Britney Spears announces she'll perform on 'Good Morning America' in March

Brace yourselves: In a video message posted on YouTube yesterday (and since pulled by Disney), Britney Spears revealed that she’ll be performing on Good Morning America on Tuesday, March 29. As the singer said, the performance will take place “in San Francisco’s historic Castro district… And I promise you it’ll be a morning to remember.” Her GMA appearance will air the same day that Spears’ latest album, Femme Fatale, is released.

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  • JPX

    By “perform” on Good Morning America does she mean lipsynch to her auto-tuned voice to lyrics she didn’t write, dance to music she didn’t write, while not playing any instruments since she doesn’t know how to? I miss the days of real musicians. Rock is dead.

    • MDM

      OMG Yes !! I can’t wait to see it!! no one lip sync’s over auto tune to music they didn’t right like the queen Brit Brit! Effin love herrrr!

      • jasper

        After almost 13 years, people like JPX really need to come up with more original things to point out about Britney. She doesn’t appear to be going anywhere any time soon, so your point is mute.

      • WhiteHaus

        Yes, what JPX mentioned is over used, but it is also so very true

      • Sachie

        JPX has a deformed penis.

    • Sherri

      As a fan of pop….britney’s performances FLOP. :)

      This girl will need smoke and mirrors to help her perform.

      • Sachie

        Sherri types like a poor person. #WhiteTrash lol

      • Britney is a joke

        Hmmm? Britney is that you writing as Sachie?

    • PN

      I think your comments are ignorant. I am sure that Britney is going to sing live and not even lip synch or have autotune around her. But it must be difficult for her to both sing and dance at the same time in those tightly choreographed performances.

      • the truth

        “I am sure that Britney is going to sing live and not even lip synch or have autotune around her.”
        WOW. You MUST be delusional b/c aint no way what you described is going to happen.

      • Just sayin’

        PN – sorry, no one is buying the BS all of the britarded fans are selling. People with a real taste in music, KNOW that Britney is nothing more than a manufactured music maker in that she is ALL auto tune and studio mixing. She couldn’t sing herself out of a paper bag. Them are the facts jack.

      • Mel

        Oooo “Britarded”…. Good one ! ;) ANYWAY…. Can’t wait to see! And I hate to break it to ya but Brit has nothing to do with rock being dead (which it’s not). She is a POP singer.

    • Bentley

      idiot you are just jelous of the queen of pop miss britney spears. she is gonna do a great performance

      • Gary Bowden

        No one is jealous of this so called queen,ok? I think the public should ignore those who just get up there and mouth the words.Do you really think she would be famous as she was/is,if she wrote her own songs? I doubt it.Do you think she would be famous if she sang all of her songs LIVE? I doubt it..

    • Gary Bowden

      Yes,more of lip-syncing from the Queen of Lip-Syncers herself! Big deal..Listen,lip-syncing and having backup dancers is so 90’s.Try something new.If you can’t do that,then perform in Vegas from now on.The public should demand real musicians,live singing,true songwriters and so on.Any idiot can mouth the words to their songs,even though they didn’t write them or arrange them.It takes talent to write and compose your own songs..

    • emma

      u idiot
      she plays the PIANO and JT taught her the guitar although i dont think she can play it right
      most of her songs arent autotuned, but like the majority of artists autotune is used, and she is a dancer, most artists lip sync and can you do what she does on stage? NO, so dont belittle someone better than you when you couldnt do half of what she does and also get your facts right

      • Britney is a joke

        BAHAHHAHAHA that is the funniest comment I’ve read. You really believe that don’t you? OMG, I’ve heard it all now.

    • shena

      JPX: grow up. brit is awesome. and you are just afraid to admit it.

    • Angela

      Why would you say Rock is Dead based on Britney Spears?! Britney is not considered Rock.

    • Michael

      Agreed with you, she really wasn’t so strong on Good Morning America last time in 2008 when doing Circus. She really looked more out of focus than shining.

    • Steven

      You are soooo PATHETIC! It just kills you that Britney is the most sought after woman in the world and you are NOTHING! You should focus on which one of your uncles is really your father so maybe you can feel some self worth!

    • Steven


  • Stephen

    I miss the old Britney when she could dance and auto-tune sing at the same time.

  • AN

    LOVE HER. Don’t care if she lip syncs. Love love love her. YEAH!

    • WhiteHaus

      and i bet you think Dane Cook is a good comedian too

      • jasper

        he’s funnier than your comments at least.

      • WhiteHaus

        true…only if you could see me flailing my arms erraticlly, them maybe, JUST maybe, it would have been just as funny as Dane.

        next time I’ll take one out of Dane’s book and steal a Louis CK joke

  • Enzito

    Britney doesn’t sing, She doesn’t dance like before (98-2005)..Her performances sucks but her albums are really good pop albums!!

  • PN

    This is a smart, clever move Britney is doing to launch the song and the album! She did the same approach for her last album Circus in 2008 on her birthday. She perfectly times these events to her album release date.

  • the truth

    duh… every other performer times performance events to album release dates. How is it “smart” or “clever”?? It’s routine.

  • yyang0124

    whoo hoo!! yeah britney!!! can’t wait! ♥ ya!

  • Joseph Rodriguez

    I think the video looks FAKE!

  • vivis

    I hope she finally sings live again…her songs are not that hard to sing…and actually dances like she is expressing herself, and not like she’s doing a ‘job’. We’ll see.

  • Just sayin’

    WHAT voice was she speaking in? Kind of sounds like she was channeling her British accent again. Maybe that is why it was pulled – -

  • Sarah

    Woot! Can’t wait for the album, and even if she does lip-sync I will still be watching this performance!

  • RememberWhen

    I also miss when people had to have actual talent,the ability play and read music, sing without technical aids. No fancy dance numbers to detract from the lack of talent performing. This generation has been sold mediocracy so often in every market, I don’t think they can tell the difference any more.

  • Will

    Britney doesn’t have to sing live anymore. She’s Britney Spears. Not some new pop start up. Plus, we can argue until the cows come home, that girl is not likely to sing live; she stopped doing that like literally after “Oops!…” came out. She will do a great job, as she always does. Haters step off. Wish or want for something necessary like an end to world hunger or peace in the Middle East. Not for pop stars to sing live.

  • KC

    Does not matter to me what she does, I just want to see her. Britney Spears is the best no matter what! Forever a Britney fan!

  • AJ

    cant wait!!!!! SOOOO EXCITED!

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