Beyoncé's dark face makeup in French photo shoot causes a racial ruckus: Is this art?

beyonceBeyoncé is catching some heat today, as pictures from her shoot in French fashion magazine L’Officiel Paris have hit the net.

In their 90th-anniversary issue, the pop icon pays tribute to African culture, donning head wraps and gorgeous gowns. But one picture in particular seems to be getting the most attention. In it Beyoncé wears dark face paint, transforming her fair-skinned complexion to a dark brown one. Whoa, right? How could she? …Okay, America. Chill out. Not every blackened face is blackface. There’s a fine line between artistry and mockery. And several things must be considered before thinking that Beyoncé, of all people, would be the one to spit in the face of her own culture.

One, throughout her career, she’s been the model for strong women and the forward movement of all races. She preaches independence and seemingly has a spotless record in the court of public perception. Two, she’s married to Jay-Z, who co-produced Fela!, a Broadway show on the magnificent work of Nigerian Afrobeat superstar Fela Kuti. Surely she wouldn’t disrespect a culture she’s even somewhat familiar with. It’s not like she put it on because she thought it would go well with an awards show look, like Lastly (there are probably way more reasons, by the way), L’Officiel Paris is a highly respected magazine known for keeping it classy, not going for cheap attention-getting tactics.

Beyoncé’s rep did not get back to us with a response to the Internet rumblings of her being in “blackface.” Likely because we should know better than to think she’d do such an ill-advised thing. That picture, along with the others featuring her natural tone, is art. Appreciate it as such.

UPDATE: L’Officiel Magazine released the following statement  regarding their March cover girl’s attire and makeup – “The inspiration came from several African rituals during which paint is used on the face. We find the images beautiful and inspiring. L’Officiel would like to thank Beyoncé for her outstanding contribution to this celebration of African influences in Fashion.”

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the shoot.

What do you think of Beyoncé’s look? Sound off in the comments section.

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  • Tim

    I cant believe anyone would say this has controversy around it. She was not doing this to be funny or make fun of a race. She did it for the art. Besides she IS african american. The shots are beautiful. Keep doing your business B! Cant wait for new album

    • Your Queen

      Don’t call her “B”, Tim.
      Pathetic jackass.

      • fiarah

        You’re pathetic, Q. lol, get a life.

      • tracymmo

        Don’t you feel all smart n’ superior now, Q?

      • hurricane

        beyonce has proven she is a true dummy.

      • Mwilli

        Wow, you’re not overreacting to something completely inconsequential at all. You seem like a very rational person.

      • Alexey

        I came on YT just now specifically to find that 70 s spot! Damn! Only the 60s veorisn. Well, if the *60s* veorisn is here, then the more recent 70 s veorisn HAS to surface at Some point, I hope! I haven’t heard that jingle in ages!

    • Ashley

      I heard Beyonce bleaches her skin to look whiter, like most black girls.
      I realized the other day that black people are perhaps lowest on the food chain.
      First its white people. Then Latins, Arabs, Asians, because they can all have different skin colors and they can look Latin or white, essentially they can change. But black people can ONLY be black. Poor people, they can never change. Even if they say “I’m proud of being black”, I’m sure a part of them is extremely disappointed.

      • Nicole

        I love you. You are not afraid to sound retarded.

      • Jimmy Fallon

        I love YOU, Nicole. You still use the word “retarded.”

      • keisha

        You are clearly misinformed. Most black women DO NOT bleach their skin. Black women can have light, medium or dark skin too and and be raciously ambiguous just as any other race. For the record I am proud of who I am and I am NEVER disappointed. You might want to interact with actual black people before you say things that sound extremely ignorant. Or maybe you should just spend time outside your klan in general.

