Lil Kim's album cover depicts decapitation of Nicki Minaj-like figure

BLACK-FRIDAY-MIXTAPEThe feud between Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj just got ugly. Rather, it’s gotten bloody.

The new album cover for Kim’s Black Friday, which has been available for purchase via PayPal since yesterday, leaves little doubt that the pink-wigged head on the floor is an allusion to Kim’s nemesis Nicki Minaj — although no one has confirmed, a.k.a. we can’t prove anything. What we can prove is the following: Cartoon Lil Kim likes swords and leather, cartoon Lil Kim knows how to use swords, and magically, cartoon Lil Kim has the ability to strike a pose before the blood splatter has hit the floor. Fascinating.

Calls to Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj’s camps have not been returned.

While we wait, what do you think of the cover, Mixers? Too far?

Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj: The battle gets bigger

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  • loved

    Wow, pathetic.

    • lolya

      its pathetic that nicki minaj started all of this.. and your just to blind to see. She has made countless songs about female rappers disrespecting them.. and you want to call lil kim pathetic… in romans revenge nicki minaj said
      ” i have some people out in brooklyn that will off your top”

      so you telling me you though lil kim was going to keep quite.. and let that slide. i think not.

      • loved

        She wrote romans after Lil Kim was talking crap. Regardless of that fact she’s STILL pathetic.

      • The Teacher

        The most pathetic thing is our education system, which apparently has stopped teaching people to communicate in writing. “..and your just to blind to see.” “so you telling me you though lil kim was going to keep quite.. and let that slide.” Now that’s pathetic.

      • Nerdista

        I love Nicki Minaj, but who’s Li’l Kim?

      • barbara

        I agree 100%, or as lil kim would say: you wanna bumble with the bee

      • Aria

        Uhh if anything Lil Kim’s hating on Nicki. Lil Kim’s jealous cause she is a “has been” and Nicki is what’s hot right now. So what did Kim do? She took it to a pathetic ghetto level. That’s why she’ll get nowhere far. She’s a pathetic jealous b—-.

    • JIM


      • Random User

        I think your caps lock is on…

    • Bluto

      L’il Kim has sold a whopping 4 million albums in the US (since 1996), and is virtually hitless in the rest of the world. In other words, she’s a nobody whose grand moment was having Diana Ross bounce her boob. And with a bunch of not-really-hits-at-all songs to her credit, Nicki Minaj is well on her way to becoming—you guessed it—the next L’il Kim. When you have to rely on an album cover to draw publicity to your career, it’s time to realize those acting ambitions, or make sure you’re still on the schedule at Applebee’s.

    • James

      It’s fun. Rap Battles used to be huge, so it’s kind of fun to see two people (even if they are both horrible artists) go at eachother, and use that to propell their album…you know, like many, many, many people have done before them. I say “battle on”, I think it’s funny.

    • SXiPPY

      Hahaha! I love Kim, let the battle begin even more “Hardcore” than before!!

      • SXiPPY

        Oh and Nerdista, you’re an ignorant cvnt. Get a clue.

      • barbie

        SXippy hope ur ready cause nicki’s gonna kick ass

    • Nick Combs

      Lil Kim needs to use that sword on herself! What better way to stage a comback than to hate on someone successful! Hey Lil Kim; you want your “spot” back, try writing your own rhymes!

    • Manda

      I think its brilliant! Just shows you cant touch Kim, she’s got 10 yrs on that belt. SWALLOW that NIKKIIIII hahahahahaha

    • latyra

      kim im sorry i luv u but gurl i think u jus went 2 doggone far nicki got ha own style might be a lil like yours but come on but puttin on yo album makes u look like a hater cuz a do dont bark at a parked car he barks at a moving 1 meaning she must be doing something rite

  • cheyenne

    I’m sorri but lil kim cannot rap at all. I mean nicki she just doin hur thang and people luv it even other races luv hur but lil kim I just feel sorri for u.

    • Me

      Lil’ Kim can rap circles around Nicki Minaj. Better lyrics, delivery and had the same style and did it better before Nicki Minaj. Nicki knows she’s doing the same stuff, that’s why she’s sensitive. Lil’ Kim was in a crew with one of the greatest rappers of all time. No contest.

