'Glee': Music producer Adam Anders spills details on the show's upcoming original music -- EXCLUSIVE

It was announced on Tuesday that pop culture phenom Glee would be debuting two completely original songs, “Loser Like Me” and “Get It Right,” on their March 15 episode (the songs will also be featured on the latest soundtrack compilation out March 8). Well, Gleeks, EW is giving you EXCLUSIVE details straight from the series’ music producer, Adam Anders, on how Glee landed superstar producer Max Martin (Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson), as well as what these new songs will sound like.

“Loser Like Me” will be tackled by the New Directions crew (Lea Michele and Cory Monteith take lead on most of the verses) and is, according to Anders, a “Gleek anthem. It’s a very uptempo, kind-of-summery hit.” Anders scored a major pop music coup by luring Martin, who crafted hits like “My Life Would Suck Without You,” to co-write the track. “He owns radio right now,” says Anders of Martin. “He’s had, like, seven No. 1s in the last year, and so if we wanna go to radio with anybody tagging along, I think he’s the guy you want.” Plus, getting Martin to sign on wasn’t as difficult as one might expect. “We’ve done like 30 of his songs on Glee,” says Anders. “The thing about Max is that he’s a huge fan of pop culture and he just loved the idea of being part of something that’s such a cultural phenomenon. So it was actually not hard to convince him at all. He was all about it.” Sweden-based Martin even got to witness the frenzy of Gleekdom. Says Anders, “He was actually over here working on Britney’s record and was exposed to exactly how enormous [Glee] is.”

The other original track is a ballad called “Get It Right” that Anders, his writing partner, and his wife all crafted specifically for Lea Michele. “Lea’s storyline kind of inspired that song for me,” says Anders. “Basically, you try to do everything right and you have good motivations with everything you’re doing but everything ends up going wrong. How many times will it take for me to get it right?”

While producing original music is a new step for the Fox series, don’t look for it to become a regular occurrence each week. “I would say yes, I see more originals [in the future],” says Anders. “But to do one every week? No not at all. Obviously [Ryan Murphy’s] setting up Lea as a songwriter so you’ll see her writing songs from time to time. But every week? No. I mean [Murphy] hasn’t said either way to me but if I were to guess I’d say no.”

Look for both, “Loser Like Me” and “Get It Right” to have their world premiere on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show this Friday.

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  • Ems

    I am gleeking out, thank God it’s not going to be the garbage American Idol style orignal music.

  • NotAFan

    Is either song going to be featured on the show as the one that Rachel has been writing?

    • Kris

      I’d say that Rachel will write both songs [in the show] but if I’m wrong than “Loser Like Me” will likely be the song that Rachel is working on for New Directions.

      • Rodrigo

        You could be her younger itessr! But I don’t think you look exactly a like because she is 25 years old and Im guessing you are around 15 years old And you also have longer and lighter hair

  • Madox

    I love Lea, but I wish they would have had Amber or Naya sing lead on one of the songs. They have great voices and they aren’t used nearly enough for my taste.

    • Julie

      That is storyline dictated, after all. It was Rachel who suggested it and is “writing” it. Besides, Naya had the lead on the (mediocre, IMO) Valerie at the last big event. I wouldn’t be surprised if (more like when) the go to Nationals if Amber/Mercedes has the opportunity to sing a solo. Neither, though, has the following or gets the press (good and bad) that Lea does. It makes both story and fiscal sense for her to be the first to try the original Glee songs. Regardless, I’m looking forward to hearing Lea Michele sing original songs. Haven’t since her Broadway days.

    • Layla

      Amber is a wonderful singer, I’d like to hear more from her. But Naya doesn’t give me the goosebumps that Lea and Amber’s singing does.

    • Faanks

      Urgh. Rachel is the character the storyline is a about and is the lead character. The other habve been getting their due. I think Lea has done eveything they asked and derserves this origanl song.

    • kim

      Amber deserves something and she gets some good moments I mean she had to big songs in Grilled Cheesus. Naya is just ok maybe number 3 or 4. Face it Lea’s songs sell better than Amber’s…fact.

    • Kris

      I think Santana is used QUITE a bit. Lea Michele is the female lead so yes she is featured the most but Santana gets quite a few solos. Mercedes deserves more but so does Brittany.

      • Lim

        Brittany really ins’t much of a singer. And she does get to dance a lot. Lea is the lead I have no problem with her singing more.

    • Mom

      Heck no…lea deserve the original song.

  • michel

    I am so excited for a finn and rachel duet. They make the show. Them not being together just seems – off. I miss their duets. Sing was fantastic. I am sure Rachel’s relationship with Finn will influence her song writing. PLOT DEVELOPMENT!

  • Laurie

    I’m so excited to hear Lea Michele singing original music.

    • Julie

      Me, too! I can’t wait!!

  • sv

    I detest this show, but it is great to hear that they are doing original music. They have butchered so many classics, it’s about time they lend their incredibly awful singing talent to their own tunes. Seriously, show me one Glee “actor” who could get through the first round of American Idol. “Pitch-y” is an understatement!

