Lady Gaga talks Grammy egg, Madonna comparisons on 'Leno' tonight: Watch the video

For the record, it’s a “vessel,” not an egg.

And also? There’s no song-thief beef between Madge and the Lady. “There is really no one that is a more adoring and loving Madonna fan than me,” Gaga tells Jay Leno on tonight’s show. “I am the hugest fan personally and professionally.”

“The good news is that I got an e-mail from her people and her,” she says, “sending me their love and complete support on behalf of the single, and if the queen says it shall be, then it shall be.”

See the interview in its entirety later tonight, and watch an excerpt below in the meantime:

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  • Jay

    Madonna is the Queen of Pop :) Glad Gaga said that, especially after her Express Yourself 2.0 and Blonde Ambition ponytail/coned bra…”don’t go for second best, baby!” :)

    • stu

      i want her to have my baby!

      • Meg

        I’m madonna’s age and people aren’t remembering how much she has copied and borrowed several of her images and song harmonies. GAGA is young and very talented! It’s her day.

      • earlshibe

        ummm… shes a dude.

      • Network

        He’s a man!!

      • Lizzie Lohan

        She has a beautiful nose and was amazing

    • Jaimie

      The songs share a genre and that’s IT. Even Madonna believes this hype is bull.
      As for ‘madonna’s blonde ambition ponytail’, urgh madonna was inspired by a 1960’s vintage babrie doll for that look, tool.
      No hate for madonna, OR gaga.

      • Ethan

        I think the ponytail WAS a shout out to Madonna, but in the best way that Lady Gaga knows the source of what she’s referencing for all of her outfits. Plus it looked great on her.

      • Julie Anderton

        I listened to ‘Born This Way’ for the first time on as I was in my kitchen doing the dishes, and I thought, “This kind of sounds like ‘Express Yourself’ by Madonna.” Then, when the song was over, I walked over to the computer and read scores of comments from people who thought the exact same thing. None of these comments were made people who were in my kitchen with me, and yet, somehow, we all had the same reaction. The songs share more than just a genre, regardless of whether you, Gaga, or even Madonna can hear it.

      • Julie Anderton

        Oops. That should read “…made BY people…” Oh, well. It’s not like I accidentally ripped off a song or anything.

      • Bluto

        The songs are quite similar actually.

      • Julie Anderton

        See? Even Bluto agrees with me!

      • Mike

        I “Love” how YOU speak for Madonna.. She can rest now knowing you’re on the case. (laughable)

      • jcs

        I have no hate for Gaga, but like Julie, I was in the kitchen while that was on and the first thing I said to my wife was, “kind of sounds like express yourself”. glad to hear I’m not alone.

      • Lydia

        In reference to Gaga’s “Born this Way” sounding like Madonna’s “Express Yourself”… before we talk about “borrowing,” listen for ONE second to Public Enemy’s “Security of The 1st World,” and you will swear you are listening to Madonna’s “Justify My Love.” I grew up in the 80s. I love Madonna. She is the Queen. I hope she passes the torch to what will be a fine replacement, Ms. Gaga…but Madonna has CERTAINLY borrowed in her day…

      • WR

        RE: Justify My Love – Just to clarify, the Public Enemy song was sampled in Justify My Love and credited as such.

      • REASON

        I agree with Julie, when I was listening to the song for the first time I wasn’t really paying attention and found myself singing “Express Yourself.” Gaga has never been an original “artist” in my eyes though, her songs are no more original than Britney Spears but she makes them edgy by making crazy videos, wearing crazy clothes, and doing crazy performances at awards shows. I would say Britney is more original even.

      • Nelly

        I don’t care if Madonna borrowed her looks or was inspired by others. The problem is Lady Gaga rips off Madonna ALL THE TIME. That’s why it has become pretty obvious she’s just fake.

      • Jessica

        I saw on HLN that Madonna’s rep said that no email was sent by Madonna’s camp to give her blessing to this song.

    • Howard Stern

      Jay Leno is a tool.

      • John Lane

        Howard Stern is a boor.

      • Brian C.

        What’s a “boor”?

      • Michelle

        Seriously Brian? Have you ever heard of a dictionary? I find it surprising in this day of just about information available to us in an instant on the Internet that a person wouldn’t know how to look-up the definition of a word.

      • haha

        Always cracks me up when the grammar/spelling police trip over themselves. I agree with John Lane. However, some might call Howard Stern the slang “a bore” as well.

      • fdsafasdsa

        @John Lane.. seriously, you’ve never heard of a dictionary. I guess not. Well, here’s the definition of boor… “peasant: a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement.”

      • fdsafasdsa

        …sorry, my comment was @Brian C., not John Lane. ;)

      • Pipan

        Now Brian C. is posting as “haha”. Well… haha!

    • QT

      GAGA is adorable, I wanna hug her…funny girl. :)

    • Diane

      Still trying to figure out what she means by “captial H I M” in her lyrics though..