      • B

        Actually Lil’ Kim screwed one of the greatest rappers of all time. Doesn’t mean she got skills.

      • jeff

        Yes lil’ Kim was first but let’s have a special edition of where are they now. Nicki Minaj is doing well for herself right now. Lil Kim WAS doing her thing, disappeared, showed back up with new skin and nose, and try to dig up her career by piggy backing off Nicki. You had your chance Kim, now go knit or something. There’s a new queen bee in the rap game. Accept it.

    • Jessica

      Either way they both get promoted every time they diss each other

    • Henry

      Honestly, at this point it hardly seems to matter who the better rapper is any more. This album cover makes it completely personal

    • Wow

      Cheyenne, your poor grammar is a mess. I especially don’t understand the point of spelling “sorry” as “sorri”, “hur” instead of “her,” and “thang” as opposed to “thing” when they all require the same amount of keystrokes. Ignorance isn’t cute.

      • Nerdista

        It’s a cultural lingo. Clearly it’s not lazy as you so intelligently pointed out it’s the same amount of keystrokes. However, if you’ve ever taken even a basic anthropology class you’d knwo that within different communities different language styles do not indicate ignorance just because they are different from yours. Perhaps stepping off your high horse for a moment would allow you better enjoy the cultural diversity we so love in this country. Or, just let hur do hur thang!

      • Nerdista

        Please pardon my spelling error, I meant to say “know”.

      • Will

        I love you, Nerdista!! It makes me cringe every time I hear anyone look down on anyone that doesn’t use “proper English”. Do they even know that all forms of English, from “American Standard” to “Ebonics” to “Spanglish” are just that, forms or variations, dialectical offshoots of an abstraction called “English”? Just because rappers, or kids who love them don’t speak in American Standard English, doesn’t mean that they are “incorrect”. The beauty of language is that it constantly evolves, changes, and mutates. So yeah, “Wow”, get offa yo’ high horsey, an’ let hur do her thang.

      • Me

        the only ‘thang’ accomplished and perpetuated using ebonics, instead of proper English, is ignorance. While it may be true that there is a certain cultural lingo used in how we speak to one another, within our own culture, the proper language from which said lingo is derived from should be used when speaking publicly to others outside of our own cultural groups. It is sad having to witness young, intelligent and bright people constantly turned away from jobs because they “don’t know no better”. Parents need to educate their kids and show them that by only speaking in their ‘street speech’ will not get them very far outside of their ‘hood, swiftly shutting doors of opportunities which eventually leads to a life in crime. I say this to my nieces and nephews all the time, I have both black and latino relatives and both sides are unwilling to understand the limitations they bring onto themselves.

      • C-Dub


      • Nerdista

        Hey Me, while I understand that you think it closes doors you’re implying that people who speak that way know ONLY how to speak that way. My little sister, who is white, speaks deplorable English when she’s with her friends, it’s all “like, you know, fur shur, and totes”. However, when speaking for class or at a volunteer opportunity she speaks well. When you look at sentence structure and the breakdown of how verbs, nouns, and adectives are used, often times the slang vernacular is quite sophisticated. So perhaps instead of inflicting a forced and quite arbitrary form of language on an entire, well planet, we can shift our views to be more encompassing. Maybe YOU should learn some ebonics, perhaps you’d be better able to communicate with people of different communities than yourself in a more pleasant and bond forming way. I work in a library where we have many, many people for whom English is a second language and they communicate in other ways and quite well. I don’t see why the standards should be any different for how another person *chooses* to communicate. In other words, pull the stick out! And I love you too, Will.

      • DDubs

        BREAK IT DOWN PLZ NERDISTA, thank you. Im so sick and tired of people quoting the text book as proof of some superior intelligence. CREATIVITY is the true intelligence! What you are really saying by taking time to comment on somebody elses use of laungauge is: “look look look! i recognize that how you are using laungauge is not how it says to use it in ‘the book!’ look look! that means i am smarter than you! because i know what somebody wrote in a book, look look! how smart i am, look!”
        So sad. IF YOU UNDERSTOOD WHAT THE MEANING WAS, then communication has been made! Its like all you sad little sueto-intelligents have to hang on to is spelling and grammer and blah blah, what all has been done/thought before. Its one thing to walk a trail everybody has been down before, and something entirely different to MAKE YOUR OWN. So just get the F over it and accept that you are NOT smarter than anybody, and that maybe you should spend more time dreaming/creating original energy instead of parrot barking what everybody already knows.