      • Shakespeare

        Did you ever take a Biology/Science class in college? Let me guess you didn’t, cause if you did you would realize how silly your statement is. We human beings all came from Africa, its a FACT! White, Black, Asian, Hispanic, all came from there. The reason you have different colors today is because of the sun, that is another fact! Racism is really silly, since we all are apart of the same family, get an education dude, at least be an educated racist so your argument would have some low value!

      • Holy…

        No offense, Ashley, but what on earth??? First of all, most black girls do NOT bleach their skin. Where on earth did you even get that? As for Latinos, Arabs, or Asians “passing” for white…that generally doesn’t happen unless they’re very much mixed with Caucasian heritage. I do see your point in that they perhaps look more similar to white people than black people do, so perhaps they have it easier by being not quite so obviously “other”…but they definitely get their share of crappy dealings in our Caucasian-dominated society. As for black people only being black…that’s both right and wrong. Black people have skin in a range of shades – maybe the super dark-skinned people would have a harder time hiding it. But someone like Halle Berry or Beyonce, women with relatively light skin, look no different from white people than a Latina might. Honestly, I thought Halle Berry WAS white before she started getting lots more publicity leading up to her Oscar win. (I know she’s half-white, but she seems to identify as black.) I appreciate your attempt to empathize with people of other races who have historically been treated like crap, but…I don’t know, what you said just struck me as very strange. I mean, I’ll assume from your name that you’re a woman – another historically oppressed group. Do you ever feel disappointed that you’re not male? (And I mean in deeper ways than “PMS sucks, I wish I was a dude.”) Rather than wishing for equal pay among men and women doing the same job, does part of you just wish you were male instead and able to reap those discriminatory benefits? It’s not really a good comparison since the difference between races is negligible while the difference between sexes is obviously a bit more significant, but still. I don’t mean to be rude and I’m sorry if I came across that way, but I was just sort of taken aback by your comments. You sound young, so I encourage you to seek out more information on the history of race relations in this country as well as the rest of the world. Sometimes colleges or local community groups offer seminars with good information.

      • keisha

        raciously = racially

      • Anna

        It seems that this young lady is misinformed about the black culture. African americans complexion ranges from the whitest of white to the darkest of dark. We don’t have to bleach our skin; that is a preference for some. Me personally, I am proud of my black skin. God given and He makes no mistakes! It is (some)others that have a problem with the complexion of our skin; or is it that they wish to have that beautiful complexion? Be proud of who and what you are! Don’t hate!!!

      • juliet

        Is is not offensive. But I guess you could question why they didn’t just seek out a model of that complexiion instead of painting her face. I did not read the article so I don’t no the angle,

        But as for Ashley, by your name and your comment, I will just “assume” you are of the same race I am, and that is caucasion. If my assumptions are correct, then let me be the first to remind you that #1 people are not on a food chain, unless you are a cannibal???
        #2 A lot of us are tanning and air brushing and using a lot of creams to make ourselves appear darker. And no matter how much we airbrush the color fades away eventually #3 By your lack of research and your comments you can make a whole race of people appear utterly stupid.

      • Nicki

        You sound so ignorant. Black people come in different skin tones too. Halle berry, Rihanna, Alicia keyes etc.. are all light skin Black woman. Beyonce is one them that are very pale. Beyonce’s mom looks more white than Black, BUT she’s Black. Some white people have naturally tanned skin than usual particularly the spaniards, italians… (latinos).

      • Landon

        ARE YU F..C.KIN CRAZY??? No sweetie YOU GOT IT WRONG! We may be viewed as less in the White mans eyes, but trust we do not feel that way as a race. So plz dont feel sorry for us, you sound extremly stupid for even posting this……. I bet you never have even had a black friend, so how you know what we feeling deep down?? idiot! You know nothing about our race, and I feel sorry for you, you narrow minded simple uncultured piece of rubbish. NE who its BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!! POWER TO THE PPL!

      • Iris

        All those races and ethnic groups have very dark to light people in them. I’m a very light-skinned black woman that sometimes people don’t know my race although I’ve two black parents. I’ve seen black people lighter than me.