      • illene

        Capital HIM means GOD

      • HPerez

        she means God.

    • John

      Meg, we totally agree!!!

      Go Gaga!

    • Henley

      I’m laughing at the people that say Gaga acts humble. Saying you’ll have the best album of the decade. Isn’t humble. You new song that you stole from a lot of different artists will be an anthem for a generation. Isn’t humble. Saying you’ve one of the greatest voices and are one of the best songwriters in the industry. Isn’t humble. She is far up her own butt as her little Gargoyles.

      • AcaseofGeo

        She’s humble when compared to Kanye…..(I think even he would agree with that haha). And I don’t mind similiarities or comparisons of Lady Gaga to Madonna. As most astute people here have suggested, both have been influenced by what came before, but both have become icons in their own right and no need for “hating” on either one.

  • Sean

    Gaga for GAGA!!!!!

    • SaraD

      Yes!! Looove her.. hope she performs, I’m DVR’ing it as we speak.

    • Jonathan

      haha thats the best way to put it.
      She’s the most genuine artist out there. I loved how she said that she changed the dancers original costumes because it made them look seperated from her. That she wanted to them to feel incorporated in the performance because the performance was a group effort and not just about her.

    • HaHa

      She looks like the old bass player for Smashing Pumkins.

    • DRS

      Caca for Ca Ca.

  • Justin

    Gaga is the new Queen…

    • Me

      No. She’s not. Try again in 20 years.

      • PandaXpress

        Yes she is.

      • GaGa

        Yes, she is.

      • bubu

        Madonna is still the queen of music, and Gaga is the NEW queen of music. They’re both talented Italian women. In fact, Madonna is Gaga’s big sis who gave Gaga great advice years ago after the SNL Skit.

      • Jaimie

        Madonna hasn’t been top 40 for 20 years though. Longevity doesn’t always make icons.
        Lady gaga is already past a one hit wonder, and certainly WILL be remembered. An Icon in her own right, just like Madonna.

      • Ethan

        Madonna’s last top 40 hit – actually, last top ten hit – was 2 years ago. Then immediately afterwards she went on the most profitable music tour ever. If Madonna isn’t an icon, then no one’s an icon.

      • Dave

        @Jaimie…”Madonna hasn’t been top 40 for 20 years”…Really? I seem to recall her some top 40 hits off her past few albums. “4 Minutes” and “Hung Up” are the ones that instantly come to mind. Don’t make claims that we all know aren’t true.

      • Danielle

        Jaime, deary, I hate to burst your bubble but Madonna has had PLENTY of Top 40 hits in the last 20 years. Off the top of my head….”Hung Up”, “4 Minutes”, “Music”, “Don’t Tell Me”, “Die Another Day”, “Ray Of Light”, “Frozen”, “Power Of Goodbye”, “Secret”, “Take A Bow”. I could go on, but, now I’m bored. Think before you write.

      • Nat

        Yep we’ll talk in 20 year. She’s great but no legend status just yet. Calm down

      • Drew

        Jaimie have you actually looked at the Billboard Hot 100 charts at any time in the last 20 years? Madonna’s had 28 top 40 hits since 1990, the last one being “4 minutes” in 2008. I’m not trying to come down on you, but what radio have you been listening to?

      • Alexandria

        Actually, Madonna has 49 Top 40 hits and “4 Minutes” was the last one back in 2008. When Lady “steal another song trying to pass if off as her own” Gaga achieves ((( 49 ))) Top 40 hits, then you can crown her CHAMPION over Madonna. In the meantime, try to be more creative. I’m a HUGE fan of “Bad Romance”, but am severely underwhelmed by “Born This Way” and quite shocked this is the long wait that fans have been waiting for. I hope she has better songs in her forthcoming album.

    • bubu

      Madonna is still the quuen of pop and Gaga is the NEW queen of pop. Simple as that.

    • Mike

      Madonna will still be the Queen of Pop in the year 2450 and Michael Jackson the King. That’ll never change. They’re beyond iconic and original, what every male and female artist strive to be. You GaGa fans need to give it up. Even the Lady herself knows Her Madgesty will ALWAYS reign supreme.

      • bubu

        We don’t and will never give up on what we believe in. Gaga is and will be the new queen of music even in 2500. We will stand by Gaga always and forever.
        No matter what, we will love and support Gaga.

      • SaraD

        I really like your comment, Mike. That seems fitting for MJ and Madge.

      • Chris P.

        It’s all about the generational gap. Many older people that grew up in the 80’s, when Madonna was reaching the peak of her career and pumping out hit after hit, will forever view her as the Queen of Pop. For those of use that weren’t around then we now have Lady Gaga. In 15 or 20 years (if Lady Gaga stays around that long and I think she will) the crown will pass on to her and a slew of baby Gaga/Madge clones will be running around and only one will rise to be the next Queen of Pop when Gaga’s time is up. And thus and endless and beautiful cycle will be born.

      • wow

        The way you people are talking, Madonna must be a freakin god.