    • Dan Too

      Cheyenne: See The Teacher’s comment above.

    • LadyJNewYork

      Nicki Minaj is that you? LOL Write like you rap “gibberish”, LOL.

    • Antwon

      The BOTTOM LINE is they need to respect someone who paved teh way for them. I know alot of Feamles all races loves what Kim has brought to teh table that other women never did. Like she said she have to hang with the dudes. She is the queren, so the new crumb snatcher need to get a clue. Kim was in jail when Nikki to steal the spot. Her managing crew was smart for that one. Lil Kim is not hating on this new hood rat that is rocking wigs,and dressing revealing. Kim has been there and still doing that. Nikki is fresh but she needs to respect the Queen or get put back in her place.. Ya Kims cover was like wow, but she tha real with it.. Its about lyrically bringging it so we will see what Lil Kim will bring to the newbee.. BZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

  • Zach

    Little doubt? Maybe it’s just me, but I never would have guessed that crappy slob of pink is supposed to be someone’s hairpiece and fractured skull.

    • nell

      You can tell if you see Nicki’s PINK FRIDAY cover. It’s intentionally, painfully, obvious. Oh… AND STUPID.

      • mellodee

        I LOVE IT!!!!

    • will

      I think you missed the figure in the background of a body sitting doing a crazy split. It’s identical to that of Nicki’s Pink Friday cover

      • Zach

        Oh, ok, fair!

  • Buffy Freak

    Can somebody please send this useless trach back to prison?

    • Buffy Freak


      • AcaseofGeo

        Although “useless trach” COULD suggest she can’t rap…..haha.



    • lolya

      right let these fools know! Nicki has been playing that fake innocent roll for a long time… but people that actually know about hip-hop and people that seen how nicki minaj has flip-flopped on her come up know how fake that chick is. She came in the game disrespecting female rappers.. and not just lil kim. Then nicki minaj had the audacity to make romans revenge and put it on her debut album.. first she denied it was about lil kim then she admitted it was about her. That fake broad. I have no sympathy for her. So to all her fans and people that support her. Forget all of you all and enjoy your gimmick artist! She is about to be TOTALLY exposed.

      • loved

        She’s said a million times before that she admires Lil Kim. That there would be no Nicki without Kim. And little kim is too attention starved to NOT take advantage of this moment for her hasbeen ass to sell records.

      • jerzeegirl

        Right now Kim needs Nicki to get attention… how about standing on your own. Oh yeah, she did, way BACK when she was 1/2 way relevant!! Let it go Kim, you just coming off looking …jealous!

      • Dionne

        PREEAACCH!!!! Tell it honey! I couldn’t have said it better! I’m so for LIL KIM…always have & always will…Nikki is whack & it’s unfortunate that these young girls ADMIRE her…Lil Kim isn’t one to look up to either, but back to the subject at hand, she’s the best MUSICALLY :)

    • Antwon


  • karyn

    Yup, instigating feuds is one way to sell records. Just ask Jay-Z. Or Kanye.

  • bma

    Not only is it Nicki’s head, the whole background is reminiscent of her “Pink Friday” cover, with her headless body, the horizontal stripes at the top, as well as the typography.

    That being said, Kim’s cover looks very amateurish — like something you’d buy via PayPal. Afraid Kim’s over.

    • nell

      *she’s BEEN over.

  • Val

    It has to be a dig at Nicki Minaj. Nicki’s album was called “Pink Friday” and Lil’Kim mixtape is called “Black Friday”. The cover art and the name of the album is a total dig at Nicki. SMH @ Kim. Don’t do it, because that is battle that she wouldn’t win.