      • Brittany

        ashley you dumb as hell. beyonce is black and she is light. jay z is black and he is dark and black people have various shades just like any other rrace, hello open your eyes. and most black females don’t bleach their skin. and if they did so what that’s there concern. most white people tan to look darker like hispancis, so what.

      • efrain

        Ashley a mind is a terrible things to waste

      • jordan

        you must really be stupid. you did graduate from highschool right? let me help you. afican americans come in about 35 skin tones ranging from ebony to ivory. i’m a brown tone and my sister has very fair skin due my white mother. maybe u should use the internet for education purposes.

      • mary

        How IGNORANT… You just reaffirmed how stupid some people really are. How utterly ridiculous. You poor thing.

      • fiarah

        poor you, I hope you can change, Ashley. Maybe you should try bleaching your brain – based on your posting, you’re obviously not very bright.

      • Nana Agyeiwaah

        You’re funny … yet a little sad.

      • Brody

        Dude. What is WRONG with you?

      • mikey

        those people can be only white blacks can be all types because lets remember everybody originated from the african race

      • dm

        obviously a TROLL looking for attention and you guys gave it him/her…

      • Nana Akua Hackman

        WOW Ashley how stupid are you? You are SO unbelievably ignorant I had to set aside my Homework just to addresss your stupidity. I hope one day you’re enlightened and your parents give you a big whooping to exert at least an ounce of common sense into you daft brain. How can you feel sorry for black people in this day and age and say we aspire to be white? Pshh. If you are American LOOK AT YOUR PRESIDENT. Do you see him prancing around wishing he was otherwise? Do you see him snooping around looking for chemicals to bleach himself? Do you see Rihanna, Halle Berry, BEYONCE doing ANYTHING to be even REMOTELY close to any other race? Do you

      • Nana Akua Hackman

        ?? I dont care if you were trying to be stupid to get attention because anyone who can come up with such a comment and felt like that was the best way to get attention from people they dont even know MUST be dumb. Or just in dire need of a life. I pray for your enlightenment

      • Chrisman

        WOW… WOW !!!!

      • Rafaella Reynolds

        Wow, Ashley! That’s all I can say.

      • Human

        I think regardless of the race you are, your brain is at the bottom of the foodchain.

      • bootsycolumbia

        People, please don’t respond to comments like this. This person is a troll and responding to garbage like this comment only incites more garbage comments.

      • igotdistc

        ignorant a-hole

      • Woot

        Obvious troll.

      • Gabrielle

        Ashley i think you need to do a little more research,coz honestly what your saying doesnt make sense at all!Some Black people have a lighter tone or darker just like some white people are pale and tan.And not all Black women bleach their skin just like not all white people go tanning!I am African with a light skin tone and some people think am Arab but no i was born this way from Africa.So please before you say something be sure you know what you are talking about.

      • Le HIROSHI

        @ Ashley,

        – –

        SVP; while I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing, I guess there’s always the first time but for everything.

        – –

        In any sense at all, I do not consider that if one could somehow render his or her own complexion into another shade of color, then one would become superior. At best, one just be different — no more no less.

        – –

        And, Ashley, kindly leave us – your so-called Asians – alone and out of your everyday context through the use of your insensible term, “food chain,” SVP. I never mind being racially different; however, do not objectify us — your so-called Asians — into anything inferior or whichsoever words of choice in lieuof it, unto your own kind.

        – –

        For we are not.

        – –

        PS: The saddest thing is that you might really think so, as opposed to digitally trolling. . .

        – –

        Welcome to the real world, HIROSHI.

      • Charles

        You make a good point. This woman has bleached her skin to look white. More power to her. Having Caucasian features can get one ahead if life.