    • duhh

      Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Kevin McHale are all exceptional singers!

      • Kathryn

        Yeah…love or hate Glee, you cannot deny the vocal talent of Lea Michele and Amber Riley.

    • Kris

      I’ll do one better, I’ll name 6. Lea Michele, Amber Riley, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale, Matthew Morrison, and Mark Salling.

      • Erin

        Um.. Why are we forgetting Chris Colfer??? His voice is killer, Darren Criss is super awesome, too. Props for pulling out Mark and Kevin, personally I think there both better male singers than Corey, they are criminally under used.

      • Sai

        This 45th anniversary rlseaee is FANTASTIC. True, it isn’t a complete soundtrack of the movie, but if it were what would we have to look forward to for the 50th Anniversary? To date, the most complete version of the soundtrack is the 35h anniversary 2-disc set, which is not as good of a quality as this 45th anniversary. This most recent version has been completely digitally remastered by using the original audio tracks. The original audio tracks had been damaged some time ago and could not be used for digital remasters. A copy was used. We have finally developed the technology to use the original, damaged tracks. The developers of this 45th anniversary edition were able to isolate the music and the voices and remaster them independently, which allowed them to bring out the voices of the children, the sounds of the wind and birds in the opening scene, and the different instruments that have previously been hidden in the recordings. If you listen to this remastered version alongside the 35th anniversary edition, there is a marked difference in the quality.I don’t care what anyone says, this disc is absolutely worth it! Be sure to check out the BluRay version of the 45th Anniversary edition of the movie. It is simply amazing how much work was put in to restore this classic, and the BluRay is a testament to that. It’s amazing.

    • SC

      Lea Michele (Broadway star), Matthew Morrison (Tony Award-nominated Broadway star), Jenna Ushkowitz (Broadway), Kevin McHale, Naya Rivera, Amber Riley…

      • Brody

        Lea had a Tony nom, too, for Spring Awakening. So did Jonathan Groff.

      • Katie

        Lea wasn’t nominated for Spring Awakening. Only Jonathan Groff and John Gallagher, Jr. were.

      • MikeChang

        Which was a total tragedy. If only they’d put her in the right category. However, she does have a Drama Desk nomination as well as a Grammy for Spring Awakening.

      • Ecarliane

        I love Glee, but this would’ve sounded tbeter if it had some instrumental in it, and just Rachel and Jesse singing it. No background vocals ..Or some. Just not the depp vocals during the course .Overall? A C+

    • Jeff

      They haven’t butchered anything. People act like the original is not longer available to listen to.. Don’t exaggerate most if not all the songs are decent version.

    • Steve

      Please several are excellent singers. Lea and Amber the top two, the others are debatable.

  • Layla

    OMG! I’m so excited for an EPIC Finn and Rachel duet! They’re the best thing in Glee for me!!!

  • Emily

    Ahhh so excited for a Finchel duet! Its gonna be epic!

  • Pam

    I am super excited to hear these songs!!!!!! A Finn / Rachel duet….excuse me while I jump up and down!! I guess, if I can’t have some Finchel love right now, a duet is the next best thing!!!!! :)

  • Go lea

    Don;t care about Finn and Rachel….will be glad to see Rachel get some accolades for her work hopefully. I am glad it is Lea. All the kids work hard but she has the most and I think she is under appreciated because some people just want to complain that their fave doesn’t get this or that. Yes it is an ensemble in a way but Lea is the lead kid and everyone knew that when they singed up.

    • To quote Artie Abrams


      • Waleston

        Watching the show today first time. I saw Rachel I am not missing a show. Best ewhsis I hope she wins. She is my number 1 favorite. I hope she wins.

  • Sarah

    I’m excited for Finn and Rachel to have a duet again. They’ve only had two this season. Fingers crossed for a “Faithfully 2.0″ type duet.

    • Dee

      I think it’ll be a more upbeat tune than that, considering who’s the producer is. But Yeah for a Finn and Rachel duet!

    • Kris

      It’s described as a “summery” song and it’s by the guy who writes music for Britney Spears so I doubt it will be a moving ballad. My guess is it will be a more fun, dance song. It is called “Loser Like Me” so I doubt it will be a heartfelt tune.

      • Corina

        That song isn’t the ballad, ‘do it right,’ is rachel’s ballad. I am super excited for the original songs, Lea michele is super fierce and Rachel right now is on fire. I will admit I am waiting for a big solo for amber riley, she is amazing and I want more of character development on mercedes.

  • Quinn

    Finchel-led group number!? Thrilled to hear it!

  • Lauren

    Thank you Grilled Cheesus for bringing the Finchel duets back. Heart of the shoooow! I definitely feel like the show has lost some spark without them and I, for one, cannot wait for my favorites to belt it out!

  • Josie

    All is right with the world now that Finn and Rachel, the co-captains of the club, are leading New Directions at Regionals. Plus, it makes sense since they were the only 2 who thought doing original songs was a good idea. I hope there is some Finchel dancing together in ‘Loser Like Me’. I have missed that so much.

  • Grace Kayser

    OMG i llllooovvvvveeeeee glee sssssoooooo much

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