guess.

    • Liam

      Well you guys, since this expert says it was just “ok”, then I guess we gotta think the same way.
      I can’t wait to see your performance.

    • Jonathan

      @icyndicey wtf? you sound ridiculous. All you can do is repeat what you’ve heard. The song lyircally was all original. The music itself, however, was a little similar to other songs. Over all, it was an ORIGINAL.

  • Jlloyd

    What exactly is it that everyone is suppose to be talking about tom morning? Besides the media pushing her down the publics throat I dont get the hype.

    • Sowhatnow

      Thank. You. I thought I was the only one who thinks she is way over rated and a poseur.

      • ZemJ

        No, I thought that *I* was the only one who didn’t like Lady Gaga. Her image is way too contrived. It’d be different if she were geniunely eccentric, but she comes off as someone who’s trying too hard.

  • Classy

    This performance just made me miss Britney. The claws up thing was inexplicably touching, but the “monster” thing is wearing on me. She tries, respectably, so hard to be a show-stopper and put forth her best effort. Britney has a naturally great stage presence and EVERY performance is so memorable for one reason or another. This Gaga performance was commendable but forgettable. Her red carpet entrance was more exciting…

    • Someone

      Um, do you not remember Britney’s performace of Gimme More at the VMAs? That was by far the worst performance I’ve ever seen. And I know that Britney has always been an excellent dancer and ‘entertainer’ but let’s face it: she doesn’t even possess a fraction of the talent that Gaga has.

      • Jonathan

        I absolutely agree. Sure she can dance well and put on a performance once and a while but she has a fraction of the vocal and creative talent lady gaga has.
        If you wanna see a real fake, go see britney. As far as I know, she was the one who did all the crazy things to land on those magazine covers. e.g. shaving her head, attacking a car with an umbrella, not wearing any underwear, driving while holding her son, should i go on?
        Gaga hasn’t done half the stuff she’s done. The worst thing she did was flip off those camera at the baseball game.

    • Woot

      Maybe a case for vintage Britney, but not recent Britney. She has had some terrible performances.

    • david

      agree with you 100 percent.

      • laura

        When it comes to performing Gaga will never compare to Britney at her peek. Sorry but that’s just the truth.

      • J

        @laura You mean Britney at her lip synching peak?

      • Jonathan

        lol laura you’re right. Britney doesn’t sound half as good as lady gaga does when they sing live.

      • laura

        To the comments below: gaga was clealrly lypsynching yesterday. You don’t jum around the satge like she did and still sound almost like the record. Those were pre-recorded vocals. And lypsynch or not Britney at her peak would still leave GaGa in the dust.

  • Classy

    Oh, plus she went right after the Aretha tribute and she just could not begin to compete with that. We had a large serving of fresh talent, so Gaga’s gimmicky, overly branded form of entertainment was much harder to appreciate.

  • Exchange

    It was simple, and that was the purpose. The song, the outfits, and the performance was simple , it was to focus more on her killer vocals and the message. I mean she did her job…we’re all talking about it ;)

    • Kaye

      I must have missed the “killer vocals” part!

      • Fiore

        Me too. And anyone who thinks they were killer vocals should listen to some real singers of the past.

  • roguerye

    big deal…seen it before year after year. Marilyn Manson, the super bowl mishap, brittany spears,elton john, madonna…immuned. No one cares. and Rap sucks..same stuff from 10-20 years ago. Need more Katy Perry’s and new Commodores. lol

    • E

      Huh? Judging by all these comments, a lot of people care. Based on how long the stories and subjects you listed last in the media (and the fact that you listed them), people care… by a large measure…

  • Masyn

    The cinematography, dancing, and vocals were fantastic, you could tell there there was great attention to detail. I loved that Gaga did a simpler performance than usual, and still completely owned the stage. A+

    • sara

      Huh??? It was a tepid rip off of Express Yourself. “Great attention to detail??” okkaaaaaaay…

  • scott

    Very entertaining to watch and even more powerful lyrics. Kudos to any performer who truly embraces everyone and tries to liberate audiences in the process.

    • Kaye

      Yes, saying I was born this way over and over…to the Express yourself beat will surely change the world! You know, at least Katy Perry just wants to have fun, and doesn’t take herself so seriously!

  • jezy

    i loved it, not overdone as to cloud her self-empowering message. stripped down to see our true-selves underneath it all

  • robin

    simply the best entertainer it

  • sam

    her usually flamboyant performances are attention-grabbing and eye-opening, but hide her true self behind dark sunglasses.
    you can see this song really comes from her heart with the simple, “naked” performance

    • Jonathan

      i’m glad someone saw that. She did it the way she did on purpose.

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