      • Le HIROSHI


        – –

        @ (EW Staff and) other peopleS (of the world),

        – –

        In re Ashley, as well as all other irrelevantly yet similarly redundantly hurtful comments (on any other threads on your site AND other Anglophone ones) unto which I would otherwise never have had so well unfortunately bearing witness in my world (the J. sites, in which people, not only polite but also refraining from negativity, do not produce hurtful comments out of self-indulgence), speaking for myself, your peopleS at large, IMO, have been for too long a period miscomprehending and abusing the freedom of speech. Id est you think it’s all right for one simply to spit just anything out of one’s filthy mouth with no respect towards others, and at least to the value of responsibility per se at all.

        – –

        Just because one is free to do whatsoever one pleases doesn’t mean one should simply do so nihilistically.

        – –

        Call it pretentious. But stop being rude, SVP.

      • shayonce’

        Ashley, kiss my black ass…some of us are still ignant & will beat yo ass…thank goodness computers help cowards remain cowards (on purpose ebonics by the way)

      • cynthia

        first of all i am African,i am slightly light skinned and after reading this i am surprised that people could be this even sound so confident.STUPIDITY would be an UNDERSTATEMENT.

      • hayate

        Lmao Ashley is trolling, I hope… women do NOT bleach their skin,but white girls darken theirs……and while some whites may lookdown on us we don’t look down on each other. I pity racist whites like you…I’d regret it more if I were white…I’d feel guilty for all the children, women, and babies my family slaughtered for NO reason throughout history….you have some of the most vulgar blood running through you. Also there is only one human race…environment makes a person not melanin…use your brain.
        Its not racist…because she isn’t mocking blacks or trying to make them all seem dumb like “blackface(bunch of dumb whites acting like stupid whites with facepaint)”…but why not just get a dark skinned girl, like Oluchi, seems easier?

      • Keesha

        @ Ashley..That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You are obviously misguided as well as uneducated and it is really sad that you dont mind sharing your ignorance with everyone following this.

      • THE 1

        I will keep this clean when I correct you and say all black people do not bleach their skin to look white but it will be correct to say that over 90% of you white people risk cancer to get a little color to your skin to look like BLACK PEOPLE.Not to mention cologen, weave, ejections in your butt, etc. Truth be told this is the time of the Gentiles so you can talk your ass off about the placement of my black people but if we were so low you white mf must consider yourselves a little lower seeing as how you think you aint nothing til you got a black man on your arm. So before you get on the web judging you need to think about your people and what they doing before you try to talk about somebody else.

      • SHANTE

        It’s HILARIOUS that black “CAN ONLY BE BLACK” when BLACK PEOPLE comes in a various beautiful shades…KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU END UP LOOKING LIKE AN A$$!!! MARIAH CAREY…she can pass for WHITE…but, she’s MIXED–years ago that wouldn’t even mattered…because BLACK IS IN HER BLOOD!!! Think about that the next time you’re getting a TAN!!!

      • Britt

        …alot of black girl bleach their skin??? i’m black and out of ALL of my black friends and family…i have not met ONE that bleaches her skin.

      • Beckey

        Just because you dont understand other cultures is not a reason to bash them. If u think about it, there’s more white ppl trying to b black. Getting ridiculously dark tans and wearing hair pieces when there hair already grows fast. Sounds like ur the one, Ashley who is ashamed of ur complexion cause y else would u hate others but to make urself feel good. And since u felt free to post ur opinion, let me post mine: Ur precious white ppl are closer to the bottom than any other race and with all the hatred, greediness, and devious ways white ppl possess, they r right where they need to be. And this is coming from a half white half native american girl.

      • Tionna

        Ashley you are an idiot. I am a dark skinned black woman and I am perfectly fine with my color. What shortcomings do you have? By the way, I have been admired by men of almost all races, so maybe you feel that way. Idiot.

      • kristieharris

        Dear Ashley you poor poor…dim whitted madame….there are boooks that can prove everything in your post is as backwards as your mindset. Gain knowledge apply it and prove yourself worthy to speak! please and thank you ;)

      • Amber

        Ashely who taught you this stuff?? who the hell told you black girls bleach their skin?? no no babe you got it wrong some of us just have natrual beautiful light skin..