  • occ

    lil kim is pathetic, shes old and nobody listens to her crap. she’s riding on NM’S success. Hang it up, FLAT SCREEN!

    • D2


      Shoulda sent a thank you not ya lil hoe!

      • Nat

        Now i’m gonna wrap your coffin with a bow ;)

      • Nick Combs

        D2, she just mad ’cause Nicki took her spot!

    • Anasia

      Couldn’t agree more…Nicki Minaj has paid her respect countless times…Lil Kim is just a jealous, hatin azz dried up piece of UGH!!!!!

  • Vince from NYC

    I don’t think she decapitated her, but moreof a good old fashion scalping. It’s sad when washed up artists try so hard to stay relevant.

    • Mizz.Minaj

      hell ya baarbz speak dha truuth

  • Aunt Sassy

    Sorry, but this just makes Kil look DESPERATE.

    • Damnallleyezonme

      I’m glad Lil’ Kim did this. She told her, “You started this, I hope you ready for it.” You can’t go around talking crap about people, and don’t expect a response. This is what Nicki GETS! “This is what happens when you pick fights, you just NEVER KNOW.” LOL

      • Jen


      • B

        Poor Nicki.. what’s she ever supposed to do now? She has no dead rappers who’s name she can live off of.

  • lilputa

    Lil Kim is the Queen and she can post up whatever she wants. It’s about time she dropped this mixtape. Now all she needs is a hot album. Im so over this overly hyped up Kim clone getting all this attention cuz of her wack ass platinum album. Since when platinum=good music.

    • ef

      note the irony-
      “now all she needs is a hot album” juxtapositioned with “since when platinum=good music”.

      • Mitch

        “Juxtaposed” but yes, I agree. This isn’t clever. It’s just disgusting.

      • B

        Since when was platinum equal to good music? Ever since word of mouth spread about an album enough that one million people bought it, that’s when. When was the last time that happened for Lil’ Kim?

      • MarySue

        The “Queen” of what? Sleeping your way into the music business? Of jail? Of riding coat tails? Of wearing too much make-up and getting too much plastic surgery? Of being a failure? Please be more specific.

      • sunrise

        to many haters as women u all pull each other down without thinking about the future in order to be great in anything u must 1st acknowledge that their is live u have respect one another and build each other, not pull down one another like crab.

    • jerzeegirl

      What Kim needs is a time machine…

  • occ

    “Look at my show footage, how these girls be spazzin’ / So f—I look like gettin’ back to a has-been? / Yeah, I said it, has-been /Hang it up, flatscreen /Haha plasma”

  • PAL

    LOL this is to funni and stupid it justs makes Lil Kim look bad she is just old trash she should just go back to prison where she really belongs and Lil Kim is psychotic and why is she dissing ppl and yet didnt she bang her way to the top as we all saw on that Notorious movie GROSS

  • trystan

    What are you saying? This crap is hilarious (not murder of course) but bringing back the rap beef. Back in the day, when real rappers were on the mic, this stuff was commonplace. Let’s keep the bangin on wax and hope both sides come out swingin

    • Dave

      Agreed, rap beefs are fun. I’m glad someone is keeping it alive.

      • mellodee

        agree wit u guys but these minaj fans r scared for her cuz kim too gangster. N old she only 3 yrs older than nicki see yall wont even aknowledge that.

    • loved

      Um…. Lil Kim is almost 10 years Nicki’s senior. How’s that for acknowledging it? And trust her fans aren’t scared of anything , we’re just stating the facts. She needs Nicki to sell records these days because her supposed talent isn’t good enough

      • david

        umm sweetie nicki is 30 years old..

      • Me

        Um, no David. Nicki is 26yrs old (born in 84) and Kim is 35 (born in 75).. get some remedial math help.

      • LuvsKim

        Nicki lied about her age because the label didn’t project her to pop off until later so they had to make her younger. She was actually born in 82. 7years jr. to kim. Most people are hating on Kim because they are too young to even remember how skilled she is. Kim started in the game young so you think she’s old. She’s a lot younger than… lets say… JayZ. Put yourself in her shoes. I wouldn’t let some newcomer- late rap game bloomer take shots at me. Kim kept quiet for the longest.

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