      • TONY

        By the time Lady Gaga has like 30 more Top Ten hits, then we can start with the Madonna comparisons.

      • Scarlett

        Michael is the King forever. Madonna the Queen. But there is room for Lady GaGa as she strives to make her idols proud.

    • Hecate

      I agree. Gaga is the new Queen

  • samantha

    They’re all free masons.

    • PandaXpress

      Your mother was a freemason.
      Lady Gaga is NOT a freemason, Illuminati, or part of a secret cult.

    • GaGa

      I’m not a freemason. I’m a free B*** that’s all.

    • bubu

      It’s called fashion in case you missed it.

  • Peace

    I’m so over this attention whore.

    • Tarc

      yay! The more for me then!

    • bubu

      You are talking like a slut.

    • e4ia

      So over her that you keep reading and commenting on articles about her….

    • Kelly

      I don’t think Gaga is an attention whore. Now Katy Perry, THAT’s an attention whore.

      • Ian

        if you get carried into the Grammys in an egg, chances are you might be an attention whore. Disposable shallow pop at best.

      • Jonathan

        @Ian, there was symbolism behind that. Everything she does has symbolism behind it. If you wanna criticize someone make sure you have the right information.

      • ani

        ahahaha. symbolism. that’s funny.

        but, really, everything she does is for attention. it’s all a carefully developed image. i doubt gaga was like this when she was young. her entire image has been fashioned in order to attain celebrity and fame.

      • Ian

        Symbolism? Perhaps symbolism to pander to the lowest common denominator. Gaga does not make intelligent music, she makes mass appeal, catchy dumbed down pop. Don’t kid yourself that she has a deeper meaning than selling a few albums and creating a bit of controversy.

  • Lurch

    Reminds me of Creepella from the Flintstones.

    • S

      do you not see the prop makeup on her face…? Look at her shoulders…you think that’s real? She loves to push your buttons! GET A LIFE!!

  • Sarah

    Gaga will be #1 on Billboard….go Monsters!

  • Dave

    Not a huge fan of her music (though some of her songs are pretty catchy), but I just watched her on the Tonight Show and she actually seems pretty cool. She doesn’t seem to take her position as a famous entertainer for granted, and I like that. Good for her.

    • Alex

      Thank you! So true! …although I’m a superfan and crazy about her music and everything about her… but yes, she is down to Earth and humble and funny and lovable! :D

    • bubu

      Gaga never bashes other artists, never. Gaga is always focusing on improving hersel after each show of hers. That’s why I love and support Gaga.

      • karoline

        She even complimented Willow Smith.

    • TJ

      As someone who was underwhelmed by Born This Way, her Tonight Show interview was a reminder of why I like her, hype and all. I loved seeing her interract with Sophia Vergara afterwards. She seems appreciative of what she has.

    • karoline

      I’m not a big fan, either, but I thought she was pretty entertaining on Leno. (“I’m ignoring you.”) She and Sofia Vergara were funny together.

  • Bill

    Well Jay you get quite a kick out of smacking C. Sheen, must be great to be you!

    • Rio

      Charlie Sheen deserves all the smack he gets and more.

  • GaGa

    Go little monsters! Put your paws up.

  • Michael

    Gaga IS number 1 on Billboard

  • Justin

    I agree, cool as heck! She is hilarious….go GAGA!

  • Journey

    Haha…Now what Haters? Madonna supports the song 100%. There is no beef or anything else. Madonna had already said she is a fan of Gaga and vice versa.

    I loved the interview and can’t wait until the LP gets released. :)

    • Justin

      The haters are not worth the energy…trust me…lol. I can’t wait to see how many Hot Shot #1’s and top 10’s miss GAGA racks up this album. Madonna loves Gaga like everyone else with

      • QT

        I honestly think nobody even cares about madonna when purchasing Born This Way. Once you learn it, the songs aren’t identical.

    • luke

      Listen, I don’t hate the song, but that interview changes nothing in terms of my view toward it. It still has the exact melody as Express Yourself. I wouldn’t have had a problem with it BUT before the song was released GaGa called it a “new sound and something we’ve never heard before”. She over hyped the song and because of that, I’m still having a had time excepting the song as anything more then Express Yourself 2.0

      • Rio

        This is the bottom line. GaGa is fooling herself if she thinks she unique and delivering something we’ve never heard before. And Alejandro was a rip off of the Ace of Base song All That She Wants. It’s fine that she’s influenced by others, but to claim that she’s an original is stretching it.

      • Poleeease

        Madonna knows a great rip off….Hung Up?…more like Gimme Gimme Gimme ABBA!!!!

  • sew

    It’s a vessel. -___-

  • candace from okc

    Oh wow! I’ve been searching the internet trying to make sure that wasn’t the real lady gaga! & again wow but mostly gross! She should’ve stayed in that egg! Lol

    • WeirdoFreak

      Shut Up. You cant be talking cuz for all we know you may be ugly. GaGa Is the best thing ever!

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