      • beyoncefab1999

        OMG you are so dumb idiot. Beyonce in fact is part white, something her black fans always try to hide and dismiss. Beyonces greatgrandad was a plain white frenchman called e r broussard and was with Josephine Lesser(a quadroon) making beyonces greatnan Odilia Broussard 1/16 black ! who had a daughter Agnez Dereouen with eugene derouen (part cherokee/half white/ 1/16 black) making beyonces grandma 1/32 black! Lumis beyince was half french (white) from Marie olivier his mother and his father alexandre beyince was a mixture of cherokee and white french. This all makes beyonces mom predominantly white and cherokee with about 1/32 black. So beyonces mother is not black. That means beyonce is biracial, really or triracial. Her fans would rather lie that she lightens her skin,had a nose job,wears weaves etc. rather than accept the plain fact-beyonce is part white. A mush simpler explanation of her light skin and mixed race nose.

      • Bobbi

        okayy “Ashley” your and idiot black people are amazing and yes they can only be black! and there is nothing sad about it.. DONT HATE BIT*H

      • Ashley

        Wow…2011 and we still have ignorant, white trash roaming the streets. I’m going to guess you’re as blonde as you are stupid, probably spend more time fighting your redneck daddy off of you than you do educating yourself about the world you live in. I feel sorry for anyone who has to experience life through such a pathetic window as yours. YOU ARE DUMB!

      • denny

        Clearly you are mentally unstable. How sad for you.

      • Nic

        Everyone, I don’t think ashely is a real person…just someone trying to get a reaction. I won’t even dignify their statement with a reply…It would be like communicating with the toilet…they’re full of ______ anyway

      • Tina

        How can black people be the lowest on the food chain? When the PRESIDENT and the FIRST family is black… Retard!!!

    • Tiffany

      I think it is much ado about nothing. Women change their color in photo shoots all the time. Whether it is a little lighter to look like porcelain, or massive amounts of tanner and bronzer. How is it any different, just because it is an African American woman that is going a few shades darker?

    • Adwina Lambert

      Beyonsh*t is sooo over-rated and over-exposed! retire!!

      • shayonce’

        sad sad sad hater:) KEEP GOING BEY!

    • Akua

      I don’t mean to be racist or anything…but i am African…this is West African Fashion…it does not suit her at all.

  • Still Me, You?

    I personally don’t think these photos are racist. But I don’t know any of the people involved, so whom am I to judge?
    To me, the only possible way to decide if something is racist or not is on a one-on-one, person-to-person basis. None of us can ever accurately discern anyone else’s motives by judging them from afar. We can only ever understand how someone thinks and feels about other people by getting to know them and evaluating their actions and patterns over time.
    All of that having been said, if they wanted a darker skinned woman for the photo shoot, why did they pick Beyonce in the first place? I’m certain there are millions of beautiful, dark skinned women throughout the world who would have been perfect for this job.

    • Your Queen

      Rambling moron.

      • Still Me, You?

        Thank you Queen, for all your intelligent additions to this conversation. We are all certainly honored that you stopped by today to share your brilliant thought with us.

      • tracymmo

        Don’t you feel all moronic, Q?

    • The real Queen

      Exactly. They could have got any other dark-skinned actress or model to do the shoot. I personally believe that blackface is offensive whether it’s worn by a white person or black person because of it’s racist history. I think what some people are upset about is that in recent years, blackface has been a sort of fashion accessory, especially in the French and Italian magazines. I forget if it was either French or Italian Vogue, but in 2009 they painted white models in blackface to celebtrate Black History Month. This just goes to show how ignorant and insensitive they are,I mean if they wanted to celebrate BHM they would have given work to Black models.

      Europe does have a different relationship with race than America, but Beyonce should have been wiser since she is an American entertainer first and foremost, and when she goes to Europe she represents American Black women.

      • Color me Khaki

        Racism only has power when you give it power or in this case go looking for it. Does everything we look at need to be scrutinized to ‘enth degree and labeled racist? She’s a strong black woman who is portraying the many faces of strong African Queens throughout history. I find it racist when they tan white people to look Latino in movies instead of just hiring Latinos in the first place but whatever…

      • Zakry

        Spoken like a white man who has never encountered racism. How do you know what she is representing in the photo shoot?

    • sxcred

      I agree with u

  • jordan

    wait, what? this is controversial? get reeeaal.

  • Yeahno

    That is not art (I assume you’re trying to grease the wheels for an interview)and considering the history of Blackface in her native country, that her husband co-produced Fela, the issue with Loreal lightening her in ads,Beyonce (and her handlers) should have known this was going to cause an uproar.

    She is not excused, in fact she is held to a higher standard because of her high profile in the Black community.

    Oh and blackface is never okay no matter what your color and your excuses for her are ridiculous.

    • Your Queen

      Sad little worm.

      • Prince

        Inbred cow.

    • Jule


    • P

      I 100% agree. Thank you.

  • amie

    As a make-up artist I can say taking risks and playing with colors is usually an expression of art and not used to offend. I believe the artist here was going for an African warrior look and war paint is meant to be off- putting. Regardless, I doubt either Beyonce or the artist were intending to somehow modernize blackface.

    • Nicole

      I agree. She did photos like this during a photo montage in Dreamgirls.

    • zakiyah

      the question is: why to portray an african warrior does she need to be painted shades darker? not all africans are that dark skinned, just like not all black americans are that dark skinned. there are ranges of color on the continent just like everywhere else. my question is why are they equating “africanness” with dark brown paint?

      • Tiffany

        Yes, not ALL Africans are dark skinned, but many of them are. It is a biological thing due to the sun exposure people get from living in that part of the world. There is nothing wrong with darker skin, or acknowledging that it exists.

      • Cat

        I live in Africa. Not all Africans are that dark. The makeup is unnecessary.

    • Tiffany

      Well said, Amie.

  • Spike Lee

    Beyoncé can’t help it if, after several years of gradually lightening herself to the point where she’s whiter than some Caucasians, it looks odd when she appears with what amounts to some really heavy bronzer on her face.

    • Nicki

      Beyonce didnt bleach her skin. She’s always been light skin, just like her mother who could past for a white woman. Try again.

  • Michael

    The photo really looks awful. She really needs to find better photos for her shoots, and not anything that makes her looks awful.

    • Anna

      thank u @ Juliet!

  • Alina Dominguez

    Did the sun make Black people’s lips bigger as well as their skin darker?

    • Tam

      I can see how you would say that…so glad we are naturally plump with no need of plastic surgery, injections or tans. So I guess you also think Angelina Jolie is Black?

    • aaron

      actually no. if you meant that as a joke shame on you. humans evolved with thick lips. europeans and asians lost it because of the cold weather conditions during the last ice age…thinner lips, less chance of frost bite.

    • mary

      Every man that came AFTER the Black man(which is everyone)was derived from him,so they can’t possibly have what he has. They are like “watered down versions” (so to speak), missing or losing some of the fullness of God’s original creation.

      • Ameera

        Loooove b&w too! :) These are spectacular. You are aminazg. Totally in love with the last two. Consider printing them on a HUGE canvas and hang them somewhere at sight.

    • Charles

      LOL@Alina Dominguez

  • googie

    What the hell! Why would anyone think there was something wrong with this photo or with Beyonce? She’s a black woman who is lovely! She’s classy, intelligent and seems so completely sincere. Stop trying to start garbage, America, calm down!

  • Charity

    Nothing to fuss about. Black heritage at its best. Great pictures.

  • stephanie

    PLEASE! she looks gorgeous! i dont think its racial at all or insulting! it is art and we need to stop making everything about race and just appreciate the art in front of us!

    • Jantelle

      So I’m assuming you would have no problem with Dianne Sawyer delivering the evening news in blackface in the name of “art” would you?

      • hayate

        its not “black face”
        Ok….you guys need to frikin research “blackface” a little before posting..plz?….I’m not posting anymore…this page is filled with too much hate -.-

  • Oyin

    @ashley- rofl

    • Ben

      I think Mexicans had more reason to take offnsee of the students dressed as mexicans , with their sombreros, ponchos, and mustaches. There is no connection between the original blackface and the students who decided to paint their faces black on Halloween. Although I see why it would remind them of blackface, it was essentially only a part of their costume I doubt they were on their way to perform in their theatrical show primarily aimed at ridiculing African-Americans.

  • Iris

    Gorgeous photos and clothes. I get the idea of the photoshoot is to show that black people can be very dark-skinned or light-skinned. They chose an artistic way to show that in 1 photograph. If people look closely it’s her face and neck that are darkened. If you looked at real blackface pictures with white lips and stereotypical behavior. This is just a black woman darkening her face. I noticed one of the consultants for the photograph is about the color of Beyonce’s dark makeup.

  • Jennifer

    If the magazine is interested in portraying African and/or dark-skinned beauty, why not hire an African or dark-skinned model or entertainer for the shoot? Maybe with Beyonce…show the beautiful range of black skin?

    • zakiyah

      my thoughts exactly. thank you.

  • Jule

    Why is it acceptable for beyonce to use black face, but offensive when a white person does the same, even in the name of art? Double standard!


      who said it was?!! but ask yourself this too….why is it acceptable for her to bleach her skin to potray beauty in that light and you have no issue with that? why cant it be acceptable for her to embrace her heritage in the name of art!?!?

      • Ralph

        Beyonce is not bleaching her skin. She is very light-skinned and depending on the season, camera flashes, her wearing bronzer, etc..She can appear lighter or darker she has her whole career.


        @ ralph you are so right! i didnt realized i put bleached what i meant was her complextion is often times lightened up(computer generated of course) for some of her make up adds.

      • Jule

        I think she should embrace her beauty with the color skin God gave her. Don’t understand need to lighten skin tone, especially facial. But many controversies have arisen over actors, etc. Using blackface because it connotes disrespect to Ppl. That’s why it shouldn’t be used.

      • Jule

        I think she should embrace her beauty with the color skin God gave her. Don’t understand need to lighten skin tone, especially facial. But many controversies have arisen over actors, etc. Using blackface because it connotes disrespect to Ppl .That’s why it shouldn’t be used.

      • Jaime Antonio Torbicio

        How is she embracing her heritage as a AFro-American potraying an African?

    • Maureen

      Are you asking that for real?

    • Ralph

      It’s not blackface. You need to see real images of blackface. She just darkened her face and a little lower on her body. People asking why didn’t they just get a dark-skinned woman. The African model Alek Wek, who is already dark-skinned, has darken her complexion also to walk on the runaway and photoshoots.

      • hayate

        White models tan…..but really it would’ve been better to get a real dark skinned girl, like Oluchi :<…instead of Beyonce…but I guess the model world always has been fake hasn't it?…from diffuse filtered white girls to spray on orange white girls and photoshop….this is dumb…next time you wanna feature dark skinned girls..try using one retard…

      • Diamond

        Beyonce isn’t VERY light skin. She does have fairly light tan skin tho. She look caramel sometimes. Mariah Carey is light skinned and looks white sometimes. No one ever says nothing bout her??

    • hayate

      Do you know what “blackface” is? painting your face black does noot equal blackface…what is wrong with you white people seriously…blackface is “obviously and deliberately” insulting black people…painting your face black for beauty is not insulting in anyway….you guys try and squeeze controversy from anything my gaaawd….

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